Monthly Astrological Forecast : April 2021             

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When Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd, you will become very articulate in speech. Others will be impressed with your ability to clearly and decisively make fast but correct decisions. Being mentally charged up, you’ll be more outgoing and quicker to initiate conversations with all you come into contact with.

The New Moon in your sign on the 11th has you on all systems go. Plans which were put on the shelf can be taken down and acted upon. A new sense of vibrancy resonates through your being. It urges you to set forth on a new path.

Venus enters the earthy sign of Taurus on the 14th.  She will bring some stability into your romantic relationships. Finances and investments take an upward turn. However, on the 22nd, she will form a stress aspect to Uranus. Don’t fall prey to impulsively making unwise expensive purchases or be radical with speculating.

Your ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd. He may propel you into having to take charge of mismanaged family matters. Exercise extreme diplomacy with relatives. Otherwise, you will be accused of being too bossy and they will fail to follow your lead.

Have you been negligent giving your partner the attention they truly deserve? If so, the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th potentially can cause all hell to break lose in your relationship. Shower them with the emotional support, which they are desperate for, and have peace reign. Also, avoid loaning large sums to others because you’ll have difficulty in the future getting any of it back.

On the 27th, Pluto turns retrograde and brings in another round of revisions and reorganizations to your job. Best to try to fly a little bit under the radar at work. If you come across as too powerful, clashes may result. New career options can be revealed and bring about a total transmutation of your goals.



When Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd, you may need time to be alone with your thoughts. Plans can become easily scattered if shared prematurely with others. They need additional time to be expertly polished. You would do best keeping your opinions to yourself. Otherwise, they might be taken out of context by unscrupulous people.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th presents you with the opportunity of having more time to spiff up projects you have been working on. Best to keep their details to yourself and complete them behind the scenes.

Your ruling planet Venus enters your sign on the 14th. She will attract so many ardent admirers it may be extremely difficult to pick just one. If you’ve wanted to try a new “look”, her rays will give you the ability to carry it off with total panache.

Others may not be prepared for you becoming so uncharacteristically assertive in speech, when Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd. Channel some of this verbal aggression into being more passionate in work presentations. Management will be blown away, and you’ll be a giant step closer to a big promotion.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th makes you come across as being very empathic to others. Be prepared for both business and romantic partners to be very emotional. Clients may become very indecisive and tend to make more demands upon your services as a result.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th and generates an extreme pull on you to travel to distant lands. Some of this desire may be generated from the resurgence of past life memories. Even though there are such stringent travel restrictions in place, you can be creative with his retrograde. Start to research travel packages for future use. Also, you can start to study another language and be fluent when you finally get to your desired destination.



With your ruling planet Mercury entering Aries on the 3rd, you may want to discuss personal important goals with buddies. The feedback and advice they can render now may prove to be invaluable. Friendships can be strengthened by your ability to be sincerely interested in their ideas.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th turns you into a busy bee at networking functions. Numerous lucky connections can be reaped by attending as many as possible. Friends at this time lend a hand in helping you get your dreams off the launching pad.

When Venus enters Taurus on the 14th, she will demand you to become more discreet with discussing information about your romantic relationship. Things said between you and your beloved should not be shared with others. If you do break confidences, it may be difficult to win your lover’s trust fully back ever again.

Fiery Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd, and you will be fully focusing all your attention on increasing your financial worth. Zapped with just the right amount of Martian aggression, you will succeed at all costs to become more fiscally solvent. Taking the right calculated risks now can reap superb rewards.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th shines a bright light on needed corrections to be made in your life. Time to sign up for a gym membership and get into better shape for the summer. Positive changes incorporated into your daily schedule will improve all aspects of your existence.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th and power struggles with inheritances or joint monies may start to simmer to the surface. Deep emotional issues from the past may have to be dealt with. Use his retro motion to make a review of all that he reveals and in systematic fashion work towards cleaning it all up.



When Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd, your communicational skills will be finely polished. Others will see you coming across with authority and command when you speak. Management will be impressed and may even implement your suggestions.

The Aries New Moon on the 11th is the time to step up at work and volunteer for a major project. The lunar rays will aid in getting it off the ground and seeing it to a successful conclusion. The additional authority needed to process it will be given to you.

With Venus entering Taurus on the 14th, you’ll spend a large portion of your time reconnecting with friends. They may prove more than once that they are one of your main life lines to happiness. Single Crabs may meet a new amour when out and about with pals.

When Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd, there will be no retreating into your famous shell. Others will be taken aback by your sudden burning no holds barred, bare ambition to succeed at all costs. His passage into your sign signifies the start of a new two-year cycle of growth for Crabs. It’s of utmost importance that you put into motion all that’s been sitting on the shelf waiting to be actualized.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th gives you the needed catalyst to complete unfinished creative projects.  The desire to just have some fun and forget about past worries will catapult you into a social whirlwind. Crabs with children should plan fun filled excursions.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th and you are compelled to place close relationships under a microscope. Some may require a complete overhaul and some will have to be cast aside.



