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Monthly Astrological Forecast : JULY 2022                                                     

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When Mars enters Taurus on the 5th, you will be offered two paths to choose from with your finances. You can fall for his insatiable urgings to spend like a drunken sailor. However, the wiser path is to use his immense energy to seek out new ways to increase your savings.

Mercury’ s entrance into Cancer on the 5th will free you to frankly speak your mind with family members. Your thoughts will be pulled back into old memories. With them long buried repressions can surface from your subconsciousness. Look them squarely in the face and resolve to release yourself from them.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th shines a revealing light on power plays surrounding you at work. If you keep your emotions in check and handle the situations in an aboveboard manner, you’ll be the one to be declared the victor. After the dust settles, you might even receive a promotion as a prize.

Venus enters emotionally driven Cancer on the 17th. If you want to attain true family harmony, you may have to be the one to bury the hatchet over past hurts. Doing this will enable all to move forward in a more healing direction. For unattached Rams, love may be found in their own backyard. Married Aries will be happy co-decorating their nests.

With Mercury, the planet in charge of communications, entering Leo on the 19th, you will be able to give full expression of your feelings to others. They will develop closer bonds with you as a result. New avenues for speculation will capture your interest. Doing some research on them, may reap a hefty profit.

Jupiter turns retrograde in your sign on the 28th. While he’ll still be bestowing good fortune on Rams, you might miss out on some of it due to complacency. Don’t become too content with the status quo. It’s always best to be a little bit hungry for success. Otherwise, the greedy who are, will quickly scoop the opportunities up.

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th can turn your attention to thoughts of passionate romance. Rams involved in the arts professionally can be showcasing their talents to tremendous applause too. Let your light shine. This is not the time to hide it under a bushel.


 It may feel like you’ve gotten a cosmic vitamin shot when Mars enters your sign on the 5th. You’ll be over-brimming with excesses of ambition and unrelenting drive to be first and to succeed at all costs. Do take care that in your mad rush that you don’t become the bull in the China shop. Try to be solicitous of others and guard against losing your temper.

When Mercury the planet ruling communication and the logical mind enters Cancer on the 5th, you may not come across as being too mentally grounded. Your mind will flutter like a butterfly from one brilliant idea to the next. Try to concentrate on performing one project fully before you proceed to the next.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th may attract situations where your deep personal beliefs are tested or challenged by others. Since Pluto is involved in the mix, use it as an opportunity to evaluate your basic philosophies on life. You may be engulfed in a craving to travel internationally or pursue a totally new course of study.

On the 17th, Venus enters Cancer. If you’ve been itching to sit down and have a heart to heart with your beloved, now is the time to do it. You’ll have the right words at you ready disposal to get them to open up. As a result, a stronger bond of love and trust can be imbued with your relationship.

On the 19th, Mercury enters Leo. He’ll open the lines of communication between yourself and family members. This is an excellent time for everyone concerned to get deep seated resentments off their chests. Voicing your opinions on how to run things less chaotically will be met with greater reception.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th. Your dreams will take on a new intensity and reveal prophetic visions. Unexplored psychic talents will surface. Also, your desire to be of help to the less fortunate will be intensified. However, try to use discretion by giving or doing for only the truly needy.

Have you been caught up in such a frantic pace, that you feel like you’re running on empty? If so, the New Moon in Leo on the 28th offers you the chance to replenish and realign your inner energies. Obtain a renewed sense of being by nurturing yourself a little.  Since it’s your home sector being highlighted, maybe a Feng Shui consultation is in order to reestablish balance and harmony.


Mars enters Taurus on the 5th and you feel like there have been road blocks placed in your path. They are only temporary delays, not denials. So, keep your cool and carry on. The timing will be more in sync for you when Mars enters Gemini in August.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th. Focus your mind like a laser beam on how to increase your finances. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your ability to analyze and come up with some very practical money-making ideas. Investing in communications or transportation companies can reap a future bundle.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th may present a wake-up call to get your credit cards and debt in order. Since Pluto is thrown into the mix, avoid clashes over shared resources with partners. Even though they may claim to be correct with the way they want things handled, they are wrong. Disagreeing with them now will only result in an unpleasant standoff. Stay aboveboard with all insurance and tax matters. Being “creative” at this time can result in future legal difficulties, even though someone may prompt you to do it.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, your income gets a pleasant boost. New ways of making money can materialize in the form of a new job or some hot investment tips. With matters of the heart, you will be in a romantic comfort zone. Things will hum along smoothly with you both feeling content with the relationship.

