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Monthly Astrological Forecast : JUNE 2022                                                     

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With Mercury doing his backward spin the past couple of weeks, your finances might have been doing a downward spiral. On the 3rd, he turns direct and sanity is restored to your investments and earnings. If you’ve been in limbo waiting for payments, they should start to arrive.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th. He may hand over greater responsibilities to you in managing a group or team project. Trying to work well with others can be a daunting task. While it will be hard, supervising the operation correctly can ultimately lead to great rewards.

When Mercury reenters Gemini on the 13th, you will vacillate in making decisions. One path may look attractive one minute and another path the next. Others can be driven bonkers by you changing your mind so much. You will be filled with a lot of restlessness which can only be cured by getting out and socializing. Doing some local day trips can be an excellent cure.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th brings with it an opportunity to settle a hanging legal dispute. Her rays will fill you with a more adventurous spirit which will make you eager to travel internationally and experience more of life. Those wishing to get their literary works published should be submitting them.

Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd and enhances communications between you and your lover.  You can tap into instinctively the right words to unlock their heart. Unattached Rams will find romantic success through social media and dating sites.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th plunges you into the world of home improvement. Tackle all the repairs you’ve been promising to do for months. Those on the quest for a new home, may land the place of their dreams. Plan a family outing or throw an outdoor party to unite all your relatives and extended family together.

With Neptune turning retrograde on the 28th, do avoid drinking and drugs. You’ll be ultra-sensitive on many psychic levels. Your dreams can take on an extreme intensity of depth and reveal hidden aspects of your inner being.



With Mercury retrograde for the past couple of weeks, you may have felt your charisma and attractiveness had dimmed. As a result, you may have suffered from a lack of self-confidence or become very shy. Plus, you may have started to second guess your actions.  However, when he goes direct on the 3rd, you will start to get back to being your normal charming self.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th and gives you a wake-up call to re-examine your path to success. Doubts may slowly start to creep in, questioning if you’re even in the right career. Professional goals may be stymied by difficulties with authority figures and management. Bulls starting a new business venture under these rays will experience constant revisions to it.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 13th and you become more practical minded with money. Before laying down a wad of cash on an item, you’ll be checking out any sales or coupons which can cut the price. Bulls can reap rewards from investing in companies dealing with communications.

The Full Moon on the 14th in Sagittarius can help those seeking additional funds or extended credit. This is also a good time to purge yourself of negative people and situations, which may be holding you back.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd. She will present a multitude of money-making opportunities. Starting a small business on the side can prove to be more profitable than even imagined. You may feel like it’s raining money on you.

If you’ve been guilty of not spending much time with your siblings, the New Moon in Cancer on the 28th presents opportunities for you to reconnect with them. Getting more involved in neighborhood or community affairs can bring in many future rewards.

When Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th, you may begin to feel a sense of alienation and disconnection with some of your friends and close associates. There may also be present a sense of deception or a hidden agenda with some hands extended in friendship. Be careful with joining groups or clubs. Their true platform may be veiled to your naïve eyes.


With the Trickster Mercury turning direct on the 3rd, your life will start to flow in a much more harmonious way. New concepts for work, which surfaced during his retrograde spin, can now be taken off the backburner. They might need some spiffing up and minor adjustments. So, some additional work may be required before they are effectively implemented.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th. He will challenge you to go deeper within and determine which spiritual path to follow. Pending legal matters may be up for a revision. Retaking a course in school may turn out to be in your best interests where future professional goals are concerned.

When Mercury enters your sign on the 13th, Twins will start to resonate to a higher vibration. You’ll be plugged into your true identity and feel a load being lifted off your shoulders. Projects which had to be held under wraps, can now be successfully revealed. A trip or two can materialize out of the blue and bring many rewards.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th reveals that you can accomplish more by compromise and negotiation with both business and romantic partners than demanding to have your way. Showing them you value their opinions will lead to stronger ties and mutual respect.

Venus transits into your sign on the 22nd, making others fall helplessly under your charms. Don’t be fearful of asking for favors under her vibrations. People will want to be of assistance and find it difficult to say no. Be prepared for a tremendous amount of positive attention and offers of love.

If you’ve been itching to start a new business on the side, the New Moon in Cancer on the 28th can propel you finally do it. Extra work or ways to increase your income should also appear.

When Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th, you will have a deeper sensitivity on following your correct career path. Duties which you have been avoiding must be faced and completed.


