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Monthly Astrological Forecast : APRIL 2022                                                     

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The New Moon in your sign on the 1st places the lunar spotlight on you. She may fill you with the urge to overhaul your appearance or outward mannerisms. A little tweak here or there for the better will only make you even more dynamic.  Your inborn sense of courage will be invigorated and spur you on to blaze a new and exciting path.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, you may want to retreat into a fantasy world where love is concerned. While the saying goes that “love is blind”, not facing reality can really mess up your heart. Take the blinders off on the 27th when Venus conjuncts Neptune, the planet of Illusion. If not careful, walking through the Neptunian smoke and mirrors can lead you down the wrong path of romance or have you miss out on the right one.

Mercury entering Taurus on the 10th will endow you with some very brilliant almost off the wall ideas on how to increase your income and savings.  A big investment tip out the blue from an extremely unlikely source could wind up generating sizeable profits for you.

When Mars enters Pisces on the 14th, you may need to step back from all the socializing you have been doing in order to recoup your energies. His transit may bring an awareness that you have spreading yourself too thin in the pursuit of helping others. Taking a rest will be good for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th suggests you take a backseat to your partner and let them do the decision making for a while. They may have accumulated feelings of unimportance in the relationship, due to your strong drive to lead.

On the 29th Pluto turns retrograde and brings in another round of revisions and reorganizations, to your job. Best to try to fly a little bit under the radar at work. If you come across as too powerful, clashes may result. New career options can be revealed and bring about a total transmutation of your goals.

When Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th, you will vacillate in making decisions. One path may look attractive one minute and another path the next. Others can be driven bonkers by you changing your mind so much. You will be filled with a lot of restlessness, which can only be cured by getting out and socializing. Doing some local day trips can be an excellent cure.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th forces you to face the realities of your financial situation. If you use the energies wisely, you can come up with some very innovative ways to increase your income and savings. Explore the possibility of taking on a part-time job or starting a small side business. If you’re overdue for a raise, speak up or go headhunter shopping. Talk to a qualified money manager on how to receive more from your investments. The next couple of months can prove to be a turning point for you financially if approached correctly.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st will give you the privacy needed to complete a project. Working more behind the scenes will be to your advantage and away from judgmental eyes.

With your ruling planet Venus entering Pisces on the 5th, you take on a new vibe of being more positive in both speech and thinking. Instead of dwelling on all the reasons why something can’t be done, you seek out ways to make it happen. Thinking out of the box and exploring unique ways to solve problems will bring you winning results.  On the 27th, when Venus teams up with Neptune, you will have the ability to inspire a friend to make needed changes in their life.

Mercury, the planet ruling communication, enters your sign on the 10th. He’ll make you break free of your normal mode of tending to speak only when you have something to say. Your chattiness will take people back a little bit. When you do open your mouth though, you will be poised, self-confident, and articulate.

With Mars entering Pisces on the 14th, you may come across as being too bossy or argumentative with friends. Tone down your desire to want to steer others into following your way of thinking and seeing things. Everyone has a right to their opinion, even if you know it’s not correct.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th shines a bright light on things which need to be put into order with your diet, habits, and approach to work. If you’ve gotten sloppy with any or all of them, now is the time to set them right.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th and generates an extreme pull on you to travel to distant lands which you’ve been to before. They can either be places where you had happy memorable experiences in this life or other incarnations.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th and you become more practical minded with money. Before laying down a wad of cash on an item, you’ll be checking out any sales or coupons which can cut the price. Bulls can reap rewards from investing in companies dealing with communications.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th will have an extremely major impact on your very existence. You will be challenged to embark upon a totally new path. It will give you the needed push to take action and initiate developing your immense personal potential. You may have to muster up courage and go it alone for a stretch. However, the rewards will be well worth it.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st will keep you very busy in socializing more to advance your career. Going to social events to network should reap many positive business prospects. Build stronger ties with clients by extending your hand, not just for professional interests, but also for friendship.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, you will be seen as an extremely promotable commodity by the higher-ups. Your job performance will receive winning reviews. You will be dazzling them by being able to get all to work nice with one another. If you want a raise or a bonus, go in and ask for it during Venus’s transit. Twins employed in the arts, beauty, or financial industries will reach new heights in their career.

