Monthly Astrological Forecast : August 2018 


August starts your month off with your ruling planet Mars battling Uranus. This explosive stress aspect can play havoc with your finances. Refrain from the overriding urge to purchase expensive items or to make impulsive investments.

Love will be in the air all around you when Venus enters Libra on the August 6. Unmarried Rams may be rendered dumbfounded by their lover’s spoken desire to permanently cement their relationship. Those seeking a partner for a new business may be approached by the perfect candidate. New clients will be beating a path to your door.

On the 7th, Uranus turns retrograde in the sector ruling your finances. Expect the totally unexpected with all monetary matters for the next couple of months. Investments which you had little hope in may reap extraordinary profits. Conversely, those which you anticipated high returns may fizz into oblivion. Uranus promises a wild ride on the road to riches.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th dares you to take a gamble with your heart. Be bold and forthright in the pursuit of love. Sitting back and being fainthearted will not payoff.  Your imaginative talents beg to be utilized. Starting a new creative project will harvest many rewards.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Try your best to mask your lack of enthusiasm and drive at work from others. You may feel like the wind has been taken out of your sails in handling important projects. As a result, you may unknowingly project a lack of confidence to management.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and the lines of communication are restored between yourself and your kids. Finally, you may feel like they are actually capable of hearing what you are saying. Creative projects which were reworked are now ready to be shown.

The Full Moon on the 26th beckons you to take some time out for yourself. The unrelenting pressures and deadlines of the past couple of months catch up to you. Try to put at least 30 minutes aside for yourself each day for quiet meditation or yoga. The rewards will be immeasurable for your psyche and physical health.

On the 27th, your ruling planet Mars turns direct. Finally, you can feel the life force returning to your body and essence. Your Aries winning spirit will become stronger and stronger every day.



You may be a bit accident prone on the 1st when Mars clashes with Uranus. Don’t rush around like a chicken without a head. Take your time and pay attention to your surroundings.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Libra on the 6th. Little acts of kindness at the workplace can reap huge future rewards.  Unattached Bulls may find love either on the job or through people they work with. Those shopping around for new employment will receive many attractive offers.

When Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th, stifle the overwhelming urge to have a beauty makeover done. Otherwise, you may be horrified at the results. Uranus may also drive you to act too independent for your own good. Others may see your new-found unconventionality as very eccentric and not attractive.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th can make you very emotionally restless with home and family. Thoughts of moving will be dancing through your head. Instead of surrendering to a move, why not look into making changes with where you live?  A good Feng Shui analysis will change the atmosphere of the living space immensely. Then you may find it is the right space after all.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Those signed up to start school may start to mull over if they picked the right courses or even the correct major. Stop second guessing yourself. Lack of academic prowess is all due to Mars retrograde. Stick to your original plans to achieve success. Those involved in legal disputes can hit some roadblocks.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and communication between yourself and family members is restored.  Those involved in either buying or selling property will find things moving swiftly.

The Full Moon on the 26th is a great time to make your presence known and actively network your business. Others will be very receptive to your proposals and be inspired by your positive ideas for the future.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and restores your confidence with academic goals. Trips which were put on hold can be taken. A new sense of adventure and excitement will surge through your being.



On the 1st, Mars forms a nasty square to Uranus. Take care if traveling. Don’t fall prey to losing your cool in a road rage incident.

Venus enters Libra on the 6th and aims Cupid’s arrow at you. A new and exciting lover can appear in your life and rock your existence. Twins with children will spend more time with them and build happy, playful memories. Those wishing to conceive may have their dream fulfilled.

Uranus, the Bad Boy of the zodiac, turns retrograde on the 7th. It’s extremely important for you not to reveal secrets told to you in confidence by others. The temptation will be high to do so. However, you will lose another’s trust if you do and they will turn into a sworn enemy.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th forces you to make quick and snap decisions. If you go by your first instinct, they will turn out to be successful. Trying a new way to advertise your business can turn out to be low cost but profitable. There will be a lot of interaction between you, your siblings and neighbors.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Financial transactions should get a second look over before you sign on the dotted line.  Matters having to do with taxes, insurance, loans, and joint finances may keep hitting roadblock after roadblock.  Both business and marriage partners may show resistance in going forward with agreed upon plans.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and you are finally able to get your ideas succinctly across to others. The past few weeks during his retrograde, you’ve probably wondered if you were speaking the same language to people. With the lines of communication uncrossed now, you can go full steam ahead and proceed to call on accounts and expect successful outcomes.

