Monthly Astrological Forecast : April 2018



April starts off with Venus in Taurus which will bring stability into your romantic relationships. Finances and investments take an upward turn.  


When your ruling planet Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd, extreme care should be taken with your professional image. Snappy comments to management or superiors can get you demoted or fired.

The New Moon on the 15th has you on all systems go. Plans, which were put on the shelf, can be taken down and acted upon. A new sense of vibrancy resonates through your being, urging you to set forth on a new path. 


With Mercury turning direct on the 15th, things start to finally fall back into place in your life. The problems encountered with getting your ideas across to others are now dissolving.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th and makes you re-examine your path to success. Doubts may slowly start to creep in, questioning if you’re even in the right career. Professional goals may be stymied by difficulties with authority figures and management. Rams starting a new business venture under these rays will experience constant revisions to it.

On the 22nd, Pluto turns retrograde and brings in another round of revisions and reorganizations to your job. Best to try to fly a little bit under the radar at work. If you come across as too powerful, clashes may result.

Venus enters Gemini on the 24th and enhances communications between you and your lover.  You can instinctively tap into the right words to unlock their heart. Unattached Rams will find romantic success through social media and dating sites.

Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th and can set off a potentially explosive situation at work. Beware of looming power plays. As much as your innate fiery nature may want to take a stand, don’t. The cost will be too high.

The Full Moon on the 29th may have your partner desperate for more emotional support.  Avoid loaning large sums to others because you’ll have difficulty in the future getting any of it back.



Your ruling planet Venus is in your sign at the beginning of April—attracting so many ardent admirers it may be extremely difficult to pick just one. If you’ve wanted to try a new “look,” Venus’ rays will give you the ability to carry it off with total panache.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd.  So, unless you want to buy the lemon of your life, do not purchase a car, cell phone or computer under these rays. Stifle the urge to rush through paperwork. Trips should be delayed to a more auspicious time.

The New Moon on the 15th presents you with more time to spiff up projects you have been working on. Best to keep their details to yourself and complete them behind the scenes. 


Mercury turns direct on the 15th. Things which were going on around you in secret for the past couple of weeks will be revealed. The best course to take in handling them is just to go by your gut instincts.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th. This will challenge you to go deep within yourself to determine which spiritual path to follow. Pending legal matters may be up for a revision. Retaking a course in school may turn out to be in your best interests professionally.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd and generates an extreme pull on you to travel to distant lands. Some of this desire may be generated from the resurgence of past life memories.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Gemini on the 24th. This will present a multitude of money making opportunities. Starting a small business on the side can prove to be very profitable. You may feel like it’s raining money on you.

Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th and extreme care should be taken with travel. Legal matters should be placed on hold.

The Full Moon on the 29th makes you come across as being very empathetic to others. Both business and romantic partners will tend to be very emotional. Clients can tend to make more demands upon your services.



The month starts off with Venus in Taurus requiring you to become more discreet in discussing information about your romantic relationship. Things said between you and your beloved should not be shared with others.  


Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd and brings the possibility of heated exchanges concerning sex, joint monies, or taxes.

The New Moon on the 15th turns you into a busy bee at networking functions. Numerous lucky connections can be reaped by attending as many as possible. Friends at this time lend a hand in helping you get your dreams off the launching pad. 


Your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 15th. To your great joy, things start to spin in the correct direction. With the past few weeks in Mercury retro, you may have felt stuck out in left field. Now you know the right path to follow to bring your aspirations into reality.

With Saturn turning retrograde on the 17th, you will become more conscious of incurring unnecessary debt. If you don’t clamp down on excessive credit card purchases, you will find yourself in hot water in the coming months. Credit and loans will not be as easy to obtain.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd and power struggles with inheritances or joint monies may start to simmer on the surface. Deep emotional issues from the past may have to be dealt with.  


When Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th, do not allow someone to try to coerce you into making an unwise financial decision. Stand your ground and do not be bullied.

The Full Moon on the 29th shines a bright light on needed corrections to be made in your life. Time to sign up for a gym membership and get into better shape for the summer. Positive changes incorporated into your daily schedule will improve all aspects of your existence.