With Mercury entering Taurus on the 10th, you should exercise greater caution in speech. Things said may be easily misconstrued by the wrong party. Be forthright in what you have to say but temper it with discretion.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th, and you can come across as being too aggressive at work, if you’re not careful. Tone down the impulse to order others around. If you don’t, management will not entrust you with a promotion. Instead, use Mars’ fiery rays to begin a new dynamic project and impress the socks off of them in the process.

If you have children, you may find the Libra Full Moon on the 16th has them demanding more attention from you. Your creative talents may be called into play to help them finish school projects. Your lover may also need some extra TLC.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, and power struggles with inheritances or joint monies may start to simmer to the surface. Deep emotional issues from the past may have to be dealt with. Use his retro motion to make a review of all that he reveals and, in systematic fashion work, towards cleaning it all up.

When Mercury enters your sign on the 29th, Twins will start to resonate to a higher vibration. You’ll be plugged into your true identity and feel a load being lifted off your shoulders. Projects which had to be held under wraps can now be successfully revealed. A trip or two can materialize out of the blue and bring many rewards.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th can lead you into some murky mental waters. Guard against getting caught up in an undertow of past regrets and dwelling on repressed unfulfilled desires.  Instead use the energies to release all negativity from the past and concentrate on creating a brighter future. Taking a course on new meditation techniques or listening to recorded positive affirmations during the day are both excellent suggestions to try.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st finds you having to pour immense amounts of energy into career decisions. It will become more apparent that your current employment is not living up to expectations. If you still want to stay, then muster up courage and ask for a promotion. Otherwise, use the lunar rays to land a new job.

The travel bug bites you when Venus enters Pisces on the 5th. Unattached Crabs, longing for love, may find romance on distant shores. Those in a relationship can delight in experiencing a steamy second honeymoon. Venus will also smile upon trips taken solely for business.


Her rays will turn them into exceptionally profitable experiences. Those who are seeking a publisher for their literary masterpiece, should be mailing them out to get accepted. A dream contract or favorable legal settlement can be reached on the 27th when Venus conjuncts Neptune. Any presentation you give will receive high marks by all attending.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 10th. Expect your friends to give you the honest inside track about if you’re approaching career goals correctly. In case you’re not, they’ll gladly point out some useful tips to get you in the right direction.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and instills an overwhelming desire for more adventure in your life. The everyday routine will seem too ho-hum. Crabs will be propelled to seek distant waters for excitement. Trips offering mental stimulation as well as physical activity will bring you the greatest happiness.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th demands you establish a sense of balance with your career and home life. If you’ve stolen from family time for your professional concerns, it’s time to give back. Otherwise, household members can become quite vocal in letting you know that your presence is sorely needed. 

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th, and you are compelled to place close relationships under a microscope. Some may require a complete overhaul and some will have to be cast aside.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th, and the answers to problems are best found by going deep within the waters of your subconscious mind. Treasures of solutions can be acquired by meditating, yoga, or dream therapy. Explore the inner realms of your spiritual essence for true guidance.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th may usher in a time of unexpected endings with certain friendships and the beginnings of close bonds with new acquaintances. Seek out groups or organizations to join where you share similar interests and goals as they do. Accept all invitations to social events. One of them may lead to a groundbreaking career opportunity.


The Aries New Moon on the 1st arouses a strong desire to stretch yourself more in the pursuit of personal excellence. Let her potent lunar rays help motivate you from being ordinary to extraordinary.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, you will radiate overpowering vibrations of pure animal magnetism. Combined with a renewed sense of self-confidence, few will be able to resist succumbing to your sensual charms. Venus will also smile upon you with monetary matters. Loans or financial backing, impossible to attain before, now are approved. Your marriage or business partner may open the purse strings and be very generous to you.

Mercury entering Taurus on the 10th helps you appear to be a big shot at work. Whatever you have to say will come across with authority. Management will be blown away by your innovative suggestions. As a result, others may seek your advice on getting a better handle on their teams.

