Monthly Astrological Forecast : June 2018 


With Mercury square Neptune on the 6th, you should use extreme caution with all things you sign or verbally agree to. There may be some deliberate hidden clauses which can put you in hot water down the road.

Mercury’s entrance into Cancer will free you to frankly speak your mind with family members. Your thoughts will be pulled back into old memories, and long buried repressions can surface from your subconsciousness. Look them squarely in the face and resolve to release yourself from them.

The New Moon on the 13th fills you with a lot of mental restlessness. A hunger to stretch your mind and learn new things will be over powering. Signing up for some classes at your local community college or school will help to satisfy your cravings. Handle all correspondence promptly.

When Venus enters Leo on the 13th, she brings to Aries bountiful blessings for true love and romance. You’ll be on the top of everyone’s guest list. Don’t turn down any invitations to mingle and meet people. Social get-togethers will offer you many opportunities for love and advancement.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th making you ultra-sensitive on many psychic levels. Your dreams can take on an added dimension of depth and meaning.

Your ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on the 26th. While all the signs will feel the effect of his backward spin, none will as strongly as Aries. You may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you and it’s difficult to get your bearings. All your energy will be diverted from an outward direction to an inward one. Best not to initiate new endeavors and complex plans until Mars goes direct in August. You may find it increasingly frustrating to truly express yourself to others. Friendships may come under tighter scrutiny. You may feel some don’t allow you to freely be yourself and have been stifling your growth.

The Full Moon on the 28th puts you in the limelight at work. Don’t turn down any opportunities to show your stuff to the higher ups. Self-employed Rams should brazenly seek to promote their business. Out of the blue, a fantastic job proposal could be offered to you.



Venus forms an opposition to Pluto on the 5th. Trips taken at this time may incur additional unexpected expenses.


When Mercury, the planet ruling communication and the logical mind, enters Cancer on the 12th, you may not come across as being too mentally grounded. Your mind will flutter like a butterfly from one brilliant idea to the next. Try to concentrate on performing one project fully before you proceed to the next.

The New Moon on the 13th brings in a multitude of ideas and opportunities to increase both your income and savings. An extra job on the side can help clear up any accumulated outstanding debts. Unique investment proposals may prove to be extremely lucrative.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Leo on the 13th. Home will be where your heart is with her transit. If you’re shopping for a new home or apartment or selling property, she will shower good luck upon you. Want to spiff-up your place with new furnishings? Venus will help you get the best buys for all your decorating needs. She will endow you with creative and impeccable taste with interior design.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th. You may tend to feel disconnected from your friends and close associates. It may become more apparent to you that their goals are totally at odds with yours. Joining clubs or groups now will not be a cure. You will not feel totally comfortable in them and any ties established will be eventually dissolved.

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and turns your career upside down. He may make you start to second guess work decisions. As a result, you may tend to come across as being ineffectual to subordinates. To over compensate this energy, you may then project too much bossiness. Try to find a balance within yourself. Do not fall prey to making radical career decisions.

The Full Moon on the 28th can bring some very life altering spiritual experiences. If any legal issues pop-up now, give them your full and immediate attention. Married Bulls may have a lot of activities going on with in-laws.



With Mercury forming a square to Neptune on the 6th, your ideas might seem too “out there” for management to even consider them. Best to wait to present them until 13th. Then they will appreciate them and perceive your ideas as almost visionary.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th. Focus your mind like a laser beam on how to increase your finances. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your ability to analyze and come up with some very practical money-making ideas. Investing in communications or transportation companies can reap a future bundle.

The New Moon on the 13th instills you with a greater sense of self-confidence. By believing in yourself and your multitude of attributes, you can change the direction of your entire being. Be bold with the New Moon’s rays and open yourself up to new experiences.

