Monthly Astrological Forecast : August 2020             

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The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd may make you a little too unconventional for your own good. You will be bursting with quite a bit of progressive ideas. However, others may tend to see you as eccentric. So try to tone it down a little and resist the temptation to get on a soapbox and espouse your beliefs.

With Mercury entering Leo on the 4th, you’ll have a renewed interest with speculation. Following the financial market and seeking expert advice can prove to be helpful. Rams with children might want to brush up on the latest child psychology books to learn how to deal with them more effectively.

Venus enters Cancer on the 7th. If you want to attain true family harmony, you may have to be the one to bury the hatchet over past hurts. Doing this will enable all to move forward in a healing direction. For unattached Rams, love may be found in their own backyard. Married Aries will be happy co-decorating their nests.

Your ruling planet Mars forms a nasty square to Pluto on the 13th. Avoid at all costs any confrontations or disagreements with authority figures.

On the 15th, Uranus turns retrograde in the sector ruling your personal finances. Expect the totally unexpected in all monetary matters for the next couple of months. Investments which you had little hope for may reap extraordinary profits. Conversely, those which you anticipated high returns may fizz into oblivion. Uranus promises a wild ride on the road to riches.

The New Moon in Leo lights up your Love and Creativity Zone on the 18th. Even with all the restraints of “social distancing,” this should still prove to be a hot month romantically. Rams involved in the arts professionally can showcase their talents to tremendous applause too. This is not the time to hide your light under a bushel.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th and you become the idea person on the job. New procedures and systems implemented now will run smoothly well into the future. If you’re seeking to hire new workers, you’ll have excellent, qualified candidates to choose from.

Mars squares Saturn on the 24th. This is not the time to rock the boat at work. As much as you may be driven to force changes, it’s in your best interests to sit tight and go along with the status quo.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd can make you feel very restless with your position at work. Time to stay calm. Work with and not against your superiors, even if you strongly disagree with their decisions.

Mercury transits into Leo on the 4th and you find it easier to discuss ideas and make firm plans with family members. Things, which might have been too touchy to bring up before, can now see the light of day and be aired out.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer on the 7th. If you’ve been itching to sit down and have a heart to heart with your beloved, now is the time to do it. You’ll have the right words at your ready disposal to get them to open up. As a result, a stronger bond of love and trust can be established in your relationship.

Mars squares Pluto on the 13th. With this planetary clash going on, don’t be tempted to be reckless when driving. Avoid road rage situations. Not the best time for court or legal matters either.

When Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th, stifle the overwhelming urge to have a beauty makeover done. Otherwise, you may be horrified at the results. Uranus may also drive you to act too independent for your own good. Others may see your new-found unconventionality as very eccentric and not attractive.

Have you been caught up in such a frantic pace, that you feel like you’re running on empty? If so, the New Moon in Leo on the 18th offers you the chance to replenish and realign your inner energies. Obtain a renewed sense of being by nurturing yourself a little.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th. He’ll sprinkle inspirational ideas on how to breathe new life into your creative endeavors. Your innate artistic talents will shine. Bulls with children can experience some lively and insightful conversations with them.

Mars forms a square to Saturn on the 24th. Don’t become agitated over changes or delays concerning travel, legal, or educational matters. Causing a ruckus will not help but only delay or ruin matters.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd highlights travel, education and legal matters for Twins. Snap decisions may be required from you concerning matters having to do with these topics.

When Mercury enters Leo on the 4th, you are showered with having to handle a multitude of communications. Your inborn Gemini ability of being able to multi-task proficiently will be put to the test. Self-employed Twins should review new ways to promote their websites to increase business traffic.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, your income gets a pleasant boost. New ways of making money can materialize in the form of a new job or some hot investment tips. With matters of the heart, you will be in a romantic comfort zone. Things will hum along smoothly with you both feeling content with the relationship.

With Mars and Pluto clashing on the 13th, avoid making any major investment moves. They will not be based on a sense of logic but on a feeling of compulsion. Discussions concerning joint finances should be put off. Otherwise, nasty confrontations may develop.

Uranus, the Bad Boy of the zodiac, turns retrograde on the 15th. It’s extremely important for you not to reveal secrets told to you in confidence by others. The temptation will be high to do so. However, you will lose another’s trust if you do and they will turn into a sworn enemy.

The New Moon in Leo on the 18th will readily help you tap into your unique salesmanship skills. By knowing exactly how to turn a phrase correctly and ooze charm, others will be at your mercy.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th. He’ll give you some innovative ideas on how to get closer with family members even with all the “social distancing” rules in place. Being able to communicate with family will take on a greater intensity.

