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Monthly Astrological Forecast : April 2023                                                     

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Mercury enters earthy Taurus on the 3rd and squarely centers your thoughts on business. Others will be taken aback by the common-sense approach you take with making decisions. Once they are made, you will stick to them and see them through their completion.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th brings things to a head with close personal relationships. Feelings and emotions are extremely intensified.

Venus alights into Gemini on the 11th and she endows you with the gift of eloquence in speech and writing. Your powers of persuasion will be unlimited with getting others to open both their hearts and their wallets. Love can be found for unattached Rams online or in taking short trips.

The Solar Eclipse on the 20th will be in your sign. You’ll be overcome with the desire to receive more recognition and attention for your many accomplishments. Any hesitancy you may have experienced in the past about being in the spotlight, will be washed away by the eclipse’s rays.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st and a monkey wrench may be thrown into your best laid financial plans. Funds promised may be delayed. Keep some extra cash on the side in preparation for potential rainy days ahead.


Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd and lends a strong intellectual impact on all you have to say. You won’t be mincing words but will be empowered to speak up and clearly vocalize your needs for a change. He’ll also help make your appearance more youthful and eye-catching to others.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th can have co-workers or employees overly sensitive. Tread carefully with asking them to make changes with procedures.

Your ruling planet Venus enters the sign of unlimited ideas, Gemini on the 11th. She will grace you with some money-making brainstorms. Implementing just one of them can help boost you into a higher financial bracket. Where matters of the heart are concerned, relationships which offer a strong sense of security will be the most appealing. Impulse spending must be kept in check or you’ll wind up being in debt up to the eyeballs.

The saying “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” can be applied to the Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th for Bulls. Your goals and plans need more time to mature and grow. To showcase them or push things impulsively now will cause them to possibly fall short of expectations or even fail. Instead, use the time to let them ripen. Then you will meet with success.

On the 21st Mercury turns retrograde in your sign. As a result, you may fall prey to becoming too self-conscious about your appearance and mannerisms. Put off any major changes with your image until next month when he goes direct.


Your ruling planet Mercury enters earthy Taurus on the 3RD. Stifle your normal chit-chat about yourself. Cloak your private business and personal plans with a cover of discretion. Others can easily take what you have to say and twist it to work against you. Guard against negative thoughts and unhappy memories.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th awakens a renewed sense of passion with your lover. Unattached Twins ardently seeking love should accept all social invitations.

Venus enters your sign on the 11th, and your attraction potential will be amplified a hundred-fold. Others will be magnetically drawn to the love rays emitting around your aura. Unattached Twins may attract the love of their dreams. Those in a relationship will have their beloved around their little finger.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th will provide more needed time for you to spend with companions. Being all work and no play the past couple of hectic months may have had your friends wondering if they’re still in your life. Strengthen bonds with others and increase your buddy list.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st turning your life around in a tailspin. Issues or people from your past, which you thought were long since best forgotten, can wind up resurfacing now. In order not to acquire more karma with them, judge fairly who or what goes or stays.


When Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd, you’ll allow your mind to soar and think more out of the box. Your ingenious solutions for sticky problems will amaze all. Try following your intuition more now, as opposed to other peoples’ common-sense logic.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th shines a bright spotlight on matters to do with home.  If you want to sell your house, get it on the market now for the best offers. If you’re looking to lease or rent, the perfect place can be found.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 11th, it is in your best interests to become as discreet as possible about all romantic attractions and entanglements. Things said at this time came be taken totally out of context, boomerang, and discourage a secret admirer.  Someone from your soul’s distant past may resurface hoping to reignite the flame of lost love.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th highlights career aspirations. Its potent rays can facilitate an internal crisis where your professional goals are concerned. You may be forced, during the next couple of months, to really do a thorough examination of where you’re going. In the process, you may determine to change jobs, occupation, or even to strike it out and become self-employed.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st, and you start to question and review your deepest heartfelt dreams and goals for the future.  Don’t compare them to what others have or want for you. Instead, use the time to determine what it is you really want. 


