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Monthly Astrological Forecast : OCTOBER 2022                                                     

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Feeling like you’ve been working in the Tower of Babel when trying to communicate with employees? On the 2nd, the free flow of communications will be restored when Mercury turns direct.

Mighty Pluto turns direct on the 8th and his energy starts to course through your being. Transformative changes can now be launched with your career. Public approval will be forthcoming. You will be imbued with a greater passion to achieve success and obtain a greater position of power.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 9th will make it almost impossible for you to camouflage your true feelings and emotions from others. The need for attention will be very strong too. However, try not to get it by acting in childish ways.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd and will have lusty Rams seeking to attain the heights of passion in love. You will be overcome with the desire to achieve a greater sense of intimacy with your partner.

Saturn stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 23rd. Many restrictions imposed by outside forces hindering you from pursuing goals will be lifted. His retro motion helped you develop a clearer vision of what your true aims should be. Now you’ll have the means and backing to proceed unobstructed towards obtaining your inner hopes, wishes, and dreams.

The Solar Eclipse on the 25th in Scorpio motivates you to review joint financial holdings, taxes, pension investments, and insurance policies. Going over them with a fine-tooth comb can end up saving you money.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck and Abundance, returns back into Pisces on the 28th. By following your inner dreams and visions, you will be able to turn around even the most seemingly hopeless situation. At the eleventh hour, he’ll bring the calvary to your rescue. Strengthen your belief in God and know all things are possible through Him. Then, you can succeed against the worst odds.

With Mercury entering Scorpio on the 29th, you may find others revealing very intimate aspects about themselves to you. It’s best to act as a sounding board and listen, but refrain from passing judgement or voicing opinions.

Your ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on the 30th. While all the signs will feel the effect of his backward spin, none will feel it as strongly as Aries. You may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you and it’s difficult to get your bearings. All your energy will be diverted from an outward direction to an inward one. Getting others on board with your ideas will become increasing difficult. Your usual sales pitch will lack any umph with potential customers. Don’t fall prey to getting involved in heated exchanges with siblings or neighbors. Remember, whoever starts the fight under a retro Mars is usually the loser.



The roadblocks you may have been experiencing with creative projects should start to dissipate when Mercury turns direct on the 2nd. Bulls with children should also find an improved flow in communicating with them.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th and an overpowering desire to travel and expand your consciousness takes hold. You may intensely feel the past months’ shackles of confinement quite acutely. If you can’t physically follow your dreams and journey to lands which hold a strong psychic pull, at least start to plan them for the future.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th may tempt you to let the cat out of the bag. Keep not only your own, but other people’s private confidences, under a safe lock and key. Blabbering them now can do unrepairable damage.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd, and she can aid you in resolving any pressing misunderstandings between yourself and your significant other. You’ll have the right words to put out any fires of conflict. Those in the market for a new accountant, attorney, or a someone to handle social media for them should find the right person to represent their interests.

Saturn stops spinning in reverse on the 23rd. You can now move forward with making firm professional plans and build a more solid career foundation. Tensions which might have developed between you and upper management with Saturn’s retrograde should now start to dissolve.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th puts you on a quest to find a lover who will complete and compliment your individual energies. A new business partner can appear who will have the needed know how and funds to get your company to the top.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. He’ll shower you with opportunities to broaden your circle of friends. They will be the right type people to be associated with and be loyal and faithful. Heed advice from your comrades. It will be invaluable and not tainted with jealousy or malice.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th. He’ll help you get your ideas across in a crystal clear way to the masses. Concentrating your energies on public relations should greatly increase your clientele base.

Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the 30th and messes up a lot of your financial plans. Money making schemes hit snags or have to be revised repeatedly. Your sense of timing is radically off when making deals. Don’t run up a lot of debt by making extravagant unnecessary purchases.



Misunderstandings with family members should start to clear up on the 2nd. Mercury will turn direct then making it easier for all to communicate their heartfelt thoughts.

The Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, turns direct on the 8th. Things which he might have dredged up during his months long retrograde can now be dealt with calmly. Power struggles, which might have been encountered over joint finances, taxes, or insurance matters can also be resolved in your favor.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th may make a friend highly emotional over their situation. Help them as best you can by listening and offering sound no-nonsense advice. They will not forget your kindness.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 23rd, you establish friendlier ties with co-workers. By getting to know them on a personal basis better, all will work in greater harmony on joint projects.

