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Monthly Astrological Forecast : DECEMBER 2022                                                     

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Neptune turns direct on the 3rd and turns your dreams into prophetic visions. Plus, he’ll gift you with the ability to decipher them too. The fog, which may have been causing some difficulty in accessing correctly your intuition, will lift. With your psychic armor intact, you can successfully spot and defeat con artists and those trying to prey upon your generous spirit.

Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th has you coming across as the idea person at work. Others will be seeking your opinion on important decisions for the company. Management will be impressed with your professional communicational skills.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may find you trying to tie up too many loose ends for the holidays all at once. Calm down, do one thing at a time, and try to remain flexible with changing schedules. Your neighbors or siblings may exert extra emotional pressure on you to help them with sudden emergencies.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th gets you noticed professionally in a Big Way. Self-employed Rams should take advantage of the beneficial rays by planning a major PR blitz and advertise to the hilt.

Santa Claus comes early for fortunate Rams on the 20th, when Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, re-enters your sign. Even if you’ve been sort of naughty, he’ll bless you with tremendous good fortune and abundance. Reap all the benefits he has to offer. You have until mid-May to enjoy his blessings.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd finds you planting the seeds for future career success. New projects started now will be imbued with your tremendous can do spirit.

When Mercury goes retro on the 29th, you may find suggestions given at work or about career will reap the opposite of the desired results. Your public image may not be as bright then too. Decisions concerning career goals would be best given a second look or put on the shelf until Mercury goes direct next month.



The Neptunian mist starts to recede on the 3rd, where friends are concerned, when Neptune turns direct. Now you will know who does and doesn’t have your back. You’ll be armed now with the vision to see others’ true motives and character. Plus, the fortitude to walk away from harmful group think.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, enters Capricorn on the 6th.  He’ll increase communications greatly with foreigners and people at a distance. Bulls in school should be hitting the books. Your mind will be able to easily absorb more difficult subject matters.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may get you so swept up with the holidays that you ignore price tags when shopping. Try to use some common sense when using your credit card. Looking for a bargain won’t turn you into Scrooge.

With Venus entering earthy Capricorn on the 9th, it is an auspicious time to plan a second honeymoon.  Unattached Bulls will be attracted to the exotic in love and romance.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, re-enters Aries on the 20th. At the last minute, he can snatch you out of harm’s way. He’ll imbue you with a strengthened faith in the Almighty--which can help you achieve the seemingly impossible to others. Listen to your dreams and follow your visions.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd will fill you with a restless spirit. Following group think will become abhorrent to you. The remedy will be to expand your mind by studying in-depth issues which challenge the status quo.

With Mercury going retro on the 29th holiday travel plans may be fraught with delays and unexpected problems. If you’re mailing gifts, better get them in the mail days before the retro. Legal matters can run quickly amuck.


As Neptune turns direct on the 3rd, some of his mist will start to recede over your career goals. Even though you may be yearning to do something more creative, you’ll be a realist about it. Aim for a career which allows you to utilize your imaginative and artistic side, but one that is also going to pay the bills.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters the earthy sign Capricorn on the 6th. As a result, your mind will be able to focus on practical matters in a cool, detached way. He’ll keep you from losing concentration and scattering your mental energies all over the place.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 7th may make it hard to mask your emotions. You may find yourself swept over with deep feelings and your eyes brimming with tears, just from the memories Christmas songs playing evoke. Don’t be embarrassed. Others will find it very touching.

Looking for an investor in your business or need a loan or mortgage? Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th comes to your rescue. She will also aid in touchy discussions with your partner concerning joint finances and the more intimate areas of your sexual relationship.

The Good Luck planet of the zodiac, Jupiter, will make his reentrance into Aries on the 20th. He’ll shower you again with well wishes and a host of new friends bearing gifts. They should prove through the test of time to be both generous and loyal. Advice from close associates can be invaluable and untainted with any trace of envy on their part.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd should make you more savvy with maneuvering better rates for refinancing a loan or mortgage. Meet with your financial planner and strategize a new game plan aimed for greater rewards and tax savings.

Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. It’s a must to take an accurate inventory of your outstanding expenses now. Avoid applying for a loan or mortgage or running up unnecessary debt. Not the time to expand a business or invest.



