Monthly Astrological Forecast : March 2019             

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With Venus’s passage into Aquarius on the 1st, you decide to cast off some of the winter doldrums and socialize more with friends. Unattached Rams may meet the love of their life by getting the word out to buddies that they’re open to fix-ups. While they may not all be winners, all you need is the right one to change your life from drab to fab.

Pandemonium strikes with all forms of communication and travel, when Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th. Use his backward spin to unearth hidden elements of your subconscious. Your dream state should be very active and may reveal how you unconsciously sabotage yourself in little ways.

The New Moon on the 6th has issues from the past resurface which must be dealt with and cleansed from your life. While it may be a time of letting go, it is also a time of preparation for the birth of a new cycle next month.

Uranus, the Bad Boy of the Zodiac, reenters Taurus on the 6th. He has a well-earned reputation of being restless and extremely changeable. However, if you use his energies correctly, you can realize great financial wealth during the next six years during his tour of Taurus. Be forewarned though. He will take you on what may appear to be a wild roller coaster ride achieving it or even just holding on to what you have. Follow your hunches. He’ll hit you with lightning bolts of off-the-wall ideas on how to invest or earn more. But being the Bad Boy, he may just as soon induce you to blow all your gains on worthless objects or fun times.

The Full Moon on the 20th suggests you take a backseat to your partner and let them do the decision making for a while. They may have accumulated feelings of unimportance in the relationship due to your strong drive to lead.

You may feel less like flitting around like a social butterfly when Venus enters Pisces on the 26th.  Instead, you will desire to go more within and establish deeper meaningful ties. Rams in love may form a more profound relationship with their significant other.

With Mercury turning direct on the 28th, you experience a resurgence of your strong psychic abilities. You will be able to pick up instantly on the subtle psychic signals others generate.

Your ruling planet Mars enters Gemini on the 31st. You’ll be brimming with fantastic new ideas and wanting to share them with others. Aries in sales should score big and land whopping accounts. Avoid getting into heated discussions because they can turn instantly into fiery arguments.



March starts off with your ruling planet Venus entering Aquarius on the 1st. She’ll help job-seeking Bulls corral a better paying position with a substantially higher salary. The eyes of the public will be upon you and they’ll be more than pleased with what they see.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 5th and may cause some misunderstandings between yourself and close associates. You may encounter some difficulties in getting your ideas across in teamwork settings. Best to try to be as clear as possible in conversations, even if it means having to reiterate constantly what you are saying.

The New Moon on the 6th presents many opportunities for you to meet and acquire new friends. Join a club or organization with like-minded people. The ties you make now can grow into lifelong bonds.

Get ready to have your life shaken, rattled, and rolled when Uranus, the Great Awakener, reenters Taurus on the 6th. He’s going to be transiting your sign for about the next six years. The Bad Boy of the Zodiac’s dance through Taurus is not to be feared. However, he does rule earthquakes. So, you may question at times if the ground you’re standing on is secure. He just loves to shake things up. Many illusions will be shattered about yourself, the path you’re on, and your approach to life. However, after the dust settles you’ll be glad. They will all be replaced with a more enlightened reality and you’ll be reborn as a new entity.

The Full Moon on the 20th shines a bright light on things which need to be put into order with your diet, habits, and approach to work. If you’ve gotten sloppy with any or all of them, now is the time to set them right.

When your ruler Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th, she’ll turn you into the peacemaker in group settings. You’ll be the one who can help two friends patch up their differences. With team projects, you will have the right words to get all participants to work together with harmony and camaraderie.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and your goals start to appear more reachable. Over the past couple of weeks, you may have questioned if the path you’ve chosen will get you where you want to go. However, now you have a strong inner knowing that it is correct and the future is bright.

Fiery Mars transits into Gemini on the 31st. He ignites a fire under you to make more money. If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business on the side, get moving. Go over your investment portfolios and see if they should be tweaked for more substantial rewards.