With Venus in Taurus in the beginning of the month, you’ll find a large portion of your time reconnecting with friends. They may prove more than once that they are one of your main life lines to happiness. Single Crabs may meet a new amour when out and about with pals.

When Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd, you may be tested with a close relationship. They will need to see you in their corner and defending them.

The New Moon on the 15th is the time to step up at work and volunteer for a major project.  The lunar rays will aid in getting it off the ground and seeing it to a successful conclusion. The additional authority needed to process it will be given to you.

Mercury turns direct on the 15th and the career setbacks of the past couple of weeks will end. Your ideas can now be presented in a more coherent fashion. Mercury retro had you suffer a lack of confidence and maybe even second guessing yourself.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th and will force you for many months to analyze close relationships and partnerships. They will require you to “give” on a multitude of levels. However, they may not be there for you when your going gets tough.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd and you are compelled to place close relationships under a microscope. Some may require a complete overhaul and some will have to be cast aside.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 24th, you become more private with your feelings and inner longings. Retreating a little bit into your shell at this time may prove to be a healing experience for your soul. A strong psychic bond can be strengthened with your lover.

When Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th, avoid heated confrontations with those you are close to. The fire may burn up the relationship if you don’t.  


The Full Moon on the 29th gives you the needed catalyst to complete unfinished creative projects.  The desire to just have some fun and forget about past worries will catapult you into a social whirlwind. Crabs with children should plan fun-filled excursions.


With Venus in Taurus starting off the month, you are the “golden one” at work. Take giant steps toward your career aspirations. Ask and you will receive more money, a bonus, or a promotion. Self-employed Lions should shamelessly market themselves with splashy advertising.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd and puts the brakes on a project you are working on with others. Even if the delays are their fault, calm down and don’t make a scene. Things will right themselves in a few days.

The New Moon on the 15th makes you hunger for expansion and excitement in your life. Channel your restlessness into taking a seminar or workshop on spiritual development. Jetting off on an impromptu trip to an exotic locale would be the ultimate fix.

Mercury turns direct on the 15th and all the confusion you have been experiencing over travel and long-distance communications is lifted. You can see clearly now the best direction to take with educational matters. Papers due for school will become easier to write.

When Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th, you will enter a period of having to become more discriminatory with accepting work projects. Stifle the urge to take on more than you can chew. Otherwise, all your undertakings will suffer as a result.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd and it may become increasingly problematic to get employees or fellow workers to follow your lead. Everyone wants to be in charge and a revolt may ensue.

With Mars clashing with Pluto on the 26th, tempers may become explosive on the job. This is an aspect of elimination and it may require you to let go of negative workers or personal habits. 


The Full Moon on the 29th compels you to make important decisions concerning your home. DIY projects are now at the point where they can’t be put off any longer. If you have your home up for sale, a good offer will be forthcoming.


With Venus starting the month off in Taurus, married Virgos can experience more loving relationships with their in-laws. Unattached Virgos can find romance by traveling to distant shores, taking a course at school, or through attending church affairs.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd and Virgos with kids may have to lower the boom on them. They will challenge established boundaries and discipline must be maintained to keep order. Your creative talents will also be shaken up now too. Use the fiery energy of Mars to blaze a new path and try more innovative ways to express yourself artistically.

The New Moon on the 15th shines its lunar rays on new innovative approaches to handling your taxes and retirement accounts. Those looking to refinance will be pleasantly rewarded.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 15th, restoring a sense of order into your life. The past couple of weeks have probably proven to be stressful, especially with handling financial matters. Pending decisions concerning joint finances can now be reached with less drama.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th bringing increased responsibilities regarding the handling of children. In matters of the heart, you will be reviewing what you really need to feel loved, instead of what your beloved needs.

On the 22nd Pluto will turn retrograde. As the Planet of Transformation, he will, in the coming months, require you to go through a transmutation in the ways you approach love, deal with your children, and utilize your creative abilities.

With Mars conjunct Pluto on the 26th, steer clear of any arguments with children or your lover. Those involved in sports may tend to be accident prone.

The Full Moon on the 29th may find you running around trying to take care of a multitude of projects. Stay flexible with schedules. Clients may be demanding constant changes to their appointments.


