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Monthly Astrological Forecast : MAY 2022                                                     

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When Venus enters your sign on the 2nd, you’ll become a virtual love magnet. Even the most hardened of hearts will not be able to resist your captivating charms.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and the lines of communication between yourself and others becomes extremely frayed. Be cautious with signing agreements and contracts. You will not see the fine print and be stuck. Emails and text messages may wind up going to the wrong person to your horror. So, be extra careful with what you write and say, or be ready to pay the consequences.

You’ll feel like Santa Claus has come to town early when Jupiter enters your sign on the 10th. The official Good Luck Planet of the zodiac will be blessing Rams with tremendous good fortune and abundance. Your leadership skills will be acknowledged. Use them to forge a new expansive life’s path. Things seen as obstacles will now be used as stepping stones.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th brings unexpected decisions to be made concerning joint funds, taxes, and retirement funds. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into doing things you don’t feel comfortable with.

Be prepared for a super blast of high-octane energy on the 24th when your ruling planet Mars enters Aries. Have all systems on go and fearlessly pursue your dreams. Fiery Mars will give you an abundance of energy to jump in and start new projects too. His rays may also make you a little too quick-tempered for your own good.

On the 28th, Venus enters Taurus and other’s purse strings open up magically for you. Ask for the long over-due raise now. Self-employed Rams can raise prices and fees without suffering negative consequences. Venus will also help to stabilize your love life during her transit.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th is fortunate for increasing business by expanding your social media presence. If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog, get to it and watch the sales magically come in.



Venus will enter Aries on the 2nd and help you pick up on the subtle nuances of your lover’s feelings. An increased psychic connection can be readily experienced between the two of you. If nurtured, it can lead to an added dimension to your bond.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and confusion can reign with your finances, if you’re not alert. Try not to be absent minded with possessions or they’ll be gone. Unexpected bills can pop up. You can forget to pay charges due and be stuck with big penalties. However, ways which you earned extra cash in the past can reappear and be quite lucrative.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, enters Aries on the 10th. He will be lending stronger spiritual support to you. At the times when others would throw in the towel, you will be able to tap effortlessly into your inner faith, and turn the situation around and be successful. Jupiter will bestow prophetic dreams and enhanced psychic abilities. By following your visions, you should be able to manifest your aspirations into reality.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th may expose some of the cracks which are present in close partnerships. If you use the rays correctly, you can mend them successfully. If you feel it’s not worth the bother, you can end it all.

Fiery Mars enters Aries on the 24th.  It will prove to be in your favor, if you hold off on going public or promoting a new course of action. Don’t jump the gun. There is still additional work behind the scenes which should be done on your projects. Use discretion in discussing them with others.

After your ruler Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, single Bulls may be changing their unattached relationship status on Facebook.  Others will be magically drawn to your winning ways. Those already in an established relationship can find a renewed commitment of shared love between the two of you.

If you’ve wanted to start either a new business or job, the New Moon in Gemini on the 30th is the time to do it. Golden opportunities should abound. You’ll also be bursting with ideas on how to increase your investment portfolio.



If you don’t want to stay unattached, speak to friends about fixing you up. When Venus enters Aries on the 2nd, they will be more than happy to help in changing your relationship status.  Also, getting involved in group activities like clubs and organizations can reap some romantic contenders for your heart.

With your ruling planet Mercury turning retrograde on the 10th, it may become increasing difficult for you to get your message or thoughts across to others. You may feel at times like you’ve become a scatter brain. Starting and finishing projects will pose a challenge. However, his retrograde will bring you a lot of second chances to right things from the past.

The Good Luck planet, Jupiter, will be entering Aries on the 10th. During his almost yearlong transit here, you will have increased opportunities to broaden your base of friends. New ties, which are established, should prove to be faithful and loyal to a fault. A strong spirit of generosity will flow between yourself and friends. They will validate their intentions by opening many new doors of opportunities for you. Advice from close associates can be invaluable and untainted with any trace of envy on their part.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th brings unexpected changes to the workplace. Positions may be shifted around and duties switched. If you’ve wanted to hire some new people, best to put it off at this time.

Mars blazes into Aries on the 24th. Success will come to you in achieving your goals by either tapping into friends’ advice or by working in a team with others. Tensions can escalate with associates if you become too outspoken with your beliefs or viewpoints.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, and you will find yourself possibly becoming shy or more reserved where matters of the heart are concerned. A strong over powering attraction could develop on your part towards another. However, it may be difficult for you to interpret what their true intentions are towards you.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th can give birth to a sparkling and exciting new you. A bright spotlight will be shinning on Twins highlighting favorable attention from all. Throw out all worn tired attitudes and look and adopt a fresh new appearance both physically and emotionally.



