Monthly Astrological Forecast : July 2019             

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Excess creative energy will be coursing through your being, when your ruling planet Mars enters Leo on the 1st.  He’ll also endow Aries athletes with increased stamina and strength to become the easy winner in competitive contests. Do take extra precautions on the 11th though. Mars will form a nasty square to Uranus and you should guard against unexpected accidents.

The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in Cancer may force you to make major compromises with family members. Otherwise, you may not see any improvements in your relationships with them. Those with a home on the market may celebrate a quick sale.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd, home will be where your heart is. You may find yourself pouring over home décor magazines. A loving touch here and there can realign your home’s chi to a luckier level.  Craving more stability in a relationship, you and your lover may start to make plans to live together.

Just when you thought you achieved some harmony in your life, Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th. Some misunderstanding can start to brew in your relationship with your lover. Rams with children may find the lines of communication have been disconnected with them too.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th finds you in a crazy balancing act with career vs home/family priorities. Your work will be in high demand by the public and include tremendous opportunities for future business.  However, your presence is ardently needed at the home front to handle pressing problems.   

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. Things you thought were settled with family turn out not to be the case. Home improvement projects or repairs you thought were completed turn out not to be done or finished correctly.

With Venus transiting into Leo on the 27th, things will take a lighter note with your love life and start to seem brighter. A new candidate for your heart may be found at a social gathering. Giant steps of improved rapport with your kids can be achieved seamlessly.



The Warrior Planet Mars enters Leo on the 1st. His fiery rays may heat up tempers on the home front. Take care not to become snappy or bossy as a result. Instead, turn his excess energy into working on much needed DYI projects.

The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd in Cancer may act as a stimulating catalyst to your mind. New and exciting thoughts and ideas start to race through it. An impromptu presentation or sales pitch can land you a prestigious new account. Unplanned short trips can hold unexpected opportunities.

Your ruling planet Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd. She’ll help you bury the hatchet over antagonistic feelings with siblings and neighbors. Your exceptional skills of diplomacy and perception will be in full display when you skillfully handle sticky personal conversations.

Rascally Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th, causing havoc with home affairs in the process. You may experience a total communications breakdown with family members. Rational dealings with repairmen or contractors will be almost impossible.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th in Capricorn gives you the needed oomph to creatively finish an important writing or school project. Her rays will make you search for a stronger spiritual connection and understanding of God and your place in the universe. Going on pilgrimage to a sacred site or attending a spiritual retreat can bring you immense blessings.

On the 19th Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer. If you’ve ignored the signs warning you to have your car serviced before he does, you may deeply regret it. Keeping your mind focused on one thought at a time may prove to be challenging.

Venus, your ruling planet, enters Leo on the 27th. She will pour a harmonious balm over things related to your family and living conditions. Throwing a party will bring the vibes up even more. Bulls desiring to sell their home should be placing it on the market to get a top price.



When Mars enters Leo on the 1st, he’ll have you running around here, there, and everywhere practically non-stop. Your schedule will be busy and constantly changing due to others wanting to reschedule their appointments. Since Geminis are the Multi-Task Wizards of the zodiac, you should enjoy the chaos. However, on the 11th, Mars and Uranus clash. So, don’t get testy with your responses to others that day.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd zaps you with an unexpected opportunity to radically increase your income. Your work skills are in high demand and you should ask more for them.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd. She’ll aid in getting the financial assistance you’ve been seeking. If you also desire a partner to go into business with, she’ll help with the introductions.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and in the process turns communications and travel into a frenzied whirlwind. When your tech devices start to breakdown, you may start to imagine that these devices have it out for you personally. Unless you want to throw money away, don’t purchase a car, cell phone, or computer.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th may force you to finally end a toxic relationship. Letting go will breathe new life into your being.  Lucky Geminis may hit it big with the lottery. Twins involved with joint money disputes may experience a jolt.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. Forgotten bills may come calling for payment. Unplanned expenditures and additional charges for items or services can get unmercifully added on. So pay more attention to your finances and possessions.