Your ruling planet Venus starts the month off in Taurus. You’ll be overflowing with raw sex appeal without even trying. Libras seeking needed cash or credit will readily be offered it. You’ll find your partner will be more generous too with spending money to make you happy.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd and inflames some latent hostilities on the home front. You may feel over burdened with family members’ problems and their demands for instant solutions.

The New Moon on the 15th is excellent for acquiring new clients. By being resolute and persistent, you can land a seemingly impossible account. Establishing new relationships both business and romantic are greatly favored.

The past few weeks with Mercury retro, you probably have been experiencing static in communicating with your partner. However, on the 15th, Mercury will turn direct and bring needed balance into your relationships. Any misunderstandings incurred under his retro can now be rectified.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th and this will make it quite clear that you have to establish some balance with family. Otherwise, you own inner needs will be totally eclipsed and drained by their needs.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd--bringing to the surface some childhood memories which you thought were long buried. They may have been lurking in your subconscious and coloring life decisions. Use the retrograde to purge yourself of their self-limiting effects.

Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th. This combo may ignite tempers at home or with family members. Best to totally avoid doing any work on or making any major decisions concerning the home or property. 


The Full Moon on the 29th turns your attention to upping your finances. Conservative investments, which are allowed to mature and grow, will bring the greatest future rewards.


April starts off happily with Venus in Taurus.  By getting out and socializing more, many benefits can be reaped. Unattached Scorpios can potentially meet their ideal match. Those in a committed relationship will find their lover bending to their every whim. New clients will desire your services.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd, helping you buckle down and successfully complete your taxes and any paperwork for school.

With the New Moon in Aries on the 15th, others at the workplace will get on board with the changes you want to implement. By reorganizing some schedules and duties, things will flow extremely easy.

Mercury turns direct on the 15th and restores order and sanity to your approach to work. At times the past couple of weeks, Mercury’s retrograde may have made you feel like you were coming across as a scatterbrain. If you fell off the wagon with healthy eating habits, you can now get back on it.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th. Some issues you thought you had resolved   with siblings or neighbors may resurface. Do not accept any additional responsibilities for them if you feel they can’t be honored or are an imposition. Your ruling planet Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd. You may be put into positions where you will be challenged to stand-up for yourself.

Venus enters Gemini on the 24th and Lady Luck of the Lottery may smile upon you. Your magnetic vibes will attract a multitude of lovelorn admirers. A deeper sense of intimacy on both the physical and emotional planes can be experienced with your beloved.

Your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, form a conjunction on the 26th. Do not take your anger out when driving. Also, steer clear of any road rage incidents.

Scorpios are known for keeping their cool even under the most intense situations. However, the Full Moon on the 29th will have your inner emotions out in the open. Others may be taken aback by your outbursts of feelings.


Venus starts your April off in Taurus, instilling a greater sense of peace and harmony among co-workers. With it being a joy to go to work, your creative juices start to flow.  


Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd. Time to sit down, write up a strict budget, and stick to it.  Your austerity measures will be amply rewarded in months to come.

The New Moon on the 15th demands you let your inner child out to have some fun. Creative abilities will reach an astounding peak and be applauded by others. Archers will be the romantic target of many lovestruck admirers.

Mercury turns direct on the 15th and you stop second guessing your intuitive imagination and just go with the flow. As a result, your impeccable creative talents are back in sync. The lines of communication are also wide open with your lover.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th.  Debts incurred under these rays will be much harder to pay off than initially expected. He will demand you become more fiscally responsible for the next five months.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd and makes you single-minded and totally determined to achieve financial independence. Keep your eyes wide open when seeking new ways of making money. Things lost in the past may resurface back in your life.

Venus enters Gemini on the 24th and showers you with many new clients. They will come bearing gifts of referrals and offers to assist you. Attached Archers will experience greater love and harmony in their relationship. Single Sagittarians will be pursued by serious admirers promising a commitment.

With Mars conjunct Pluto on the 26th, there may be pressure placed on you to make an expensive purchase. Also guard against making radical changes with investments. Take care with your possessions. Keep them under lock and key.

With the Full Moon on the 29th, you become increasingly psychically sensitive. It is best to draw back a little from the crowd and recoup your energies. Try not to get sucked into other people’s dramas.