The Full Moon on the 26th highlights your career aspirations. A golden opportunity may present itself where you can shine by demonstrating outstanding leadership skills to management.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and your self-confidence with making intelligent financial decisions returns. You can successfully pitch your proposals to partners and potential financial backers. Loans or additional funds that are needed will be granted.



Mars square Uranus on the 1st can potentially cause a nasty rift over finances. Guard against any discussions concerning funds due with associates.

With Venus entering Libra on the 6th, you are encouraged to host a family get-together in your home. Venus’s loving vibes will turn you into the perfect host or hostess for the occasion. Plus, it will give you a chance to mend some broken fences with family members.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and shakes up your relationships with close buddies. You may start to see some of them through new eyes and the view may not be that all attractive.  The ones who you thought were totally dependable may leave you to fend for yourself during difficult straights.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th brings with it some extremely unusual financial opportunities out of the blue. It will be up to you to move quickly if you want to take advantage and reap the rewards.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Negotiations which were sailing smoothly may encounter rough waters. Your partner may suddenly decide to totally change course. It will be up to you to chart a new direction which will be attractive to all concerned.

To your relief, Mercury turns direct on the 19th. During his retrograde, you might have encountered more than your share of financial mix-ups. Now they will all start to right themselves. Funds promised will be received. Bonuses or raises will be forthcoming. Monetary problems will be able to be solved shrewdly. Think about devising a new savings plan.

The Full Moon on the 26th makes you eager to lift anchor and set sail for exotic shores. You’re more than due for an extended vacation--being by or near water for it will bring you the greatest luck.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and helps to restore peace in both your business and love partnerships. Your partner will drop their recently acquired passive-aggressive attitude and you can deal with them on a direct basis. Without having to act as a mind reader now, you can discuss and renegotiate deals and agreements.



Your authority might be tested at work on the 1st when Mars squares Uranus. Keep your cool and don’t let things escalate into an unpleasant situation.

When Venus enters Libra on the 6th, you will come across as the master at wheeling and dealing. Others will easily succumb to your compelling sales pitches and presentations. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you can easily discuss your true feelings to your beloved.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and fills you with renewed discontent with your status in life. The itch to start your own business will be impossible to ignore. Try not to let your disgruntlement get out of control and ruin your job in the process.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th is in your Sun sign. It will make you desirous of being noticed more.  Leos need to be admired as much as others need air to breath. Having a slight identity crisis can propel you into developing more of your inborn talents.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Some past difficulties you may have experienced with co-workers may resurface. Even though you may have buried the hatchet, they haven’t. You may not have the needed umph to stick to your health-fitness regime thus letting it fall by the wayside.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and you can effortlessly get your ideas across to others. The past few weeks you may have suffered a lack of self-confidence in conversations. In making decisions, you may have also succumbed to second guessing your intuition.

The Full Moon on the 26th may hit you with a lot of unexpected expenses. Don’t add on to it by incurring more unnecessary debt.

Mars turns direct on the 29th and you vow to return to following a healthier life style and regime. Snags with projects and with co-workers on the job will start to clear-up.



Mars clashes with Uranus on the 1st. Avoid getting into heated discussions with co-workers about ethics or matters dealing with personal philosophy.

Venus will fatten your bank account when she enters Libra on the 6th. Opportunities to increase your income should present themselves. Starting a sideline business now can bring great future profit. Where matters of the heart are concerned--only candidates who are stuffed with stability should apply.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th. For the next couple of months with his retro spin, expect the totally unexpected with travel. Trips may have to be cancelled, rescheduled, or even booked at the last minute. Virgo students may become unsure if they’re taking the right major or should even be in school. It might become increasingly difficult to stay focused on formal studies.

With the Solar Eclipse on the 11th, it might be in your best interests to take a backseat with projects. Others involved may be on a power trip, so why get plowed over? Let them step over each other in their race for applause. Your time to shine is not far off.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Virgos with children will have their hands full. You’ll discover that disciplinary measures taken before didn’t have a strong enough impact on them. You may feel a total lack of enthusiasm to complete the creative projects that once lit your creative fires. 