With Venus entering Leo on the 13th, you will be graced with the ability to get others to practically eat out of your hand. Ask for what you want and be prepared to receive it almost magically. Stalled contracts can be successfully renegotiated now and be more favorable for you. Twins with online businesses should see a healthy jump in profits.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th. His backward movement will lift the fog somewhat over professional concerns. You will have a restored sensitivity on following your correct career path. Duties which you have been avoiding must be faced and completed.

When Mars turns retrograde on the 26th, Gemini writers may feel like their muse has deserted them. Written presentations and school projects may be stalled or hit a mental dead end. If you’re seeking to get work published, do not send it out under Mar’s retro rays. Try to stay out of the courts and avoid legal entanglements.

The Full Moon on the 28th is an excellent time to release yourself from toxic elements. You’ll have the courage to even let go of people who have proven to be tremendous roadblocks to your happiness and success.



Don’t push things with your partner on the 5th when Venus and Pluto are in opposition. It will be almost impossible for either one of you to fully see the other’s point of view.

You’ll feel safe to come out of your famous shell starting on the 12th. Mercury will then enter Cancer and you’ll feel a great sense of abandon and want to express yourself openly to others. Not being as shy now, you’ll be direct in getting desires and needs across.

The New Moon on the 13th offers you an opportunity to recharge your energies. It’s not selfish to consider yourself sometimes and draw back a little from the constant sacrifices you make for others.

When Venus enters Leo on the 13th, you may feel like it’s raining money. The heavens open up and many financial opportunities start to come your way to both increase income and savings. Your love relationship starts to take on a much-desired degree of stability.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th and some of the confusion surrounding higher educational goals is lifted. Cancer wordsmiths are able to focus once again with their writing projects. Trips embarked on as a spiritual pilgrimage hold the promise of total renewal of the soul.

Mars turning retrograde on the 26th may cause you to hit some roadblocks with your partner over finances. It may become increasing difficult to see eye to eye over money management. Loans applied for now may be stalled or have to be shelved to a later date. A lot of the passion in your intimate love relationship may feel like it’s dried up.

The Full Moon on the 28th forces you to spend more time on your significant other’s needs and less on your own. They can become almost infantile in demanding attention. Clients can also expect special treatment or deals now.



Mercury starts his passage thru Cancer on the 12th. A problem you are experiencing might be best resolved by going over how you dealt with similar occurrences in the past. Try to keep your thoughts and opinions more to yourself. Otherwise they can be misconstrued and used against you.

The New Moon on the 13th presents you with some outstanding opportunities to get more involved with networking. By making contact with others, you will be greatly enhancing both your professional and personal lives.

You’ll be the cat’s meow when Venus enters Leo on the 13th. Without lifting a paw, others will rush to fulfill your every wish. You’ll attract love and romance wherever you go. Unattached Lions will have their pick of desirable suitors.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th. In doing so, he will lift some of the fog that has covered joint investments and financial holdings. Seeing things, a little bit more clearly, you can make better judgments with confusing monetary dealings. Your partner’s financial situation may tend to resolve itself somewhat.

When warrior Mars turns retrograde on the 26th, partnership deals may turn sour or fall apart. They may dump a lot of difficulties in your path towards success. Try to avoid getting into arguments because no one will be a winner.

The Full Moon on the 28th will point out problem areas with your health or habits which need to be corrected.  By becoming more disciplined, you can take greater control over your life and destiny. A major project which you have been working on, may reach full bloom.



Your psychic antenna may be a little bit out of whack on the 6th when Mercury and Neptune are square.

With your ruling planet Mercury entering Cancer on the 12th, your mind will take an extraordinary turn to being highly inventive. Discard your normal no-nonsense approach to figuring things out. Allowing yourself to take some mental flights of fancy will reap the needed solutions.

The New Moon on the 13th finds you exploring some unique business plans and opportunities. Virgos can successfully launch new career goals. Venus enters Leo on the 13th and makes you extremely private where matters of the heart are concerned. There may be strong elements of secrecy involved with affairs. Guard against trying to become someone’s “savior” by getting involved with them. They won’t be saved and will wind up draining the life out of you as their thanks.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th and dissipates some of the fog which has been concealing problems in your relationship. Some buried resentments can come to light from your partner. Those seeking joint counseling will greatly benefit from starting it.