On the 19th, Mercury’s passage through Leo indicates that you should not jump to conclusions or make snap decisions. It’s more favorable for you to gather as much info as possible before making binding commitments.

With Jupiter turning retrograde on the 28th, buddies from your distant past resurface bearing gifts. Getting actively involved in a professional, social, or volunteer group, which you might have overlooked before, can now bring you many new unwavering friendships.

You’ll be brimming over with dazzling ideas and possess the ability to communicate them with clarity to others. All this will be thanks to the New Moon in Leo on the 28th. Use your unique salesmanship skills to advance in the direction of your dreams.


With Mars transiting into Taurus on the 5th, your friends may think you’re too fanatical with some strongly held beliefs. If they can’t handle your viewpoints, then it may be time to shop around for buddies who do. Look into joining organizations where you can freely voice your principles without fear of repercussions.

You’ll feel safe to come out of your famous shell starting on the 5th. Mercury will then enter Cancer and you’ll feel a great sense of abandon and want to express yourself openly to others. Not being as shy now, you’ll be direct in getting desires and needs across.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th zaps you with an “all or nothing at all” sort of attitude with matters of the heart. Unless you see potential with a relationship progressing to a firm future commitment, you will not be interested in anything they have to offer. Business partners may behave very erratically under these lunar rays. Clients can make some unreasonable demands.

Venus enters your sign on the 17th and sprinkles magical love dust all over you. Others will be immediately attracted to your grace and charm. Unhooked Crabs will have their choice of suitors.

Mercury entering Leo on the 19th will endow you with some very brilliant, almost off the wall ideas on how to increase your income and savings.  A big investment tip out the blue from an extremely unlikely source could wind up generating sizeable profits for you.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th, it’s best not to make a major career move. Employment promises made to you will not be fully kept. Best to concentrate on trying to move up where you are, then seek new work elsewhere.

Due to the New Moon in Leo on the 28th, you could find a sudden windfall dropping into your lap. Take care though in making big ticket purchases during the month. Otherwise, it will all be gone in the blink of an eye. 


Please resist the urge to roar your orders about at work when Mars enters Taurus on the 5th. You’ll be all heated up by his fiery rays to accomplish the almost impossible. You’ll find a gentle purr can be just as effective. As much as you may not want to, be prepared to make compromises to attain the sought-after career goals.

Mercury starts his passage through Cancer on the 5th. A problem you are experiencing might be best resolved by going over how you dealt with similar occurrences in the past. Try to keep your thoughts and opinions more to yourself. Otherwise, they can be misconstrued and used against you.

If you feel your talents are not being fully utilized or appreciated on the job, the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th may make you antsy to call it quits. Best to keep your cool. Schedule a heart-to-heart with management to clear the air before making any major decisions. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

With Venus’s entrance into Cancer on the 17th, you may be called upon to offer assistance to someone you care for deeply. Your needs may have to be put aside in order to fully concentrate on theirs. In doing so, you will be creating a stronger bond of unselfish love.

Mercury, the planet ruling communications, enters your sign on the 19th. Now is the time to shine using commanding speaking skills which are readily at your disposal. You’ll have a lot to say and people will be eager to hear more.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th, filling you with a strong urge to further your education. Resubmit articles or books you wrote, if you want to see them published. A return visit to a foreign land will bring even greater happiness than the first time.

With the New Moon in your sign on the 28th, you will be the center of attention. Be bold and creative with your self-image. All eyes will be upon you and you can bask in their adulation.


You may decide to take a physically demanding trip when Mars transits into Taurus on the 5th. He’ll give you the energy to tackle what was seen as maybe being too arduous before. Want to expand your mental horizons to the max? Register for an intellectually challenging course. You will have the brain power to ace it.

With your ruling planet Mercury entering Cancer on the 5th, your mind will take an extraordinary turn and become highly inventive. Discard your normal no-nonsense approach to figuring things out. Allowing yourself to take some mental flights of fancy will reap the needed solutions.