Venus enters Leo on the 27th and perks up your love life. Twins in the pursuit of a new romance will be able to seduce through the power of their written or spoken words. Don’t be shy! Express your feelings and heartfelt emotions.



Mars, the action planet, transits into Leo on the 1st. He’ll have money   coming in at an accelerated pace from a multitude of directions. However, just as fast as it comes in, you may spend it. Price may not prove to be a determent either. So, take care not to run up huge credit card balances.

The Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 2nd inspires you to make some major changes with your outward appearance and image. While a new hairdo or “look” can get you out of a rut, make sure you book an appointment with a competent stylist or hairdresser.

Venus enters your sign on the 3rd and turns the world into your oyster. She’ll have others mesmerized by your harmonious vibrations and drawn hypnotically under your charms.  

Mercury turns naughty and goes retrograde on the 7th. He can turn you into an airhead with your finances in the process. Pay extra attention to all due dates on bills. Miscalculating prices can wind up costing you a bundle.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th can make or break your relationship. Emotions will be at a fevered pitch. The decision will be all yours. You can either work towards strengthening the tie or cut it off completely.

Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on the 19th. He’ll have you second guessing all decisions which you make. At times you may feel like no one understands anything that you have to say.

Venus transits into Leo on the 27th and brightens your financial prospects in the process. Funds which might have been denied in the past, if requested again, have a great chance of being approved. You’ll desire the finer things in life and will not shrink at the costs involved to obtain them.



Mars lights a fierce fire under you when he enters Leo on the 1st. You’ll be full of enough self-confidence to surmount any difficulty and to be the winner in all competitions. Feeling more adventurous, you will desire to blaze new paths and experience more of what life offers. On the 11th Mars and Uranus clash. So, avoid brash actions and rushing about.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd has the potential to expose some secrets. You may be forced to face up to present day realities and stop living in the past. Your dream state will take on an added dimension of psychic sensitivity.

When Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd, you may find someone strongly attracted to you with a lot of problems. If it seems their hard luck stories are overwhelming, then keep it just as a friendship. Otherwise you can step into emotional quicksand.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and turns your ability to communicate coherently upside down. You’ll begin to wonder if anyone understands anything that you’re trying to convey to them. Best not to launch new plans or go in unfamiliar directions. Stick with the tried and the true.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th focuses her rays on your employment and relationships with co-workers. You may become increasingly annoyed with the job and the people you work with. Tread lightly around their emotional outbursts.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. You’ll find your mind wandering a lot down Memory Lane. It may be a challenge to focus on the present when the past exerts such a strong pull.

Venus enters your sign on the 27th and unattached Lions will find potential lovers magically drawn to them. Without you even having to lift a paw, they will try to please your every desire. Use Venus’s harmonious vibes to soothe over any past misunderstandings with others.



As Mars enters Leo on the 1st, you may start to feel a sense of frustration slowly building within. This may be due to delays or restrictions placed upon current projects. Instead of getting annoyed, use Mar’s energy to rework them and make them even more dynamic.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd may find you questioning your very hopes, wishes, and dreams. A heartfelt review of them may set you on a new and brighter path. Close associates can prove to offer invaluable insight on how to attain your aspirations.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd and brings in a multitude of opportunities for you to get out and socialize up a storm with friends. Take advantage of meeting new people. You’ll find you’ll be attracting those who are like minded and can become staunch future allies.

Mercury decides to throw a monkey wrench into your orderly life by turning retrograde on the 7th. As your ruling planet, you tend to feel his backward spin even more so than most people. Your psychic antenna may be tilted in the wrong direction. So, at times you may find your inborn intuition is a little off kilter.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th finds your inner child wanting full rule. Let your hair down a little and experience the fullness of life. Exciting opportunities for romance will appear. Virgos with children should plan some fun excursions with them.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. Use his backward spin to clear up the cobwebs of unhappy memories from your subconscious.