Saturn turns direct on the 23rd and you have a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual connection with the Universal Power. Your beliefs are injected with confidence and clarity. Any doubts about educational decisions should be dissolved. Saturn will imbue you with the will, tenacity, and fortitude to reach scholastic goals.

On the 25th, the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio brings sudden and unexpected changes with your job. Do not jump to conclusions because of the unsubstantiated rumors circulating. However, it might be best to start looking for new employment.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. He can give you a big boost up the corporate ladder. Dreamed of success and recognition for your work may be obtained. Positive PR for your business can dramatically escalate sales. If you see marriage as a big step up in status, then you might also be getting hitched to someone of great renown.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th, and he’ll help you clear up all the pesky details and paper work you’ve accumulated. Organize your work schedule in an improved order which actually functions to fit your time and needs.

Warrior Mars turns retrograde in your sign on the 30th. He will have you walking around with a short fuse. If you become explosive and instigate disputes, you will be the loser. His fiery energies will make you too impulsive and likely to take unnecessary risks. You can also have a tendency to be accident prone if you are in too much of a frantic rush to do or get things accomplished.



You may have felt like a scatterbrain the past couple of weeks with Mercury retrograde. However, when he goes direct on the 2nd, your superior mental abilities will be reinstated and running full force.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th.  As the planet of regeneration, he will empower you to breathe new life into close relationships and partnerships. Not being hindered with the retrograde, Pluto can now go full force and bring endings but also beginnings to intimate involvements.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th shines a bright spotlight on your accomplishments at work. Bask in the recognition of projects completed successfully. An offer out the blue may appear for a new position with better pay and benefits.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 23rd, you can unleash your creative spirit. Tap into uncharted realms of inspiration by releasing your inner-child. Unattached Crabs will find opportunities for new love all around them.

Saturn turns direct on the 23rd, and he’ll get you back to following the straight and narrow with finances. Being more conservative with investments now will pay off big in the future. Squirrelling even a couple of more dollars away for your retirement each month will eventually add up to a massive accumulation in years to come.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th for Crabs with children indicates that they may require more attention than previously even imagined. A sudden unexpected encounter can lead to a quick romance for those seeking love.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. He’ll shower you again with fantastic opportunities for travel and education. Self-employed Crabs will find dealing with foreigners and those of diverse backgrounds will help to expand their businesses. Cancers who write will have a multitude of offers to publish their works. Legal issues can be resolved favorably. Those with cranky in-laws may find you can all get along swimmingly.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th, and he gets your creative juices flowing. Others will be impressed with your innovative ideas. Being spontaneous with what you have to say will reap you the greatest applause.

Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and forgotten problems from your past may resurface. Don’t allow them to become stumbling blocks. Face them and deal with them directly. Use the retrograde to rework projects. However, do so in private. It’s too early to show your hand.



With Mercury going retrograde the past couple of weeks, there may have been too much confusion in making important financial decisions. On the 2nd, he will go direct and the correct facts will be presented for you. Proceed confidently and achieve greater monetary rewards as a result of your caution and restraint.

The ultimate power planet Pluto turns direct on the 8th. He’ll help to reinstate your position of authority at work. If you have been experiencing challenges or underhanded tactics from co-workers or underlings, they will start to fall by the wayside. You will be all charged up and ready for any and all contenders.

With the Full Moon in Aries on the 9th, you should open yourself up to new vistas of thought. Both intellectual and spiritual levels can benefit from some advanced studies. Try signing up for a workshop or seminar. Traveling to a distant land can also provide the best classroom.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 23rd, you become more of a homebody. If you’ve wanted to glam up your place, you’ll be truly inspired to make the right artistic touches to it. Hosting a party will get you many rave reviews.

Saturn stops his retrograde spin on the 23rd and turns direct. He’ll be issuing a report card on the state of affairs with your significant other. If it gets a passing grade, it will flourish and strengthen. If it doesn’t, he’ll eliminate it.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th smiles on those who are in the process of either buying or selling property. If you’re not in the market to sell, the eclipse will help you in all home improvement ventures.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th.  His reappearance brings again tremendous financial rewards for Lions. Benefits can be reaped especially through business or marriage partnership undertakings. Those married may find their mate getting a raise or hefty bonus. It will be easier for you to acquire money through loans, extended credit, or for a mortgage. If you have been experiencing tax difficulties then positive ways to work through them can be found.

