Monthly Astrological Forecast : March 2018



The Full Moon on the 1st makes you start off the month with an overwhelming determination to renounce self-limiting habits. Purge yourself of all bad behaviors and add a new vibrancy to both your personal health and work conditions. 


Venus, the Love planet, enters your sign on the 4th.  She will render others defenseless to you charms. Without even trying, you will windup being the center of attention. Unattached Rams will have good luck in finding the perfect partner. Those in a committed relationship can strengthen their loving bonds.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 4th, you will become very articulate in speech. Others will be impressed with your ability to clearly and decisively make quick, but correct decisions. Enjoy being mentally charged until the 22nd. Mercury will go retrograde then and opposite experiences can loom in the horizon.  It  may make you feel like others don’t get your ideas or plans. As a result, you may have some difficulty in truly expressing yourself.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th and throws a monkey wrench into some financial plans. They will not be aborted but can possibly experience some delays or revisions.

With Mars entering Capricorn on the 17th, you become a virtual ball of fire at work. Career goals will take center stage. Take care though that in your rush to the top, you don’t rub others the wrong way. Even if you know someone is wrong, use tact and diplomacy. Management will not take kindly to any overt aggressiveness on your part.

The New Moon on the 17th in Pisces brings you opportunities to reconnect with your spiritual beliefs. By turning more inward for direction, you will receive the best guidance.



The Full Moon on the 1st can bring long overdue recognition for Bulls involved in any of the artistic fields. Your many creative talents will be in high demand by an adoring public. You’ll put the competition to shame in auditioning for roles in sought after productions.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 6th, you may need time to be alone with your thoughts. Plans can become easily scattered if shared prematurely with others. They need additional time to be polished. You would do best keeping your opinions to yourself. Otherwise they might be taken out of context by unscrupulous people.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Aries on the 6th and will try to seduce you into entering into a secret romantic liaison. Tempting as it may appear, you will not be given all the true facts. Try to keep yourself grounded with love and refuse to enter into a world of fantasy and empty promises.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th can bring an opportunity to reconnect with a past lover. Under Jupiter’s generous rays, you both will be willing to patch past differences and make amends.

With Mars entering Capricorn on the 17th, you will become discontent with your life’s direction. An immense urge to break free of the everyday confines of existence will take control. Taking a long-distance trip can open up new vistas of adventure. In the process of learning about other cultures, you can learn a lot about yourself too.

The New Moon on the 17th gives you opportunities to expand your social circle. Become involved and join clubs or organizations which espouse your interests and beliefs. In doing so, you will meet likeminded people. In time, they have the potential of becoming close friends.

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd, you may become too overly sensitive for your own good. Try not to read things into what others are saying. On a positive note, his retro will enhance your psychic abilities. You may have a lot of déjà vu experiences and feelings of synchronicity.



The Full Moon on the 1st calls for much needed attention to domestic matters. It will become apparent that you must make time to get back to basics and reconnect strained family ties. Your physical home may need some emergency repairs too.

With your ruling planet Mercury entering Aries on the 6th, you may want to discuss your important goals with buddies. The feedback and advice they can render now may prove to be invaluable. Friendships can be strengthened by your ability to be sincerely interested in their ideas. Venus enters Aries on the 6th and you find yourself invited to many opportune social functions for networking. One of your new contacts can quickly blossom from a business relationship to a hot romance.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th and your expansive plans at work may be put on a temporary hold. Don’t become disheartened. In reality, it will give you needed time to improve projects.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and you may have difficulties with joint funds. Your partner may not see eye to eye with your spending ideas. They will tend to be more conservative while you may want to splurge. Try to reach a middle ground.

The New Moon on the 17th may find you questioning the direction your career has been taking. Best to review if your long-term goals are really a good fit or not. If they aren’t, you may want to shop around for a new place to work.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd and causes his general havoc for Twins. Some difficulties with friends or close ties may surface unexpectedly. Try to clear up any misunderstandings as soon as possible. Don’t let them fester and cause break-ups.


The Full Moon’s rays on the 1st may have you going on a lot of unexpected short trips to complete a project. It will also make it difficult for you to hide your feelings in conversations. Try not to get too emotional in attempting to get your thoughts across to others.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 6th, your communication skills will be finely polished. Others will see you coming across with authority and command, when you speak. Management will be impressed and may even implement your suggestions.

Venus enters Aries also on the 6th. Escape your shell and get out in the public. All eyes will be on you. Self-employed Crabs can get some dynamic unsolicited publicity for their business. Those employed by others should hit their boss for a much-deserved raise. Love can be found out of the blue, while busily pursuing career aims.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th, creative projects cast aside should be given a second try. Those with children will become overly involved with keeping them entertained.

With Mars entering Capricorn on the 17th, you roll up your sleeves to work on improving relationships. Your other half has felt ignored for too long. Make plans to spend more time together to avoid strife. Business partners may become too bossy with pushing their personal agenda. Clients will keep you on your toes with some unrealistic demands.