The month of May should prove to be auspicious for your reputation and status. Venus enters Aries on the 2nd, making upper management see you as the golden one on the job.  Self-employed Crabs should seek publicity and advertise to the hilt and increase their business in the process.

Naughty Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and makes it difficult for you to let go of things. If you don’t let slights roll off your back, you will put yourself through unnecessary aggravation and remorse. Things done or said by others can be blown up out of proportion and have you retreating into a hardened shell.

The planet of Good Luck, Jupiter, will enter Aries on the 10th.  In the ensuing months ahead, Crabs will be zooming up the corporate ladder. Long dreamed of recognition and prominence in your field will be yours. Many honors, awards, and promotions will be given to Cancerians. If you see marriage as a big step up in status, then you might also be getting hitched to someone of great renown.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th will ignite a fire with your creative abilities. Crabs involved professionally in any of the arts will experience a renaissance with their talents. There will be much praise and positive reviews for your new creations. 

Warrior Mars enters Aries on the 24th. You become increasingly fierce on the job and are ready to take on all challenges to achieve greatness. Excess energy will course through you to accomplish what was seen by others as impossible. However, don’t let Mars’ fiery rays turn you into being too independent for your own good. There are still professional protocols and management guidelines to be followed.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th and presents opportunities for you to expand upon your social circle of friends. Reconnect with pals whom you’ve been too busy to fit into your busy schedule.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th makes you want to retreat into your shell. Use this time in a positive way by tapping into your phenomenal intuitive abilities and regrouping. A day by the shore or a lake will get your batteries charged up.



Pack your bags and hop on a flight to an exotic locale, if you’re on the prowl for romance. Venus will enter Aries on the 2nd and love can be discovered on distant shores.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and has you second guessing your life’s direction. Too much mental back and forth trying to reach career decisions can trip you up. Others will win the prize instead. Some dreams from the past may be worth reexploring.

The Good Luck planet, Jupiter, enters fellow fire sign Aries on the 10th.The coming months will bring fantastic opportunities for travel and education. Your mind becomes more optimistic and others will be highly attracted to your forward thinking. Self-employed Lions will find dealing with foreigners and those of diverse backgrounds will help to expand their businesses. Leos who write will have a multitude of offers to publish their works. Legal issues can be resolved favorably. Those with cranky in-laws may find you can finally all get along.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th can shake things up where your home is concerned. You may start to seriously contemplate moving from where you’re living or desire to make radical changes to the home. Childhood memories may start to resurface and have to be dealt with.

On the 24th, Mars races into Aries and fills you with an insatiable hunger for greater freedom of expression. Leo students should take his immense energy and focus it on educational studies. Infused with Mars’s passion, you can achieve the heights of scholastic achievement.

Lions professionally involved in the arts will be basking in applause when Venus enters Taurus 28th. The public will be highly receptive to your creativity and will be begging for more and willing to pay more for it too.  A hot romance can be ignited by meeting a potential love interest through your career.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th brings with it some excellent opportunities for networking. Friends should be playing an important part in helping you achieve your dreams.



When Venus enters Aries on the 2nd, your sex appeal should be off the charts. Lady Luck can smile upon you too with the lottery. Need backers to help finance a business or home loan? Venus will rope in the best deals.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and causes some career chaos. There may be some confusion in interpreting what or how management wants important projects accomplished. Your supervisory role may come under review as not being effectual or clear enough to workers.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and abundance enters Aries on the 10th. His passage for many months to come will bring with it possibilities of tremendous financial rewards for Virgos. Benefits can be reaped especially through business or marriage partnership undertakings. Those married may find their mate earning more money during the year or them reaping bonuses. It will be easier for you to acquire money through loans, extended credit, or for a mortgage. If you have been experiencing tax difficulties, then positive ways to work through them can be found.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th shines a spotlight on your siblings or neighbors. You may find they need your assistance very unexpectedly. Extending a helping hand now or well thought out advice can help them immensely and will not be forgotten.

Fiery Mars enters Aries on the 24th. Tensions can reach a boiling point, if not kept on a low flame, over shared resources. Differences of opinion over money matters with your partner should be unemotionally discussed to keep peace. Don’t get snappy and fail to hear their viewpoints.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th and an overwhelming desire to experience an expansion of your horizons will take hold. Everyday routines will become too much of a grind to tolerate. The best cure for your restlessness will be a trip to an exotic foreign country. Venus will help you land the best package deals. Virgos in a committed relationship can find the trip turns into a dream like second honeymoon. Those who are single can find true love.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th can help materialize a long overdue advancement or promotion at work. If you’re thoroughly discontent with the place, you’ll find many more deserving companies clamoring for your skills.



When Venus enters Aries on the 2nd, you love life can start to reach a boiling intensity. If you need extra cash to tidy over some debts, she’ll be there to help.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and turns trips into chaotic experiences. Best to get insurance on your luggage and allow time for muddled connections. Libra students may find there is a disconnect between themselves and their teachers. Double check on due dates for all papers and reports. Those involved in legal matters may find they hit more than one bump in the road.