Mars squares Saturn on the 24th. There can be delays with funds promised. Issues can surface about joint finances or taxes. Try not to let it get out of hand and escalate into a nasty clash.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd has the potential to shake up joint finances. Emotions over spending can reach a fevered pitch.  If you’re involved in seeking a financial settlement, an unexpected resolution may be proposed.

On the 4th Mercury enters Leo and he helps you to get your finances in order. Setting up and following a livable budget can be easier for you to stick with in the months to come. Money spent on additional education to get you ahead with career goals will be money more than well spent.

Venus enters your sign on the 7th sprinkling love dust all over you. Others will be immediately attracted to your grace and charm. Unhooked Crabs will have their choice of suitors.

There may be an eruption with a close relationship when Mars squares Pluto on the 13th. They have been doing a slow simmer for quite some time, but it has escaped your notice. Avoid a showdown or face the possibility of being shown the door.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and shakes up your relationships with close buddies. You may start to see some of them through new eyes and the view may not be all that attractive.  Ones who you thought were totally dependable may leave you to fend for yourself during difficult straights. Causes, which you felt fervently about, reveal themselves to be fraudulent.

Due to the New Moon in Leo on the 18th you could find a sudden windfall drop into your lap. Take care though in making big ticket purchases during the month. Otherwise, it will all be gone in the blink of an eye.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th and the need to get out becomes paramount. If travel restrictions are in place, at least try doing some short trips to local places or take walks in the park. Catch up on all unanswered calls, texts, and emails.

Mars squares Saturn on the 24th and brings potential clashes with partners, clients, or people who represent you. They may make demands upon you to make changes with career or put roadblocks in the way of you achieving goals.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd highlights close personal relationships. Keep your roar to a soft purr if having a disagreement with your partner. Otherwise, you may find yourself banished to the jungle.

Mercury enters your sign on the 4th and you will come across as a mental wiz. But try to keep from acting like a know-it-all in your pursuit to get praise. It won’t be necessary to blow your own horn where intellectual prowess is concerned.

With Venus’s entrance into Cancer on the 7th, you may be called upon to offer assistance to someone you care for deeply. Your needs may have to be put aside in order to fully concentrate on theirs. In doing so, you will be creating a stronger bond of unselfish love.

Tempers may be ready to explode at the workplace on the 13th when Mars squares Pluto. Avoid all confrontations. A power play may be in the works with employees and it will only hurt your position to get involved in the middle of it.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and fills you with renewed discontent regarding your status in life. The itch to start your own business will be impossible to ignore. Try not to let your disgruntlement get out of control and ruin your job in the process. Management at work may again go through one or more unexpected changes of the guard.

Be bold and creative with your self-image when the New Moon is in Leo on the 18th. All eyes will be where you want them--on you. Mercury entering Virgo on the 19th will give you some practical ideas on how to increase your income and savings. Common sense ways to cut corners and save money can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Mars squares Saturn on the 24th. There may be a lot of resistance to your ideas on the job. Don’t push things at work unless you want them to break. 



The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd may place further demands on you at the workplace. Things will have needed to be done yesterday, not today. Dealing with co-workers may prove to be a real test of civility.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Leo on the 4th and your imagination may have a tendency to run a bit wild. As a result, keep from commenting on things because you may not be privy to all the facts. Best to concentrate on your own personal business and not on others.

Venus starts to transit Cancer on the 7th. You’ll be able to make new friends with the right type of people easily under her loving rays. Group activities now are favorable for meeting the love of your life.

Confrontations can overflow on the 13th with your lover. Mars squares Pluto and has the potential to set off an explosive powder keg. Avoid getting into any arguments with them. Virgos with children may experience fiery outbursts from them and a total resistance to following set family rules.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th. For the next couple of months with his retro spin, expect the totally unexpected with travel. Trips may have to be cancelled, rescheduled, or even booked at the last minute. Virgo students may become unsure if they’re taking the right major or should even be in school. It might become increasingly difficult to stay focused on formal studies.

Normally you resort to your extraordinary analytical abilities in making important decisions.  However, with the New Moon in Leo on the 18th heeding your intuition will serve you better. Potent dreams can steer you in the right direction. Listening to subliminal recordings to either reprogram yourself for greater success or to eliminate negative habits should be explored too.

Mercury enters your sign on the 19th and eliminates any tendency to second guess decisions. You’ll feel extremely confident that choices made are the correct ones. You’ll be able to express your thoughts and ideas with tremendous clarity to others.

Mars forms a stressful square to Saturn on the 24th. Creative projects should not be rushed or showcased. Your sense of timing with them will be off.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd may get your Libra scales a bit unbalanced with matters of the heart. If things have been too ho-hum with your lover, you may be tempted to look elsewhere for more passion and excitement.