On the 1st Venus enters fellow air sign Aquarius. Unattached Twins may find true love in the classroom. Also, signing up for a workshop or seminar could increase your chances for romance. If you’re hankering for an early spring vacation, you can get a terrific deal.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th.  As usual, when this occurs, you’ll find almost everything in your life may feel like it’s spinning backwards too. Take extra care on how you present yourself to management. They may catch you in a less than flattering light at work.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 6th presents an important new work project for you. The key to its ultimate success will lie in how you delegate duties to others in its creation and manage their work.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, will reenter and stay in Taurus for about the next six years on the 6th. Be prepared to have your unconscious go through a deep metamorphosis. His trip will open you up with bursts of contact to your Higher Self and visions of spiritual realms.


Uranus may force you to face and eliminate unhealthy “ghosts” from the past which have been keeping you in bondage. You will be driven to face unconscious, negative hang-ups or ingrained habits which have been holding you back. The veil hiding others’ deceptions concerning you will be ripped away. However, it may prove to be painful to find trusted allies were your secret foes all along--planning your undoing.

If you have children, you may find the Libra Full Moon on the 20th has them demanding more attention from you. Your creative talents may be called into play in helping them finish school projects. Your lover may also need some extra TLC.

When Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th, you become increasingly more aware of your social position at work. Venus will give you the extra polish to shine brightly when giving presentations or handling prospective job interviews. Others will not question your status as an authority.

Mercury finally turns direct on the 28th, and in doing so, your life starts to hum along smoothly. Differences between yourself and others which may have developed during his retro can be reconciled. You’ll find problems encountered on work projects will find easy solutions.

Mars blazes into your sign on the 31st. He’ll give you a burst of super human energy and give you the courage and strength to accomplish the almost impossible. However, guard against becoming too pushy and demanding instant action from others.


Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st.  Shy Crabs will be able to become closer to their lover by discussing topics which may have been considered taboo before. Both the physical and emotional aspects of your relationship bonds can be greatly strengthened as a result.



Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th and throws a big monkey wrench into travel plans. If you must go on a trip now, thoroughly insure all luggage and give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. Hold off, if possible, submitting work for publication and school papers. Instead use his retro energy to edit, edit, and then edit again.

The New Moon on the 6th fills you with an overly optimistic spirit. You’ll be inspired to seek new educational frontiers of knowledge. A writing project can be transformed into a winning paper.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, will reenter Taurus on the 6th. His electrifying energies will transform your friendships for about the next six years. Sudden but needed breaks will happen with close ties you’ve quite frankly outgrown but were afraid to admit it. New ties will be established with some really “colorful”, off-the-wall, or totally unique individuals. You will be attracting people who can open your eyes to new ways of thinking and approaching life.


Uranus’s rebel spirit will chide you into becoming much more independent. You’ll be demanding space and freedom to circulate among others who allow you to fully express your unique individuality. Total strangers will unexpectedly appear in your life at the 11th hour to help. Then, in the blink of an eye, disappear. 

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th demands you establish a sense of balance with your career and home life. If you’ve stolen from family time for your professional concerns, it’s time to give back. Otherwise, household members can become quite vocal in letting you know that your presence is sorely needed. 

When Venus enters Pisces on the 26th, you may be called upon at work to travel extensively. You will be able to soothe long distance accounts who have felt neglected by your company. Cancers who are teachers should find their students appreciative of their work and more than eager to learn.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and completed written works can be submitted. Past legal difficulties can find a new winning solution. Long distance trips become once again a pleasure and not a problem.

Mars transits into Gemini on the 31st and he may try to tempt you into submitting proposals too early. Best to work on projects alone. Too many cooks can spoil the brew.


You’ll experience greater joy with all close relationships when Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st. Your significant other will go out of their way to make you happy. Business partners will become easier to negotiate and formulate deals with and clients will send new customers your way.

Rascally Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th.