Your ruling planet Mercury finally turns direct on the 19th. Situations going on behind the scenes are revealed and can be dealt with accordingly. Your psychic antenna picks up on others with astonishing accuracy.

The Full Moon on the 26th brings matters with close relationships to a head. It will be up to you if they get a pass or are eliminated. You’ll possess the right words to express your feelings openly to your significant other.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and your confidence resurges with creative projects. Your children will start to actually behave and understand the importance of some rules.



Mars and Uranus clash on the 1st. Prepare yourself for potential disputes over the handling of finances with your partner.

On the 6th, your ruling planet Venus enters your sign. She will crown you the “fairest of them all”. Others will be captivated by your charming essence and appearance. Those seeking love will have a host of admirers to choose from. Attached Libras can strengthen the loving bonds with their sweetie.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and turns your finances into a wild rollercoaster ride. Old debts can be paid-off. However, new ones can unexpectedly spring up in their place.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th makes you more conscious of social issues and politics. Getting actively involved and trying to make a difference will become increasingly important. You can also make some strong friendships by joining like-minded groups.

Mars retrogrades into Capricorn on the 12th. Home improvement projects will encounter all manner of delays and setbacks. Promises made for work to be done will be stalled due to a host of difficulties. Don’t develop a short fuse over the postponements or lose your temper with family members.

Mercury finally returns to a direct course on the 19th.  You’ll discover all the last-minute cancellations from friends to meet up with you were valid. They weren’t putting you off. Mercury was just up to his old tricks and causing chaos in your friendship department.

The Full Moon on the 26th makes you face the fact that you’ve gone to pot with your health habits and regime. It’s time to hit the gym and stop eating all the junk food. Libras with pets may be smacked with guilt over not spending enough time with their furry friends.

Mars turns direct on the 27th. Home improvements and repairs can be tackled with renewed gusto. The delays will seem a thing of the past and best to be forgotten.



Mars, your co-ruling planet, forms a stressful square to Uranus on the 1st. As a result, tempers can flare-up unexpectedly over trivial things with your partner.

Venus enters Libra on the 6th and can easily lure you into an ill-fated clandestine affair.  Guard your heart and also your bank account from insincere pleas for help. Otherwise you can windup getting sucked in over your head emotionally by a devious person.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and brings choppy waters to your relationship. Either one of you may start to need more space and freedom. If it’s your lover and you want to keep them, let them have space. To do otherwise may destroy what you have.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th shines a bright light on your career aspirations and performance. Management will be watching to see how you handle high tension situations. If you pass, you’ll get to climb up the corporate ladder.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. No matter how tempted you may be, do not buy a car until Mars goes direct. You’ll regret it before the ink is dry on the sale papers, if you do. Scorpios involved in sales may encounter roadblock after roadblock in trying to close deals or even get appointments with clients.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and communication difficulties encountered with superiors starts to quickly wane. The direction you want to go in professionally is crystal clear.

Emotions are at a fever pitch with your significant other or business partner with the Full Moon on the 26th. The strong lunar rays can either make or break the tie. Be careful and keep your sentiments in check.

Your co-ruling planet Mars finally turns direct on the 27th. You’ll start to feel like life has been breathed back into your being. The planetary coast is clear now for purchasing a new car or anything which has to do with transportation or communication.



Mars and Uranus get into a tiff on the 1st. Don’t let their bombastic energies goad you into speaking harsh critical words to co-workers.

When Venus enters Libra on the 6th, your social life will start to soar. For the unattached, love can be found at group gatherings like clubs, organizational meetings, and rallies. You’ll also attract new friends into your sphere who excel at being positive and expansive in their thinking and lifestyle.

Uranus turns direct on the 7th and may tempt you into following some unwise fad diet or health regime. Archers may find employees under you staging a revolt or acting in very unprofessional rebellious ways.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th makes you want to develop your mind, body, and spirit more. To satisfy your cravings, plan a guided tour to spiritual sites. By doing so, your mind will be quenched with new knowledge. You’ll get plenty of exercise and you will expand your higher mind.

