Monthly Astrological Forecast : October 2019             

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Pluto turns direct on the 3rd and you can now launch transformative changes with your career. Public approval will be forthcoming. You will be imbued with a greater passion to achieve success.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd and gives you the uncanny ability to read between the lines of what people are saying. Use this sharpened, intuitive adeptness wisely in making business decisions. Those involved in research projects may experience major breakthroughs.

With your ruling planet Mars entering Libra on the 4th, much of your energy and time will be focused on partnerships--both business and marriage. His fiery rays can incite a lot of arguments and disputes in your close relationships, if allowed to burn and run amuck. However, if you temper his flames with control, you can re-energize your ties and accomplish fantastic things together.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 8th and you’ll be emitting extremely sexy vibes without having to do a thing. Potential love interests will be flocking to you. Since she’s the goddess who rules money, she’ll also smile upon business endeavors. If you’ve wanted to refinance or obtain a loan, Venus will come to your rescue. She’ll help you get the best terms too.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th will shine a bright spotlight on you and your emotions will be right out and center for all to see. However, it will be accompanied with a square to Pluto. So, your leadership abilities may be tested by an unscrupulous rival.  Take care how you handle any criticism.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th highlights the more intimate areas of your being. If you have wanted to eliminate someone or something in your life, now is the time to do it. You’ll have the ability to understand your lover’s heart and very soul.

Rascally Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st. With his backward stint, you should avoid applying for a loan or mortgage. There may be quite a few delays in getting paid money due you too. Some mistakes or miscommunications can happen with partners over joint funds.


Pluto turns direct on the 3rd and an overpowering desire to travel and expand your consciousness takes hold. Follow your dreams and journey to lands which hold a strong psychic pull. Taurus students will be filled with a deep desire to excel with their studies.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd. It’s best now to find out how others feel and what they want before you proceed in endeavors. If you do, you’ll keep peace and make everyone happy. Also, some advice and insight from others can prove to be invaluable. Their input can be the difference between success and failure.

With Mars blazing a trail into Libra on the 4th, you might find it best to go it alone on job projects. Co-workers might actually slow you down or really get on your nerves. If you can’t escape from performing on a team, try to keep your temper in check. You can be quite thin-skinned now when it comes to incompetency or slowness from others.

With Venus transiting into Scorpio on the 8th, Bulls will become unusually loquacious and freely express their deepest emotions to their beloved. Unattached Bulls can attract the right lover with similar relationship views and ideas.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th presents a time where you may want to pull back a little bit and recoup from the fast pace of the world. Try to get in touch with your inner needs. Meditation and yoga are excellent paths to wholeness.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th offers opportunities to revitalize your relationships. Spend more time with your partner and concentrate on ways to make them happy. New clients will be beating a path to your door.

Just when you felt like things were stabilizing with your close bonds, Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st. Issues from the past which you assumed were resolved can rear their ugly head. Avoid entering into any contractual agreements. You’ll be unable to see the fine print.



Pluto turns direct on the 3rd. Things which he might have dredged up during his retrograde can now be dealt with calmly. Power struggles which might have been encountered over joint finances, taxes, or insurance matters can also be resolved in your favor.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters the intense sign of Scorpio on the 3rd.  Your thinking will be extremely fine-tuned and precise. Things which could get past you before will not be able to now.  Your ideas will be welcomed on the job and may even save the company a bundle of money.

Mars entering Libra on the 4th propels Geminis to excel in sports and be a winner in athletic competitions. His fiery rays will help you break records. Use his energy to finish creative projects which have been languishing on the drawing board gathering dust. Your sex appeal will also skyrocket.

With Venus transiting into Scorpio on the 8th, you will be inspired to instill a greater sense of harmony and aesthetic beauty into the workplace. A few carefully chosen feng shui touches can bring healing vibes and enhanced productivity. A female co-worker can be of immense help on a project.

On the Full Moon in Aries on the 13th, you get bitten by the desire to get out and socialize.  Mingling with others will get your creative juices flowing.  Guard against being pigeon holed into loaning money to a friend. If you do, you’ll be lucky to get it repaid due to a square from Pluto.

The New Moon on the 27th inspires you to get in tip top physical shape. Diets or a healthier regime started under these lunar lights will have a better chance of being adhered to. By analyzing your approach to work, you can make some major beneficial changes and produce outstanding results.