The Full Moon on the in Capricorn on the 13th shines a bright light on your creative talents. Dust off projects that were forgotten or put to the side. Use your imaginative gifts to bring them to life. Take time off from your busy schedule to attend some of the many social gatherings which you will be invited to.

Venus starts to transit Cancer on the 17th. You’ll be able to make new friends with the right type of people easily under her loving rays. Group activities now are favorable for meeting the love of your life.

Your ruler Mercury transits into Leo on the 19th.  With his passage, exercise greater caution in speech. Things said may be easily misconstrued by the wrong party. Be forthright in what you have to say but temper it with discretion.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th and throws a monkey wrench into some financial plans. They will not be aborted but possibly experience some delays or revisions. Jupiter may also give you some breathing time to examine better loan options.

Normally you resort to your extraordinary analytical abilities in making important decisions. However, starting with the New Moon in Leo on the 28th, heeding your intuition will serve you better. Potent dreams can steer you in the right direction. Listening to subliminal recordings to either reprogram yourself for greater success or to eliminate negative habits, should be explored too.


Mars enters Taurus on the 5th and turns up the passion in your relationship. It won’t take much effort on your part to seduce the object of your desire. Where matters of joint financial holdings are concerned, try not to dominate the decisions.

When Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th, plan a strategy for career advancement.  Schedule a talk with your superior about ways to move up within the company. They will be impressed with your desire to learn and be more productive.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th is favorable for all real estate transactions. If you have wanted to do some refurbishing or adding on to your home, take the plunge and get better than expected results. Family reunions can turn out to be emotional, but packed with powerful healing energies at the same time.

On the 17th, Venus enters Cancer. She’ll have you shinning in the eyes of the public. Somehow your career aspirations and love life might intersect in romantic ways.

Mercury transits into Leo on the 19th.  Expect your friends to give you the honest inside track as to if you’re approaching career goals correctly. In case you’re not, they’ll gladly point out some useful tips to get you in the right direction.

Jupiter turning retrograde on the 28th can bring an opportunity to reconnect with a past lover. Under his generous rays, you both will be willing to patch past differences and make amends.

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th offers many opportunities for you to expand both your personal and professional social circles. New friends acquired under these rays will prove to be loyal. Plus, they’ll inspire you to stretch your underlying creative talents.


Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Taurus on the 5th. He’ll light a burning fire of passion in your close relationship. Unattached Scorpios will be fearless in the pursuit of their amour.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th and you’ll be able to soak up knowledge like a sponge. To get as much from his transit, take courses in school which you deemed to be too difficult before to even attempt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well you do on exams. Long distance trips are highly favored both for business and vacation.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th indicates you will profit the most from giving advice and sharing your ideas with others. They will not only find them correct but will follow them. Increasing your web and social media presence now, will help you attain greater professional heights and add to your reputation as an authority in your field.

Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, and there may be some extra long-distance trips required for you to take for your job. Single Scorpios can readily find romance under the stars by a distant shore. Those who want to get their work published, should be sending out their masterpieces.

Mercury entering Leo on the 19th helps you appear to be a big shot at work. Whatever you have to say will come across with authority.

Management will be blown away by your innovative suggestions. As a result, others may seek your advice on getting a better handle on their projects.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th and your expansive plans at work may have to be put on a temporary hold. Don’t become disheartened. In reality, it will give you needed time to improve projects. Those seeking employment may get an offer from a company which you applied to in the past and was rejected by.

Long-term career goals take center stage in your life due to the New Moon in Leo on the 28th. Filled with a passionate desire to achieve the deserved recognition which has been blocked, you’ll be propelled to go after it.


Mars blazes into Taurus on the 5th firing you up with a fervent will to excel and break all records at the workplace. Others may find you being too brash and bossy, if you don’t tone it down a little. Since you’re now seeking perfection, channel some of this excess energy into working out more in the gym or maybe hiring a personal trainer.

When Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th, your flawless intuition will be right on target in deciphering hidden motivations of others. Go over your savings ideas with your financial planner. More lucrative ways to increase your holdings can be found.

The Full Moon in Capricorn’s bright light on the 13th illuminates the path to financial successes. Luck will be on your side in fateful ways to expand your income and bank account. A well-calculated risk may reap many rewards.

On the 17th, Venus will amp up your sex appeal when she enters Cancer. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for your sweetie to deny you anything your heart desires.

