Monthly Astrological Forecast : December 2018 



On the 1st Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio and spreads some chaos into your finances. Best to try to make most purchases with cash instead of your credit card. Otherwise, you can easily lose track of how much you’re spending over the holidays.

Venus transits into sensual Scorpio on the 2nd. Without doing a thing, you’ll be radiating out strong, sexy vibes. Many prospective amours may try to corner you under the mistletoe. Venus will also endow you with a greater sense of personal power to accomplish what was seen as an impossibility before. Those in committed relationships can achieve a deeper level of intimacy with their lover.

When Mercury turns direct on the 6th, you can start to clear up any financial loose ends. Business negotiations, which might have hit an impasse, can now be favorably worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. Obstacles in obtaining needed credit should dissolve and potentially better terms may present themselves.

The New Moon on the 7th scatters some wanderlust on Aries. You soul will thirst for an adventurous journey to a distant land. New experiences will appear to open you up for tremendous spiritual development. Aries writers should pursue publishers to get their work printed.

On the 12th Mercury transits into Sagittarius. You’ll readily absorb knowledge and easily ace your classes. Studies which you considered too difficult for you to grasp, can now be comprehended and passed with a great grade. Those giving workshops or seminars should have appreciative students.

The Full Moon on the 22nd has you shift focus onto your inner-life’s needs and desires. If you’ve been caught up in a crazy balancing act of home vs. career, it’s time to take stock of it all.  Instead of taking from one to give to the other, realign your priorities and establish equilibrium between the two.  

The year ends with a bang, with your ruling planet Mars entering Aries on the 31st. You’ll be all systems go with a detailed list of New Year’s resolutions and the determination to follow them. Fiery Mars will give you an abundance of energy to jump in and start new projects. His rays may also make you a little too quick-tempered for your own good.



Mischievous Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st and causes turmoil with communications between you and your partner. You find out that you both are not on the same page with things which you have assumed and have taken for granted. This is not an auspicious time for Bulls to get engaged or married if they want marital harmony.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 2nd. The planet of love smiles on unhitched Bulls and they may be blessed with meeting their potential soulmate. Those seeking a new business partner may be equally blessed with making the right connection. New clients will be knocking at your door.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and good lines of communication are restored between you and your partner. You’ll be able to intuitively understand their needs and wants before they even have a chance to voice them. Differences of opinion can be effortlessly resolved.

The New Moon on the 7th endows you with the personal power and commitment to transform all levels of your being. By eliminating negative people and things in your life, you can achieve what may have seemed as unattainable before.

Mercury enters expansive Sagittarius on the 12th. Aim for higher financial goals of accomplishment. Your inborn skill with successfully being able to negotiate more favorable terms for loans will be in full play.

The Full Moon on the 22nd may find you too emotionally out of whack to get your ideas across to others coherently. Usually calm and controlled in speech, you may tend now to get too worked-up over none essential things. Be flexible with appointments and expect them to go thru revisions and abrupt cancellations.

Fiery Mars enters Aries on the 31st. It will prove to be in your favor if you hold off on going public or promoting a new course of action. Don’t jump the gun. There is still additional work behind the scenes, which should be done on your projects. Use discretion in discussing them with others.



With your ruling planet Mercury retrograding back into Scorpio on the 1st, you can fall off the health wagon if you’re not mindful. He’ll tempt you with making the offered holiday goodies totally irresistible. A completed work project may require a total overhaul.

When Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd, you’ll have your head screwed on straight with matters of the heart. Candidates for your affections will have to try harder and offer more than a winning smile. You’ll want the winner to fit into your lifestyle and share mutual goals.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and things start to magically fall back into place in your life. Flowing lines of communication are restored with co-workers. Projects delayed due to some internal incompetence by others, can now go full steam ahead.

The New Moon on the 7th can breathe new life into an old relationship. Take advantage of her lunar rays to revive its inherit beauty. Both of you will be willing to make needed changes for its growth and a fresh start.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th and you may fall prey to being too indecisive in making decisions if not careful. Don’t look over your shoulder to see what others think. Instead, go by what you feel is the best course to take. Otherwise, you’ll trip-up. If you’ve pondered going for couple counseling, Mercury will help you uncover how to make the relationship work better.

The Full Moon on the 22nd reveals potential ways you can successfully invest and make an extremely tidy profit. Get all the facts first though, before you jump into something. Twins should expect Santa to be generous when it comes to your Christmas bonus.