With Mercury’s passage into Leo on the 4th, some of your ideas may seem quite far out to others. They may not follow the normal path of reason but still prove to be the best solutions. You’ll be adding to your list of friends some interesting and unusual characters.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer on the 7th. She’ll have you shinning in the eyes of the public. Somehow your career aspirations and love life might intersect in romantic ways.

Mars squares Pluto on the 13th and sets off a chain of dynamics with family members. Avoid getting into any heated arguments or discussions with them. Things won’t get resolved with this celestial conflict going on in the heavens. Sudden plumbing or sewer breakdowns may develop too.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and turns your finances into a wild roller coaster ride. Old debts can be paid off. However, new ones can unexpectedly spring up in their place. Matters which you assumed were ironed out with your partner concerning finances rear their ugly head again.

The New Moon in Leo on the 18th offers many opportunities for you to expand both your personal and professional social circles. New friends acquired under these rays will prove to be loyal. Plus, they’ll inspire you to stretch your underlying creative talents.

Mercury transits into Virgo on the 19th and your thoughts turn to past memories. If you use his review in a constructive way, you can clean up forgotten events which have been subconsciously holding you back. Don’t, however, wallow in things best forgotten or you’ll be robbed of success and happiness.

Mars squares Saturn on the 24th. Those put-off home repairs can pop up as sudden emergencies and demand to be taken care of immediately.



The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd may make you very dissatisfied with your living conditions. Before you do a massive renovation to the place, give yourself time to let the changes marinate in your mind. Otherwise, you might regret the decorating transformations in a week or two.

With Mercury transiting into Leo on the 4th, short business trips may be required to tie up loose ends at work. Many important professional decisions will have to be made in a split second without the luxury of reviewing all the options.

Venus enters Cancer on the 7th and there may be some extra long-distance trips required for you to take for your job. If you're unable to, due to travel restrictions, then you’ll be spending exceptionally long hours on Zoom or Skype for work. Those who want to get their work published should be sending out their masterpieces.

Your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are squared off with one another on the 13th. As a result, you may feel virtually at war within yourself. Do not resort to taking frustrations out on the world by driving erratically or being snappy to co-workers.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and brings choppy waters to your relationship. Either one of you may start to need more space and freedom. If it’s your lover and you want to keep them, let them have it. To do otherwise will destroy what you have. If it’s you, ask yourself if fooling around is worth losing what you have.

Long-term career goals take center stage in your life due to the New Moon in Leo on the 18th.  Filled with a passionate desire to achieve the deserved recognition which has been blocked, you’ll be propelled to go after it.

When Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th, you’ll decide you’ve had enough of the isolation imposed by COVID. Being with others, especially close friends, will take on a greater sense of urgency. Look up old ties via social media or maybe plan a virtual reunion with former classmates.

Mars forms a stressful square to Saturn on the 24th. Keep your cool and your famous Scorpio stinger in check. Expect possible delays, set-backs, or difficulties with travel, educational, long-distance matters or legal affairs.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd has the potential to rattle relationships with siblings or neighbors. They may become extremely sensitive over imagined or unintended slights. Contracts presented to you now can have some unexpected twists written into them.

Mercury enters Leo on the 3rd and you’ll be ripe for learning new things in depth and sharing them to an eager audience. Literary Sagittarians should seek publishers for their writings.

On the 7th, Venus will amp up your sex appeal when she enters Cancer. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for your sweetie to deny you anything your heart desires.

Beware of going on a spending binge when Mars forms a square to Pluto on the 13th. Compulsive expensive purchases or investments can lead to large future debt. Things obtained under these rays will be difficult to pay off or bring future loses.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and may tempt you into following some unwise fad diet or health regime. Archers may find employees staging a revolt or acting in very unprofessional, rebellious ways. Keep an eye on all you hire for any type of service. When Uranus turns direct, you may find things were done very poorly.

The New Moon in Leo on the 18th enfolds Archers in wanderlust. If you’re unable to take off to exotic parts unknown due to COVID restrictions, do extensive research on a trip in the future. Expand your contacts via social media and form ties with others in foreign countries.

When Mercury enters Virgo on the 19th, your career goals become as clear as a crystal. You can realistically plan logical ways and means to advance up the corporate ladder without breaking a sweat.

Mars forms a stressful square to Saturn on the 24th. If you haven’t been diligent with watching your spending habits, Saturn will hand you a big bill for them and demand full payment.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd may make you jump into making an unwise financial move. Don’t be in a rush to buy or sell.

