Monthly Astrological Forecast : April 2019             

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The New Moon in your sign on the 5th places the lunar spotlight on you. She may fill you with the urge to overhaul your appearance or outward mannerisms. A little tweak here or there for the better will only make you even more dynamic.  Your inborn sense of courage will be invigorated and spur you on to blaze a new and exciting path.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. If, in the past, all you have received were rejections from publishers for your written works, success may be found by resubmitting them. Even greater happiness can be experienced by revisiting foreign places which you’ve been to before.

You won’t be at loss for words when Mercury enters your sign on the 17th. Others will be impressed by your forth rightness and friendly demeanor. The urge will be high to circulate both physically and mentally.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th brings you down to earth and forces you to examine close personal relationships. Have you been contributing enough or being drained by giving too much? Fair balances must be achieved and compromises made for them to survive.

When Venus enters Aries on the 20th, you’ll become sweeter than honey. Others will be instantly drawn to your irresistible charm. Having what it takes to make a fantastic impression now, use it to the max. Many doors can magically open through new social ties made and cultivated. 

Just as things seemed relatively calm at work, Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th to disturb the still waters. Revisions and reorganizations may be in the air. Be on your guard. Best to go with the changing flow. Others may try to entrap you in an ill-conceived power play.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th and makes you re-examine your path to success. Doubts may slowly creep in, making you question if you’re even in the right career. Professional goals may be delayed by differences or difficulties with authority figures and management. Rams starting a new business under these rays will find they will have to make constant revisions with it.



The New Moon in Aries on the 5th will give you the privacy needed to complete a project. Working more behind the scenes will be to your advantage and away from judgmental eyes.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th.  Joint financial plans may experience some necessary revisions to become more viable. They will not be aborted but possibly bring delays.

Mercury transits into Aries on the 17th and you experience streams of subconscious insights into handling pesky problems. Your intuitive abilities will be par excellence. Trust your gut more than your logical mind in making personal decisions.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th fully charges your work environment with an over abundance of emotional energy. As a result, you may have to treat some co-workers with kid gloves. The slightest criticism may send them to HR registering complaints about you.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Aries on the 20th. She may require you to give emotional support to others who are close to you. A helping hand extended now can be a compassionate act of kindness not to be forgotten by them. Any confidences shared with you should be kept under lock and key.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He will generate an extreme pull on you to travel to distant lands. Some of this overwhelming desire may be due to the resurgence of past life memories. Also, you may become totally consumed with completing your education.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, turns retrograde on the 29th. He will have you go on a deep inner spiritual quest within yourself. Pending legal matters may be up for a review. Repeating a school course now may turn out to be in your best interests professionally in 2020.


The New Moon in Aries on the 5th will keep you very busy socializing more to advance your career. Going to social events to network should reap many positive business prospects. Build stronger ties with clients by extending your hand--not just for professional interests but also for friendship.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th.  A lover from your past resurfaces. A reconnection and reconciliation are possible under his generous rays. You both should be willing to patch up past differences and make needed amends.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Aries on the 17th.  Friends will be a wellspring of fresh and innovative ideas. They can help you correctly interpret other people’s true motivations that you might be oblivious to.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th can bring a lucky break for Gemini entertainers and artists. Your talents will be in full bloom and appreciated by all. The lunar rays will also add spice to your love life. Twins with children will be all over the place trying to keep up with them, but having fun in the process.

With Venus entering Aries on the 20th, you feel a renewed sense of optimism with the future. A close friendship has the possibility of turning unexpectedly into a hot romance.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. Be prepared for potential power struggles with joint finances, taxes, or pension funds to slowly simmer to the surface. Deep emotional issues from the past in this lifetime or previous ones may have to be dealt with during the next couple of months.

Saturn also decides to do a backward spin on the 29th. Listen to his insistence not to incur unnecessary debt. If you’re naughty and don’t clamp down on excessive credit card purchases, you’ll find yourself in hot water in the coming months. Credit, mortgages, and loans will not be so easy to obtain. Financial backers will lend a deaf ear to pleas.



The New Moon on the 5th will have you pouring immense amounts of energy into career decisions. It will become more apparent that your current employment is not living up to expectations. If you still want to stay, then muster up courage and ask for a promotion. Otherwise, use the lunar rays to land a new job.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. Expansive work projects may have to be put on a temporary hold. Don’t become disheartened. In reality, it will give you needed time to make further needed improvements to it.

Mercury enters Aries on the 17th and you become deluged with handling important communications at work. Weighty decisions will have to be reached without having much time to deliberate over them.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th will force you to come to a better balance with career and family. They both need your attention. However, you will have to achieve more equilibrium with them.

Venus transits into Aries on the 20th and management will be impressed by the encouraging attitude you radiate. You’ll be able to turn negatives into can do positives. Others will be inspired to follow your lead.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th.  He will compel you to place close relationships under a microscope. Some may require a complete overhaul and some will have to be cast aside.

Saturn follows suite and turns retrograde on the 29th.  As the “Lord of Karma,” he will force you to analyze the true worth of close relationships and partnerships. They will require you to give unceasingly on a multitude of levels. However, they may not be there for you when you need them.