The New Moon on the 17th fills you with a lot of expansive ideas and the guts to strike out in a more independent direction. Take advantage of an opportunity to travel. Literary Crabs will be inspired with their writing.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd and may have you second guessing career decisions. Don’t change your original course. Some misunderstandings can emerge over work related communications. Take care that the messages you’re giving out, do not leave a bad impression on others.


The Full Moon’s rays on the 1st may tempt you into totally blowing your budget on unnecessary expenses. If needs be, lock up your credit cards until the urge leaves you.

With Mercury entering Aries on the 6th, your mind becomes like a sponge and readily absorbs knowledge. If you have been putting off taking a course because you think it’s too difficult, sign-up for it now. You’ll find it won’t pose the imagined struggle. Your soul will also hunger to broaden its understanding of transcendental concepts. Attending workshops or seminars on spiritual and mystical beliefs can open up a new pathway to your Higher Self.

Venus enters Aries on the 6th helping you make excellent first impressions with others. Unattached Lions starving for love, can find romance lurking in classrooms, church groups, and on long distance trips. Married Leos will have improved relationships with their in-laws.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th may make you skirt around pressing emotional issues instead of facing them. Research into your ancestral roots can uncover some startling family backgrounds.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and has you attacking projects with the fortitude of a five-star general. Work assignments will be tackled with an iron will—although employees may experience some difficulty working for you. Try not to roar but give commanding purrs.

The New Moon on the 17th helps you stay focused on correctly completing your taxes. Some new legal deductions can be uncovered and save you a bundle. Funds owed to you will start to be repaid.

On the 22nd, Mercury turns retrograde and turns long distance trips into total chaos. Check and reconfirm all bookings before going to the airport and insure all luggage. Mercury’s backward motion is good for editing all writing projects.


The Full Moon on the 1st in Virgo can make you fall victim to being overly emotional to even the smallest of slights. Others will be quite taken aback by your responses because you are usually very well contained. Try not to take things out of context.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Aries on the 6th. You will want to discuss things normally considered taboo before. Concerns about the very intimate aspects of your sexual relationship can be aired out in a healthy manner with your partner.

Venus enters Aries on the 6th and makes you extremely magnetic. Financial benefits can come from both your romantic and business partners. It will be difficult to deny you anything you want.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th, you may want to get involved more with things going on in the neighborhood. If you are involved in a co-op group or community board, your voiced concerns will take on a strong impact for improvements.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and you vow to make time for yourself and stick to it. Creative projects put aside, will now be dusted off and tackled. You will work on getting the sizzle back into your romantic relationship.

The New Moon on the 17th gets you to focus more attention on relationships. It will take on a greater sense of urgency to soothe over any past misunderstandings.

Your ruler Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd. As usual, when he does his backward spin, your Virgo sense of order is thrown totally out of whack. Steer clear of applying for any loans, additional credit, or a mortgage. Besides not seeing the fine print on the documents, you may not be able to pay them off. Wait until he turns direct in April.


The Full Moon on the 1st may find you tending to become a bit of a recluse. The past couple of month’s stress of having to deal with others’ problems may have caught up with you. As a result, you need time to recoup and recharge.

Mercury enters Aries on the 6th and you’ll find you share a mental simpatico with your partner. Since you’re both on the same cerebral wavelength, important ideas and joint projects can be bounced around.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Aries on the 6th giving unattached Libras the best energies to find true love. Proposals for both marriage and business will be given. New clients will appear, who will be both prosperous and generous with sending a multitude of referrals your way.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th. Investment opportunities overlooked will resurface. This will give you a second chance at making a bundle. Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and there are no more excuses for not completing home projects. Some latent hostilities may surface from family members. They have felt ignored by you for months due to your busy career. Best to put out the fires by spending more time with them.

The New Moon on the 17th is an excellent time to start a new diet. Under the lunar rays, you can successfully stay on it and improve not only your weight but also your health.  Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd causing some imbalance in communicating with partners.  You may feel like you’re experiencing the Tower of Babel, with no one understanding what the other has to say. In dealing with clients, try to be as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings as to terms and agreements.


The Full Moon on the 1st will reveal to you which of your friends are genuine and which are fake. Not one to cry over “spilt milk,” the unworthy will be quickly banished from your life. Ties with the authentic will be strengthened.

With Mercury entering Aries on the 6th, a beneficial opportunity will be presented to increase or perfect your working skills. Taking advantage of it, can help you rise to the top. You’ll be more mentally tuned in to paying attention to intricate details with new systems.

Venus entering Aries on the 6th makes the atmosphere in the office more pleasant and congenial. Fellow employees will offer to pitch in and help with tasks. Unattached Scorpios may discover romance by the watercooler.  Jupiter turns retrograde in your sign on the 8th. You can miss opportunities if you become too content with the status quo. It’s always best to be a little bit hungry for success. Otherwise, greedy people will quickly scoop them up.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and your mind is bombarded with a multitude of new ideas. The challenge will be to see them to fruition and not let them turn you into a scatterbrain. Try not to come across as being overly forceful in conversations. Your famous stinger has to be kept in check.

The New Moon on the 17th promises to heat up your love life. You will strive to inject into your relationship more passion and romance. Others will be hypnotically drawn to your essence.