With Mercury entering Aries on the 3rd, your mind becomes like a sponge and readily absorbs knowledge. If you’ve been putting off taking a course because you think it’s too difficult, sign up for it now. You’ll find it won’t pose the imagined struggle. Your soul will also hunger to broaden its understanding of transcendental concepts. Attending workshops or seminars on spiritual and mystical beliefs can open up a new pathway to your Higher Self.

The Aries New Moon on the 11th makes you hunger for expansion and excitement in your life. Channel your restlessness into taking a seminar or workshop on spiritual development. Jetting off on an impromptu trip to an exotic locale would be the ultimate fix.

You are the golden one at work when Venus transits into Taurus on the 14th. Take giant steps toward your career aspirations. Ask and you will receive more money, a bonus, or a promotion. Since you never do anything in a nondescript way, self-employed Lions should shamelessly market themselves with splashy advertising.

With Mars entering Cancer on the 23rd, you may find you will get more accomplished by working independently on your own. Others may just hold you back or cause delays if you try to rely upon their assistance. Follow your gut instincts and you won’t be proven wrong.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th compels you to make important decisions concerning your home. DIY projects are now at the point where they can’t be put off any longer. If you have your home up for sale, a good offer will be forthcoming.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th and it may become increasingly problematic to get employees or fellow workers to follow your lead. Everyone wants to be in charge and a revolt may ensue. Also, watch your back. Some people can become unscrupulous during these times and try to set you up.



Your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Aries on the 3rd. As a result, you will want to discuss things normally considered taboo before. Concerns about the very intimate aspects of your sexual relationship can be aired out in a healthy manner with your partner.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th shines her lunar rays on new innovative approaches to handling your taxes and retirement accounts. Those looking to refinance will be pleasantly rewarded.

Loving Venus enters Taurus on the 14th enabling married Virgos to experience more loving relationships with their in-laws. Unattached Virgins can find romance by traveling to distant shores, taking a course at school, or through attending church affairs.

You will adopt a “now or never” attitude concerning the pursuit of your innermost dreams, when Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd. Becoming single-minded with your goals will bring them into fruition. Seek the aid of friends. They can be instrumental in helping you achieve what you desire. New friends made now can also be instrumental in the push forward.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th may find you running around trying to take care of a multitude of projects. Stay flexible with schedules. Clients may be demanding constant changes to their appointments. If you want to keep them, you will have to go with the flow.

On the 27th ,Pluto will turn retrograde. As the Planet of Transformation, he will require you to go through a transmutation in the ways you approach love, deal with your children, and utilize your creative abilities in the coming months.



Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd and you’ll find you share a greater mental simpatico with your partner than imagined. Since you’re both on the same cerebral wavelength, important ideas and joint projects can be bounced around.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th is excellent for acquiring new clients. By being resolute and persistent, you can land a seemingly impossible account. Establishing new relationships both business and romantic are greatly favored.

Your ruling planet Venus transits into Taurus on the 14th. You’ll be overflowing with raw sex appeal without even trying. Libras seeking needed cash or credit will readily be offered it. You’ll find your partner will be more generous too with spending money to make you happy.

Mars will help you blaze a path towards achieving the heights in your career, when he enters Cancer on the 23rd. Your accomplishments will be acknowledged, without you having to call attention to them. Libras who have been yearning to become self-employed should do so now. Those who already own a business should be expanding it.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th turns your attention to upping your finances. Conservative investments, which are allowed to mature and grow, will bring the greatest future rewards. Also, try to curb spending on unnecessary items. Don’t let Mars burn a hole in your wallet.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th. He’ll bring up to the surface childhood memories which you thought were long ago buried but haven’t been. They have been lurking in your subconscious and coloring life decisions. Use the retrograde to purge yourself of their self-limiting effects.



With Mercury entering Aries on the 3rd, a beneficial opportunity will be presented to increase or perfect your working skills. Taking advantage of it can help you rise to the top. You’ll be more mentally tuned in to paying attention to intricate details with new systems.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th will be instrumental in getting others at the workplace on board with the changes you want to implement. By reorganizing some schedules and duties, things will flow extremely easy.

On the 14th, Venus will start her transit through Taurus.  By getting out and socializing more many benefits can be reaped. Unattached Scorpios can potentially meet their ideal match. Those in a committed relationship will find their lover bending over backwards to fulfill their every whim. New clients will desire your services.

Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd. He may make you a little too verbally opinionated for your own good. If you’re not cautious, you will come across as intolerant and narrow-minded. Others may avoid your company as a result. Stay away from writing scathing comments on social media sites too, or you may be banned from them.

Scorpios are known for keeping their cool even under the most intense situations. However, the Full Moon in your sign on the 26th will have your inner emotions out in the open. Others may be taken aback by your outbursts of passionate feelings.