The Aries New Moon on the 5th arouses a strong desire to stretch yourself more in the pursuit of personal excellence. Let her potent lunar rays help motivate you from being ordinary to extraordinary.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. Creative projects cast aside should be given a second look. You’ll find they are much better than you thought they were. Lions with children can become overly indulgent with trying to keep them entertained.

On the 17th Mercury transits into Aries. Writers should be submitting their work for publication. Leos wanting to further their education should be sending out college applications. You’ll be able to comprehend and understand difficult studies easier.

The Full Libra Moon on the 19th does present some challenges with communications. Try not to get too emotional in discussions or in writing texts. You can come across as being too needy. Relationships with siblings can be very rocky.

With Venus entering Aries on the 20th, Leos should pack their bags and fly off for an exotic holiday. The goddess of Love may smile upon unattached Lions and bring them true love under foreign stars. Traveling to a place which you haven’t been to before should bring you the best luck.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He’ll make it increasingly difficult to get employees or fellow co-workers to follow your lead. Problems can arise due to a power play. A person may desire to rule the roost and usurp your authority.

Saturn also goes into a backward spin on the 29th. As tempting as it may be, you must become more discriminatory with accepting work assignments. Stifle the urge to showoff and take on more than you can handle. Otherwise, all your projects will suffer as a result.



You can get a handle on outstanding debt and begin to pay it off with the help given from the New Moon on the 5th.  She will inspire you to work at improving your credit rating.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th and he may make you try to avoid pressing emotional issues. However, by not squarely facing them, they will not get solved. Research into your ancestral roots can uncover some hidden treasures of knowledge.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Aries on the 17th. He’ll help you sit down and have a frank talk about finances with your partner. You can both air out mutual concerns and map out a new workable budget. Talk to your accountant about taking advantage of new tax incentives to save more money.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th brings both personal and financial security issues to the surface. How do you judge your self-worth? Is it by what you materially possess or by your inner qualities?

Venus enters Aries on the 20th.  A skillful blending of business and socializing can be for your benefit. By entertaining potential financial backers, you can land the extra funds needed to expand your company. If you’ve wanted to increase your line of credit, banks will look upon you in a very favorable light.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th.  As the planet of transformation, he will, in the coming months, require you to go through an overhaul in ways you approach love, deal with your children, and utilize your creative abilities.

Saturn starts to do a backward spin on the 29th. The Lord of Karma will bring increased responsibilities in the proper disciplining of your children. Matters of the heart will come up for review. You’ll be asking yourself what you need to feel truly loved, not just what your lover needs.



Your close associations with others will be greatly enhanced by the New Moon on the 5th. Both your love and business relationships will be sprinkled with increased harmony. Partners will offer to step in and help you solve difficult problems.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. You may participate more with things going on in the neighborhood. If you belong to a co-op group or community board, your voiced concerns will impact and bring about needed improvements.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 17th, your skills as an expert negotiator will be brought front and center. You’ll be able to wheel and deal with the best of them. Propose new contracts or lucrative changes to agreements.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 19th may get your Scales all out of whack emotionally. You may feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions to see things correctly. Try instead to focus on your personal aims and not so much on how it will affect others.

Your ruling planet Venus transits into Aries on the 20th. Both business and marriage bonds tied now, will stand the test of time. If your relationship been on the rocks, a reconciliation can be achieved. Unattached Libras will have many opportunities to find true love.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He’ll bring to the surface childhood memories, which you thought were long ago buried and forgotten. They haven’t but have been lurking in your subconscious and coloring life decisions. Use the retro to purge their self-limiting influences.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. He’ll make it abundantly clear that you have to establish some balance with family. Otherwise, your own inner needs will be totally eclipsed and drained by their neediness.



The New Moon on the 5th gets you to embark on a fresh path to physical fitness. You’ll be able to renounce all the junk food and lazy habits. Being highly focused on your goals, you’ll reach them in record time.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. Investment opportunities overlooked will resurface. This will give you a second chance to make a bundle.

When Mercury enters Aries on the 17th, you will become more detail oriented. You’ll have the ability to concentrate on complex tasks. Ideas can come to you on how to make your department at work more efficient and cost effective.

The Full Libra Moon on the 19th may make you want to retreat from others and be alone with your thoughts and emotions. Taking sometime to recoup can prove to be a healing experience. However, don’t go to extremes with it and close off from the ones who are  simpatico with you.

With Venus entering Aries on the 20th, you’ll become more flexible with procedures at work. Making a concession or two over a shared project can mean the difference between success or failure. Co-workers will be impressed with your positive attitude, even when handling difficult tasks.

Your ruling planet Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. You may find yourself being challenged for your very beliefs. Siblings can put you through an emotional metamorphosis. Power struggles can pop up with neighbors. Contracts you sign may have hidden clauses in them.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. The Lord of Karma will have issues from the past, which you thought were resolved, pop up again with siblings or neighbors. Do not accept any additional responsibilities for them or make excuses. Take care with all your communications. Only write or speak, what you won’t embarrassed over in the future.



