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Monthly Astrological Forecast : December 2023                                                     

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Mercury entering Capricorn on the 1st has you coming across as the idea person at work. Others will be seeking your opinion on important decisions for the company. Management will be impressed with your professional communicational skills.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 4th, and she will have lusty Rams seeking to attain the heights of passion in love. You will be overcome with the desire to achieve a greater sense of intimacy with your partner.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th and turns your dreams into prophetic visions. Plus, he’ll gift you with the ability to decipher them too. The fog which may have been causing some difficulty in accessing correctly your intuition will lift. With your psychic armor intact, you can successfully spot and defeat con artists and those trying to prey upon your generous spirit.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th stimulates a strong desire within you to break free from common everyday routines. A long-distance trip would be an excellent remedy for the doldrums. Combining it with a spiritual retreat or seminar will bring you great transcendent rewards.

When Mercury goes retro on the 13th, you may find suggestions given at work or about career will reap the opposite of the desired results. Your public image may not be as bright then too. Decisions concerning career goals would be best given a second look or put on the shelf until Mercury goes direct next month.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th reveals a better balance must be established in your life with career and home. Ignoring one at the cost of the other, can come at a high emotional price.

Venus enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 29th. Tremendous opportunities will be in your grasp for both love and expansive business opportunities. To make the most of her passage, you should become actively involved in cultural, educational, or religious activities. Unattached Rams will be attracted to the exotic and different. Try jetting to a foreign locale or dining in unique restaurants to find romance.

Jupiter stops his backward movement on the 30th and turns direct. You’ll find your finances start to take a 180 degree turn for the better. Promised funds, which have been tied up for months, will now start to flow in your direction.


Mercury, the messenger of the gods, enters Capricorn on the 1st. He’ll increase communications greatly with foreigners and people at a distance. Bulls in school should be hitting the books. Your mind will be able to easily absorb more difficult subject matters.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 4th, and she can aid you in resolving any pressing misunderstandings between yourself and your significant other. You’ll have the right words to put out any fires of conflict. Those in the market for a new accountant, attorney, or a someone to handle social media for them, should find the right person to represent their interests.

Where friends are concerned, the Neptunian mist starts to recede when he turns direct on the 6th. Now you will know who does and doesn’t have your back. You’ll be armed now with the vision to see other’s true motives and character. Plus, the fortitude to walk away from harmful group-think.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th helps you to renegotiate more favorable previous agreed upon terms. Others will be more willing to offer support to help you in your endeavors. Use the Lunar energies to build strong bridges with important allies.

With Mercury going retro on the 13th, holiday travel plans may be fraught with delays and unexpected problems. If you’re mailing gifts, better get them in the mail days before the retro. Legal matters can run quickly amuck.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th may render you overly emotional in speech. Temper your responses and try not to jump to conclusions over what someone says or does. However, sales presentations can take on a winning dash of inner conviction and passion.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th and will grace you with financial boosts. Both business and marriage partners will find themselves in better monetary straights and wanting to share their good fortune with you. Luck may be found in purchasing a winning lottery ticket. Your lover will want to establish more intimate bonds with you on a personal and sexual level.

Jupiter goes direct on the 30th, and you feel the marvelous effects of this Good Luck Planet in your sign strengthened. Waste no time going after all you want in life. Jupiter was the king of the ancient gods, and he’ll be throwing thunderbolts of good fortune in your direction.


Your ruling planet Mercury enters the earthy sign Capricorn on the 1st. As a result, your mind will be able to focus on practical matters in a cool, detached way. He’ll keep you from losing concentration and scattering your mental energies all over the place.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 4th, you establish friendlier ties with co-workers. By getting to know them on a personal basis better, all will work in greater harmony on joint projects.

As Neptune turns direct on the 6th, some of his mist will start to recede over your career goals. Even though you may be yearning to do something more creative, you’ll be a realist about it. Aim for a career which allows you to utilize your imaginative and artistic side but is also going to pay the bills.

Unattached and looking for love? The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th helps you land the perfect lover. Twins who are already involved, find their lover exceptionally responsive to their every desire. Those involved in the arts professionally will receive much praise from their growing list of admirers.

Naughty Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th. It’s a must to take an accurate inventory of your outstanding expenses now. Avoid applying for a loan or mortgage or running up unnecessary debt. Not the time to expand a business or to invest.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th can leave you open to unscrupulous people trying to take financial advantage of you through an investment or loan. Guard against reckless impulses urging you to buy impulsively. You’ll regret it later on.

With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th, your thoughts center exclusively on your significant other and ways to renew and revitalize the relationship. By being extra adaptable and going along more with their desires, you can strengthen your bond. Unattached Twins can meet their potential mate amidst all the upcoming holiday celebrations.

With Jupiter turning direct on the 30th, your uncanny psychic sixth sense becomes even more finely tuned. Pay attention and listen to the dreams you have when sleeping. They will contain prophetic messages and bestow excellent other worldly counsel. Also, acts of kindness performed in the past will reap present blessings.



If the lines of communication have become crossed between you and your partner, Mercury entering Capricorn on the 1st should repair them. A nice long chat can get you both seeing eye to eye on important joint decisions.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 4th, you can unleash your creative spirit. Tap into uncharted realms of inspiration by releasing your inner-child. Unattached Crabs will find opportunities for new love all around them.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th. Crabs attending school will now become more focused on their studies. The doubts you had about your scholastic abilities start to dissolve with the Neptunian mist. Your dreams take on added dimensions of prophesy.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th brings with it some fantastic new job opportunities. If you’ve wanted to spread your wings and reach for a higher position, talk to management about a promotion. If you have hit the glass ceiling, time to find another job where you can fly to greater heights.

