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Monthly Astrological Forecast : FEBRUARY 2022                                                     

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For better understanding of this month's aspects, read my Venus Retrograde  guidance   (Venus Turns Direct Jan 29)


The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st will bring some totally surprising changes with alliances and maybe even some friendships. This will all be due to a strong square from Uranus.  Expect the unexpected from others. You can experience clashes with them also over personal values or money and possessions.

Finally, Mercury starts to go direct on the 3rd.  It’ll become easier to access your inner compass and find the most accurate career path. Naughty Mercury may have had people in management see you in an unattractive light due to unwarranted misunderstandings. Now you can clear up your image.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th and you start to see things in life in a more upbeat tempo. By reviewing your hopes, wishes, and dreams, you can toss out what is no longer relevant and replace them with ones which are. 

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th brings much praise and positive reviews for your talents. As a result, a fire will be ignited within you to express more of your creative abilities. Rams involved professionally in any of the arts will experience a breakthrough with their skills.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st can bring in an unexpected new job offer. Since the Moon is being hit by a square from Uranus, don’t be too quick to jump ship. Do check out the validity of its promises. Also, ask yourself why you want to change jobs. Is it due to a rebellious spirit within or because it offers a brighter future? Be aware too, there could be a major shake up with upper management where you work. Some big wigs may be out the door.

Mercury stops his backward spin on the 3rd, and harmony reappears in your life. If you’ve experienced confusion over educational matters, you can blame it on Mercury’s retrograde. Now, you’re able to chart the right course. Mayhem can have also been encountered with travel plans and legal matters.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th and gives more weight and meaning to your words at work. Management will want to know your opinion on handling projects. The answers you give and how you present them, will have a big impact good or bad on your career. Take particular care on the 24th when Uranus clashes with Mercury with all job-related communications.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th can rattle things up where your home is concerned. You may start to seriously contemplate moving from where you’re living or desire to make radical changes to the home. Childhood memories may start to resurface and have to be dealt with.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st makes you crave excitement through mental or physical expansion. The urge to travel to distant shores may become so overwhelming that you wind up booking an unplanned trip. Studying something new through a workshop or formal classes is an excellent option to broaden your horizons. However, since it’s being hit by a square from Uranus, you should thoroughly review your reasons to switch majors or schools before recklessly doing so.

Impish Mercury finally decides to behave and turn direct on the 3rd. In the process, he can help you complete your income taxes. Also, he might even throw in a deduction or two which you’ve been unaware of. In reviewing expenditures, you may even find that you’re more financially sound than you thought.

Your ruling planet Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th. He will have you focusing on the Big Picture. However, try not to miss the important little things which are close up in the process.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th may make you impatient with following regular routines. There is a strong desire now to break from preconceived ideas and beliefs. Expanding your mind by taking a stimulating course or workshop, may be the fix needed.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st is an excellent time to go over your plans for retirement savings. Review the course you’ve been taking and talk to your financial planner about any better avenues to explore. However, due to a square from Uranus, do some independent homework before incorporating any radical changes.

The chaos in your life with inter-personal relationships will cease when Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. Clients making outrageous demands will calm down and act civil. Both business and romantic partnerships will become more harmonious.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th. You may become obsessive about uncovering certain matters which might be best left undisturbed. Best not to be typecast as being too noisy by associates due to hitting them with a lot of prying questions.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th may be judgement time with finances. If you’ve been very good sticking to a budget, rewards will be forthcoming. If you haven’t, you may be shocked by forgotten charges placed on your credit accounts. Time to get your finances in better working order.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st can bring with it a new beginning to your close relationships. By giving your significant other more time and TLC, you will reap greater intimacy and a stronger bond of love.  However, due to a square from Uranus, you may be sorely tempted to sacrifice your loving intentions by dropping them to answer the call of career duties.

Mercury finally turns direct on the 3rd, and you can feel the stress of its retrograde lifting from your being. Working with some co-workers may have proven to be a bone of contention at times. However, they will start to get their act together and things will be at a more harmonious vibe.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th. You may find yourself uncharacteristically wavering back and forth on making important decisions. it’s best to bounce ideas off close associates first for their unbiased opinions. They might give you a whole new way of viewing the situations.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 16th shines a bright spotlight on your leadership abilities. Others will be seeking your advice and guidance. A whole new life path may be revealed to you. It will be next to impossible to hide your feelings and deep emotions for all the world to see.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st gets your energy focused on being in tip-top shape. Virgos will be hitting the gym and maybe even splurging on hiring a personnel trainer to get the best results. However, be realistic and strategic with your battle plan for a healthier you. Owing to a square from Uranus, you may tend to go to extremes, overdo, and then give up in a state of exhaustion.

Rascally Mercury turns direct on the 3rd and helps you to see things more clearly where matters of the heart are concerned. His retrograde motion may have left you open to making poor choices with love. Your innate artistic abilities will start to flow better.