When Mercury transits into Taurus on the 3rd, you’ll find an increased value placed on your decisions and communicational skills at work. Management will be impressed with the intricate plans you present for a new project. Your strategy in achieving greater rewards for the company will far surpass others.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th graces you with eloquence in speech and writing. Others can be swayed by your persuasive presentations. 

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th and ignites sparks of passion between you and someone you have always seen just as a close buddy.  Unbeknown to you, for a long time, they have been carrying a torch for you.  Attached Lions with this transit can establish a closer bond with their beloved by sharing and developing more mutual interests together.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th finds Leo students questioning if they are taking the correct major or not. A whole new direction may be sought with educational pursuits as a result. Those with looming legal matters may have their cases take some startling twists and turns. A long-distance trip can help you reset the direction of your existence.

Naughty Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st and the lines of communication will be a mess between you and management. Self-employed Lions should forego a PR blitz because it can backfire and turn out derogatory instead of complimentary.



Your ruling planet Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd. You’ll be bombarded with a flurry of long-distance communications. If you aren’t traveling physically, then you’ll be traveling mentally. It may be hard to keep your consciousness grounded with the normal daily routines, while your spirit wants to soar.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th can reveal some lucrative financial opportunities. They may require some quick thinking and action to snare them.

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th and upper-management is totally wowed by your job performance in handling difficult situations and people. This can result in a big promotion and a substantial raise. Self-employed Virgos should do an extensive promotional campaign blitz to stimulate sales. Those involved in the arts and beauty fields experience a tremendous surge in business. Clients with “names” and prestige will seek out your services.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th may force you to thoroughly review who and what in your life may be having a negative impact on your existence. As a result of much soul searching, you will uncover which toxic elements should be eliminated and the inner strength to let go.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st, and Murphy’s Law goes into effect. To ensure a good grade, Virgo students should try to have all papers that are due edited and completed before Mercury changes direction. While the desire to escape to an exotic destination may be overwhelming, forego all travel plans until next month. 


Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd and makes you extraordinarily more practical minded with investments. Get in touch with your financial planner and go over your retirement accounts. Making some improvements can add up greatly to your future payout.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 6th makes you desirous of being in the spotlight. While you crave more attention, don’t become needy or demanding if it’s not given instantly.

When Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, you will be bitten by the travel bug. Great deals and packages can be gotten for a song. Single Libras traveling under these potent romantic Venusian rays, may meet their Twin Flame. Those who are attached, can experience the extraordinary second honeymoon of their dreams. Those unable to travel now should at least try going to exotic cafes or restaurants. The foreign will attract romance back into your life.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th offers two different forks in the road for Libras. If you are in a happy and fulfilling relationship, the eclipse will strength your bonds. However, if it’s not, then the eclipse can break the tie that is acting as a noose. Single Scales will take active steps the next couple of months to meet their perfect match.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, there can be some potential disputes with partners over finances. This is not the time to be negotiating better mortgage or refinancing rates either. Those desiring more alimony or child support money should wait until Mercury goes direct next month before taking legal action.


Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd and brings in much needed opportunities for you to clear the air between yourself and others. They will feel relieved with your desire to hear out their side of things fairly.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th brings in a flood of reminiscences of situations and people from your past. This is an excellent time to do a final exorcism on any unpleasant and self-limiting memories. Keep the good and let go of the bad.

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, and you desire a greater body and soul connection with your lover. You are willing to make a total transformation for them. However, you expect the same deep commitment and sacrifices from them in return. A large financial windfall can be bestowed. Also, your business or marriage partner will receive a pleasing increase with their finances.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th inspires you to get yourself in better physical shape. Search for a workout routine which will seamlessly fit into your hectic schedule. Making the correct dietary changes now will also reap you a healthy, dynamic body.