Mars blazes into Aries on the 31st. Don’t get carried away with heralding in the New Year by partying to excess. Success will come to you in achieving your goals by either tapping into friends’ advice or by working in a team with others. Tensions can escalate with associates if you become too outspoken with your beliefs or viewpoints.


On the 1st Mercury makes his retreat back into Scorpio and sprinkles confusion over your heart. A long-lost lover from the past may resurface and lay claim to your affections. However, you may question if it’s worth the trip down memory lane or not. Issues which you thought were resolved with your children can pop-up unexpectedly.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd and romance is in the air. However, will it be with someone from your past or a new lover who emerges from the sea of life? Your popularity is in full bloom and you’re on everyone’s party list. You maybe tempted to go all out and break the bank when purchasing Christmas gifts for your children.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and you can see clearly now, which path your heart should take. Differences with your children can be resolved by being able to communicate logically with them the laws of the household. A creative endeavor can be given new life and acted upon.

The New Moon on the 7th has you setting sail on an exciting new work project. Fellow employees will be enthused and generate much energy in helping it to be successfully completed on time. Crabs in search of a new job may be surprised by the outpouring of attractive offers strewn in their path. 

Mercury enters expansive Sagittarius on the 12th. If you’ve toyed with the idea of hiring some new staff, you can reap the best candidates now. Unhappy with a deal made with a work contact? Renegotiating better terms for your satisfaction is possible.

The Full Moon on the 22nd hits you with waves of emotion which you cannot hide from others. The past six months you have internally evolved in many ways. Now the metamorphosis can no longer be hidden.

Warrior Mars enters Aries on the 31st. You become increasingly fierce on the job and are ready to take on all challenges to achieve greatness. Excess energy will course through you to accomplish what was seen by others as impossible. However, don’t let Mar’s fiery rays turn you into being too independent for your own good. There are still professional protocols and management guidelines to be followed.



Rascally Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st. He can make you become hyper-sensitive resulting in family conflicts. Instead, let the little supposed digs and criticisms roll off your back. They aren’t being said to hurt but are really being made in jest.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd and you become inspired to glamorize your surroundings. In true Leo fashion, you will want to make your home the envy of the neighborhood with lavish touches. Lions on the prowl to buy a new home should reexamine places looked at before. One passed over or denied can prove to be available now at possibly more attractive terms.

Mercury ends his backward spin and turns direct on the 6th. Your career starts an upward journey to success. With your mental attitude in a brighter mode, you can reconnect with family on a happier note.

The New Moon on the 7th generates a rebirth of your creative spark. Inspiration will flood your being and beg to be given life and form. New artistic projects begun will meet with rousing approval. A new love interest may prove to be more than a passing fancy.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th and romantic communications consume much of your time. Financial speculations can prove to be quite lucrative if investigated thoroughly.

The Full Moon on the 22nd makes you want to escape from all the hectic holiday bustle. Seeking some time to reconnect with your inner needs and soul may become a necessity. Schedule a relaxing massage and thoroughly unwind.

On the 31st Mars races into Aries and fills you with a wild state of recklessness and abandon. Take care and don’t party to excess on New Year’s Eve. Might be best, if going out, to use Uber instead of driving yourself. His stint through Aries will help you focus your energies on higher educational studies with a burning passion.



Your ruling planet Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st and causes increased mayhem with all your communications. Matters which you thought were settled now have to be gone back over. Your mind will race trying to keep up with the excess of shifting changes.

When Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd, you will be blessed with a golden tongue. Others will readily agree with what you have to say. Turn on the charm when doing sales transactions and you’ll greatly surpass your company’s sales quota. Not being tongue-tied with words, you will be able to openly express deep feelings with your lover.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and you regain your inborn Virgo sense of mental clarity. Finally, you can get a proper handle on commitments and are able to fulfill them in order.

The New Moon on the 7th affords the opportunity to establish a totally new beginning and foundation with family members. Reliving nostalgic moments and reviving fun traditions will get all in the mood to share love and peace over the holidays.

When Mercury enters expansive Sagittarius on the 12th, you may be required to spend extra time working at your home instead of the office. In some ways it may be more convenient. However, it may make you feel as if your personal space is being intruded upon.

The Full Moon on the 22nd may call upon you to give some help or needed advice to a close friend. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and abundantly returned in the future.