With Mercury entering Leo on the 4th, you become increasingly interested in joint finances, taxes, and pension funds. Use his passage to go over these financial areas with a fine-tooth comb. In the process, you may not only save a lot of money but also shuffle investments around to achieve greater returns.

Goats start to seek greater commitment in relationships when Venus enters Cancer on the 7th. Playing the field now just seems like a big waste of time. Also, with COVID afoot, it’s become risky to have too many amours. Potential suitors who aren’t shopping for a lasting tie will be cast aside.

With Mars forming an inharmonious square to Pluto on the 13th, others may place roadblocks on your path. Do avoid any disagreements because they can turn confrontational in the blink of an eye.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and Goats with kids may find that they have a revolution on their hands. It will become increasing difficult to get them to follow any rules. Creative pursuits deemed too “out there” by you before can now be developed fully. Stop trying to fit into a mold with your aspirations and allow yourself greater freedom of expression.

Intense heights of intimacy can be reached between you and your beloved in both physical and emotional planes due to the New Moon in Leo on the 18th. Also, these rays are potent for devising an unbeatable financial strategy with business partners.

Mercury transits into Virgo on the 19th and increases all long-distance communications. Writing projects can be successfully edited to get out all the little kinks and mistakes. Mercury will also help you in making the right educational decisions.

Mars forms a square to your ruling planet Saturn on the 24th. You may feel like you’re behind the eight-ball and just being pushed around by fickle fate or others. However, keep true to your famous Capricorn resolve and hang in there. Things will turn around in time in your favor.


The Full Moon in your sign on the 3rd may test your ability to be more self-assertive and a leader but at the same time be co-operative with others. All eyes will be upon your actions.

Mercury transits into Leo on the 4th and you become a wheeler-dealer with negotiations. Contractual agreements can be worked out giving you better terms. You’ll welcome friendly debate with others in order to reach conciliatory understandings.

Venus’s entrance into Cancer on the 7th wins you some appreciation at the workplace. Your hard work is recognized and acknowledged even by co-workers. Asking for a bonus or a raise would not be seen as being out of line.

On the 13th Mars squares Pluto and it’s best to avoid getting involved in anything unethical. Keep all confidences entrusted to you under lock and key. You may be sorely tempted to spill the beans on someone. However, if you do, you’ll regret the repercussions.

Your ruling planet Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th. His backward spin may make it increasing difficult for you to feel comfortable in your own place. Wild thoughts of moving or making drastic changes to your home dance through your head. Unexpected company can visit or want to move in.

The New Moon in Leo on the 18th challenges you to share the spotlight with your lover or business partner. Remember the taste of applause is as intoxicating for them too. You’re going to be seeking stability in all close relationships and rejecting insincere advances.

Mercury transits into Virgo on the 19th and helps in finding new ways to get additional needed funds. He’ll help you in shopping for the best rates with loans for personal or business matters. Discussions with business partners over finances can prove to be very clarifying.

Mars forms a stressful square to Saturn on the 24th. As a result, your plans may be put on hold. It is only temporary and will pass. However, if you get all riled-up, you can further delay or just cancel them from coming into fruition.


The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd can test your patience with the quarantine rules. Being isolated may start to take a toll. To combat the feelings of aloneness, try practicing meditation or yoga and unite spiritually with the oneness of the universe.

Mercury transits into Leo on the 4th and you can have effective conversations with co-workers about ways to increase production. Giving them the chance to air their views will inspire them to work harder and respect you more.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 7th, Fish with children will find it’s easier to get along with them. They’ll offer less resistance to following your lead. Pisces can express their innate artistic talents through many unexplored creative venues.

Mars forms a stressful square to Pluto on the 13th. Try to avoid at all cost discussions concerning politics or other explosive topics with friends. They won’t be on the same page as you and will attempt to force their viewpoints down your throat. Take care too with aligning with power hungry groups in sheep’s clothing.

Uranus turns retrograde on the 15th and he can turn even a short trip into an eventful experience. Your ideas may seem too much out of touch with reality for others to comprehend. Actually, your thinking will be light years ahead of them, but they aren’t evolved enough to appreciate it.

If you’ve slipped into bad habits with eating unhealthy food, avoiding exercise, or not getting the proper amount of sleep, the New Moon in Leo on the 18th can get you swimming in a better direction. By starting a fresh holistic regime now, you’ll have the tenacity to stick with it.

Use the energy of Mercury entering Virgo on the 19th to appraise your current love relationship. Mercury can provide valuable ideas on how to guide you both to more loving waters.

Mars hits Saturn with a challenging square on the 24th. Promises made by friends may not be fulfilled. You may need a shoulder to lean on but instead, others dump on you.