With Venus entering Leo on the 27th, you will become increasingly compassionate. Spending some time aiding those in need or in an emotional bind can erase some karma. It will also add considerably to your dharma.



When Mars enters Leo on the 1st, others in your group will be in agreement that your outstanding leadership abilities should guide the helm. By stepping up and taking command, you will be able to steer them to successful accomplishments. Extra diplomacy will be required on the 11th when Mars and Uranus clash.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd gets your work noticed in a big way. If you’ve been diligently laboring, it will be rewarded with a major step up. If you haven’t, then you’ll be taking a step down.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd and excellent career prospects loom in the horizon. If you’re itchy to start a new job, you’ll be seen with favorable eyes by interviewers. Your lover may have some excellent tips or leads to help you in the job search.

Mercury throws some chaos into your life by going retrograde on the 7th. Misunderstandings can happen easily now with friends and close associates. People who you counted on in your corner may seem to have disappeared.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th forces you to focus more energy on home concerns. You may find yourself working more at home than at the office. Libras, who have been up in the air about possibly moving will be driven to make a decision.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. You may find out things you thought were resolved with management or clients really aren’t settled. Be careful in all you say and write. It can become public very easily.

Venus transits into Leo on the 27th and things with associates start to clear up somewhat. Unattached Libras can meet prospective love interests through dating sites, group meetings, clubs, and organizations.



Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Leo on the 1st. His fiery rays will jet propel you to seek career advancement. Rolling up your sleeves, working hard, and possibly getting your hands dirty in the process, will not deter you in the slightest. Your main objective will be to advance at all costs.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd signals a possibly profound change in your basic philosophy about life and spiritual matters. Important decisions will have to be made about higher education. Scorpio educators may start to review the way they approach teaching and dealing with the system.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd. She will give you some deep insights and help you gently learn more about your lover. Scorpios traveling for business will not only make the right contacts but also the right impression.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and pandemonium ensues with career. Management will look at you like you have three heads when you try to explain basic plans and ideas to them. Best to double check and check again all work.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th can present an opportunity for you to be trained in something new. Benefits that may not seem apparent now will be so in the future. 

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th and causes all sorts of difficulties for long-distance journeys. If you must travel, make sure the trip and your luggage are insured. If Mercury retro strikes, you’ll be glad you did. Communications at a distance will be muddled too. So best not to make decisions based on them now.

Venus enters Leo on the 27nd and her vibes will bring in rays of harmony to the workplace. Disputes and possible misunderstanding with superiors can be smoothed out. When some of the dust settles in a week or two, you can ask for an increase.



When Mars enters Leo on the 1st, he will fill you with an overwhelming desire to gallop off to seek exciting adventures internationally. If you do decide to heed his call, make sure the trip includes plenty of activities. Sagittarian educators will find their classroom presentations will be infused with a greater sense of passion.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd can help those involved in custody disputes. Monies due should finally start to be paid. Archers seeking to refinance or get a mortgage may be graced with better rates.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd and she’ll help you make the right social contacts to further your business. You will get expert advise from others more experienced with the ins and outs of finances.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and turns your travel plans into total chaos. Sagittarian students may encounter difficulties in completing important papers or projects. Academic studies, which you breezed through before may present many unexpected challenges.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th can bring in a major change with your earning potential. Questions arising over the actual worth of your services must be dealt with.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. He can spew some confusion over taxes and joint financial holdings. Things along these lines which you thought were resolved, aren’t for the other parties concerned.

Venus enters Leo on the 27th and offers new opportunities for romance for unattached Archers. Others will be magically drawn to your winsome, adventurous spirit. The best hunting grounds can be found traveling, in school, or at church or spiritual activities.