With Mercury transiting into Scorpio on the 29th, you’ll be able to study and feel inspired to write the best while home. Communications with family will be very lively with everyone wanting to get their opinion in.

A testing time awaits you when Mars reverses directions on the 30th. You may find it increasingly frustrating to truly express yourself to others. Friendships may come under tighter scrutiny. You may feel some don’t allow you to freely be yourself and have been stifling your growth. Who your friends really are, maybe revealed. Do try to avoid disputes and keep from involving yourself in competitive situations with others.



When your ruling planet Mercury goes direct on the 2nd, you’ll start to feel like your true decisive self again. His retrograde movement had made you prone to second guessing and questioning important decisions in your life. Now, however, you’ll feel like your head is screwed on straight and can confidently charge in the right direction.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th. Be bold and allow yourself to experience the metamorphosis he will offer you with your creative talents. Virgos with children may find they are transforming into the people you have wanted them to become.

The Full Moon’s rays in Aries on the 9th brings matters having to do with joint funds, taxes, or loans to the forefront. Try to slash through the emotionality in handling them by being calm and controlled in speech and action.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd and will make others find conversing with you a pleasure. You’ll find the right words to bring harmony to all stressful situations. Virgos with online businesses should experience a huge surge in business. It’s a great time to plan a profitable ad campaign.

Saturn stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 23rd. You can now increase your workers’ productivity by implementing new procedures. Your own performance will be up for a stricter review. So, those who complain and drag their feet with completing tasks should be held accountable. Otherwise, it might be your head on the block.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th can make you uncharacteristically indecisive with making important decisions. Follow your first gut reaction and stick to it. Your intuition will not steer you wrong.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th.  Lucky Virgins can gain wealthy clients, who will send new accounts to you. Your social life will become an exciting whirlwind of invitations and opportunities to meet a potential soulmate. Married Virgos can see their mate advance professional and financially.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th. He’ll reveal needed useful information that you’ve been searching for. Papers being prepared for school will become easier to complete.

Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and turns your career upside down. He may make you start to second guess work decisions. As a result, you may tend to come across as being ineffectual to subordinates. To over compensate this energy, you may then project too much bossiness. Try to find a balance within yourself. Do not fall prey to making radical career decisions.



Mercury goes direct on the 2nd, and your sense of mental self-confidence is slowly restored. If you’ve felt like your mind was in a fog, the mist will start to dissipate. Your dreams now can give you valuable insights into important decisions.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th. He’ll fill you with the fortitude and guts to correctly deal with existing conflicts involving family members or real estate matters. Use his powers of x-ray vision to see through any and all manipulative tactics utilized against you.

The Full Moon in fiery Aries on the 9th finds you sitting in judgement on close relationships and partnerships. If the scales are out of whack and not favorable, you will have the courage to let go.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd, and self-employed Libras should see a big boost in sales. If you’re shopping for new employment, opportunities which include better pay and benefits will present themselves. You may also find that a possession or investment has increased tremendously in value.

Saturn stops his backward spin on the 23rd and turns direct. You stop being so self-critical of your creative and artistic talents. Forge ahead with the inspirations which were conceived during his retrograde phase. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you are empowered now with the wisdom of knowing what you require in a lover.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th shines its bright light on your personal finances. A new direction taken now with money management and investments will have repercussions well into the years ahead.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th.  As a result, you should find your job skills will be in great demand. Potential employers will be offering you more money and better benefits for your talents. More travel may be required by your job.  Self-employed Libras may expand their workforce and find the very best applicants for positions. Those involved in the care or breeding of pets should experience a hefty increase with business.

Mercury enters shrewd Scorpio on the 29th and turns your mind to thoughts on how to improve your business. Transactions go through smoothly due to your focus on keeping all communications clear cut and precise.

When Mars turns retrograde on the 30th, Libra writers may feel like their muse has deserted them. Written presentations and school projects may be stalled or hit a mental dead end. If you’re seeking to get work published, do not send it out under Mars’ retro rays. Try to stay out of the courts and avoid legal entanglements.



With Mercury turning direct on the 2nd, you’ll finally be free to actively pursue bringing your hopes, wishes, and dreams into fruition. An explosion of innovate ideas will be popping off in your head. Just thoroughly developing one or two of them maybe the key to achieving success.