With Mercury turning retrograde on the 22nd, you can experience a multitude of foul-ups at work. Deadlines may have to be extended. It may be difficult to get employees to work as a team. Avoid starting a new diet until Mercury turns retro in April, otherwise it will be doomed to failure.


The Full Moon on the 1st will make you want more public recognition. However, be careful what you wish for. Make sure the attention you do get is positive. Wild stunts for fame can backfire and hurt your reputation.

Mercury enters Aries on the 6th and others enjoy your animated conversations. Your speaking ability will take on an engaging entertaining flare. Archers involved in the theatrical arts should expand their talents by taking greater risks in performance.

With Venus entering Aries on the 6th, you can cast your famous bow and arrow aside. She will make you the target when it comes to love. Many ardent suitors will be in pursuit of capturing your heart.

Your ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th. Your dreams will take on a new intensity and reveal prophetic visions. Unexplored psychic talents will surface.

Mars entering Capricorn on the 17th can prove to be a blessing or a curse for Sagittarius. On one hand, you can seek out new ways to boost your income and line your pockets with cash. On the other hand, Mars will tempt you to blow it all on unnecessary expenses. The choice is yours on how you use the energy.

The New Moon on the 17th inspires you to give your home a through spring cleaning. Make all needed improvements to your place. Refreshing the energies by having a feng shui analysis can lift your life’s energies in every department.

Mercury turning retrograde on the 22nd can bring a reconnection with an old flame. Reviewing what went wrong in the past may get it to rekindle correctly in the present. You may feel your creative spirits have gone on vacation. Seeking a new muse may be the cure.


The full Moon on the 1st may bring with it a situation which can prove testing for your core spiritual beliefs. Stand firm by what you know to be inwardly correct and you will be victorious.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 6th, intimate discussions with family members can be fruitful. You will not have to repress your emotional concerns over touchy subjects with them. Instead, get them out in the open.

You’ll get rave reviews for throwing a party at home when Venus enters Aries on the 6th. Others will see you as the host with the most. Steals can be had now for impressive new home furnishings. Relationships with your parents can become warmer and filled with greater mutual understanding.

With Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th, buddies from your distant past resurface bearing gifts. Getting actively involved in a professional, social, or volunteer group will bring you many new unwavering friendships.

Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and injects you with a cosmic vitamin shot. You’ll become “all systems go.” Things seen as too formidable before will now be tackled with gusto. However, avoid coming across as being too pushy. Otherwise people will interpret your behavior as being too aggressive.

The New Moon on the 17th has you communicating up a storm. It will take on an increased importance to broadcast your ideas to others. New forms of social media should be incorporated to help your business.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd and your mind starts to wander down memory lane. Try not to get caught up with the ghosts from the past. If they should pop-up, see them as karmic lessons which you learned from.



The Full Moon on the 1st puts you into a quandary over important monetary decisions. Someone who you are close to may hit you up for a loan. As much as you may want to help them, it’s best to say no. Bailing them out will only prove a temporary fix for their problem and you won’t get the money back.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 6th, you become more flexible with your thinking processes. Seeing the other person’s point of view will help in making important decisions for the group. You’ll become a master of multi-tasking.

With Venus entering Aries on the 6th, you desire a heart to heart with your lover. It’s more than time for them to voice their true intentions and feelings for you. Unhitched Aquarians can find many romantic prospects through social media and dating sites.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th, it’s best not to make a major career move. Employment promises made to you will not be fully kept. Best to concentrate on trying to move up where you are, then seek new work elsewhere.

You may be hit with bouts of insomnia when Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th. Where projects are concerned, you’ll do your best work by going it alone. If others get involved, they will only slow your thinking processes down.

The New Moon on the 17th brings exciting moneymaking opportunities. By using your extraordinary talents, you can dream up creative ways to rake the bucks in.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd sowing chaos with your communications. Calls, messages, emails, and texts are all susceptible to getting lost or mixed-up. Double check all that you write. Don’t make empty promises either. Others will be counting on you fulfilling them.


The Full Moon on the 1st can find you swimming in choppy waters with your significant other. This Moon’s rays may make them excessively emotionally needy. To calm them, be their safe port in the storm.

Mercury enters Aries on the 6th and makes you very practical minded with finances. By analyzing your expenditures, you can come up with some easy ways to save money. By bargaining, you can achieve substantial discounts on items and services.

Self-employed Pisces will find their businesses start to boom, when Venus enters Aries on the 6th. She will also stabilize romantic relationships. Unhooked Fish should swim to new waters where they will find someone to share their values.

Your co-ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th and fills you with a strong urge to further your education. Resubmit articles or books you wrote if you want to see them published. A return visit to a foreign land will bring even greater happiness than the first time. Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th and you actively pursue ways of making new friends. Getting out and volunteering for a worthy cause will erase some karma and help you meet quality people.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th signifies a time of new beginnings. Her rays will inspire you to have the courage to swim to unexplored shores. Initiate changes now for the greatest success.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 22nd and delays payments of promised funds. Try to get cash up front from all customers. Avoid making mistakes when making payments. You can be easily rooked into being overcharged if not careful. 

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