On the 10th Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and super abundance enters Aries. Expect your social life to start to skyrocket. In the months to come many opportunities should appear where you can rub elbows with and benefit from those up in a higher social rung.


Prominent or wealthy people can become your allies or clients. Unmarried Libras can meet or marry their soul mate. Those in committed relationships will see their beloved advance greatly in life.  Dangling legal issues can be resolved with a satisfactory conclusion.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th is judgement time with finances. If you’ve been very good sticking to a budget, rewards will be forthcoming. If you haven’t, you may be shocked by forgotten charges placed on your credit accounts. Time to get your finances in working order.

Mars transits into Aries on the 24th. Some ego conflicts can erupt between you and partners. Don’t let the fires get out of hand. Both you and them need one another to achieve success.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th, and you will be demanding more intensity and greater intimacy in your love relationship. If you find you current amour cannot give it to you, then it may be time to break free and find someone who will. Financial differences, which might have popped-up between you and a business or marriage partner, can be resolved with everyone in agreement.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th can bring in an exciting chance to travel to a distant and glamorous locale. All the pieces come into play with getting the best deal and time off from your busy schedule. Legal matters may take a turn for the better now with unexpected news favorable for you.



Venus transits into Aries on the 2nd. To instill a greater sense of camaraderie among fellow employees, plan a special outing or other social event with them. Creating a bonding experience will help everyone work less competitively for just themselves and more as a team. If you’re shopping for new employment with better pay, Venus should reward you with a multitude of superb offers.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and throws a monkey wrench into acquiring additional funds through loans. Payments due may be delayed or lost in the mail. No matter how attractive a new business investment may appear, don’t involve yourself with it now. You won’t have all the facts about it and it can prove to be a big expensive loss.

Jupiter, the planet who bestows tremendous good fortune, will be entering Aries on the 10th. As a result, you should find your job skills will be in great demand. Potential employers will be offering you more money and better benefits for your talents. More travel may be required by your job.  Self-employed Scorpios may expand their workforce and find the very best applicants for positions. Those involved in the care or breeding of pets should experience a hefty increase with business.

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 16th shines a bright spotlight on your leadership abilities. Others will be seeking your advice and guidance. A whole new life path may be revealed to you.

Mars enters Aries on the 24th making it more of a challenge to resolve differences with co-workers diplomatically. Try rechanneling frustrations with them by tackling major work projects alone. The less reliance placed on them will help you to achieve sanity and success.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th and you seek more stability and commitment from close relationships. If your mate has been feeling ignored due to your busy schedule, plan some together time to reconnect. If you’ve been on the lookout for the right candidate to become your business partner, the hunt may be over. The perfect contender will appear who fits exactly what you’ve been searching for.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th can reveal a new lucrative strategy to take with your investments. Go over thoroughly your retirement portfolio, current tax structure, insurance plans, and all group investments for greater returns and savings.



Venus starts to transit Aries on the 2nd. If you’re hunting for love, cast your bow and arrow aside. The key to catch a desired lover is to let them catch you. The less you do, the more they will want you. Sags professionally involved in entertainment fields and other arts can get their longed-for recognition.

Mercury turns naughty on the 10th and goes retrograde. You may have difficulties getting your partner to understand and accept your thoughts and ideas. It may seem like you’re both speaking different languages. On the positive side, an old flame from the past can reappear. However, it may be difficult to decipher if they have really changed for the better or not.

With Jupiter entering Aries on the 10th, expect your love life to take a dramatic turn for the better. Your archer’s bow will seem like it has Cupid’s arrows to shoot. The zodiac’s darling planet of Good Luck should also smile upon you with matters pertaining to speculation. Those with children may find them receiving awards or special acknowledgements. Artists and those involved in the performing arts may get their much-desired big break to achieve fame.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th has some potent issues from the past resurface. Some of them have become over time roadblocks impeding your progress. Use the eclipse’s powerful energies to clean up the cobwebs in your memories and subconscious.

With Mars entering Aries on the 24th, unattached Sags should get their bow and arrow out for a successful hunt to find true love. Others will find your sparkle simply irresistible. Being bold with your creative talents wins the prize.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th and dramatically changes the whole atmosphere at work. Others are more willing to lend a helping hand to one another. Planning an employee outing now could solidify their feelings of comradeship for many months to come. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, Venus will help you find the perfect new loving addition for your life.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th will focus attention on both your personal and business relationships. Much energy is invested now in drawing closer to your beloved and making your bond stronger. Business partners can be more compliant and clients can send you many personal referrals.