Neptune turns direct on the 3rd. Crabs attending school will now become more focused on their studies. The doubts you had about your scholastic abilities start to dissolve with the Neptunian mist. Your dreams take on added dimensions of prophesy.

If the lines of communication have become crossed between you and your partner, Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th should repair them. A nice long chat can get you both seeing eye to eye on important joint decisions.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may reveal how cut off you’ve become from your spiritual center. Use the Lunar energies to reconnect with the Higher Power within. Taking a few minutes each day to recharge by meditating, praying, or practicing yoga will help re-establish your link with the Divine.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th brings moneyed and influential backers to your aid. Self-employed Crabs will be receiving many referrals for new business from clients. Venus will increase your popularity and invitations abound.  However, your true quest will be to find a serious and committed partner for love.

The planet of Good Luck, Jupiter, will reenter Aries on the 20th. He’ll help propel your career into the stratosphere and shower you with potential prominence and long sought recognition of your immense talents. Those seeking a rise in social status through marriage may have their wish fulfilled.

The New Moon in industrious Capricorn on the 23rd can get a profusion of eager new clients knocking at your door. Pour some extra honey on them and watch their referrals come flooding in.

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 29th, the lines of communications can become quite strained between you and your partner. Both of you will be holding on too tenaciously on to your separate beliefs.  Just getting along may be more problematic even with clients. Decisions may be difficult to reach due to you both wavering and vacillating.


Neptune turns direct on the 3rd and lifts some of the mist surrounding your finances. You may find that there has been some mishandling or mistakes made with joint finances, taxes, or pension funds. However, you can utilize Neptune’s creative energies to find a positive way to turn things around in your favor.

When Mercury enters Capricorn on the 6th, your mind turns to practical matters. You become more interested in taking better care of your health. You’ll be able to implement improved exercise routines and follow an advanced nutritional plan.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th compels you to seek out good friends and celebrate the holidays to the hilt. You’re likely to be on the top of everyone’s party list. While mingling with comrades, don’t forget to do some business networking. Contacts made now will want to aid you in achieving your aspirations.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th lands Lions on the prowl for new employment a flurry of offers. Unattached Leos can find romance either at work or through and introduction from a fellow worker.

Jupiter, the Good Luck planet, reenters Aries on the 20th. Keep your bags packed   for all the travel opportunities which will come your way. Self-employed Lions can experience a tremendous upsurge of business coming in from foreign countries. Writers should be sending their potential bestsellers to publishers for review. Legal issues can become untangled and reach an amiable settlement. Those with cranky in-laws may find you can finally all get along.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd helps you motivate co-workers into utilizing new procedures on the job. Your ease with presenting how to successfully implement them will go over big with management.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th and you can find yourself getting easily overly stressed out from all the holiday preparations. This is not the time to hire new employees or commission others to provide services. Any diet started now is doomed to fail.



Neptune turns direct on the 3rd and the mist surrounding partnerships and close relationships is slowly somewhat lifted. You can see better now who is really going to be in the long haul for you or not.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 6th. He’ll help you get into a festive holiday spirit. Truly inspired ideas for holiday entertaining will surge through your being. True to your Virgo sensibilities, they will be cost-effective but bowl everyone over with their creativity and good taste.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th can test your leadership role on the job. You may be asked to delegate responsibilities to others and oversee their performance. At the same time, management will be monitoring how well you are handling the additional responsibilities of being in charge.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th is great for finding true love for single Virgos. Her energies will have others mesmerized by your cool exterior that camouflages your smoldering passions.

The planet of Good Luck, Jupiter, reenters Aries on the 20th. The Santa Claus of the zodiac will bring tremendous financial rewards for Virgos. Benefits can be reaped especially through business or marriage partnership undertakings. He can help pave the way for you to acquire money easier through loans, extended credit, or for a mortgage.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd intensifies the love vibes around you. Now is the time to be actively seeking romance with all the bells and whistles. Attached Virgos should expect more passion from their lover.

 Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 29th. Try not to second guess your initial creative inspirations. Go with your original idea to be successful. An old flame may reappear and ignite a fire within you. However, this is not the best time to start an affair with someone new.



When Neptune turns direct on the 3rd, you will toughen up and not allow co-workers to dump their emotional problems on you anymore. Besides draining you immensely, it might have jeopardized your professional position at work. Also, the mist will start to recede over health concerns.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 6th and thoughts turn nostalgically to family memories of holidays past. You may want to recreate some of the traditions you experienced as a child in your home.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th greatly expands your way of seeing the universe and you as a dynamitic resident of it. The urge to travel to distant lands will be almost impossible to resist. The true meaning of the holidays will open your soul to greater spiritual growth and inner happiness.