Your ruler Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th. He’ll help you do a thorough analysis of daily work procedures which can save your company money in the long run.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th may have some potent hidden issues from the past resurface. Over time, several of them may have become roadblocks impeding your progress. Use the Full Moon’s powerful energies to clean up the cobwebs in your memories and subconscious.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st makes your inner child demand to come out to play. Explore new ways to utilize your vast creative gifts. Love will be in the air for Libra and you should socialize up a storm. However, due to a square from Uranus, don’t become a wild child and ignore all important duties in the pursuit of pleasures.

The Little Trickster, Mercury, turns direct on the 3rd. If you’ve had your home up for sale under his retro, he may have been keeping good buyers away. Home DIY projects languishing on the shelf can be taken down and completed expertly.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th just in time for Valentine’s Day. Be prepared for an onslaught of messages of love. He’ll also give you creative ideas on how to provocatively entertain your honey. Those with children can be of tremendous help in their school projects.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th can bring a much needed overhaul with friends. The ones who have been acting as deadweights will be severed. New people who share your interests, will be entering your life.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st may turn you into a homebody. It will be more appealing to spend time with family than to be galivanting about town. DIY projects or decorating will consume much of your attention. However, due to a square from Uranus, family members can be a bone of contention at times with constant bickering.

Mischievous Mercury has had a lot of fun at your expense with his retrograde the past few weeks. However, on the 3rd he turns direct and harmony is brought back into your existence. The chaos due to lost correspondence or mixed-up messages will start to dissipate. You can get your ideas across to others clearly and concisely.

Mercury reentering Aquarius on the 14th indicates you may be working more from the home. Family members are more open to discuss matters in a less highly charged emotional manner. This can help you get to the bottom of things and help heal old slights.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th shines her bright lunar rays on your position at work. You will be seen in a very complimentary light by management. Besides praise, a promotion may be in store for you. Self-employed Scorpios will be getting some first-rate PR by the media.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st adds fuel to the fire and gives you an even greater need for expansion and excitement. An impromptu trip or two would help calm your restless spirit.  Archers involved in sales should be able to greatly surpass their quotas. However, a square from Uranus may make you prone to being too free with sharing your unwelcome unorthodox opinions with others.

Naughty Mercury decides to behave and turn direct on the 3rd. The checks “lost in the mail” should finally find your mailbox. Innovative ideas on how to increase your earnings through investments can now be implemented.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 14th and fills you with a hunger to expand your mental boundaries. Taking a course now can prove invaluable with future job prospects. 

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th can bring a legal matter to a sudden close. Sagittarius students can excel in their studies and receive much praise for their submitted papers. An opportunity to travel may have you packing your bags.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st increases your desire to acquire more cash.  Innovative ideas will stream in on how to earn more through work and investments. However, due to a square from Uranus, you may possess an equally strong desire to spend recklessly what you have acquired.

If you’ve become increasingly insecure with the way you come across to others the past couple of weeks, blame it all on Mercury retrograde. He will start to go direct on the 3rd and your unfounded lack of confidence should vanish. Also, you’ll feel more secure with embarking on a new path.

Mercury reentering Aquarius on the 14th keeps your mind focused on ways to increase your financial holdings. Reading some “how to” books on investments can help you make the right decisions.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16thcan shake up some of your financial investments for the better or for the worse. Either way, it may alert you to keep a more watchful eye on what you have invested.



The New Moon in your sign on the 1st heralds a time of brand new and exciting beginnings. It’s time to focus on your needs for a change and not those of others. By believing in yourself more, you can be the person who you want to be. However, Uranus will be forming a square. So, best not come across as a rebel without a cause. Only incorporate the changes which have real meaning and value for your life.

The veil will be lifted on what’s been going on behind your back on the 3rd when Mercury turns direct. Your intrinsic intuition will kick back in. This will allow you to navigate unobstructed through the waters of life. Also, expect your dreams to become more vivid and prophetic.

Mercury reenters your sign on the 14th. Since your thoughts and ideas are usually light years ahead of the general masses, it’ll be easier for them to achieve acceptance. Try channeling some of your boosted brain power into designing innovative presentations and modernizing your social media presence.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th may expose some of the cracks which are present in close partnerships. If you use the rays correctly, you can mend them successfully. If you feel it’s not worth the bother, you can end them.



The New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st makes you want to swim to the depths alone in order to recharge your being. The Lunar rays will amp up your intuitive abilities in navigating through life. Dreams will become almost prophetic. Uranus will form a stress aspect to the mix. So, try to go with the flow and not against it, if the waters get rough.

After weeks of sowing chaos, Mercury finally turns direct on the 3rd. Others may have made promises which have kept you in limbo waiting for them to materialize. You’ll find out now with his direct passage if they were sincere or not. Your true allies will be revealed.

Mercury reenters Aquarius on the 3rd, and you will do better navigating through decisions by using your heightened famous intuitive abilities rather than following the commonsense approach pushed by others.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 16th can help you bring to completion a complicated work project. However, don’t rush to volunteer and jump into another assignment over your head. Take some time to catch your breath and let your co-workers recoup too.

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