Monthly Astrological Forecast : May 2020             

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The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th challenges you to renounce and let go of both physical objects and people that have been holding you back. Those looking for additional funds for their businesses should achieve positive results.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. He may hand over greater responsibilities to you in managing a group or team project. Trying to work with others, especially if you have to contend with social distancing or lock down measures, can be a daunting task. While it will be hard, supervising the operation correctly can ultimately lead to great rewards.

When Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th, it will easier for you to make major decisions. Pent up mental restlessness will dissolve and a clear course of action can be readily chosen.

When Mars enters Pisces on the 13th, you may need to step back from all the socializing you have been doing in order to recoup your energies. His transit may bring an awareness that you have been spreading yourself too thin in the pursuit of helping others. Taking a rest will be good for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When Venus goes retrograde in Gemini on the 13th, you may feel like your analytical mind has gone on holiday. Best to take old concepts and ideas off the shelf and rework them as opposed to developing new ones. Signing important contracts and papers should be avoided. You’ll run the risk of maybe being too lazy or impatient to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Presentations can come across as scattered and annoy your listener’s ears.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th, it’s best not to make a major career move. Employment promises made to you will not be fully kept. Best to concentrate on trying to move up where you are, then seek new work elsewhere.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st is fortunate for increasing business by expanding your social media presence. If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog, get to it and watch the sales magically come in.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th compels you to re-examine your close relationships. Some compromises might be required on both your part and theirs to fix or strengthen your ties. Bulls seeking a professional business partner can be pleasantly surprised by getting the right candidate.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th and makes you re-examine your path to success. Doubts may slowly start to creep in, questioning if you’re even in the right career. Professional goals may be stymied by difficulties with authority figures and management. Bulls starting a new business venture under these rays will experience constant revisions to it.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th and you become more practical minded with money. Before laying down a wad of cash on an item, you’ll be checking out any sales or coupons which can cut the price. Bulls can reap rewards from investing in companies dealing with communications.

With Mars entering Pisces on the 13th, you may come across as being too bossy or argumentative with friends. Tone down your desire to want to steer others into following your way of thinking and seeing things. Everyone has a right to their opinion, even if you know it’s stupid.

Don’t fall prey to binge spending when Venus turns retrograde on the 13th. You’ll only windup sinking into a murky pool of unnecessary debt. It may be tempting to try to seek escape from feelings of inadequacy or loneliness by busting the bank. Instead use her energies to thoroughly review your finances and set up a realistic budget.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th, filling you with a strong urge to further your education. Resubmit articles or books you wrote if you want to see them published. A return visit to a foreign land will bring even greater happiness than the first time.

If you’ve wanted to start either a new business or job, the New Moon in Gemini on the 21st is the time to do it. Golden opportunities should abound. You’ll also be bursting with ideas on how to increase your investment portfolio.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th heats up the emotional temperature at the workplace. Take care not to over react to criticism, even if it is unwarranted. Likewise, if you must comment on someone’s job performance, do so with kid gloves or pay the consequences.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. Especially after all you have experienced with the pandemic, Saturn will challenge you to go deep within and determine which spiritual path to follow. Pending legal matters may be up for a revision. Retaking a course in school may turn out to be in your best interests professionally.

When Mercury enters your sign on the 11th, Twins will start to resonate to a higher vibration. You’ll be plugged into your true identity and feel a load being lifted off your shoulders. Projects which had to be held under wraps can now be successfully revealed. A trip or two can materialize out of the blue and bring many rewards.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and you can come across as being too aggressive at work if you’re not careful. Tone down the impulse to order others around. If you don’t, management will not entrust you with a promotion. Instead, use the fiery rays of Mars to begin a new dynamic project and knock the socks off of them in the process.

If you have been contemplating having either cosmetic surgery or a beauty make-over, better place it on hold. With Venus turning retrograde in Gemini on the 13th, you’ll run the risk of turning out like the Bride of Frankenstein if you do. With her reversal in motion, you may also become lazy, stubborn, and excessively self-indulgent. Watch your weight!