Fiery Mars enters Aries on the 31st. Tensions can reach a boiling point over shared resources if not kept on a low flame. Differences of opinion over money matters with your partner should be unemotionally discussed to keep peace. Don’t get snappy and fail to hear their viewpoints.



When Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st, you may wonder where all your money disappeared to. Miscalculations with finances can have you taking from Peter to give to Paul. Funds due to you can be late in being sent or supposedly “lost in the mail.”

On the 2nd, your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio and early holiday gifts arrive at your door. Your year-end review brings an increase with your salary and bonus. Life is good in the love department too. There is a stronger element of stability with your relationship.

Roguish Mercury turns direct on the 6th and order becomes restored with finances. Promises are finally kept with funds due. With a clearer head you can plan a successful financial strategy.

The New Moon on the 7th makes it much easier you for to obtain needed information. Your sign is famous for weighing and measuring every little decision. However, the lunar energies reveal your best course of action will be to make quick assessments and act on them.

Mercury transits into Sagittarius on the 12th. His passage will enable you to non-judgmentally see others’ points of view. Your mind will be extremely adaptable and ripe to learn new processes and procedures.

The Full Moon on the 22nd shines a bright light on your career skills. Others vying for the same promotion you are will be easily seen as not as qualified by upper management. Self-employed Libras will have an opportunity to get their name out to the public in a big splashy way.

Mars transits into Aries on the 31st. Some ego conflicts can erupt between you and partners. Don’t let the fires get out of hand. Both you and them need one another to achieve success.



When Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on the 1st, you will become uncharacteristically unsure of yourself and your life’s direction. It may become increasingly difficult to choose one course of action and stick to it. Personal relationships may be a bit off-kilter too as a result.


Venus enters your sign on the 2nd and turns you into an attraction magnet. Others will find you extremely out-going and desire to bask in your warm rays. Take time to indulge your senses with opulent luxuries.

Impish Mercury turns direct on the 6th. After a careful review of past actions under his retro, you’re ready to step into an improved way of carrying out leadership roles. The self-doubt which was experienced will dissipate.

The New Moon on the 7th fills you with the desire to get your finances in order. New avenues which you never considered before for profitable investments will appear. You’ll be more disciplined too in making sound purchases for a better price.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th and the sky’s the limit on your business’s financial success. Mercury will help you correctly analyze some profitable ideas for the expansion and development of it. There may be some tweaks needed, but you can clearly interpret what should be adjusted.

The Full Moon on the 22nd opens your psyche to new dynamic ways of thinking and seeing the world. Listen carefully to your dreams. They will hold the keys to impeccable guidance for both your personal and professional lives.

Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Aries on the 31st.  You’ll be tackling New Year’s resolutions with utter resolve and tremendous fortitude. Others may scoff at your determination, but you can prove their nay-saying as false. At the workplace you will be imbued with increased determination to complete difficult tasks. However, don’t rile up fellow employees by being bossy.



With Mercury retrograding back into Scorpio on the 1st, you must keep your business and private affairs to yourself. Unscrupulous people will readily take what you have to say and twist it around to their advantage.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 2nd and matters of the heart take on a more secretive vibe too. Your intense feelings for another must be given more time before the sincerity of your burning emotions can be revealed to them. Use her passage through the sign of rebirth to reconcile past differences with those whom you have experienced regrettable misunderstandings with.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and you start to get the complete info on matters kept hidden from you. By delving deep within your being, you will be able to decide upon the correct course of action to take.

The New Moon on the 7th symbolizes a new beginning in personal expansion for lucky Archers. Seeds planted now will bloom in June. Thoughts are things. So, think BIG. Get your famous bow and arrow out and aim for the stars. You’ll hit the target.

When Mercury transits into Sagittarius on the 12th what you have to say will hold more value and weight to people. Others will admire your ability to be direct and honest with opinions. To them it will be like a breath of fresh air among some of the holiday phoniness.

The Full Moon on the 22nd shines a bright light on finances between you and your marriage or business partner. Some quick action taken now, can save you both a bundle with year end taxes.

With Mars entering Aries on the 31st, it’s a good time to let your inner child out to play. You’re be bursting with the desire to express your abundant inborn creative talents in new and exciting ways. Mars will also ignite a fire of intense passion into your love life. Those without an amour will aggressively seek one. Archers with mates will rekindle the embers to a heated blaze.