Mars transits into Pisces on the 14th. Try not to get bossy where joint monies are concerned. Don’t blow your top if you find your partner has been running the finances to the ground by overspending. Stay calm and mutually work out a new plan for fiscal responsibility.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th may make you too emotional in discussing strongly held beliefs with others. Your overwhelming passion and insistence that they convert to your way of seeing things can become a real turnoff.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th and it may become increasingly problematic to get employees or fellow workers to follow your lead. Everyone wants to be in charge and a revolt may ensue. Also, watch your back. Some people can become unscrupulous during these times and try to set you up.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 29th. Keep your mind open to suggestions from others. Expert advice can be reaped from friends and close associates. They will have your best interests at heart. Difficult technological problems can be tackled with gusto and lead to accomplishment.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th highlights your career and professional aspirations. It will make upper management notice your superb job performance. As a result, you may take a giant step in advancement up the corporate ladder during the next few months. Lions, who have been toying with the idea of stalking better hunting grounds by starting up a new business, will achieve tremendous success. Those already in their own firm will start to expand and grow in fantastic leaps and bounds.


You can get a handle on outstanding debt and begin to pay it off with the help given from the New Moon in Aries on the 1st.  She will inspire you to work at improving your credit rating.

Unattached Virgos have the best chance for meeting their true love when Venus enters Pisces on the 5th. Since your popularity will be high, take advantage of all opportunities to be out and mingling. For those who are married, this is an excellent time to have a renewal of your vows. Many new clients will seek out your services and send a multitude of new referrals your way.

Mercury’s transit into Taurus on the 10th makes you hungry to increase your knowledge about the world. Broaden your horizons by signing up for a class or two at the local community college. Your mind will readily soak up new concepts and ideas.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and heats up partnerships. Keep the flame on low, so things don’t over boil. They may be prone to being uncharacteristically hot tempered now. Mars will help you be more energized in acquiring new clients.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th brings possible conflicts over money. The lunar rays will demand you and any partners find a greater balance with handling funds.

On the 29th, Pluto will turn retrograde. As the Planet of Transformation, in the coming months, he will require you to go through a transmutation in ways you approach love, deal with your children, and utilize your creative abilities.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th and helps you with the multitude of tasks you’re working on. He’ll aid you in making order out of chaos at work. Management will be amazed with the efficient way you can deal and delegate tasks. Your opinions will take on getter weight with those working for you.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th finds you contemplating returning to school for additional courses or even another degree. Virgos already enrolled may start to seriously question if they’re taking the right major. Better to make a change in studies than be stuck with the wrong degree. There will be an increase in all long-distance communications. Those with in-laws may find themselves more enmeshed in their lives.


Your close associations with others will be greatly enhanced by the New Moon in Aries on the 1st. Both your love and business relationships will be sprinkled with increased harmony. Partners will offer to step in and help you solve difficult problems.

With your ruling planet Venus entering Pisces on the 5th, you might become aware of some major flaws with your lover. Curb your desire to point them out or risk rocking the boat. Those who are unattached will become more exacting with who will win their heart.


Instilling a greater sense of harmony among co-workers and employees will become increasingly important for you. By being “a steel hand in a velvet glove”, you will be able to firmly, but at the same time diplomatically, motivate personnel. Lavishing words of praise for jobs well done will boost everyone’s performance over the top.

Mercury entering Taurus on the 10th fine tunes your negotiation skills with handling money matters. Flashes of intuitive insights can help you get a better grasp on increasing business. Some extra strategic planning with professional decisions may be in order.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and heats up the workplace. There’ll be increased pressure to finish projects faster. Take care though that you don’t make mistakes by racing to meet deadlines. You may have to extinguish some temper tantrums from co-workers.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 16th will shine a luminous spotlight on Libras. Don’t get your Scales out of balance and run scared from all of the sudden attention.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th. He’ll bring up to the surface childhood memories which you thought were long ago buried. They haven’t gone anywhere, but have been lurking in your subconscious and coloring life decisions. Use the retrograde to purge yourself of their self-limiting effects.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 29th.  He will bring in welcome opportunities to travel. There will be increased long-distance communications which will have to be handled promptly. If you’ve wanted to further your education, now is an excellent time to send in applications.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th gives you the courage to eliminate people or things which have been a negative influence in your life. While the purge may seem painful, it is absolutely necessary for your future growth and success. However, it will not leave a permanent void. The right people and circumstances will now be able to enter your life.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st induces you to embark on a fresh path to physical fitness. You’ll be able to renounce all the junk food and lazy habits. Being highly focused on your goals, you’ll reach them in record time.