Best not to apply for additional credit, loans, or a mortgage now, because he’ll throw some landmines in your path to obtaining them. Put off having your taxes done until he turns direct on the 28th. Otherwise, they will either be computed wrong or some important deductions may be forgotten to be included.

The New Moon on the 6th inspires you to get a jump on spring cleaning. Be fearless with throwing out any junk or worthless clutter. Clothing that no longer fits or you wear should be donated to a deserving charity.

The Great Awakener, Uranus, will reenter Taurus on the 6th. He’ll rock the very foundations of your life for about the next six years. He will dare you to make sweeping changes with your career. If you don’t take him up on it, he may throw you a curve ball or two and just have your job disappear. Essentially, he’s the planet of revolution and radical change. Dreamed of having the guts to get out from under the corporate yoke of rules and regulations? He’ll give them to you. A sense of inner dissatisfaction over your career may propel you to try doing something totally different for a livelihood. Weird twists of fate with your profession will be set into motion by Uranus. Lions involved in the entertainment fields can soar to the heights of stardom under his auspicious energies.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th may make you too emotional in discussing strongly held beliefs with others. Your overwhelming passion and insistence that they convert to your way of seeing things can become a real turnoff.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and ups your sex appeal. You won’t have to do too much to get your partners engine running.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and the monies due you are finally paid. Additional funds needed will be granted. Serious decisions with your partner over finances can be pleasantly productive.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st and you’re thrust into situations where your help is greatly needed by friends. Your strong managerial skills will also be called upon to sort out group projects.


When Venus transits into Aquarius on the 1st, you will be the bringer of peace and harmony to the workplace. You’ll have the right words to calm any differences between co-workers and get everyone working together.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th and turns your relationships upside down in the process. Complications with communications and appointments with clients may become a constant occurrence. Old issues, which you thought were resolved long ago between yourself and your partner, may resurface.

The Pisces New Moon on the 6th brings further emphasis on close relationships. Your personal needs versus their personal needs will be up for examination. Have you been giving too much, or not enough? The answer, and how you try to resolve it, will determine the future of your relationship.

Uranus, the Great Awakener, will reenter Taurus on the 6th. He’s going to push you into taking giant evolutionary leaps with your mind for quite a few years to come. He’ll make you question everything you currently believe to be right or wrong. Sudden insights will be zapped into your consciousness--probably when you least expect them. When you call upon Uranus’s aid to psychically figure something out, he’ll turn a deaf ear to you. This is because he’s all about being spontaneous.


He’ll be transiting through your travel zone astrologically. So, better keep your passport up to date. He revels in the exotic and weird. You may find yourself booking trips to places most people would think of as off-the-wall. Going to school? Well, he may have you change your major a couple of times or you can get the most bizarre professors on earth.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th brings possible conflicts over money. The lunar rays will demand you find a greater balance with handling funds.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and blesses unattached Virgos with an abundance of opportunities to find their perfect match. Business clients will become more generous by either signing up for more services or by giving you big tips for work done.  

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and helps to restore harmony with your partner. The lines of communication become untangled and heated exchanges will be forgotten.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st and turns you into a dynamo at work. Succeeding professionally will be your utmost focus in the weeks to come. However, try not to step on toes on your race up the corporate ladder.


Your ruling planet Venus transits into Aquarius on the 1st. She’ll live up to her reputation of being the goddess of love by placing an abundance of potential lovers in your sphere. You’ll also be favored by being extraordinarily creative and artistic.

Mercury turns renegade and goes retrograde on the 5th. Your job performance may suffer from a lack of communication between yourself and fellow co-workers. Best to double check all duties assigned to you, especially if others are involved.

The New Pisces Moon on the 6th calls attention to the bad habits which you have acquired with work and health. Best to make a detailed to-do list of needed reforms and complete one at a time.