Mercury’s transit into Leo on the 19th makes you hungry to increase your knowledge about the world. Broaden your horizons by signing up for a class or two at the local community college. Your mind will readily soak up new concepts and ideas.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th, creative projects cast aside should be given a second try. Those with children will become overly involved with keeping them entertained. If you’ve been home schooling young ones, your teaching approach may have to be revamped.

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th covers Archers with wanderlust. Suddenly, the call to travel is too much to ignore and you’re galloping off to a glamorous locale. 


Mars starts a fire in your love life when he enters Taurus on the 5th. By throwing caution aside, you will achieve total victory in the pursuit of your desired lover. Those already involved in a liaison will be inspired to spice up the relationship to the max.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th, and your skills with negotiations become impeccable. The deals you present have everyone walking away from the table feeling like a winner. As a result, they will recommend you to others and be back for more future business.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 13th renders you overly emotional and insecure with even the smallest of slights. Stay true to yourself at this time. If you listen to others’ advice, they may make you doubt the soundness of your correct decisions.

Goats start to seek greater commitment in relationships when Venus enters Cancer on the 17th. Playing the field now just seems like a big waste of time. Potential suitors who aren’t shopping for a lasting tie will be cast aside.

Mercury entering Leo on the 19th fine tunes your negotiation skills with handling money matters. Flashes of intuitive insights can help you get a better grasp on increasing business. Some extra strategic planning with professional decisions may be in order.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th. This shift in planetary energies may make you skirt around pressing emotional issues instead of facing them. Research into your ancestral roots can uncover some startling family backgrounds.

Intense heights of intimacy can be reached this month between you and your beloved on both physical and emotional planes due to the New Moon in Leo on the 28th.  Also, these rays are potent for devising an unbeatable financial strategy with business partners.


Mars enters Taurus on the 5th, and there can be a lot of unrest due to his fiery rays with family members. You may have to grab the reins of power to instill peace. Try channeling your excess energy into long overdue needed home repairs.

Mercury starts his passage through Cancer on the 5th. You start to see clearly now ways to improve your wellbeing by adopting some better health habits. Just making some minor changes with diet and exercise will make you feel like a whole new person.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th endows you with superb psychic and intuitive insights. Listen to your nighttime dreams. It will seem like they are giving you potent advice from other realms.  People and situations from your past, from this lifetime, or maybe others may resurface.

Venus’s entrance into Cancer on the 17th wins you some appreciation at the workplace. Your hard work is recognized and acknowledged even by co-workers. Asking for a bonus or a raise would not be seen as being out of line.

Mercury enters Leo on the 19th, and you can get worrisome issues out in the open with your partner. They’ll be relieved you’re being frank with them. Decisions should be reached mutually for all concerned to be happy.

When Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th, you may want to get involved more with things going on in the neighborhood. If you are involved in a co-op group or community board, your voiced concerns will take on a strong impact leading to improvements.

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th offers you the opportunity to share the spotlight with your lover or business partner. Remember the taste of applause is as intoxicating for them too. You’re going to be seeking stability in all close relationships and rejecting insincere advances.


Mars enters Taurus on the 5th, and others will pay big for your services. Fish involved in sales can break all existing sales records. Do take care though when driving. Keep your eyes on the road, don’t speed. And ignore the cell phone calls.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 5th, and your mind takes a highly creative turn. Others will find having conversations with you very entertaining. Doing research on prospective speculative investments will help you pick a winner.

Plunging into networking activities with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th can land you an immense catch of new clients and accounts. The lunar rays will also call upon you to give help to a friend who might be in emotional straights.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, Fish with children will find it’s easier to get along with them. They’ll pose less resistance to following your lead. Unattached Pisces can discover romance by attending some art exhibits or going to places where others let their creative lights shine.

Mercury entering Leo on the 19th makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Detail work which seemed to be too tiresome to even start can now be attacked with vigor. Co-workers and subordinates all want to lend a hand to help one another with projects.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 28th. Past investment opportunities overlooked will resurface. This will give you a second chance at making a bundle.

If you’ve slipped into bad habits with eating unhealthy food, avoiding exercise, or not getting the proper amount of sleep, the New Moon in Leo on the 28th can get you swimming in a better direction. By starting a fresh holistic regime now, you’ll have the tenacity to stick with it.

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