Mercury is back to being the Trickster of the zodiac, when he retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st. Misunderstandings can easily happen between you and close associates. Avoid getting entangled in any gossip. Any little negative remark about someone can be misconstrued and cost you a dear friendship.

Friends can come to the rescue for unattached Goats when Venus enters Scorpio on the 2nd. Not wanting to see you dateless over the holidays, they’ll do their best to fix you up on dream dates. While one or two might prove to be the opposite, the astrological odds are in your favor to eventually get a winner. Try throwing a party and have each guest bring someone unattached.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and the dust clears over who is really a true friend or foe. Promises made by close associates are finally able to be fulfilled by them.

The New Moon on the 7th forces you to place personal ambitions on hold. Don’t interpret this as a punishment from the heavens. It’s really for your own good. These aspirations need more time to incubate before they can be successfully hatched.

When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th, your best ideas will come from your intuitive essence. Try to tap more into the inner spiritual self by reconnecting to it thru increased meditation and prayer. The results will add an extra needed dimension to your existence.

The Full Moon on the 22nd can bring some extra good luck or impressive recognition to your partner. Let them bask in the light because they deserve their good fortune and will probably want to share in the honors with you.

With Mars transiting into Aries on the 31st, it will become increasingly hard for you to accept other people’s point of view. Unless you want to be shown the door, don’t carry this attitude into the workplace.  Infantile outbursts can cause irreversible damage to family relationships too.



Naughty Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on the 1st. He’ll mess up the lines of communication between yourself and management. Either they won’t see you as coherent or impractical and maybe possibly both. Best to try to stay under the corporate radar and not make any new proposals.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd and will help with your career image. However, her full blessings won’t be felt until the 6th. Then you can bask in accolades of praise and from upper management. A hefty raise and possible elevation of status, could be in the stars. Headhunters may try to tempt you with fantastic new job offers.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and communications start to straighten out at work. The mental confusion concerning your role is clearing up. An innovative project can be drawn up and implemented successfully.

The New Moon on the 7th beckons you to go out and celebrate the holidays with friends. Under her auspicious rays, you’ll be the toast of the town. Try to fit in as many invitations as you can. New associations made now can turn into helpful future allies.

When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 12th, thoroughly review all of your goals. Some might be best scrapped all together. Breath new life into the objectives worth salvaging and establish higher ambitions which are attainable.

The Full Moon on the 22nd helps you finalize an important work project. Fellow employees, who assisted in its birth, should all be given due praise. Aquarians with pets may have to spend some extra time and attention with their furry friends.

Mars enters Aries on the 31st and your mind will be racing with a lot of new ideas. Try not to get overwhelmed and scattered with them. Instead, write the brilliant flashes of insight down. If you don’t have the time to develop them now, you can in the future. You may become too over-heated in discussions. Avoid talking about controversial topics and stick to the weather.



With Mercury retrograding back into Scorpio on the 1st, a lot of revisions may have to be made with any travel plans. Be sure to insure your luggage, or better yet, put everything in a carry-on bag. Projects which you have been working on, may have to go through additional edits or revisions.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 2nd and you may be called upon to do extra long-distance travel for work. Professional contacts made on these trips under Venus’s potent rays, can turn out to become beneficial work allies. Unattached Fish may find their true love by swimming to exotic waters.

Mercury turns direct on the 6th and your mind escapes the fog it was under. Long range plans can be successfully formulated and put into action. As if by magic, things start to all fall into place.

The New Moon on the 7th heralds in a whole new beginning phase for career. If your present employment is not in line with your aspirations for greatness, start shopping around. You will be pleasantly surprised at the offers you’ll get from hungry headhunters. If you choose to advance where you are, make your desires known to HR or your department head.

Mercury transits into Sagittarius on the 12th. What you have to say on the job, takes on added value and importance to management. They will be eager to hear your ideas for implementing some needed changes in procedures. Other co-workers will seek you out for advice on projects.

The Full Moon on the 22nd highlights your love life. It is now the time to be bold in the pursuit of true love. The lunar rays will help dissolve your shyness and allow your passionate side to come into full play.  

When Mars enters Aries on the 31st, you may be tempted to indulge in rampant over-spending. This unwise impulse buying may be an attempt to try to satisfy unfilled inner needs. Instead, channel Mar’s tremendous energy into doing extra overtime work to add to your savings.

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