Your ruling planet Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th. You may be put into positions where you will be challenged to stand up for yourself. Now is not the time to backdown but to face situations with unbridled courage. Be true to yourself and you will triumph.



Mercury enters fellow fire sign Aries on the 3rd causing others to greatly enjoy your animated conversations. Your speaking ability will take on an engaging entertaining flare. Archers involved in the theatrical arts should expand their talents by taking greater risks in performance.

The Aries New Moon on the 11th demands you let your inner child out to have some fun. Creative abilities will reach an astounding peak and be applauded by others. Archers will be the romantic target of many lovestruck admirers.

Venus transits into Taurus on the 14th and instills a greater sense of peace and harmony among co-workers. With it being a joy to go to work, your creative juices start to flow. Tasks seen as boring or tedious will now be tackled with a renewed gusto.

Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd and stirs up matters concerning joint investments and accounts. There could be some disagreements arising between you and your business or marriage partner as a result. Best not to let the fire of Mars turn the discussions into passionate arguments. Do take bold steps together, but temper it with a solid strategy. Reviewing your current taxes and insurance policies can save you a lot of money.

With the Full Moon in watery Scorpio on the 26th, you become increasingly psychically sensitive. It is best to draw back a little from the crowd and recoup your energies. Try not to get sucked into other people’s dramas.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th and makes you single-minded and totally determined to achieve financial independence. Keep your eyes wide open when seeking new ways of making money. Things lost in the past may resurface back in your life.



Intimate discussions with family members can be fruitful, when Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd. You will not have to repress your emotional concerns over touchy subjects with them. Instead get them out in the open.

If you want to sell your home, the Aries New Moon on the 11th will bring a multitude of outstanding offers. Those who don’t wish to move will have the energy, tenacity, and inspiration to make needed improvements to their abode.

Your popularity will flourish when lovely Venus enters Taurus on the 14th. Goats will find themselves on the top of the guest list. Those who are single should not turn down any invitations. Your soul mate may be met at one. Capricorns wanting to conceive will have an excellent chance at having their dream come true.

With Mars entering your opposite sign Cancer on the 23rd, the road to a harmonious relationship may be fraught with a lot of bumps along the way. Misunderstandings can easily develop if you turn into an old Goat and refuse to compromise at every bend in the path. Use the fiery Martian rays instead to build bridges of compromise.

With the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 26th, a group which you are involved in will need your expert guidance and help. Pitching in will lay the foundation for closer ties.

Pluto, the planet of Transformations, turns retrograde on the 27th. He may put you in situations where you come to realize that someone is blatantly trying to manipulate you. Stand your ground and speak up.



As Mercury starts his transit through Aries on the 3rd, you will become more flexible with your thinking processes. Seeing the other person’s point of view will help in making important decisions for all group and teamwork activities. You’ll become a master of multi-tasking.

The New Moon in Aries on the 11th creates a mental restlessness within you. Taking a course or seminar now to expand upon your work skills, will quiet it. Be flexible as possible with appointments. The changes with schedules will ultimately work out in your favor, if you keep your cool.

 Increased feelings of stability and harmony with family members will vibrate through your being when Venus enters Taurus on the 14th. Hosting a get-together with them will add to all the loving vibes.

When Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd, you will be incredibly driven to succeed at all tasks you are performing on the job. It will seem the more work you do, the more energized you get from it. However, that may not be the same case for fellow employees. Try to use some tact in dealing with their laziness and lack of enthusiasm to get them motivated. Otherwise, disputes can easily erupt or complaints made to HR about you.

The Full Moon on the 26th shines a bright light on your career. Management will take notice of the hard work which you have poured body and soul into completing. A promotion should be in the near future. Unexpected job offers from different departments or even another company can come in unexpectedly.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th.  People whose toxic behavior becomes more apparent to you must be released from your sphere. If you don’t, their energies will only cause you psychological harm and keep you from success.



Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd and makes you very practical minded with finances. By analyzing your expenditures, you can come up with some easy ways to save money. By bargaining, you can achieve substantial discounts on items and services too.

The Aries New Moon on the 11th brings with it a greater can do attitude to make more money. Check into unique ways to expand your income on the side.

 You’ll display a flair for getting the best deals in negotiations when Venus enters Taurus on the 14th. They won’t know what hit them when you turn on the charm. If you’re shopping for a new car, steals can be had.

Mars enters Cancer on the 23rd. His passionate vibes will heat up the waters you are swimming in and turn you into an attraction magnet. Your distinctive sense of creativity will be infused into all that you do. Being on everyone’s invite list, you may have trouble picking which ones to attend.

With the Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on the 26th, you should open your mind up to new spiritual concepts and ideas. Your sense of adventure will be greatly stimulated. A trip to an exotic or foreign local will offer many opportunities to stretch your being in positive ways.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 27th. He will end others’ masquerades with a dramatic unmasking. Finding out who is friend and who is foe can be emotionally painful. However, Pluto will bring to light who your true allies are.