When Uranus reenters Taurus on the 6th, he will rip off the “private do not enter” sign which is affixed to the most intimate areas of your life. Get used to it, because he will be in Taurus for many years to come. Uranus hates secrets. Be forewarned, he will display your secrets for all to see. This door leads to the area of your chart which governs sex, power games, other people’s money (partners both business and marriage), and taxes. All things we strive to keep a tight lid on. Oh, how he does enjoy to shake things up! Kinky sexual fantasies lurking in your imagination may demand to be acted upon or revealed for the whole world to see.


Are you or is your partner a greedy taker rather than a generous giver? Uranus won’t allow that scenario to continue for too long. Same with manipulative neediness being used as a tool. Money issues can make or break a relationship now. Those divorced can experience the wrath of their ex-spouses when they withhold settlement payments as revenge. If you want to start up a new business, this is the worst time to be seeking capital from several different sources. Investors may leave you high and dry footing the bills. Keep all financial negotiations as simple as possible. Don’t get “creative” with the IRS.

The Full Moon on the 20th will be in your sign. Her rays will shine a luminous spotlight on Libras. Don’t get your Scales out of balance and run scared from all of the sudden attention.

Venus enters Pisces on the 26th and helps to sharpen your fine eye for details on the job. Your extra touches to spiff up projects can mean the difference between it being just okay or being truly fantastic.

Mercury finally turns direct on the 28th and restores the lines of communication on the job. Problems discovered with implementing procedures can be openly examined and discussed in a cordial manner.

Mars transits into Gemini on the 31st and you can become too opinionated for your own good. Best to steer clear of discussions over cherished principles. They can quickly turn into heated arguments.


With Venus entering Aquarius on the 1st, you desire to grow closer to family members. Make room on your busy calendar to spend more time with them. Try hosting an informal dinner or gathering. The relaxed atmosphere should draw all together.

Impish Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th. He’ll sow some havoc in the romantic department of your life by having a long-lost lover from the past resurface. Needless to say, matters of the heart will take on an extremely confusing vibe. Best not to make any final decisions on if they stay or go until Mercury turns direct on the 28th.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 6th gets your creative juices flowing. You’ll be inspired to try different forms of artistic expression. Scorpios with children should get more involved with their activities. They’ll be thrilled to spend more quality time with you.

When Uranus reenters Taurus on the 6th, the “Great Awakener” begins a six-year, shake-up of your business and marriage partnerships. Anyone seen as your significant other will also fall into this category too. Since this Bad Boy of the Zodiac delights in overthrowing the status quo, expect your relationships to go through some radical transformations. Your other half may start to demand total independence and freedom to do their own thing. Conversely, you may be struck with the boredom-blues and seek more excitement elsewhere. His trek through Taurus doesn’t necessarily promise a divorce. However, it does promise a complete revamping of the relationship. Single Scorpios may find themselves awe-struck by candidates their mother won’t approve of and probably for good cause. This is not a good time to get married, but it can work out if you’re not looking for stability or the normal cookie-cutter union.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th can bring about an emotional shake-up for usually street-smart Scorpios. You’re the master of deciphering if someone is friend or foe. However, it’ll be revealed your judgement was lacking when you give your confidence to a seemingly trusted ally.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and she turns you into a love magnet. Your intense creative talents are acknowledged as superior by those whose opinions can make or break your aspirations.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and things can be sorted out in a logical way with matters of romance. You have your head screwed on tight and can see the whole picture correctly.

When Mars enters Gemini on the 31st, you may be to quick to go hog wild with your credit card. Try not to rack up debt from impulse buying. Use his energies instead to formulate a battle plan on ways to save money.


Sagittarius’s usual candid way of speaking will be greatly softened by Venus’s entrance into Aquarius on the 1st. Others will be highly impressed on how you can diplomatically handle sensitive situations. Misunderstandings between yourself and siblings can be resolved under the Venusian rays.

Mischievous Mercury starts a backward spin on the 5th. In the process, he may unearth some unpleasant childhood memories which are best to be forgotten. Don’t be tempted into purchasing appliances for the home no matter how good the sale is. Buying them under his retro energies will be like the kiss of death for them working properly in the future.