On the 3rd, the trickster planet Mercury stops his retrograde and starts going in direct motion. Peace, order, and balance will be reestablished in your life. Problems which may have arisen with friends or groups due to communication mix-ups can be ironed out. Plans can be made and actually kept to meet up with pals without last minute cancelations.

With Saturn turning retrograde on the 4th, you should become more conscience of incurring unnecessary debt. If you don’t clamp down on excessive credit card purchases, you will find yourself in hot water in the coming months. Credit and loans will not be as easy to obtain.

Mercury enters Gemini on the 13th and the answers to problems are best found by going deep within the waters of your subconscious mind. Treasures of solutions can be acquired by meditating, yoga, or dream therapy. Explore the inner realms of your spiritual essence for true guidance.

The rays from the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th can render co-workers touchy and ultra-sensitive over any and all criticism. Handle them with kid gloves or pay the consequences. If you’re shopping for a new employee, wait until the New Moon or you may hire the wrong person out of misplaced sympathy.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 22nd, you become more private with your feelings and inner longings. Retreating a little bit into your shell at this time may prove to be a healing experience for your soul. A strong psychic bond can be strengthened with your lover.

The New Moon in your sign on the 28th shines an immense spotlight on Crabs. Without lifting a finger, you will become the center of attention. New paths will appear now, leading to a more potent direction for your life to take.

Neptune turns retrograde on the on the 28th and will help you see alternate higher educational goals. Cancer wordsmiths are able to focus once again with their writing projects. Trips embarked on as a spiritual pilgrimage hold the promise of total renewal of the soul. However, at the same time, try not to get caught up in over estimating yourself in these areas and be through in getting the facts before you proceed.


If you have been experiencing setbacks with career goals, they should start to almost magically end when Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. The minor faux pas committed with upper management will also be forgiven and forgotten. They will start to see you again as more than perfectly competent for your position.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th and will force you for many months to analyze close relationships and partnerships. They will require you to give on a multitude of levels. However, they may not be there for you if it’s reversed and your going gets tough.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 13th. Keep your mind open to suggestions from others. Expert advice can be reaped from friends and close associates. They will have your best interests at heart. Difficult technological problems can be tackled with gusto and lead to accomplishment.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th makes you desire more passion from your beloved. Roaring at them won’t be necessary. Instead, attempt some gentle purring. It will make them realize what they have been missing. Lions with children will find them clamoring for more of your time and attention. Plan some fun-filled summer outings and peace will be restored.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 22nd, you should see your popularity skyrocket. Social gatherings won’t seem as fun to others without your sparkling presence included on the guest list. Unattached Lions will have the best chance for finding a new amour through friends or attending get-togethers.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th forces you to clean up some of the cobwebs of negative memories from the past, which might have accumulated in your subconscious. Some people, who you have karmic ties with, might reappear. It will be your decision now to cut the tie or strengthen it.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. He will help lift some of the fog that has covered joint investments and financial holdings. By seeing things a little bit more clearly, you can make better judgements concerning confusing monetary dealings. Your partner’s financial situation may tend to resolve itself somewhat.


You may have felt there were too many restraints being placed upon you the past couple of weeks with Mercury retrograde. It may have been like hitting one brick wall after another. However, when Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, you should find the obstacles falling by the wayside. Your clear-cut communicational talents with both writing and speaking will also be reinstated.

When Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th, you will enter a period of having to become more discriminatory with accepting work projects. Stifle the urge to take on more than you can handle. Otherwise, all your undertakings will suffer as a result.

Your ruling planet Mercury reenters Gemini on the 13th and helps you with the multitude of tasks you’re working on. He’ll aid you in making order out of chaos at work. Management will be amazed with the efficient way you can deal and delegate tasks. Your opinions will take on greater weight with those working for you.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th brings matters concerning your living situation to a head. If you’ve been on the fence about staying or moving, you may be pushed into making a definite decision. Family members may have some unexpected emergencies that you will be expected to help them with.

Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd and helps you radiate a pleasing presence at the workplace. Upper management will be impressed with your seemingly effortless ability to infuse calmness into stressful situations. Asking for a raise or promotion under Venus’s vibes might bring the reward you desire.

The Cancerian New Moon on the 28th brings a multitude of invitations from friends to help you get out and socialize more. Joining a club, group, or organization now can bring many future benefits on both personal and professional levels.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th and will help to dissipate some of the fog which has been concealing problems in your relationship. Some buried resentments can come to light from your partner. Those seeking joint counseling will greatly benefit from starting it.