With your month starting off with Venus in Taurus, your popularity will flourish. Goats will find themselves on the top of the guest list. Those who are single should not turn down any invitations. Your soul mate may be met at one. Capricorns wanting to conceive will have an excellent chance at having their dream come true.

Fiery Mars conjuncts your ruling planet Saturn on the 2nd. If you embark on a new path, you’ll have the fortitude to eventually reach your destination.

If you want to sell your home, the New Moon’s rays on the 15th will bring a multitude of outstanding offers. Those who don’t wish to move, will have the energy to make needed improvements to their abode.  


When Mercury turns direct on the 15th, family relationships will turn around and be on an upswing. The difficulties you may have experienced with communicating with them will start to disappear.

Your ruler Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th. You may have to redefine yourself and your path. Taking the time to focus more attention on yourself and less on others will be an important first step.

Pluto, the planet of transformations, turns retrograde on the 22nd. This may put you in situations where someone blatantly tries to manipulate you. Stand your ground and speak up.  Venus enters Gemini on the 24th. Many attractive job offers will be readily in your grasp. The only difficulty you may have is picking the lucky employer.

Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th and makes Goats too aggressive for their own good. Push today and things broken may be beyond future repair.  With the Full Moon on the 29th, a group which you are involved in will need your expert guidance and help. Pitching in will lay the foundation for closer ties.



The month starts off with Venus in Taurus giving you increased feelings of stability and harmony with family members. Hosting a get-together with them will add to the loving vibes.  


Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd. Your energy maybe at a low ebb. Try not to push yourself beyond your endurance limit.

The New Moon on the 15th creates a mental restlessness within you. Taking a course or seminar now, to expand your work skills, will quiet it. Be flexible as possible with appointments. The changes with schedules will ultimately work out in your favor.

With Mercury turning direct on the 15th, your presentations will be meet with tremendous approval. Others will clamor to sign contracts and readily accept proposals. Your direct no-nonsense approach in getting ideas across will have you in aces.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th.  During the months to come, this retrograde will demand you eliminate all self-inflicted limiting behaviors. Start off by doing some spring cleaning of past unhappy memories.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd. People whose toxic behavior becomes more apparent to you must be released from your sphere. If you don’t, their energies will only cause you psychological harm and keep you from success.

Venus enters fellow air sign Gemini on the 24th.  Aquarians with children will find they will bring them much happiness and be a joy to be with. If you’re looking for love, it will find you. Attractive prospects will pop up almost everywhere.  


Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th. Beware of being set up by someone. Don’t stick your neck out to take risks for others.

The Full Moon on the 29th shines a bright light on your career. Management will take notice of the hard work which you poured body and soul into completing. A promotion should be in the near future. Unexpected job offers from different departments or even another company can come in unexpectedly.


April starts off swimmingly with Venus in Taurus. You’ll display a flair for getting the best deals in negotiations. They won’t know what hit them when you turn on the charm. If you’re shopping for a new car, steals can be had.

Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 2nd. Unwarranted competitive vibes may surface from a team member. If left unchecked, they can ruin the harmony in the group and lead to the project’s downfall.

The New Moon on the 15th brings with it a greater can-do attitude to make more money. Check into unique ways to expand your income on the side. 


After Mercury turns direct on the 15th, funds, which were promised during the retrograde but not received, will now be forthcoming. Investments which you held back on can now be explored.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th--which may hand over greater responsibilities to you in managing a group or team project. While it will be hard, correctly supervising the operation can ultimately lead to great rewards.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 22nd, and this will end others’ masquerades with a dramatic unmasking. Finding out who is friend and who is foe can be emotionally painful. However, Pluto will bring to light who your true allies are.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 24th, you should take time to concentrate on your own inner needs. Fish in search of a new home will be rewarded with finding their dream nest. Parties given under Venus’s rays will be extraordinarily successful.  Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th. This explosive combo can cause a close friendship to come to and end, if not diffused quickly.

With the Full Moon on the 29th you should open your mind up to new spiritual concepts and ideas. Your sense of adventure will be greatly stimulated. A trip to an exotic or foreign locale will offer many opportunities to stretch yourself in positive ways.

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