With Venus entering fellow water sign Pisces on the 5th, you’ll be emitting powerful magnetic love vibes. Few will be able to resist your potent charms. Those in search for a new romantic partner, will be rewarded.


Inspiration will readily be at your command, which you can effortlessly pour into your work. Scorpios with children will find, by tapping into their own inner child, new bridges to better understanding that can be built with their young. 

Mercury enters Taurus on the 10th, and you can get worrisome issues out in the open with your partner. They’ll be relieved you’re being frank with them. Decisions reached mutually with them will be the best course of action.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and Scorpio athletes can excel in their sport. Those with children should plan action-oriented activities to tame their restlessness. Mars will have you sending out alluring sexy vibes without even realizing it.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th can bring about an emotional shake up for usually street-smart Scorpios. You’re the master of deciphering if someone is a friend or foe. However, it’ll be revealed your judgement was lacking in giving your confidence to a seemingly trusted ally.

Your ruling co-ruling planet Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th. You may be put into positions where you will be challenged to stand up for yourself. Now is not the time to backdown, but to face unpleasantries with unbridled courage. Be true to yourself and you will triumph.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th will reveal the strength or weakness in your romantic and business partnerships. It will reinforce the good relationships and possibly end the bad ones. The energies may expose if you have become too needy or emotionally dependent upon them or them upon you. Scorpions without a significant other will be go on the pursuit to rectify the situation.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st will make you just want to have fun. It may become increasingly difficult to settle down and take care of practical day-to-day matters. Unattached Archers will be on the hunt for romance.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, you will uncharacteristically show signs of morphing into a homebody. Others will be taken aback by your desire to stay home and appreciate the creature comforts it affords you. Archers, who put their places on the market, can turn a more than tidy profit. Those who don’t can get caught up in a flurry of decorating. New home furnishings can be gotten for a song. Artistic ideas on glamming up the place will inspire your creative talents.

Mercury entering Taurus on the 10th makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Detail work which seemed to be too tiresome to even start before can now be attacked with vigor. Co-workers and subordinates all want to lend a hand to help one another with projects.

Fiery Mars enters Pisces on the 14th and tempers may flare with loved ones. Redirect his immense energies into tackling DIY projects at home. Take care though not to rush and get in an accident.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th pushes you into taking action to make some of your inner dreams materialize. A friend may need you to step in and give them desperately needed assistance and advice.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th and makes you single-minded and totally determined to achieve financial independence. Keep your eyes wide open when seeking new ways of making money. Things lost in the past may resurface back in your life.

When Mercury transits into Gemini on the 29th, you will be at your diplomatic best. Sticky, inter-personal issues can be readily resolved through arbitration. You’ll be able to clearly see both sides of situations and can get all involved to agree.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th can give you a big wake-up call with your health, if you’ve been negligent with it. Starting a new well-being regime which includes proper exercise, diet, and nutrition can turn everything in your life around. Running on empty in your rush to accomplish all, can catch up with you. 


Emergencies with projects at work  may have subordinates clamoring for your instant assistance. It may be time for you to seriously consider increasing your staff.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st will inspire you to spend more quality time at the home front and reconnect with family members. The lunar energies will also motivate you to start needed improvements on your place.

No one will be able to accuse you of sounding like an Old Goat when Venus enters Pisces on the 5th. Honey will drip from your tongue, giving you the right words to soothe over any situation. Your diplomatic skills will be par excellence as you wheel and deal through successful contract negotiations. Short trips taken can turn into romantic rendezvous. Capricorns with on-line businesses should experience a tremendous up swing with sales.

With Mercury, the planet in charge of communication, entering Taurus on the 10th, you will be able to give full expression to your feelings to others. They will develop closer bonds with you as a result. New avenues for speculation will capture your interest. Doing some research on them, may reap a hefty profit.

Mars enters Pisces on the 14th, and you should avoid the temptation to get into arguments with siblings or neighbors. If you do, they won’t be soon to forget. Many short trips may be required to accomplish seemingly simple tasks.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th thrusts you into the limelight. Your impeccable leadership skills will be on full display, without you really being aware, by watchful management.