The Piscean New Moon on the 6th makes you face the fact that you’ve sacrificed your personal life too much for career success. Changes must start to be incorporated to stop robbing your inner essence for outer success.

Uranus, the rebel planet of the zodiac, will reenter Taurus on the 6th and be there for many years to come. Since he loves to cause upheavals wherever he goes, expect your job and workplace to experience quite a bit of constant chaos. If your job discourages individualism and independence thought, he’ll get you out of that stifling environment via a promotion or land you in a new place of employment.


If you’ve been harboring secret yearnings to try something totally different and off-the-wall with an occupation, Uranus will make your wish come true. It might not come about in the way you’ve imagined it. Might even be something weirder than you’ve imagined, but it will be unique. Maybe you’ll experiment with having a couple part-time jobs instead of one full-time one. He’ll get you interested in many New Age healing modes. Who knows--you might even become a certified healing practitioner.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th pushes you into taking action on making some of your inner dreams materialize. A friend may need you to step in and give them desperately needed assistance and advice.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and turns you into a domestic goddess. You’ll be inspired into turning your home into a showplace of beauty and harmony.

When Mercury turns direct on the 28th, order is restored with your private life. You will be able to communicate with family members without having them misconstrue everything you say.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st and gives you the guts to go after big business contracts. Do guard against ego conflicts with your partner. If any develop, try to settle them quickly.


Goats will be ecstatic when Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st. She’ll shower you with multiple ways of increasing the money in your piggy bank. Astute Capricorns should keep their eyes open for valuable tips coming your way with investments.

Naughty Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th and makes it difficult for you to keep from becoming a mental scatter bug. At times your mind may feel like it’s in overload--trying to sort out the immense data that’s streaming in so fast. To deal with it successfully, slow down and take one thing at a time.

You’ll be drawn to start new projects under the Pisces New Moon on the 6th. However, the real gold can be discovered by giving another look at old ideas and projects from the past not from new ones.

When Uranus, the Great Awakener, reenters Taurus on the 6th, he will turn your love life upside down in a lot of crazy ways. He’s going to be in Taurus well beyond the next six years. However, buckle up your seatbelt and don’t panic. Love can be found during the ride. Uranus rules electricity. He’ll zap you with so much extra wattage, you’ll cast aside a lot of your inhibitions and indulge in boldly flirting. You’ll want to have constantly exciting things happening and as a result you can attract many dynamic lovers. They may come in and out of your life. Uranus doesn’t promise permanency.


Married Goats should steer his energy into revitalizing their relationships if it’s gone stale over the years. Otherwise, the temptation to taste some passionate outside goody can result in a poorly thought out extra marital affair.


Since Uranus rules revolution, be prepared for one if you have children. He’ll set up some tremendous clashes of wills between you and them. On the plus side, he might surprise you by revealing your kid is graced with a special talent or maybe is a genius. If you don’t want to conceive, use protected measures. Uranus, the god of surprises, can shock you with an unplanned little bundle of joy. Where speculation is concerned, go in with your eyes open. He never promises a smooth ride.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th thrusts you into the limelight. Your impeccable leadership skills will be on full display, without you really being aware, by watchful management.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and you receive sizzling texts from your lover. What they may have difficulty in saying in person, they can readily write to you. Goats with online businesses will find their sales soaring into new heights.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and you sort through the tons of mixed-up messages which were acquired during his backward spin. You can devise a clear plan on how to implement the many ideas which danced through your head.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st and turns you into even more of a workaholic. Subdue your enthusiasm on the job a little. Otherwise, co-workers may feel intimidated by it. They can become resentful and resist any needed changes or extra work you may require from them.


Venus starts your month off on the 1st with a lovely transit into your sign. Others will be blown away by your fantastic looks and winning personality. You’ll want to surround yourself with the finer things in life and socialize to the hilt.