The Trickster, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 21st. Past difficulties with a relationship, which you thought were successfully resolved, may pop up again. Unfortunately, they never really meant to mend their ways.



With Mercury entering Taurus on the 3rd, you will benefit greatly by brushing up on some of your work skills. There will be increased gossip going on in the office. Stifle any temptation to include yourself in the prattle. Concentrate on getting things as organized as possible instead.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th brings in some fabulous leads through networking. The right people to help in achieving your goals will be more than happy to oblige.

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, unattached Sags looking to get hitched may meet their life’s mate. Do not turn down any introductions from friends or associates. One of them may turn out to be the lucky candidate for your heart. Potential new business partnerships should be pursued. Influential and wealthy clients will be seeking your services.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th adds a sense of drama to the stage of your life. You are challenged to express your inner passions more outwardly to your lover. A lukewarm approach to romance will fizz the relationship out of existence.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, and you may be forced to redo projects at work. Pesky things like accurate details will be hard for you to manage. If you’re planning on starting a diet, don’t. It will be doomed to failure with the retrograde. Wait until next month when Mercury goes direct and you’ll faithfully stick to it.


Mercury transits into Taurus on the 3rd, and Goats with kids will experience meaningful conversations with them. They will open up and actually want to share their hopes, wishes, and dreams. Doing some extra analysis on a potential speculative investment can reap substantial rewards.

The Full in Libra on the 6thpromises career rewards for past unacknowledged hard work. Self- employed Goats should garner much needed positive publicity for their business.

When Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, you will become increasingly sensitive to the atmosphere at your workplace. By performing some well-thought-out Feng Shui touches, the improved energy flow will instill greater harmony with all. If you have been contemplating making some changes with office procedures, workers will be receptive and less likely to complain about implementing them. Little touches which are infused in your performance will be noticed and appreciated by management.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th places a strong emphasis on matters having to do with family and home. You may be called upon to step up and take on some added responsibility for a parent or another close relative. Thoughts of moving to a new city may dance through your mind.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st, and Goats with kids will have weightier difficulties in communication with them. A lover from the past may also resurface but their situation hasn’t really improved to warrant a reconciliation.



Looking into the past will give you the desired answers for present dilemmas, when Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd. How you successfully handled similar situations will be the key. Enjoyable family conversations and get togethers can be experienced.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th can bring Aquarian writers praise for submitted articles and a possible contract for work. A strong desire for travel may motivate you into booking a dream get a way for next month.

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th and you’ll be on everybody’s invite list for spring celebrations. Unattached Aquarians will flutter around with the wings of a butterfly, captivating many hearts along the way. Others will be fascinated and drawn to your original innovative ideas.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a new car, don’t fall prey to an impulsive sale. The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th may have you needing new wheels. However, wait until after the Eclipse to shop around for a sensible buy. Siblings or neighbors may need your assistance out of the blue.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st and you may feel family members think you’re from another planet. They will find your ideas and lifestyle are too “out there” for even a discussion.


When Mercury enters Taurus on the 3rd, you will have to guard against becoming too scattered. There will be a multitude of tasks which will pop up out of nowhere and all demanding to be dealt with immediately. Nervous energy might be high now, so take your time when rushing to appointments.

The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th offers unexpected opportunities for you to be approved for additional credit, if needed. Business partners can reel in some needed cash for the company too.

Venus enters Gemini on the 11th, and unattached Pisces can find love in their own backyard. Those who are house hunting can find the place of their dreams and priced in your desired spending budget. Much of the month will be spent mending fences with relatives and instilling closer bonds with family.

The Solar Eclipse in Aries on the 20th can put you on the pathway to prosperity. Opportune ways will almost materialize out of the ether for you to increase your income. A new business on the side could unexpectedly quickly morph into a full-time career.  A big raise or bonus from your present employer can add to your growing bank account.

The Trickster, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 21st. Stop putting off needed maintenances. What can be a minor correctable problem with something now, can escalate into a big repair bill, if left unattended.

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