Your ruler Venus enters Capricorn on the 9th. Toying with the idea of either working through home or setting up a home-based business? Venus can turn your dream into a successful reality. If you’re in the market to sell or purchase a new home, fantastic deals can be attained.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, reenters Aries on the 20th. Unmarried Libras can meet or marry their soul mate. Those in committed relationships will see their beloved advance greatly in life. By rubbing elbows with prominent or wealthy people, your business can gain their patronage.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd helps you heal some old festering wounds with family members. You will be able to understand their side of things with a greater sense of compassion.

Impish Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th.  You may find yourself lacking a true sense of objectivity and get overwhelmed by a sea of deep emotions. Family members may misinterpret what you say or do.


Neptune turns direct on the 3rd and now you have a better handle on your talents and creative abilities. Scorpios involved in the arts and entertainment fields will be able to tune into their craft effortlessly. Allow yourself to flow with the inspired rhythm generated by Neptune.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 6th, and you become uncharacteristically chatty. Many local trips may be spent either visiting others or doing a lot of hectic holiday shopping.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may find someone asking for either your emotional or financial support. Try to base your decision on if and what to give on the facts of the situation and not out of blinded feelings.

On the 9th, Venus entering Capricorn covers you with diplomatic dust. You’ll have a magical ability to soothe over differences between people. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you’ll have the right words to speak and write. The lines of intimate communication will flow easily.

Jupiter, the planet ruling Good Luck, reenters Aries on the 20th. If you’ve been itching to make a job change, now is the time. Potential employers will be offering you more money and better benefits for your talents. The company that you presently work for may give you a generous raise or bonus. Scorpios may find more travel is required for their job. Looking to hire new employees? Jupiter will have top applicants applying. If you care or breed pets or livestock, your business should experience an upsurge in profits. 

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd helps you to absorb almost effortlessly subjects, which were difficult to comprehend before. To use the Lunar rays most efficiently, sign up for a class which you’ve been too intimidate to tackle before.

Naughty Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. Give old castoff ideas a second chance. They’ll actually lead to success, not new ideas. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, no matter how good your intentions are.


When Neptune turns direct on the 3rd, the mist starts to lift over family and home concerns. Intuitive insights will be revealed on how to navigate through important decisions concerning them. You may have been too overwhelmed with waves of misplaced emotions to handle them effectively during his retrograde. Also, you can form a clearer assessment of important work or needed repairs to your home.

Mercury entering Capricorn on the 6th can be a fiscal blessing for Archers.  He’ll help you be more financially prudent when purchasing holiday gifts. You’ll also be more interested in the usefulness of the gifts for the recipient.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may reveal that your partner has been feeling very neglected by you. To remedy the situation, spend more time with them. By thoughtfully doing so, you will establish a closer union of your hearts and souls. Business deals in the negotiation stage may require more expertise and flattery to reach a successful bargain.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th blesses you with bonuses and new money-making opportunities. Get your bow and arrows out and hit as many targets as possible.

On the 20th, your ruling planet Jupiter, the zodiac’s darling of Good Luck, reenters fiery Aries. Be bold where matters of the heart are concerned. Get your bow and arrows out and shoot for the person of your desires. Jupiter will guide the shots to successfully hit your intended target. Artists and those involved in the performing arts may get their much-desired big break to achieve fame. Your intuition should be on target too with making right choices with speculation.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd can bring in some much-needed cash. Many money-making opportunities come in unexpectedly to help tide you over with all the holiday expenses. If you’ve dreamed of beginning a start-up, get moving to bring it into reality.

Try to collect all monies due you before Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. Otherwise, payments might be delayed for a long time. Since your perceptiveness in financial matters won’t be the best, avoid large purchases and investments.



When Neptune turns direct on the 3rd, you may find trusting your intuition will serve you better than heeding your logical mind. Through your speech or writing, you can effortlessly inspire others without even attempting to.