Your ruling planet Mercury throws your life on the job in chaos by turning retrograde on the 31st. Problems will pop-up at work due to a host of communication snafus. Try to offset Mercury’s naughtiness by diligently re-reading all reports, going over all emails before sending, and checking if deadlines have changed unbeknownst to you.


Pluto turns direct on the 3rd and will give you the drive to breathe new life into close relationships and partnerships. Powerful people who can strongly influence the direction you take for better or ill may enter your life.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd and the light bulb of creative ideas gets turned on in your mind. The ingenious solutions you come up with now should be readily shared with others. They will be very appreciative of your insights into helping them solve problems.

Mars blazes a trail into Libra on the 4th. He’ll heat up tempers on the home front in the process. Best not to get involved in any emotional confrontations. It may be difficult for you at this time to see another’s point. You’ll be too fixated on your personal truths and not of others.

With Venus transiting into Scorpio on the 8th, your popularity zooms off the charts. You’ll be the first on everyone’s party list. Crabs can feel safe emerging from their shells to welcome a new love into their life. Speculation is favored. Cancers with kids will experience much happiness with them.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th may grace worthy Crabs with a promotion or elevation in status. Your talents are on full display to the powers that be on the job. However, guard against those who are jealously waiting in the wings to see you trip up.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th shines light on new avenues for creative   exploration. Let your inner child out to play a little.  Others will enjoy your lightness of being.

Mercury turns naughty on the 31st by going retrograde. Children may behave unruly and unresponsive to your pleas for order. Creative endeavors may hit a dry spell. Looking to past accomplishments can be the best inspiration. Try reworking or repackaging them.



Pluto turns direct on the 3rd. He’ll help to reinstate your position of authority at work. If you have been experiencing challenges or underhanded tactics from co-workers or underlings, they will start to fall by the wayside.

With Mercury entering Scorpio on the 3rd, your memory will be running on high octane. You will be able to communicate more easily with family members. An interest in your family’s origins and ancestral background may be awakened.

When Mars transits into Libra on the 4th, don’t be tempted to voice your opinions to your siblings or neighbors. Words said can be interpreted as a call to arms and a nasty argument may ensue. Try to use the Martian fire in positive ways, like getting caught up with unanswered correspondence.

If you’ve been on safari for a new roommate, Venus’s entrance into Scorpio on the 8th will help you find the perfect candidate. The home’s environment will take on a vibe of peace and harmony.  Family disputes can finally be resolved and reconciliations reached.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th can bring pending legal matters to a head. You will seek to broaden beliefs in philosophy and deep spiritual teachings. Planning a long-distance trip to a foreign land can reap immeasurable benefits for both your inner and outer being.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th makes you yearn for more stability. As a result, you will set about to firm up the foundations in your life. Home enhancement or repair projects should be taken off the shelf and worked on. You’ll get the right advice and workers to do the job.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st and turns your life into a tizzy. Old childhood memories can unexpectedly be dredged up. You can either wallow in their negativity or release them by forgiving all involved, including yourself. Communicating in a reasonable fashion with family may become almost impossible.



Pluto turns direct on the 3rd. Be bold and allow yourself to experience the metamorphosis he will offer you with your creative talents. Virgos with children may find they are transforming into the people you have wanted them to become.

It’s always difficult for Virgos not to get roped into volunteering to help others. Thankfully Mercury steps into Scorpio on the 3rd and helps you successfully manage all the multi-tasking duties you’re involved in. However, do try to maintain a sense of focus and not get pulled into even more than you can handle.

Mars blazes a path into Libra on the 4th. He’ll make you passionate about accumulating wealth. He will bring in opportunities to acquire more. However, it may be like trying to hold water in the palm of your hand. Temptation will be over powering to spend it as soon as you make it.

Venus entering Scorpio on the 8th is an excellent time to rewrite your resume. Ever industrious Virgos should comb through their business ads and presentations on social media. A little spiffing up can reach a whole new untapped horde of potential business.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th may find you sending a life line to a close tie. Your ability to cut thru their crisis and offer support can turn things around for them.  The lunar lights may challenge you to relinquish past hurts in order to go forward with your life.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th promises much shared activity with siblings and neighbors. You may find yourself getting involved with a community action committee. More than one unplanned short trip may be on the menu.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st. He’ll incite the usual bedlam in your neatly ordered life. Have your car checked out and tuned-up before his retro. Have insurance on all packages being mailed and have important documents sent registered. Promises made under these vibes are seldom kept.