Attempts made during the past couple of weeks to acquire additional credit may have met with failure. However, Mercury going direct on the 3rd may turn all of that around. Furthermore, the stalemate between you and your partner over reaching agreements on joint financial matters, should start to dissolve.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th and he will bring increased responsibilities with handling children. In matters of the heart, you will be reviewing what you need to feel loved, instead of what your beloved needs.

Mercury transits into Gemini on the 13th. He will bring in welcome opportunities to travel. There will be increased long-distance communications which will have to be handled promptly. If you’ve wanted to further your education, now is an excellent time to send in applications.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th imbues you with the right amount of confidence and poise to pull off difficult sales presentations. Others will be charmed by not only what you have to say but how you say it. However, your natural tendency to weigh and measure your words and replies before opening your mouth will be sorely tested in personal conversations.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd and romance can be found by lonely Libras on foreign shores. Those unable to take off from work to travel may find love in the classroom or attending religious services. You’ll find a strong sense of mutual attraction to foreign and exotic people.

Libra’s seeking publicity for their services or businesses, will get it from the New Moon in Cancer on the 28th.  An opportunity to greatly advance your career may appear. It will be up to you though to grab hold of it and follow all the leads through.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. Some of his foggy mist, which has been covering issues concerning your work, will start to dissipate. You can see a little bit clearer now fellow employees’ true feelings for you. Work, which you have been lazily been putting off, now demands instant completion. A better and more accurate medical diagnosis can be found for health concerns.


If the lines of communication between you and your partner have been down the past couple of weeks, blame it on Mercury retrograde. On the 3rd, he will start spinning direct and the connection will be restored. Also, petty disputes can be resolved with all wanting to bury the hatchet.

Saturn, the Report Card planet, turns retrograde on the 4th. He will make it quite clear that you have to re-establish some balance with family and career demands. Otherwise, you own inner needs will be totally eclipsed and drained by them unmercifully.

When Mercury transits into Gemini on the 13th, you’ll feel a greater sense of freedom in discussing intimate matters with your partner. They will not shy away from talking about what may have been bothering them for quite some time. Confidential business matters can be shared with trusted allies.

You’re usually known for your savvy with bargaining and getting the best deals, when it comes to purchasing big ticket items. However, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th may have you throwing caution to wind and spending recklessly without forethought. Steer clear of rash investments too.

With Venus’s passage through Gemini starting on the 22nd, Scorpios who are self-employed will start to see an upsurge with their business. Funds due will finally be repaid. Credit will be extended to you at very desirable rates.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th can bring with it an exciting opportunity to travel abroad. Don’t look for excuses on why you can’t. Instead concentrate on why you can. Then make it happen. If you’ve been contemplating on furthering your education, get your applications in the mail.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. Some of the confusion surrounding a love affair may clear up considerably. If you’ve been too sacrificial, you will not feel obliged to continue being taken advantage of. Single Scorpios may encounter their soul mate under his retrograde motion. Those involved in the arts and theatre will experience a renaissance with their creations and performances.


You may have encountered many stumbling blocks in trying to get your work completed successfully for the past couple of weeks. Blame it on Mercury retrograde running rampant and messing up communications with fellow employees. He is turning direct on the 3rd and peace and harmony should be fully restored at the work scene.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th. Some issues which you thought were resolved with siblings or neighbors may resurface. Do not accept any additional responsibilities for them if you feel they can’t be honored or are an imposition.

When Mercury transits into Gemini on the 13th, you will be at your diplomatic best. Sticky inter-personal issues can be readily resolved through arbitration. You’ll be able to clearly see both sides of situations and can get all involved to agree.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 14th may make you so extremely emotional that it’s impossible to hide your feelings from others. While there’s nothing wrong in showing your soft side, too much outward sentiment can be interpreted as weakness in leadership roles.

Venus enters Gemini on the 22nd and showers you with many new clients. They will come bearing gifts of referrals and offers to assist you. Attached Archers will experience greater love and harmony in their relationship. Single Sags will be pursued by serious admirers promising a commitment.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th can revitalize your investments. New opportunities appear which can help you reap many future rewards. Start and implement a new savings plan. If you’ve wanted to incorporate your business, get moving. To symbolically make way for new opportunities, let go of some useless or outworn things to make way for the new.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. His backward motion lightens some of the ongoing sacrifices you have had to make for family. As Neptune’s mists recede somewhat, several startling family secrets will be uncovered.