Your co-ruling planet Pluto finally ends his retrograde spin and turns direct on the 8th. You’ll feel like you’re running on all cylinders. He infuses you with the power to sway others to your way of thinking. If you’ve encountered problems in relationships with siblings or neighbors, you can now get to the real root of what’s been disturbing them.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th finds you reaping what you’ve sown with your health habits. Swear off bad behaviors with diet and start an improved exercise regime.

The Love Planet Venus enters your sign on the 23rd. Without having to do a single thing, others will be magically drawn to you. Unattached Scorpios will have their pick of new lovers to choose from.

Saturn stops his seemingly backward spin on the 23rd and turns direct. For the past couple of months your ability to move forward may have been hampered by pressing family concerns. You’ll find that things will become better balanced and others finally will take up their fair share of responsibilities.

The Solar Eclipse on the 25th in Scorpio brings your very life’s direction to a head. Decide where you want to go or it will be decided for you. 

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. A second chance with a past love might be granted. Scorpio with children may experience a renewed love filled bonding with them. The zodiac’s darling planet of good fortune should also smile upon you with matters pertaining to speculation. Artists and those involved in the performing arts may get their much-desired big break to achieve fame.

Mercury enters your sign on the 29th. He’ll make you mentally active and inquisitive. You’ll be able to easily disarm others into giving you needed information.

Mars turning retrograde on the 30th may cause you to hit some roadblocks with your partner over finances. It may become increasing difficult to see eye-to-eye over money management. Loans applied for now may be stalled or have to be shelved to a later date. A lot of the passion in your intimate love relationship may feel like it’s dried up.



If you felt the wires have been crossed at work when communicating with superiors, those feelings will end on the 2nd. Mercury then will stop his retrograde movement and start to follow a direct path. What you have to say now, will take on great value for the powers that be.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th. He may test your ability to handle large sums of money coming in or going out. Decisions concerning monies with partners may have some karmic or dharmic undertones to them. If you are “creative” with taxes, the government will not share your vision. Best to pay all that is legally due.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th finds many Archers, who are involved professionally in the arts or theatrical fields, receiving long overdue recognition. Be bold and spontaneous in the pursuit of romance. Aim arrows of passion at the object of your desires.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd, and a secret admirer may confess their long suppressed deep simmering attraction to you. Keep all confidences shared from your lover under lock and key.

Saturn stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 23rd. Use his disciplined rays to polish your presentations. By going over what you are going to say before you do, you’ll sound more like a true authority on the subject. Others will be more critical of your flaws, if you don’t.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th tempts you into divulging exceptionally private things about yourself to someone who you feel you can trust that are best kept secret. The price will be extremely high if you do.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th.  He should make the value of your home soar. If you do renovations or expansion on it expect a tidy profit in the future.  Archers looking to purchase a new place will have Jupiter’s good luck in landing the perfect home.  Your family might experience growth too, by a birth or marriage.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th and sharpens your tremendous inborn intuitive abilities. Your dreams will seem to transport you to other dimensions. Others will readily open up to you about their hidden fears and phobias.

When warrior Mars turns retrograde on the 30th, partnership deals may turn sour or fall apart. They may dump a lot of difficulties in your path towards success. Try to avoid getting into arguments with them because no one will be a winner. Not an auspicious time to be hiring a new attorney, accountant, PR person, realtor, or anyone who will be representing you.



Major difficulties you may have been encountering with travel or long-distance communications should start to clear up when Mercury goes direct on the 2nd.  Capricorn students may find subjects too grueling to readily comprehend, now are less of a struggle to grasp. 

Powerful Pluto stops his backward spin on the 8th and turns direct. You are now able to do a total overhaul of your self-image and release your personal potential to the world.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th is a good time for you to recharge yourself at home. The answers you have been searching for may be found by going deep within and not by looking outside for solutions from the whirling circumference of life.

Fun times can be had with friends, when Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd. Buddies will seek out your companionship and invite you to share in group gatherings. Unattached Goats may meet the love of their life through a close friend.

Your ruling planet Saturn ends his backward motion on the 23rd and turns direct much to your financial relief. You can now make sounder investment decisions and possess a clearer vision of how they will perform in the future. You’ll also be more disciplined with your spending habits.