Pluto turns direct on the 3rd.  You’ll have the fortitude to correctly deal with existing conflicts involving family members or real estate matters. Home improvements can be tackled with renewed gusto.

Use Mercury’s exceptional analytical abilities when he enters Scorpio on the 3rd to go over your finances with a fine-tooth comb.  You can discover ways to save on expenses and drastically lower your overhead.

Mars entering your sign on the 4th makes your Scales a bit unbalanced. Famous for always being diplomatic, the fiery rays of Mars may make you come across to others as uncharacteristically aggressive and dominate. Guard against being overly impatient and pushy. Use his energies in a more positive way by taking the lead with grace and dignity.

Your ruling planet Venus transits into Scorpio on the 8th and smiles upon you many opportunities to increase your finances. You can make contact with wealthy benefactors who will back your artistic talents by attending social events.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th has your partner demanding more attention. They want to come first and your other interests second. Unless you make some quick concessions, they’re ready to call it quits. Clients may put some pressure on you to offer them special terms or prices.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th has you investigating new ways to invigorate your savings portfolio. Sitting down and planning a sensible budget would be a gigantic step in the right direction.

Rascally Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st and infuses instability into your financial strategies. Monies owed to you are “lost in the mail” or have other delays placed upon them. Keep an eagle eye on the register when all purchases are being rung- up. The store’s computer does make mistakes and you can be out the sale’s discount price.


Your ruling planet Pluto finally ends his retrograde spin and turns direct on the 3rd. He infuses you with the power to sway others to your way of thinking. If you’ve encountered problems in relationships with siblings or neighbors, you can now get to the real root of what’s been disturbing them.

Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd and makes you even more direct and concise in all communications. You’ll want to cut through the chase and not have to deal with unnecessary platitudes to get your ideas across to others. Mercury’s transit through Scorpio should also make you appear more youthful and vigorous.

Mars transits into Libra on the 4th. If not on guard, his intense fiery vibes can seethe into your subconscious. Then boil over may be in the form of repressed anger and irritation towards others.  You’re best working on projects alone at this time. Others may either weigh you down or try to steal your thunder.

Venus comes to the rescue on the 8th by entering your sign. She’ll soften your demeanor. Being more social now, you’ll come across with winning ways to all. Making a good first impression will take on greater importance. As a result, others will be drawn to your charm and magnetism.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th may find you deeply involved with the care of a pet. Making some changes in their diet may be called for to help them achieve optimum health and well-being. Due to the square from Pluto, there may be problems with communications between you and co-workers or employees.

The New Moon in your sign on the 27th opens up doors of new and exciting opportunities. Don’t be fearful of going through them and initiating a whole new path in life. Review your priorities and toss out the ones which don’t serve you.

On the 31st, Mercury sprinkles total confusion into your life by turning retrograde. Usually not shy in getting your point across, he may actually make you tongue tied. You may start to second guess your appearance or the image you project to others.



Pluto turns direct on the 3rd. Your ability to handle large sums of money may be karmically tested during his direct motion. You should know how to better proceed with caution and insight after his retrograde into your own and others’ psyches when making monetary decisions.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd and presents a challenge to outspoken Sagittarius to try to keep their opinions to themselves. Be as discreet as possible with discussing your private affairs. The best answers to pressing concerns will be found by going within yourself, not in seeking council from others.

Mars adds quite a bit of fire to your political beliefs when he enters Libra on the 4th. Instead of preaching on a soapbox to uninterested associates, go out and join like-minded followers of an organization. Those already involved in clubs may find themselves taking a leading role within it.

With Venus transiting into Scorpio on the 8th, you’ll find yourself becoming more reticent with discussing private matters of the heart to others. Keep private matters between your lover and you to yourself. Otherwise, your personal business will be spread all over the place like manure by unscrupulous confidantes.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th brings in a flood of social invitations. Taking some time off just to have some fun will be the best way to recharge your creative spark. Archers with children will be extremely busy with them.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th lets you know your inner self needs some tending. It craves some respite from all the busy goings on in your existence. Spending some time alone in meditation and reconnecting with your Source will do wonders for your soul.