The New Moon on the 5th will make you just want to have fun. It may become increasingly difficult to settle down and take care of practical day-to-day matters. Unattached Archers will be on the hunt for romance.

Your ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. You can miss out on opportunities if you become too content with the status quo. Don’t take things for granted. Keep your bow and arrow out and be ready to aim for the stars.

When Mercury transits into Aries on the 17th, your social life will expand by leaps and bounds. Studying market tends can help you immensely with making favorable buys and sells. You will be able to express yourself in highly imaginative ways.

The Full Libra Moon on the 19th may get you to review close friendships with a greater sense of scrutiny. You may have to face the fact that you don’t have as much in common with some of them anymore. You will be challenged to seek out ties that follow similar dreams.

Venus enters Aries on the 20th. If you aren’t wishing for a little bundle of joy to arrive nine months from now, use extra protection. You should be extremely fertile. An urgent need to express your abundance of creative talents will vibrate through your being. Archers who are artists, musicians, or involved in showbiz should be auditioning for desired parts.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He’ll make you single minded and totally obsessed with achieving financial independence. Keep your eyes wide open when seeking ways of making money. Some attractive offers could be possible cons.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. Debts incurred under these rays will be harder to pay off then originally intended. Saturn will demand for you to become more fiscally responsible. If you abide by his rules, you’ll achieve financial security. If you don’t, you’ll be swimming in unpaid bills.



The New Moon on the 5th will make you want to spend more quality time at the home front reconnecting with family members. The lunar energies will inspire you to start needed improvements on your place.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th. You’ll find your dreams will take on a new intensity and reveal prophetic visions. Keep a dream journal next to your bed and record them as soon as you wake up in the morning. Untapped psychic talents will also surface.

Mercury’s transit into Aries on the 17th will have you thinking a lot about personal predicaments. By going over in your mind similar situations from the past, you’ll find solutions for them.  Many unexpected guests may drop in unannounced to visit.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th brings in opportunities for you to successfully showcase your managerial talents to your supervisor at work. They will be impressed by your seemingly effortless way with handling emergencies.

Venus enters Aries on the 20th and helps you establish a better relationship with your parents.  Family members will let you know they are there to lend emotional support, no matter what the circumstances are. If you want to do some redecorating, the best buys for luxury items can be found.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He may place you in awkward situations where someone may blatantly use manipulation tactics on you. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized. Speak up and stand your ground.

Your ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. He may coerce you to redefine yourself and your life path. Taking time to focus more attention on yourself and less on others will be a necessary first step.



The New Moon on the 5th will tend to make you more spontaneous. Your gut feelings will turn out to be your best guide as opposed to following logical thought. Your mind will be ripe for studying new topics.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th, buddies from your distant past will resurface bearing gifts. Getting actively involved in professional, social, or volunteer groups will bring you many unwavering friendships.

Mercury enters Aries on the 17th and your communication skills will be greatly enhanced. You’ll be able to expertly talk your way in or out of any situation that arises. Presentations or sales pitches given will have a certain panache. Studying for exams should require less effort because you’ll retain knowledge much easier.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th can make your in-laws impossible to please. There can be a mad dash to finish school reports which you kept putting off completing.  A dangling legal matter may pop up with some added complications added to its resolution.

When Venus transits into Aries on the 20th, you may be required to travel more for business. The trips taken can help you establish closer ties with your accounts and in the future lead to greater sales. Siblings or neighbors may be especially helpful to you.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th.  People whose toxic behavior becomes more apparent must be released from your sphere. If you don’t banish them, their energies will only cause you psychological harm and keep you from attaining success.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. He will demand during the months to come for you to eliminate all self-inflicted behaviors. Start off by doing some spring cleaning of unhappy, maudlin memories.



The New Moon on the 5th showers you with a multitude of opportunities to fatten your piggy bank. The lunar rays will also tend to make you shrewd in handling expenses. You’ll be more disciplined and check for sales, instead of impulsively shopping.

Your co-ruling planet Jupiter turns retrograde on the 10th.  It’s best not to make a major career move. Employment promises made to you will not be completely kept. It’s best to concentrate on trying to move up where you are, as opposed to seeking employment elsewhere.

Mercury entering Aries on the 17th brings in auspicious energies for signing contracts and formalizing important agreements. Everyone will walk away from the deal feeling like a winner. Your ideas will be acknowledged as having tremendous value and weight.

The Libra Full Moon on the 19th can bring unanticipated expenses from out of the blue. A close associate may approach you for a loan. If you decide to give it, make sure they sign a legal note.

If you’re searching for financial backing, Venus will help you when she enters Aries on the 20th. She will make your proposals appear very lucrative to potential investors.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 24th. He will end others’ masquerades with a dramatic unmasking. Finding out who is friend and who is foe can be emotionally painful. However, Pluto will bring to light who your true allies are.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. He may hand over greater responsibilities to you by managing a group or team project. While it will be hard, supervising the operation correctly can ultimately lead to great rewards.

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