Mercury, the planet which rules communications, enters your sign on the 6th. He’ll help you speak up more and be less cautious with giving opinions. Others will be surprised but at the same time attracted to your ready candor.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th may have Goats throwing caution to the winds and partying up a storm celebrating the holidays too much. Use some discretion when it comes to pigging out with food or drinking to excess. Otherwise, your health and work will suffer.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th makes Goats the most sought after sign in the zodiac.  Grace and charm will just flow effortlessly, attracting all who come into your sphere. Santa Claus maybe especially good to you this holiday too.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, reenters Aries on the 20th. Since he tends to expand all he touches, your family may increase either through births or marriage. The value of your home could also zoom up pleasantly too. Improvements or additions to your abode will prove profitable in the future.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd offers you a fresh start with many opportunities to keep your momentum up. The seeds of change you plant now, can bring a harvest of successes in the months to come. It all depends on you taking the first steps.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. Refrain from making any drastic changes with your physical appearance or mannerisms. It won’t go over successfully. Feeling being out of sync and that others aren’t listening to you can be magnified under these rays.



The Neptunian mist, colored with deception and confusion, will start to recede somewhat when he turns direct on the 3rd. He’s had you under his spell, clouding your vision concerning financial affairs. With eyes opened now, you can spot potential con artists who are seeking to prey upon your generous wallet. Use his forward motion to explore highly creative and artistic ways to increase your income and investments.

Mercury transits into practical Capricorn on the 6th. He’ll fine-tune your intuitive gifts. You’ll be better able to see where people are really coming from and be able to act accordingly.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th will find you setting hearts aflutter with passionate thoughts of love. Any inhibitions which you may have will be swept away when showcasing your artistic and creative talents to the max.

Venus enters Capricorn on the 9th and brings strong elements of intrigues and secrecy into love affairs. New romances now can contain strong karmic pulls with them. However, do some deep soul searching before plunging into an affair. They might be a dharma lover from the past or a karmic jailer. Don’t be so swept away with passion that you don’t take the time to exam the situation and both your motives for getting involved.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, reenters Aries on the 20th. Since he loves unlimited expansion, he’ll be increasing and enlarging your immense communicational skills. If you’ve wanted to spiff up your business website or gain a larger social media presence on line, go for it. If you have any siblings, one or more of them can reap some good fortune too. Much support can be found coming to you from your neighbors or people in the community.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd tunes you into your psychic talents. Best to keep a notepad by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, you can readily record the night’s dreams. Many of them now can be quite prophetic in nature. Writing them down will keep you from losing their potent messages.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th making you susceptible to feelings of deep guilt and obligation. As a result, you can easily turn into a patsy to others demands. Situations and people best forgotten from your past may resurface.


Your ruling planet Neptune turns direct on the 3rd.  He will require you to find a balance between compassion and common sense. Otherwise, you can find yourself being taken to the cleaners and back either emotionally, financially, or both. Follow your gut instincts and you’ll be on the right path. Your psychic feelers will relay the correct info and help to navigate through the Neptunian Sea.

Mercury transits into Capricorn on the 6th. You feel a greater need to review your inner hopes, wishes, and dreams to make sure you’re on the right path to obtain them. Friends can play an important role in helping you make correct decisions.

Your home life may turn into an emotional power keg with the Full Moon in Gemini on the 7th. Emotions can run rampant trying to balance home and career needs. Family members may feel neglected and demand more of your attention. At the same time, work deadlines require even more of your time. Take a deep breath and try to keep calm. Swimming in emotional circles will be counterproductive.

Venus entering Capricorn on the 9th makes you mindful of what your personal hopes, wishes and dreams are. Now you totally desire someone who will share similar plans within a relationship. Friends can come to the rescue and set up impromptu casual introductions for you to meet the love of your life.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, exits your sign and reenters Aries on the 20th. He’ll bless you with tremendous opportunities to greatly improve your finances.  Bonuses, raises, and pay increases can pour over you. Enjoy the ride but remember it ends in mid-May when he enters Taurus. So, don’t go hog wild with running up unnecessary expenses.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd finds you exploring new waters in search of expanding your friendship base. Join in the holiday celebrations and accept invitations from different clubs which you belong to but never attend their gatherings. Get out with friends and welcome the New Year in a spirit of joy.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 29th. As a result, you may feel that close friends don’t get you or your ideas. Don’t rock the boat by throwing them overboard. It’s just Mercury causing a temporary squall. Acquaintances from your past can resurface and old bonds can be renewed.

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