Venus enters Aries on the 2nd. Goats desiring to make a huge profit by selling their home or property should have it on the market. Those seeking to buy can successfully negotiate purchasing their dream home for a song. Improvements made to your residence now will greatly increase its future worth.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th. Mix-ups on the job with projects and who’s responsible for what, can arise. It may seem like the lines of communication between yourself and co-workers are totally down. Don’t be tempted to start a new job with another company. It may not last. Worse time to start a new diet. Wait until Mercury goes direct or it will all be for naught.

With Jupiter, the planet of Unlimited Expansion, entering Aries on the 10th, you may have your family grow either through births or marriage. The proverbial “black sheep” in the fold may surprise everyone by taking a turn towards redeeming themselves. Expect the value of your home to increase dramatically during the coming year. The urge to have a bigger home will be strong. Money put into expanding your existing home will be returned with a profit in the future when you sell.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th can bring a much-needed overhaul with friends. The ones who have been acting as deadweights will be severed. New people, who share your interests, will be entering your life.

Mars enters into Aries on the 24th and propels you into a home improvement frenzy. You’re all set to make changes within the home or move. His hot rays might also heat up tempers on the home front with family members. They maybe disgruntled over the transformations you want to incorporate.

With Venus entering Taurus on the 28th, your popularity will be off the charts. You’ll be attracting new ardent admirers like flies to honey. Goats involved in the arts will receive praise plus pay for their creative endeavors. Those with kids will find their bonds together strengthening with an increased rapport developing.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th has you hitting the gym and starting a new health regime. Unlike unsuccessful attempts in the past, this one you’ll stick with and achieve the wanted results. Those seeking a new job will be rewarded with the right offers.



You will be gifted with the ability to sell almost anyone your ideas or wares when Venus enters Aries on the 2nd. Aquarians in sales should see their commissions skyrocket. Contracts can be successfully negotiated shamelessly in your favor by just turning up the charm a notch or two.

Communications with your children will be next to impossible when Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th. Their ears will be closed to all you have to say or suggest. You may suffer some loss of self-confidence concerning your creative abilities. Not the best time to start a new love affair, if you want it to last. Old lovers though can be coming out of the woodwork. It might be worth it giving them a second chance.

Jupiter enters Aries on the 10th and sharpens your mental and communicational abilities almost a thousand-fold. You’ll get brainstorms of ideas on how to jazz up your business website and other forms of social media. Developing them can bring in a big influx of new accounts and clients.


Jupiter will expand and bring good luck to you via your communicational skills. Also, Aquarians with siblings can find one or more of them experiencing a tremendous turn of good fortune in the coming year.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th illuminates your position at work. You will be seen in a very complimentary light by management. Besides praise, a promotion may be in store for you. Self-employed Aquarians will be getting some first-rate PR by the media.

Mars entering Aries on the 24th drives you to pursue new and revolutionary ideas. However, be cautious in not being too outspoken for your own good. Others can be swayed by what you have to say by your sheer inner belief’s rightness.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th and an opportunity may present itself where you can earn extra money thru a home-based business. Relations with family members should prove to be very loving and supportive. Unattached Aquarians can find love close to home. Maybe your family has proven to be bad match makers in the past, but give them another chance. A fix-up from one of them could turn out to become the love of your life.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th brings with it an exciting admirer. Accept all invitations out. See them as golden opportunities to meet your dream lover. Those who are in a serious relationship will be concentrating on spicing up their love life.



Venus will endow you with an enhanced sense of financial security when she enters Aries on the 2nd. Many money-making opportunities can wash up on the shores of your life. Even though your income should be blessed, do try saving some for a rainy day.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th and brings chaos to the home front. All the DIY projects you put off will jump up and demand to be handled immediately. Communications between yourself and family members may be at an impasse. A lost long relative or two may make a surprise appearance.

The zodiac’s darling of Abundance and Good Luck, Jupiter, will start to dance through Aries on the 10th. As a result, Pisces may feel like it’s raining money. Expansive new ways of improving your finances will come your way. Bonuses, raises, and pay increases can pour over you. However, while the moola will be very free flowing, so will the urge to splurge recklessly.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th may make you determined to make a dramatic return to school. Even those with a degree will not be immune to the Eclipse’s rays. You’ll be fully resolved to pursue greater academic achievements.

Mars enters Aries on the 24th and focuses your time and attention on acquiring more money and improving your finances. Money will be coming in, but it can go out just as quickly if you don’t curb impulse buying.

Venus enters Taurus on the 28th,and you have the right words to say at the right time. Others will be impressed by your diplomatic skills and ability to get opposing forces to agree. Fishes with online businesses should experience a huge surge in profits and new customers. Benefits and help can come from siblings and neighbors.

The New Moon in Gemini on the 30th inspires you to plunge into the many DIY projects you’ve put off doing for months. Family members may generously help with the work if asked. Afterwards plan a lavish get together for all to celebrate. Fishes wanting to sell their homes should put it on the market now.

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