Warrior Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and heats up tempers at the workplace. You may find that no one wants to play nice. Instead, co-workers can become very territorial with their assignments. Virgos who hire someone to perform services for them may face work stoppages or setbacks. You may experience a lack of enthusiasm or energy to complete basic work-related tasks yourself.

The Full Moon on the 28th turns your thoughts to love and having some fun. Your creative juices will be ripe to explore new avenues of artistic expression. Virgos with children will find they need a great deal more of your time and attention. Planning some activities with them will create more loving bonds.



With Venus and Pluto at odds with one another on the 5th, some backstabbing at the workplace may be going on. Try to stay as neutral as possible. Picking sides might place you in a precarious position.

When Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th, plan a strategy for career advancement.  Schedule a talk with your superior about ways to move up within the company. They will be impressed with your desire to learn and be more productive.

The New Moon on the 13th makes your spirit restless for expansion and adventure. The everyday routine of your life will fill you with immense boredom. To shake things up a little, go on a trip or sign up for a course at your local college.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Leo on the 13th and accelerates your social life in the process. Friends will be inviting you to many exciting gatherings. In the process of expanding your social network, you may also meet the love of your life.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th. Some of his foggy mist which has been covering issues concerning your work can be dissipated. Now you can see a little bit clearer what fellow employees’ true feelings are towards you. Work which you have been lazily been putting off now demands instant completion. A better and more accurate medical diagnosis can be found for health concerns.

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and complicates your love life. Don’t get your scales all unbalanced by questioning every nuance of your lover. If you feel there is some instability with your relationship, try not to demand it be righted. Tread easy if you want them to stay involved with you. By becoming increasingly self-critical of your creative pursuits, they may hit an inspirational impasse. Libras with children can have their hands full in trying to enforce discipline and order with them. They will be very demanding and independent.

The Full Moon on the 28th brings things to the home front full circle. Your time and attention must be placed upon repairs for both the physical home and with family members.



Since Venus and Pluto are forming a stress aspect to one another on the 5th, discretion must be used with all your communications.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th and you’ll be able to soak up knowledge like a sponge. To get as much from his transit, take courses in school which you deemed to be too difficult before to even attempt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well you do on exams. Long distance trips are highly favored both for business and vacation.

The New Moon on the 13th helps you get intimately closer than ever even dreamed of with your beloved. You’ll both be on the same passionate wave length.

Venus enters Leo on the 13th, promising to get you noticed by management in all the right ways. You’ll shine with professional polish in soothing any disruptions between subordinates. Self-employed Scorpios should go on a splashy PR blitz to increase sales.

When Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th, some of the confusion surrounding a love affair may clear-up considerably. If you’ve been too sacrificial, you will not feel obliged to continue being taken advantage of. Single Scorpios may encounter their soul mate under his retrograde motion. Those involved in the arts and theatre will experience a renaissance with their creations and performances.

Your co-ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on the 26th. Best not to start having any work done on your home under these vibes. If you do, it will be fraught with delays, set-backs, or have to be redone. Old family or childhood memories may come to the surface to haunt you.

The Full Moon on the 28th brings situations with your siblings or neighbors to the forefront. You may experience some difficulties in getting your thoughts and ideas across to others coherently.



When Venus and Pluto clash on the 5th, you may be tempted to spend more than your budget can withstand. Hold off on expensive purchases. You will be able to get them cheaper on a later date.

When Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th, your flawless intuition will be right on target in deciphering the hidden motivations of others. Go over your savings ideas with your financial planner. More lucrative ways to increase your holdings can be found.

The New Moon on the 13th brings revitalized energy and commitment to your relationship. Paying more attention to your partner’s needs will draw them closer to you.