You might feel like you’re stepping over landmines to avoid confrontations with your partner when Mars enters Leo on the 1st. Topics having to do with finances are best to be circumvented. They might have strong overly emotional opinions and it will be extremely difficult to logically reason with them.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd will bring radical changes to your relationship. If it’s been on shaky ground for quite a while, the eclipse will take it out of its misery with a dramatic end. If it’s been flourishing, the eclipse will bring it to new beautiful heights.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd. She will help bring some reconciliation to partnerships. Self-employed Goats may have clients from years past resurface and want to do business again.

Mercury puts your life in a tizzy when he turns retrograde on the 7th. Check all insurance policies prior to his naughty retro. This can save you from finding out you’re not covered like you thought, if the need arises. Avoid applying for loans, mortgages, or refinancing under his vibes. You’ll either misread the terms or you’ll have difficulties in paying it all off.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th is in your sign. Normally you’re one to easily be able to hide your feelings. However, the strong eclipse vibrations make it an impossibility for you to mask them. Being so out of control can be very disconcerting for Goats. Try not to come across as needy.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. Issues which you thought were resolved with business and personal relationships pop up again. Clients can complain about goods or services from the past.

Venus transits into Leo on the 27 and brings some peace to relationship disputes over finances. She’ll also get your sex appeal up and off the charts. A lucky big win with the lottery could grace fortunate Goats.  



With Mars entering Leo on the 1st, you better fill up your social calendar with doing things with your significant other. They will be demanding you to spend more quality time with them and less with others. To avoid conflicts with them, be agreeable as possible and agree with them on all topics.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd may bring with it an emergency situation at work. Fellow employees will have to have their feelings soothed a little before things can get up and running.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd and you help instill a greater sense of harmony and order at the workplace. Doing thoughtful little things and adding in a dash of encouragement to co-workers will win them over to produce more. Management will be impressed by your sunny attitude during adversity and a pay increase may be your future reward.

Mercury shatters the free flow of positive energy in your relationship sector by turning retrograde on the 7th. He’ll muddy the waters of communication between you, your partner and even clients. It will seem almost impossible to understand what they’re trying to get at. Avoid signing any contracts or making any verbal agreements.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th finds you lending a hand or two to others in great emotional need. Your intuitive understanding of their situation, can be the guiding light needed.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. He’ll demand you become more flexible in dealing with co-workers. Their work may not be up to snuff, so you will have to make allowances for their performance.

Venus enters Leo on the 27th and she’ll bring the right person into your life to form a business alliance with. Strategic PR can reap you a ton of new business. Others will sing your praises and help you win over new accounts.



When Mars enters Leo on the 1st, you encounter some rough waters on the job. Tempers can suddenly erupt for no apparent reason. Someone may try to claim credit for a job you worked tirelessly on. Do take extra precautions on the 11th. Mars clashes with Uranus and there can ensue tremendous difficulties with communications at work.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd can bring an unexpected new love into your life. They will prove to be both full of charm and extremely romantic. Fish with children should experience a greater closeness with them during the coming months.

Venus transits into Cancer on the 3rd. Fish desiring to get pregnant have good odds with her passage and other astrological factors included. Venus will inspire you to tap into your creative gifts and help you give form to them. Piscean artists will receive acknowledgement for their work.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th and chaos ensues in your life. Disputes due to lack of communication with co-workers or employees can prevail. Try to answer all inner office mail, etc. promptly or it will result in accusations of neglect of duty. Fish with pets may have to deal with an emergency with them.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th may find you stepping into a leadership role with a group or team. The successful handling of the responsibilities can eventually garner you much positive recognition.

Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer on the 19th. Some issues which you thought were resolved with your children reappear out of the blue. A lover from your long distant past makes a surprise re-emergence and asks to be invited into your heart.

Venus transits into Leo on the 27th and helps to ease some of the tempers on the job. Women can help in restoring some order and getting things back on an even keel.