The naughty little trickster planet of the zodiac Mercury finally turns direct on the 3rd. His retrograde the past couple of weeks may have had you experience one glitch after another in working on creative projects. Now you should find smoother sailing in utilizing your original and imaginative abilities. Also, others will have a greater appreciation for your creative talents.

Your ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th.  Debts incurred under these rays will be much harder to pay off than initially expected. He will demand you become more fiscally responsible. Do your homework before jumping into investments too.

You’ll want to get your schedule in better working order when Mercury reenters Gemini on the 13th. Being the most efficient possible will be a boon to the projects you are immersed in. Call a department meeting and let co-workers share their ideas on how to improve office procedures.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th can bring in some strong dreams and almost visionary premonitions. You will be able to pick up on people’s nuances   very easily. Secrets can be shared and revealed to you. Take care though that you do not keep what is given in private away to others.

With Venus transiting into Gemini on the 22nd, you will find a renewed sense of fulfillment on the job. Co-workers play nice and are agreeable to making needed adjustments with joint projects. Participating in an after-hours get together with them can bring increased office harmony.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th will evaluate your relationships. If they pass, they will be strengthened. If they fail, then it will cause needed breaks. A surge of new clientele can be expected for those involved or sales or self-employed.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th and some of the mist covering your logical mind will start to slowly dissipate. You will be able to trust your intuition once again. You will find the right inspired words to turn someone’s life around in a better direction.



With Mercury turning direct on the 3rd, difficulties you may have been experiencing with home and family should be ending. The lines of communication with relatives will be opened. You should all start to see things better eye-to-eye. Also, plans which you may have drawn up for the home such as improvements, additions, or decorating may all start to fall into place in a more cohesive way.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th in your sign. As a result, he may require you to once again redefine yourself and your path. Taking the time to focus more attention on yourself and less on others will be an important first step. Saturn is the Ring Pass Not in astrology. However, if you follow his rules, you will always come out ahead.

Mercury reenters Gemini on the 13th and fills you with deserved pride when it comes to your superior way of thinking. Never one to be limited in vision, you allow your inborn creativity to soar to new heights. You can be a master of reverse psychology now to motive your kids and lover.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14thcan highlight a period of activity and change with friends. People from your past may unexpectedly reappear. Friends may also call upon you for assistance in some crises they have in their life. Be there for them and they’ll be in your corner in the future when needed.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 22nd, Aquarian entertainers may get the big break that they’ve worked hard to obtain.  Artists will find an appreciative public, willing to pay more for their creations. You’ll experience a tremendous surge with your popularity.

The New Moon in Cancer’s rays on the 28th makes you do a brutal appraisal of your current job situation. If it’s lacking opportunities for future advancement, it may be time to contact some headhunters. You will find your skills are in much demand by companies who will appreciate them more.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. As a result, some of the confusion concerning your finances may start to be lifted. You may be inspired with a creative way to make money. It may be visionary, but it can eventually pay off. Following your intuition can lead to wealth.



You will feel like your silvery tongue has been restored on the 3rd when Mercury turns direct. Communications may have been increasing difficult for the past couple of weeks when he was retrograde. Being able to concentrate might also have been problematic as well as trying to stay focused on objectives.

Saturn turns retrograde on the 4th. He will demand, during the months to come, that you eliminate all self-inflicted limiting behaviors. Start off by doing some spring cleaning of past unhappy memories.

Mercury reenters Gemini on the 13th, and you experience deep, soul connecting conversations with loved ones. They will tear down their protective walls and open up about their true emotions and feelings. This will present much desired opportunities to establish deeper ties with them.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th places you in the limelight. All your hard work and efforts on the job should finally receive their correct praise. Self-employed Fish should find their businesses taking off. Shamelessly seek ways to promote yourself and your company. The public will be your oyster.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 22nd, you’ll experience greater harmony with family members. Hosting a party or barbeque at your home can add immeasurably to the loving vibes. Fish seeking to buy or sell a home can do extremely well.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 28th takes you swimming to waters of pleasurable experiences. The mundane will be too passé for you to tolerate. Your creativity and vision will demand to be explored and expanded upon. Follow your heart and it will lead you to the desired shores of love.

Your ruling planet Neptune turns retrograde on the 28th. If your insecurities have been keeping you in a sea of uncertainty, you will start to swim towards clearer waters. A path, which you might have missed, will open up again.


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