Venus enters Leo on the 13th and the travel bug bites Sags. Great package deals can be readily found to unique, exotic locales. Under foreign skies, Archers can find their heart’s desire. Those who are already hitched can rediscover the flames of passion with their beloved on a second honeymoon.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th and lightens some of the ongoing sacrifices you have had to make for family. As Neptune’s mists recede, several startling family secrets will be uncovered.

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and projects which you have been working on hit big snags. Getting others on board with your ideas will become increasing difficult. Your usual sales pitch will lack any oomph with potential customers.

The Full Moon on the 28th points out painfully to you that you have to get a better handle on expenses. Curb the overwhelming urge to whip out your credit card and go crazy charging.



With Venus and Pluto at odds with one another on the 5th, try not to push your agenda on your partner. If you do, the relationship may reach its tipping point.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th and your skills with negotiations are impeccable. The deals you present have everyone walking away from the table feeling like a winner. As a result, they will recommend you to others and be back for more future business.

The New Moon on the 13th is excellent for putting into play new systems and procedures at the workplace. Employees will be eager to improve efficiency and save themselves time with performance.

With Venus entering Leo on the 13th, you are infused with tremendous self-confidence. Without realizing it, this will be interpreted as being a real sexual turn-on to the opposite sex.

When Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th, some of the mist covering your logical mind will start to dissipate. You will be able to trust your intuition once again. You will have the effective inspired words to turn someone’s life around in a better direction.

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and messes up a lot of your financial plans. Money making schemes hit snags or have to be revised repeatedly. Your sense of timing is radically off when making deals.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 28th can make you extremely sensitive to other’s opinions. Try not to lose your famous cool and appear too emotional or needy.



Mercury starts his passage through Cancer on the 12th. You now clearly start to see ways to improve your well-being by adopting some better health habits.  Just making some minor changes with diet and exercise will make you feel like a whole new person.

The New Moon on the 13th will bring in a multitude of offers for Aquarians professionally involved in the arts or performance industries. You will be bursting with limitless creative ideas.

When Venus enters Leo on the 13th, your popularity soars. The contacts you make at this time can help you tremendously in business. Clients will be sending you many referrals. Unattached Aquarians seeking love should find it without even having to try.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th and some of the confusion concerning your finances may start to lift. You may be inspired with a creative way to make money. It may be different, but it can eventually pay off big.

The Warrior planet Mars turns retrograde in your sign on the 26th. He will have you walking around with a short fuse. If you’re explosive and instigate disputes, you will be the loser. His fiery energies will make you too impulsive and likely to take unnecessary risks. If you are in too much of a frantic rush get things accomplished, you can also have a tendency to be accident prone.

The Full Moon on the 28th beckons you to draw back a little and recoup your energies. Don’t be free in discussing intimate or private matters with others. They won’t remain private for long if you do.



Mercury and Neptune form a stress aspect to one another on the 6th. Your mind may be too foggy to complete DIY projects correctly at home. Best to put them off for another time.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 12th and your mind takes a highly creative turn. Others will find having conversations with you very entertaining. Doing research on prospective, speculative investments will help you pick a winner.

The New Moon on the 13th helps you reconnect with your own inner essence. It will prove to be revitalizing to get in touch with your needs for a change. You tend to get too caught up at times in other people’s problems and situations.

Venus enters Leo on the 13th and job seeking Fish can hook an attractive offer. Relations with co-workers tend to flow very smoothly. Raise the vibes in your office dramatically by performing some feng shui corrections.

Your ruling planet Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th. If your insecurities have been keeping you in a sea of uncertainty, you will now start to swim towards clearer waters.

Mars turns retrograde on the 26th and forgotten problems from your past may resurface. Don’t allow them to become stumbling blocks. Face them and deal with them directly.

The Full Moon on the 28th can get you to volunteer to help complete a group’s project. A friend may need emotional assistance to help them sort out a trying time.

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