Mercury goes rogue and turns retrograde on the 31st. He may dredge up some unhappy memories from the past and fill you with deep regrets. Banish the negative energies by dwelling instead on things that CAN be, not things that can’t be.


Pluto stops his backward spin on the 3rd and turns direct. His retrograde afforded you the opportunity to see things with x-ray vision. You are now able to do a total overhaul of your self-image and release your personal power to the world.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd and you’re hit with a barrage of innovative and unusual ideas to solve problems and effectively complete complicated projects. Associates at this time will be more than willing to share their ideas. Together you can finish things seen as hopeless before.

By transiting into Libra on the 4th, Mars sets your career aspirations on fire. Those seeking a new job should be contacting a headhunter. If you are deserving of a promotion, go in and ask for it. Have you wanted to start your own business? Get the ball rolling. Leave no stone unturned that can help you achieve success and an elevation in status.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 8th and unattached Goats can be surprised when a friend turns into a lover. Joining or becoming more active in clubs, groups, or associations can help you reap more potential business leads. Friends can also step in and send referrals to you.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th exposes the big imbalance in your life with career vs home. You’ll be challenged to achieve a greater sense of equilibrium between them. Otherwise, your private life will become bankrupt to finance your professional aspirations.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th brings with it opportunities to meet and make new friends. Close ties formed under these lunar lights should prove to be long lasting. They will help you broaden your horizons and dream bigger dreams.

Mercury turns utterly devious by turning retrograde on the 31st. He’ll tempt you to get caught in a web of gossip. If you succumb to it, a close friendship can suffer irreparable harm. Plus, your bond will forever be broken. Meet-ups with friends will go through many revisions and cancellations.


Pluto turns direct on the 3rd. You should now have a much clearer perspective of limiting behaviors which you have acquired and the strength to renounce them. Projects worked on in the shadows can now be shown in the light of day without fear of others stealing your ideas.

Mercury entering Scorpio on the 3rd may get you somewhat bogged down at work with an onslaught of communications. Try to be diligent and stay on top of it all. You will be immediately held accountable for all you say and do.

Mars stirs up passionate fires within to expand your horizons both physically and mentally when he enters Libra on the 4th. Aquarian students will be energized to surpass other pupils in their classes. If you’ve put off a dream to travel to an exotic local due to the strenuousness the trip requires, Mars will give you the oomph to do it.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 8th, you’ll receive opportunities to advance through socializing with the right people. They have the means to open many doors to help advance your career. She’ll aid you in exhibiting grace under extreme pressure moments at work.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th may make you feel like you’re being pulled in a multitude of directions all at once. Keep your cool and concentrate on one thing at a time. Leave complicated tasks for another day.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th can bring on some changes with management. Make sure they see you in the best light from the very beginning. Start to incorporate the adjustments you’ve wanted to make to your own managerial style.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st and stirs up all sorts of chaos with your career in the process. Communications static can restrict you from experiencing harmony with upper management. Get all orders from above verified before putting them into action. If you were turned down for another position, reapply for it. Mercury retrograde is good for second time around scenarios.


Pluto stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 3rd. You’ve learned who your true friends are when he was retrograde. Now you can release to the oceans of life all those who were unworthy of the title. Replace them with powerful souls who will stand by you through thick and thin.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 3rd and a lot of detailed communications will ensue. Try to keep your responses as much to the point as possible and avoid going off into tangents.

Mars can bring matters having to do with joint finances to the boiling point on the 4th when he enters Libra. Best not to stage a showdown, just calmly reevaluate better ways of handling funds together. Try to stifle your urge to go "whole hog" with your credit card over unnecessary expenses.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 8th, you may fall under the spell of an exotic or foreign lover. Unattached Fish may get a bountiful catch of potential lovers by joining an internet dating site. You will be a master of self-promotional schemes for business. Others will listen in rapt attention to your sales pitch and want to sign on the dotted line.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 13th makes you sit down and take stock of your current financial situation. Unexpected bills can appear out of the thin air because you failed to take account of past unbridled spending.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 27th makes you want more meaning to your life. The daily rhythm has gotten old. Broaden your horizons by signing up for a course or workshop which will stretch your mind.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 31st and throws a monkey wrench into travel plans. Insure the tickets and your luggage. Reconfirm your hotel reservations but still be prepared for Murphy’s Law to kick in. However, his backward spin is auspicious for retaking a test you failed in the past.