Pluto, the planet of Transformations, turns retrograde on the 29th. He may put you in situations where you come to realize that someone is blatantly trying to manipulate you. Stand your ground and speak up.

You’ll want to get your schedule in better working order when Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th. Being the most efficient as possible will be a boon to the projects you are immersed in. Call a department meeting and let co-workers share their ideas on how to improve office procedures.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th can bring some very profitable opportunities concerning speculating deals and new investments. Dormant creative ideas will spring back to life and inspire you to perfect and develop them. Goats with children will be able to strengthen loving bonds with them. Your love life will experience a total sense of renewal. Without even seeking it, you will be the center of attention.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st will tend to make you more spontaneous. Your gut feelings will turn out to be your best guide as opposed to following logical thought. Your mind will be ripe for studying new topics.

Thank Venus entering Pisces on the 5th for the boost you will see in your bank account. She should bring in more than generous increases for your income and investments. If you’ve been searching for a loan approval or a higher credit limit, she should smile upon your efforts.


Where romance is concerned, you’ll want a lover who is dependable and reeks of stability. Candidates for your heart who aren’t need not apply.

On the 10th, Mercury enters Taurus. He’ll open the lines of communication between yourself and family members. This is an excellent time for everyone concerned to get deep seated resentments off their chests. Voicing your opinions on how to run things less chaotically will be met with greater reception.

Irresponsible Mars enters Pisces on the 14th. It will be up to you if money comes or goes. Both the desire to work harder to accumulate more will be present as well as the desire to blow it all away. Try to shop for sales and avoid impulse buying.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th may bring a spiritual awakening within your soul and a thirst for great connection to God. Potent visions may point you into a higher direction in how you should approach your life.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th.  People, whose toxic behavior becomes more apparent to you, must be released from your sphere. If you don’t, their energies will only cause you psychological harm and keep you from success.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 29th and fills you with deserved pride when it comes to your superior way of thinking. Never one to be limited in vision, you allow your inborn creativity to soar to new heights. You can be a master of reverse psychology now to motive your kids and lover.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th spotlights real estate matters. It is best not to impulsively sell or invest in any property holdings. Wherever you live, you may experience strong feelings of inner discontent with either family members or neighbors. It’s best to channel these energies into making possible changes with career. That’s where the majority of all your true frustrations lie buried.


The New Moon in Aries on the 1st showers you with a multitude of opportunities to fatten your piggy bank. The lunar rays will also tend to make you shrewd in handling expenses. You’ll be more disciplined and check for sales instead of impulsively shopping.

When Venus, the planet ruling love and beauty enters your sign on the 5th, you will become the catch of the month. You’ll be swimming in romantic waters with many ardent admirers in competition for your love. Pisces already hooked in a relationship will find their beloved desiring them with a renewed sense of passion. The spotlight will undeniably will be shinning bright on you. Make the most of the energy by going after your true heart’s desire fearlessly.

On the 10th, Mercury’s passage through Taurus indicates you should not jump to conclusions or make snap decisions. It’s more favorable for you to gather as much info as possible before making commitments.

Mars enters your sign on the 14th. You’ll have so much drive coursing through your veins, you’ll feel like the energizer bunny. Guard against letting his fiery rays turn you into a hot head over slights. Use it instead to accomplish difficult feats.

The Libra Full Moon on the 16th may have some bills which you forgot about become past due. They’ll demand instant payment. Take extra care in filing your taxes. Otherwise, some mistakes can be made or legal deductions forgotten to be taken.

Pluto turns retrograde on the 29th. He will end others’ masquerades with a dramatic unmasking. Finding out who is friend and who is foe can be emotionally painful. However, Pluto will bring to light who your true allies are.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th, and you experience deep, soul connecting conversations with loved ones. They will tear down their protective walls and open up about their true emotions and feelings. This will present desired opportunities to establish deeper ties with them.

If you’ve been putting off seeing an auto mechanic, don’t keep delaying. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th may bring with it potential car problems. You may be caught up in a flurry of important communications. They may require you to do a lot of running around with errands. All contracts submitted for your approval must be thoroughly examined before you sign them. An offer for additional training concerning your work, should be accepted.

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