Monthly Astrological Forecast : July 2018 


When Mercury opposes your ruling planet Mars on the 5th, take care not to be overly direct in speech. Thoughtless words said now can sting a lover or your child.

With Venus entering Virgo on the 9th, you will finally start to feel appreciated for all the work you do for others. Fellow employees will sing your praises to management. The little extra creative touch you instill on a project will make the difference between it being good or being great. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you’ll have your feet planted securely on the ground. All candidates for your heart will have to prove their worthiness.

On the 10th, the planet of Good Luck, Jupiter, turns direct. Monies which were promised but held-up should start to be released. Many benefits should flow your way with joint finances, loan approvals, tax rebates and with legal settlements. If married, your spouse may receive a bonus or pay raise.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will give you extreme feelings about the very roof over your head. You’ll either passionately pursue home improvement projects or decide to throw in the towel and move. You can find yourself involved in a family crisis which will reach deep into emotional roots from childhood.

Rascally Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th.  As a result, your creative energy may start to dry up. You’ll be forced to find new and innovative sources of inspiration. A love from the past may resurface out of the blue but still giving you mixed messages. Rams with children may experience a total lack of communication with them.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may find you re-examining important goals and personal aspirations. A close friend may need your advice or help to get them out of a jam.



With Mercury opposing Mars on the 5th, you may be hard pressed to keep a good balance with work duties and home responsibilities. Deadlines at the job may consume most of your immediate attention.

When your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, you will become a virtual love magnet. Unattached Bulls have the best vibes now to be starting a hot new romance. Those in a committed relationship will find their lover especially attentive. Your artistic abilities will receive a tremendous boost of inspiration.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and helps to iron out any difficulties which may have developed with close personal relationships or business partners during his retrograde. They will seek to fulfill promises made to you. Unattached Bulls will have the best luck the next couple of months to get engaged or married.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th may inspire you to return to school or seek additional educational training for work. You’ll be full of a lot of nervous energy, keeping you in a state of constant mental flux. Siblings may be going thru a lot of drama in their lives.

Mercury goes into retrograde on the 26th and causes mass confusion at the home and difficulties in communicating with family. You will become increasingly aware of how childhood conditioning is affecting your present personal situations and decisions. A family member may seek to reconcile with you.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th can indicate a change with your job or career out of the blue. If you’ve felt stifled with your current position, speak to HR about transferring to another department. If you feel the company and you are just mismatched, then seek a job elsewhere. There will be many attractive offers extended for your talents and abilities from other companies.



On the 5th your ruling planet Mercury and Mars, the warrior planet, are at odds with one another. Try not to have a short fuse while driving. Expect to experience delays and difficulties while traveling.

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th and fills you with the desire to instill beauty, peace, and stability into family relationships. Hosting a party in your home for those close to your heart, will win many accolades. A family member may introduce you to a potential lover.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and you are deluged with tremendous new job offers with better pay and benefits. Twins looking to hire new employees will have the top candidates to pick from. Health matters take a dramatic turn for the better.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th highlights personal money matters. You may be tempted to blow a lot in an attempt to impress others. If you do, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in debt. Best to use the eclipse’s energy in seeking ways to increase, not decrease funds.

Mischievous Mercury turns your life upside down by going retrograde on the 26th. Schedules and appointments will become all mixed-up. Confusion will reign with all forms of communication for you. Take your car to the shop for a check-up and any needed repairs before he goes retrograde. Promises made by you and to you from others, have a slim chance of ever being fulfilled.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may find you packing your bags for a long-distance trip either for business or just fun. The overwhelming call to travel will be too much to resist. Any writing projects will flow smoothly and receive much praise when completed.



Mercury and Pluto clash on the 5th. As a result, refrain from purchasing any costly items. All monetary decisions made now will prove to be ill-conceived.

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th and unattached Crabs can find love through social media or dating sites. If you get tongue-tied with expressing your deepest feelings to your beloved, Venus will help you find the right words. Your negotiation skills will shine with sales and contracts.


Jupiter reverses his backward movement of the past couple of months and turns direct on July 10. Creative projects which you gave birth to will now be received with the proper recognition they deserve. Investments, which may not have taken off as hoped, may now start to soar.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th may have you questioning if you’re following the right path for your life. Do not allow yourself to be overcome with self-doubts about your abilities. Instead, do a healthy personal review of which potentials need to be more fully developed.

Mercury throws you a curve ball with finances when he turns retrograde on the 26th. Be prepared to experience possible delays with receiving funds due. Thoroughly double check all charges to your credit cards. Since there’s a strong likelihood of not being satisfied with purchases made, keep all receipts so you can return them.