 The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th has you questioning your future. In order to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go. Use the dynamic eclipse energy to do a total overhaul of your future hopes, wishes, and dreams. Create a Feng Shui Treasure Map to help you arrive at the desired location.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. You’ll be bombarded with tremendous ideas and opportunities to improve your business website and other forms of social media. Utilizing some new expansive concepts can turn your business into a higher profit margin. Also, Goats with siblings can mend broken fences with them.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th and fills your brain with a multitude of innovative ideas. Thinking out of the box will bring the greatest rewards. Friends may require your input on how to handle some of their pressing problems.

Fierce Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and heats up tempers at the workplace. You may find that no one wants to play nice. Instead, co-workers can become very territorial with their assignments. Goats who hire someone to perform services for them may find work stoppages or setbacks. You may experience a lack of enthusiasm or energy to complete basic work-related tasks yourself.



Your path will follow a smoother course when Mercury turns direct on the 2nd.  His retrograde motion may have brought in a lot of detours and false starts and stops. Now the wheels will be spinning correctly.

Pluto turns direct on the 8th. During his long retrograde, he may have revealed some acquired behaviors of yours are actually very self-limiting. Now that you have a much clearer perspective of them, he will imbue you with strength to renounce them.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th is an excellent time to plan getting together with siblings. Neighborhood activities and fall festivities can prove to be very rewarding in personal ways.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 23rd and helps you generate a truly sparkling public persona. Others will be captivated by how you present yourself and want to promote your services. Management will be more willing to acquiesce to your suggestions concerning work.

Saturn stops his retrograde movement and turns direct on the 23rd. If you use his lessons of behaving more maturely to your advantage, you can garner more respect instantly from others.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th fills you with ambitious business plans and a strong desire to achieve greater recognition. Self-employed Aquarians should advertise to the hilt.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into Pisces on the 28th. Promised bonuses, raises, and monies due may all start to materialize. Yes, it may feel like it’s raining money. However, remember to save some for a less opulent time. Also, curb the urge to splurge recklessly on unnecessary luxury items or expenditures.

When Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th, he will cause a flurry of activity with communications at work.  Be careful with not only what you say, but also how you say it. Things meant to be taken in jest can be blown out of proportion or misconstrued to mean the opposite of what was intended.

Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and complicates your love life. Don’t question or psychoanalyze every nuance of your lover. If you feel there is some instability with your relationship, try not to demand it be righted. Tread easy if you want them to stay involved with you. By becoming increasingly self-critical of your creative pursuits, they may hit an inspirational impasse. Aquarians with children can have their hands full in trying to enforce discipline and order with them. They will be very demanding and independent.



When Mercury finally goes direct on the 2nd, a much-desired state of equilibrium should be restored in your life.  While he was retrograde, you may have found communications with close personal relationships have suffered. Now you’ll both be on the same wavelength.

Pluto stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 8th. You’ve learned who your true friends are when he was retrograde. Now you can release to the oceans of life, those who are unworthy of the title.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 9th may make you too impulsive when making monetary decisions. Try using your head and not be overcome with wild impulse buying.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 23rd. Keep your bags packed. There may be more business-related trips as a result. Unhooked Fish seeking love may find it in the classroom or on a trip.

Saturn turns direct on the 23rd. He’ll help you to clean up your approach to life both physically and mentally. You’ll have the strength and conviction to renounce any self-sabotaging habits which were revealed during his retrograde motion. Memories from the distant past, which have been imprisoning you, can also be purged.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 25th infuses you with an overwhelming desire for expansion of the mind and being. Stretch your mental boundaries by enrolling in some courses and your spiritual boundaries by studying a new form of meditation.

Jupiter, the great bestower of Good Luck, makes a return entrance back into your sign on the 28th. As a result, Fish should be bestowed with tremendous good luck. Go after what you want fearlessly. Run through the doors of good fortune Jupiter will be magically opening. Your leadership skills will be acknowledged. Use them to forge a new expansive life’s path. Things seen as obstacles will now be used as stepping stones.


Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 29th making your mind adaptable to innovative ideas and concepts. What might have been difficult to grasp mentally before will now be easily absorbed.

Mars turns retrograde on the 30th and fills you with an inner restlessness. It’s best not to start having any work done on your home under these vibes. If you do, it will be fraught with delays, set-backs, or have to be redone. Old family or childhood memories may come to the surface to haunt you. Tread lightly around overly sensitive relatives or arguments will be ignited.

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