Mercury misbehaves and turns retrograde on the 5th. Prepare for unexpected expenses or financial obligations. Unless you want to find out that you forgot to pay your utility bill by having it unexpectedly turned off, go over all bills. The Pisces New Moon on the 6th further emphasis finances. Opportunities can present themselves for extra work or different avenues to increase income.

Uranus, your ruling planet reenters Taurus on the 6th and turns your focus for about the next six years to your physical home and family relations. The Great Awakener demands that we free ourselves from unnecessary baggage in order to experience total liberation. When you’re discussing the very roof over your head, well, that is a biggie. A growing restlessness may take hold. You may want to relocate from your current digs to some place previously unexplored by you. All you know is where you are now living is intolerable and you want to start a new life.  

Aquarians who don’t get bitten by the moving bug may decide instead to radically alter their current residence. Since Uranus is know for his utterly weird and off-the-wall tastes, your home will be “different” --to put it in a polite way. Since Uranus rules electricity, he may throw in a couple of power outages or two for the sheer fun of it. You may decide to radically modernize all your appliances or electronic equipment. Family responsibilities and commitments thrust upon you may cause you to revolt and break some ties.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th may bring a spiritual awakening within your soul and a thirst for greater connection to God. Potent visions may point you to a higher direction concerning how you should approach your life.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 26th and offers social invitations where you can meet powerful business allies. Rubbing elbows with the right contacts can helpful in furthering your ambitions.

Mercury ends his backward spin and turns direct on the 28th. Bright ideas pop into your head on ways to increase cash flow. Try writing some of them down, so they don’t get lost in the overflow.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st and you decide it’s time to have some fun. You’ll radiate a strong sexual vibe to prospective lovers without even being aware of it. Your creativity will be at a peak and demand expression.


Sensitive Pisces will become even more perceptive to the undercurrents of romantic relationships when Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st. The subtle nuances your lover emits will speak volumes to your soul.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th in your sign and makes you feel like you’re swimming backwards.  You’ll repeatedly come to turning points where you have to evaluate if you’re headed in the right direction. Others may experience difficulty in understanding what you’re trying to get across to them.

The Pisces New Moon on the 6th makes you long to set off into uncharted waters. However, with so much concentrated energy in your sign, it is best to proceed with caution.

The Great Awakener, Uranus, enters Taurus on the 6th. He will totally shake up and revolutionize the way you comprehend life and see things over the next six years. If you’ve been suck in mental ruts, his electrifying zaps will break them up quite dramatically. You’ll be exposed to new and provocative concepts. He’ll make you feel almost like you have ants in your pants and have to be out and about constantly on short trips.

Your car may need repairs at the most impromptu times. He does love to do in batteries and the electrical system of things. Always lock your auto or the mischievous Uranus may have someone take off with it.

Expect to have some strange goings on in the neighborhood. It can go through a total revitalization for the better or almost overnight deteriorate. Oddballs for neighbors, who annoy you, may move in thinking it’s okay to blast music 24-7. Pisces with siblings can have Uranus cause sudden break-ups or out of the blue reconciliations with them. You may have an overwhelming urge to return to school and study topics which are unconventional or futuristic.

The Libra Full Moon on the 20th may reveal some forgotten, past due bills floating up to the surface. They’ll demand instant payment. Take extra care in filing your taxes. Otherwise some mistakes can made or legal deductions forgotten to be taken.

Venus transits into your sign on the 26th and she sprinkles you with love dust. Others will be magically drawn to you and your winning style. Unhooked Fish will have many chances in finding true love.

Mercury turns direct on the 28th and you start to swim in the right direction. New ideas flood your consciousness and you’re eager to implement them. You’re increasingly outgoing and others are impressed by what you have to say.

When Mars enters Gemini on the 31st, you’ll be all fired up to get your home in order. Repair projects can be taken off the shelf and finally done. Take care though in dealing with family members. They might not share your unbridled enthusiasm for working on the home and resent having to pitch in with the work.

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