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th and throws a monkey wrench into some financial plans. They will not be aborted but possibly experience some delays or revisions. Jupiter may also give you some breathing time to examine better loan options.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st can give birth to a sparkling and exciting new you. A bright spotlight will be shining on Twins, highlighting favorable attention from all. Throw out all worn out and tired attitudes and look to adopt a fresh new approach.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th illuminates your love life. Single Crabs will be the tastiest dish on the menu. Those who are in a committed relationship can experience the heights of romantic ecstasy.

With Saturn turning retrograde on the 11th, you will become more conscious of incurring unnecessary debt. If you don’t clamp down on excessive credit card purchases, you will find yourself in hot water in the coming months. Credit and loans will not be as easy to obtain.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th and the answers to problems are best found by going deep within the waters of your subconscious mind. Treasures of solutions can be acquired by meditating, yoga, or dream therapy. Explore the inner realms of your spiritual essence for true guidance.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and instills an overwhelming desire for more adventure in your life. The everyday routine will seem too ho-hum. Crabs will be propelled to seek distant waters for excitement. Trips offering mental stimulation as well as physical activity will bring you the greatest happiness.

Venus turns retrograde on the 13th. Use the energy from her backward spin constructively by reviewing ways you have overlooked to make money. See the retrograde as a second chance to right some mistakes in your personal life too. Missed opportunities from the distant past, may be offered again. Relationships may take on a very strong karmic note.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 14th can bring an opportunity to reconnect with a past lover. Under his generous rays, you both will be willing to patch past differences and make amends.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st makes you want to retreat into your shell. Use this time in a positive way by tapping into your phenomenal intuitive abilities and regrouping. A day by the shore or a lake will get your batteries charged up.



The intensity of the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th turns some family members hypersensitive.  Great care must be taken in dealing with their emotional demands. Leos who are house shopping may find the home of their dreams. Those who are selling their homes may get a terrific offer.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th and will force you for many months to come to analyze close relationships and partnerships. They will require you to give on a multitude of levels. However, they may not be there for you when your going gets tough.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th. Keep your mind open to suggestions from others. Expert advice can be reaped from friends and close associates. They will have your best interests at heart. Difficult technological problems can be tackled with gusto and lead to accomplishment.

Mars transits into Pisces on the 13th. Try not to get bossy where joint monies are concerned. Don’t blow your top if you find your partner has been running the finances to the ground by overspending. Stay calm and mutually work out a new plan for fiscal responsibility.

If you’ve been contemplating looking up old buddies from the past, do it when Venus turns retrograde on the 13th. It will be easier to reconnect or even plan a reunion celebration. Friendships will go under the microscope at this time. If you’ve been too busy to help others, you may find that they’re too busy now to help you. Organizations which you belong to may not share your goals any longer. It may be the time to walk away, if they don’t.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th and your expansive plans at work may be put on a temporary hold. Don’t become disheartened. In reality, it will give you needed time to improve projects. Those seeking employment may get an offer from a company which you applied to in the past and was rejected by.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st brings with it some excellent opportunities for networking. Friends should be playing an important part in helping you achieve your dreams.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th finds you more involved with your siblings or neighbors. Appointments may have to be changed and then changed again, so stay flexible. A good deal can be had for those contemplating buying a new car. However, emotions will run high with the purchase. Reign in an overwhelming desire to include every unnecessary extra with it.

When Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th, you will enter a period of having to become more discriminatory with accepting work projects. Stifle the urge to take on more than you can chew. Otherwise, all your undertakings will suffer as a result.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th, and helps you with the multitude of tasks you’re working on. He’ll aid you in making order out of chaos at work. Management will be amazed with the efficient way you can deal with and delegate tasks. Your opinions will take on better weight with those working for you.

Warrior Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and heats up partnerships. Keep the flame on low so things don’t over boil. They may be prone to being uncharacteristically hot tempered now. Mars will help you be more energized in acquiring new clients.