Mars retrogrades into Capricorn on the 12th and may try to get you to jump into making unwise financial decisions. Steer clear of impulse buying.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and any confusion about your new school or courses will start to dissolve. Your fantastic dream abilities will be back in sync. Sagittarius writers will experience a surge of great ideas.

If you’ve been too involved with career, the Full Moon on the 26th may force you to take some time for yourself. Matters concerning property may take center stage and decisions will have to be made.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and you start to receive promised funds, bonuses, or a raise. Archers involved with sales, will see a generous upsurge from accounts.



Mars and Uranus form a stressful square on the 1st. Disagreements are possible now with your lover or children about expenses.

Venus enters Libra on the 6th and you may find your professional and love life intertwine. You will be attracting potential lovers in high status positions. Your sparkling public image will draw many new clients to your door.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and Goats with kids may find that they have a revolution on their hands. It will become increasing difficult to get them to follow any rules. Creative pursuits deemed too “out there” by you can now be developed fully. You’ll stop trying to fit into a mold with your aspirations and give yourself greater freedom of expression.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th presents you with an opportunity to get increased credit. If you were turned down for a loan or mortgage, a new avenue will open up to achieve your dreams.

Mars retrogrades back into your sign on the 12th. Don’t fall into the trap of second guessing your moves. Your confidence maybe low but try not to let others see it. You may be accident prone, so take your time and don’t rush about unnecessarily.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and the lines of communication about finances between you and your partner are restored. Be open to listen to their ideas about handling monetary matters.

The Full Moon on the 26th can turn your slated appointments into chaos. Clients can schedule, reschedule, or cancel unexpectedly. Be dramatic and dynamic in doing presentations. The same old techniques won’t sell at this time.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and your life direction is clearer to you. The self-doubts start to fall by the wayside. You’re back to being the Mountain Climber of the zodiac.



Mars forms a stress aspect to Uranus on the 1st. This may make you accident prone around the home.

The most romantic trip of the year can be found when Venus enters Libra on the 6th. The goddess of Love bestows amorous experiences in distant lands. Aquarians who write will receive rave reviews. Your public speaking skills will be applauded by captivated audiences.

Your ruling planet Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th. It may become increasingly difficult for you to feel comfortable in your own place. Wild thoughts of moving or making drastic changes to your home, dance through your head.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th brings in opportunities to strengthen ties with your partner. If you have a business, it’s a great time to go public with it. Those shopping for a new accountant or attorney will be rewarded with the perfect candidate to represent you.


Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Some vague fears and anxieties due to past experiences may resurface their ugly heads. It’s best to ignore them and put the past behind you. To do otherwise may sabotage your future.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th. Differences, which sprung up between yourself and your partner, can be successfully resolved. Your clients will pose less problems and voice less outrageous service demands.

The Full Moon on the 26th can make you spend like there’s no tomorrow. Stay within your budget and reward yourself with a less expensive goodie.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and you have a much better grasp on the workings of your subconscious. Your psychic abilities will also become more finely attuned to the universe.



Mars and Uranus clash on the 1st.  Stop and guard yourself when you want to speak out in anger.  It can do damage to a relationship and cannot be taken back once said.

When Venus enters Libra on the 6th, you’ll find your financial situation clearing up almost magically. Loans sought may get granted now. Your partner may experience a nice monetary boost too by getting a hefty bonus or long overdue raise.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 7th and he can turn even a short trip into an eventful experience. Your ideas may seem too much out of touch with reality for others to comprehend. Actually, your thinking will be light years ahead of them but they aren’t evolved enough to appreciate it.

The Solar Eclipse on the 11th reveals there is more effort needed to get co-workers to perform their tasks with a greater sense of harmony and helpfulness to all. Too much petty competition has developed between some of them.

Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn on the 12th. Some anger issues or past resentments may surface with supposed friends. Stifle the urge to break ties with them. You don’t have all the facts to make a fair judgement.

Mercury turns direct on the 19th and the chaos at the office with fellow employees starts to settle down. Work schedules will flow in calmer waters.

The Full Moon on the 26th whacks you with a wave of over emotionalism. Try not to be so thin-skinned that you get upset over everything. Your self-reliance and leadership skills may be put to the test.

Mars turns direct on the 27th and peace is restored with your companions. They’ve just been going through some rough emotional patches and became oblivious to your sensitive feelings. Plan some together time to mend the strained ties.

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