Cancer’s always have difficulties in letting go of people and things which are close to their heart. However, the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may give you the emotional courage to cut ties which have evolved into being toxic.


Clashes are possible with close associates, partners, and clients when Mercury and Mars oppose each other on the 5th. Use finesse when trying to promote your ideas.

When Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, she will open her purse strings and pour financial abundance upon you. Self-employed Lions will experience a tremendous boom with their businesses. Those employed may receive a long-awaited raise or bonus. New ways to increase your cash flow should materialize.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and his benefic rays will shine upon your home life and family relationships. A greater sense of peace and harmony will be instilled. All real estate transactions should almost magically fall into place. Any setbacks and delays should start to dissolve.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th may dredge up people or situations from your past. Keep a tight lid on your personal life. Anything you share with others now will not be kept secret. Make sure people whom you deal with are being 100% honest.

Trickster Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th. He may make it uncharacteristically difficult for you to fully express yourself.  You can become too self-conscious on how you appear and sound to others. Do not make any major changes to your physical appearance with plastic surgery, implants, tattoos, etc. or you will regret it later.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may require you to make compromises with your significant other or business partner. You will be faced with the choice of either repairing your bond or walking away from it.


Your ruling planet Mercury is at odds with the warrior planet Mars on the 5th. Guard against becoming your own worst enemy by losing your temper over minor infringements.

Venus enters your sign on the 9th and lights up your aura with love attracting vibrations. Others will be helplessly drawn to your irresistible charms. Virgos with a significant other will find their relationship intensified to the max. Unattached Virgins will have the pick of many potential new lovers.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and promises made to you by siblings and neighbors may finally be fulfilled. Short trips can bring good luck in unexpected ways. Self-employed Virgos will reap bushels of new business by starting an aggressive advertising campaign. Those involved in sales will surpass all previous quotas.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th is a good time to renew friendship ties. New acquaintances met now can turn into important allies in the near future.

Mercury turns naughty on the 26th by going retrograde. As a result, you may have to rely more on your intuition when making important decisions instead of logic. Your dreams will take on a new vividness and their messages will prove invaluable in guidance.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may force you to make changes with some bad health habits. Feelings of discontent may run high with your job or co-workers. Virgos with pets may have to make some minor adjustments for them.


When Mercury and Mars clash on the 5th, you may be too quick to abandon a creative project which you have been working on. It may need a few minor tweaks but should not be discarded.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 9th which makes you susceptible to bogus sob stories. Keep your Scales well-balanced before opening your heart or wallet to unworthy causes or people. You’ll be unconsciously enticed by clandestine and secret romances which show a dim future for happiness.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, stops his backward movement on the 10th and turns direct. You’ll find your finances start to take a 180-degree turn for the better. Promised funds, which have been tied up for months, will now start to flow in your direction.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will render you heaps of positive attention on the job. All your good work, which has been seemingly unnoticed, will now be commented on by upper management. Self-employed Libras will receive unsolicited beneficial PR, which can reap tons of new business.

Naughty Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th, instilling havoc with relationships with friends. Don’t fall for his tricks and make snap judgments about others’ loyalty to you. All the facts may not be presented and you can foolishly break off ties with trusted allies.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th dares you to take a gamble with your heart. Librans with children will have to focus much of their attention on their needs. Those desiring to get pregnant may be blessed by the lunar rays.


A sharp sarcastic remark said in haste on the 5th, when Mercury and Mars clash, will not be forgotten or forgiven. Keep your stinger in check, if you don’t want to create an unnecessary enemy.

When Venus enters Virgo on July 9, she’ll give a needed boost to your social life. Get out and reconnect with your buddies. They have proven to be invaluable lifelines over the course of many years. New people met at this time will have sterling characters. They will be of a higher quality and have your best interests at heart.

Jupiter goes direct on the 10th and you finally feel the marvelous effects of the Good Luck Planet in your sign. You should start to experience the best luck you’ve had in about 12 years. Waste no time going after all you want in life. Jupiter was the king of the ancient gods and he’ll be throwing thunderbolts of good fortune in your direction.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will make you restless for adventure and expansion. The best remedy is to go on a trip to a far or exotic land. Legal issues may surface and have to be dealt with swiftly.