When Venus goes retrograde on the 13th, your work reliability maybe questioned. Unscrupulous sharks may try to encircle you and entice management to question your worth. Don’t fall for their bait. Keep your job performance above board at all times and maintain an air of professional poise in dealing with underlings.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th, creative projects cast aside should be given a second try. Those with children will become overly involved with keeping them entertained. If you’ve been home schooling young ones, your teaching approach may have to be revamped.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st can help materialize a long overdue advancement or promotion at work. If you’re thoroughly discontent with the place, you’ll find many more deserving companies clamoring for your skills.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th may make you throw caution to the wind with wild expenditures. Reign in your desires to go hog wild with your credit card.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th and he will bring increased responsibilities with handling children. In matters of the heart, you will be reviewing what you need to feel loved, instead of what your beloved needs.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th. He will bring in welcome opportunities for increased local travel and day trips. There will be important long-distance communications which will have to be handled promptly. If you’ve wanted to further your education, now is an excellent time to send in applications.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and heats up the workplace. There’ll be increased pressure to finish projects faster. Take care though that you don’t make mistakes by racing to meet deadlines. You may have to extinguish some temper tantrums from coworkers.

There may be an immense pull on you to travel to places which you visited before when Venus turns retrograde on the 13th.The urge to delve into past studies either of an academic or spiritual nature will be strong too. New legal matters should not be instigated but placed on hold until Venus goes direct on June 25th. Otherwise they will not be met with success in the courts.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 14th may make you skirt around pressing emotional issues instead of facing them. Research into your ancestral roots can uncover some startling family backgrounds.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st can bring in an exciting chance to travel to a distant and exotic locale. All the pieces come into play with getting the best deal and time off from your busy schedule. Legal matters may take a turn for the better now with unexpected news favorable for you.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th finds you clamoring for attention. Speak up if you haven’t been getting the proper respect due for all your personal sacrifices and hard work. However, keep your infamous stinger curbed. Otherwise, you’ll come across as being petty and immature in voicing them.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. He will make it quite clear that you have to establish some balance with family and career demands. Otherwise, you own inner needs will be totally eclipsed and drained by them unmercifully.

When Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th, you’ll feel a greater sense of freedom in discussing intimate matters with your partner. They will not shy away from talking about what may have been bothering them for quite some time. Confidential business matters can be shared with trusted allies.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and Scorpio athletes can excel in their sport. Those with children should plan action-oriented activities to tame their restlessness. Mars will have you sending out alluring sexy vibes without even realizing it.

When Venus goes retrograde on the 13th,  issues may arise concerning joint finances. Their proper management may be disputed between you and your business or marriage partner. Also, special care should be made with filing all taxes. Being too “creative” with claimed expenses and income can get you into a lot of future hot water with the IRS.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th, you may want to get involved more with things going on in the neighborhood. If you are involved in a co-op group or community board, your voiced concerns will take on a strong impact leading to improvements.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st can reveal a new lucrative strategy to take with your investments. Thoroughly go over your retirement portfolio, current tax structure, insurance plans, and all group investments for greater returns and savings.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th brings to the surface many deep buried feelings and memories from the past. Don’t get stuck in a time warp. The past is the past and impossible to change. Instead use the energy constructively to review and eliminate from your consciousness any self-limiting or hurtful remembrances.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. Some issues you thought you had resolved   with siblings or neighbors may resurface. Do not accept any additional responsibilities for them, if you feel they can’t be honored or are an imposition.

When Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th, you will be at your diplomatic best. Sticky interpersonal issues can be readily resolved through arbitration. You’ll be able to clearly see both sides of situations and can get all involved to agree.

Fiery Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and tempers may flare with loved ones. Redirect the immense energies of Mars into tackling DIY projects at home. Take care though not to rush and get in an accident.

Venus turns retrograde on the 13th and relationships with your spouse, business partners, and clients may all become devoid of harmony. Trying to maintain a sense of peace and fairness will become a difficult, if not an almost impossible challenge. If you’ve been avoiding facing what is wrong in your relationships and making the needed corrections, Venus may end it for you. Try not to magnify slights. New relationships started now have trouble in standing the test of time.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th. Past investment opportunities overlooked will resurface. This will give you a second chance at making a bundle.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st will focus attention on both your personal and business relationships. Much energy is invested now in drawing closer to your beloved and making your bond stronger. Business partners can be more compliant and clients can send you many personal referrals.



Who your real friends are may be revealed by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th. Those who are in your corner will be there to offer unsolicited support to help you achieve your goals. Likewise, it can offer a golden opportunity for you to help someone in need.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. Debts incurred under these rays will be much harder to pay off than initially expected. He will demand you become more fiscally responsible. Do your homework before jumping into investments too.

When Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th , you’ll want to get your schedule in better working order. Being as efficient as possible will be a boon to the projects you are immersed on. Call a departmental meeting and let co-workers share their ideas on how to improve office procedures.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th and you should avoid the temptation to get into arguments with siblings or neighbors. If you do, they won’t be soon to forget. Many short trips or phone calls may be required to accomplish seemingly simple tasks.

When Venus turns retrograde on the 13th, be prepared to have your hard work overlooked. Your co-workers will try to leave you eating their dust, as they scramble to shine. This is one of the worst times for you to seek or start a new job. If you’ve been planning on hiring someone to work for you, it’s best to delay it. They can turn into the employee from hell. Even engaging someone to perform services will be problematic. Their work can be sloppy or have to be redone, plus you won’t receive a refund.

Jupiter turns retrograde in your sign on the 14th. You can miss opportunities, if you become too content with the status quo. It’s always best to be a little bit hungry for success. Otherwise, the greedy who are, will quickly scoop them up.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st has you hitting the gym and starting a new health regime. Unlike unsuccessful attempts in the past, this one you’ll stick with and achieve the wanted results.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th brings powerful changes to your career. If you’ve been working hard for a promotion, it may be offered now. Those seeking greener pastures and a new job will be amazed by a generous offer for employment. If you are self-employed, promote yourself to the hilt. This is not the time to be reticent about your superior skills. Blow your own horn about them.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th in your sign. As a result, he may require you to redefine yourself and your path. Taking the time to focus more attention on yourself and less on others will be an important first step. Saturn is the “Ring Pass Not” in astrology. However, if you follow his rules you will always come out ahead.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 11th and fills you with deserved pride when it comes to your superior way of thinking. Never one to be limited in vision, you allow your inborn creativity to soar to new heights. You can be a master of reverse psychology now to motivate your kids and lover.

Mars enters Pisces on the 13th. It will be up to you if money comes or goes. Both the desire to work harder to accumulate more will be present, as well as the desire to blow it all away. Try to shop for sales and avoid impulse buying.

An old flame from your past may resurface when Venus turns retrograde on the 13th. If you allow them back into your heart, you may be pleasantly surprised. You both still have deep feelings of mutual love for each other and the flames of desire are effortlessly rekindled. New romances under the goddess of love’s retrograde however are not so favorably blessed. Best to admire from afar under these rays and not start a new romance until she goes direct on June 25th.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th. Your dreams will take on a new intensity and reveal prophetic visions. Unexplored psychic talents will surface. Also, your desire to be of help to the less fortunate will be intensified. Try to use discretion however by giving or doing for only the truly needy.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st brings exciting opportunities to display your creative talents. Those who are in a serious relationship will be concentrating on spicing up their love life.



The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th may have a legal issue pop up. Handle it as quickly as possible to defer more entanglements. Married Fishes may find their in-laws very hyper sensitive at this time because they’ve felt ignored. Try soothing things over by planning more family time with them.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 11th. He will demand during the months to come for you to eliminate all self-inflicted limiting behaviors. Start off by doing some spring cleaning of past unhappy memories.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th and you experience deep, soul connecting conversations with loved ones. They will tear down their protective walls and open up about their true emotions and feelings. This will present desired opportunities to establish deeper ties with them.

Mars enters your sign on the 13th. You’ll have so much drive coursing through your body that you’ll feel like the energizer bunny. Guard against letting his fiery rays turn you into a hot head over slights. Use it instead to accomplish difficult feats.

Fish shopping for their dream home should put it on hold when Venus turns retrograde on the 13th. She’ll be in a backward spin until June 25th. Any real estate purchased under these vibes can turn into your worst nightmare before the ink is even dry on the mortgage.

With Jupiter turning retrograde on the 14th, buddies from your distant past resurface bearing gifts. Getting actively involved in a professional, social, or volunteer group, which you might have overlooked before, can now bring you many new unwavering friendships.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 21st inspires you to plunge into the many DIY projects you’ve put off doing for months. Family members may generously help with the work, if asked. Afterwards plan a lavish get together for all to celebrate.