Mercury goes into an annoying retrograde on the 26th. A multitude of difficulties may pop-up at work all due to communication static.  What you say, do, or write at this time can be taken out of context. So be impeccable with your public behavior. This is one of the worst times to make a job change. Stay put and wait the retrograde out. However, it is excellent for reapplying for a position.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may make you want to spend more time at home. If you’ve toyed with the idea of working from home, go for it now. The adjustment will be much easier for you.


With Mercury at odds with Warrior Mars on the 5th, avoid driving aggressively and speeding. Plan on getting caught in delays when traveling.

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th and Archers who work in artistic or beauty fields will truly shine. You will have a magnetic professional mystic about yourself which will enhance your public following. Outstanding rave reviews from clients should fill-up your appointment book. If you’ve hemmed and hawed about asking for a raise or a promotion, now is the time to talk turkey with your boss.

Your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and your psychic sixth sense becomes even more finely tuned. Pay attention and listen to the dreams you have when sleeping. They will contain prophetic messages and bestow excellent other worldly counsel.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th helps you consolidate loans and hopefully clear up much outstanding debt. Funds owed to you should also start to be repaid.

Mischievous Mercury goes into retrograde on the 26th. If there is a course or test you have failed in the past, retake it.  His retrograde will actually help you pass it now.  Sagittarius writers must double proof-read and edit, and edit again, all literary works and contracts. Long-distance travel is usually frowned upon during Mercury’s backward spin. However, you can revisit a place of happy memories and have a dream vacation.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th indicates there are lessons to be learned and remembered from past experiences.


When Mercury and Mars are opposed on the 5th, you will be inclined to make unsound purchases or investments. You won’t be given all the facts and could lose money as a result.

With Venus entering Virgo on the 9th, you may be required to travel for your job or handle more long-distance or foreign accounts. All business trips taken under her rays should turnout to be extremely productive and lucrative. Vacation journeys can ignite a new foreign romance.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th and suddenly your social life is spinning in a more positive direction. Delays placed in your path in attaining goals start to dissolve. Promises made to you from friends are finally able to be fulfilled.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will help to strengthen solid close personal relationships. Those built on sand will start to crumble. You may be called upon to aid a partner who is experiencing an unforeseen crisis.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th and reigns havoc with your finances. Avoid like the plague taking out any new loans or mortgages. They may prove to be hard, if not impossible to payoff.  Forego new business investments. Some heated issues may develop with handling joint finances.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th may make you too prone to spend money as a means to compensate for feelings of inner lack.



With Mercury and Mars clashing in the heavens on the 5th, take care not to push things with your partner. They are under enough stress now without you adding to their concerns.

When Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, you may start a new romance which can be a totally transformative experience. For the first time, you find that you can freely and openly express your innermost feelings and yearnings to someone.

Jupiter stops his retrograde spin and turns direct on the 10th.  Promises made to you about career begin to materialize. Those wishing for a new job should have a multitude of fantastic offers to pick from. Self-employed Water Bearers can experience an immense expansion of new business and clients.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th makes you become more aware of the importance of following a winning health regime. Changes with diet and lifestyle made now, have a better chance of being followed.  Personal issues which may have blocked being able to work with co-workers in a harmonious manner can be resolved.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th and brings disruptions with your close personal relationships and partners. Issues which you thought were resolved and forgotten will be dug up. They’ll have to be aired out and settled if there is to be a future with the relationship. Do not get engaged or married under this Mercury retrograde.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th totally exposes your emotions for all the world to see. It will be almost impossible to mask how you truly feel to others.



Mercury and Mars clash on the 5th--as a result, your diplomatic skills at work dealing with fellow employees will be sorely tested. Try to diffuse any squabbles from erupting into an out-and-out confrontation.

Venus enters Virgo on the 6th.  A new romance begun under her harmonious rays can blossom into an everlasting bloom. Business partners are agreeable to suggestions for needed expansion.

Jupiter turns direct on the 10th--as a result, travel plans which had been delayed can now be taken off hold.  He’ll reward you for your patience by getting you the best package deals. Writers should submit their masterpieces to publishers. Those seeking to pursue higher education should apply for admission and grants.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th may force you to reveal your true feelings of love to the object of your affection. By being daring with creative projects, you’ll give birth to true artistic handiworks. Fish with children will be able to reinforce the bonds of love with them.

Just as things were flowing along smoothly, Mercury is up to his old mischievous tricks and turns retrograde on the 26th. Teamwork projects can suffer from constant communication mix-ups. Work schedules will be thrown out of whack. Stay as flexible as possible and go with the flow.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th has associates turning to you for counsel and emotional support.  It may be necessary for you to set up some boundaries.  Otherwise, you can be dragged into the undertow by their problems.

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