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th, the lines of communications can become quite strained between you and your partner. Both of you will be holding on too tenaciously on to your separate beliefs. Just getting along may be more problematic even with clients. Decisions may be difficult to reach due to you both wavering and vacillating.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th may have others testing and questioning your leadership abilities. This is not the time to crawl into your shell but stand your ground.

When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th, co-workers will be taken aback by your sense of generosity of spirit. It will inspire even the hardest of hearts at the work place to approach their jobs with a greater sense of harmony and goodwill. Your job performance and can-do attitude will be highly appreciated.

Magnanimous Jupiter turns direct on the 30th and suddenly your social life is spinning in a more positive direction. Delays placed in your path in attaining goals start to fully dissolve. Promises made to you from friends are finally able to be fulfilled.



When Mercury enters Capricorn on the 1st, your mind turns to practical matters. You become more interested in taking better care of your health. You’ll be able to implement improved exercise routines and follow an advanced nutritional plan with a sense of dedication.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 4th, you become uncharacteristically more of a homebody. If you’ve wanted to glam up your place, you’ll be truly inspired to make the right artistic touches to it. Hosting a holiday party will get you many rave reviews.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th and lifts some of the haze surrounding your finances. You may find that there has been some mishandling or mistakes made with joint finances, taxes, or pension funds. However, you can utilize Neptune’s creative energies to find a positive way to turn things around in your favor.

Unattached and on safari for love? With the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th, you won’t alone for long. In fact, you’ll be the one whom others are romantically pursuing. Keep yourself open to meeting new prospects by getting out and roaring up a storm.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, and you can find yourself getting easily overly stressed out from all the holiday preparations. This is not the time to hire new employees or commission others to provide services. Any diet started now is doomed to fail.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th strengthens and enhances your intuitive abilities. However, you may become a little too sensitive to others’ negative energies and need to spend some quality time alone.

Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th places you first on everyone’s invite list for all social gatherings and parties. Your only problem maybe in deciding who’s to attend and who’s to decline. Lions with children may find that some gentle purring will be more effective in getting them to listen than a loud roar.

Jupiter stops his retrograde spin and turns direct on the 30th. Promises made to you about career finally begin to materialize. Those wishing for a new job should have a multitude of fantastic offers to pick from. Self-employed Lions can experience an immense expansion of new business and clients.



Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 1st. He’ll help you get into a festive holiday spirit. Truly inspired ideas for holiday entertaining will surge through your being. True to your Virgo sensibilities, they will be cost effective but bowl everyone over with their creativity and classy good taste.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 4th and will make others find conversing with you a pleasure. You’ll find the right words to bring harmony to all stressful situations. Virgos with online businesses should experience a huge surge in business. It’s a great time to plan a profitable advertising campaign.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th, and the fog surrounding partnerships and close relationships is slowly lifted somewhat. You can see better now who is really going to be in the long haul for you or not.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th brings with it fantastic opportunities for real estate deals. Both buying and selling are highly favored. Investments made in property now will not be regretted in the future. Those contemplating doing fix-ups to their place will be greatly pleased with the results.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th. Try not to second guess your initial creative inspirations. Go with your original idea to be successful. An old flame may reappear and ignite a fire within you. However, this is not the best time to start an affair with someone new.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th can cause a shake up with either a group you belong to or with a close friend. It may be time to make the decision if you want to break off or air out the petty grievances and stay friends. 

Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th compels you to outdo yourself with home redecorating projects. True to your Virgo vibes of seeking total perfection with all tasks, you’ll have every nook and cranny tastefully adorned. After all the sprucing up, host a party for all to admire your hard work.

Expansive Jupiter turns direct on the 30th. As a result, travel plans which had been delayed can now be taken off hold. He’ll reward you for your patience by getting you the best package deals. Writers should submit their masterpieces to publishers. Those seeking to pursue higher education should apply for admission and grants.



Mercury enters Capricorn on the 1st and thoughts turn nostalgically to family memories of holidays past. You may want to recreate some of the traditions you experienced as a child in your home.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 4th. She should shower self-employed Libras with a big boost in sales. If you’re shopping for new employment, opportunities which include better pay and benefits will present themselves. You may also find that a possession or investment has increased tremendously in value.

When Neptune turns direct on the 6th, you will toughen up and not allow co-workers to dump their emotional problems on you anymore. Besides it draining you immensely, it might have jeopardized your professional position at work. Also, the mist will start to recede over health concerns.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th puts you in a frenzy with communications going back and forth. If you’ve been contemplating designing a new website, get moving on it. Social media outlets will prove to be an excellent way to boost sales and income. Libras with siblings will become more involved with their lives.

Impish Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th. Beware of lacking a true sense of objectivity and get overwhelmed by a sea of deep emotions. Family members may misinterpret what you say or do.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th shines a bright light on your career. If you’ve kept your nose to the grindstone the past month, a big promotion may be in the wings. If you’ve slacked off with responsibilities, then a negative review might be your reward.

Romantic Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th. Having a lover who doesn’t beat around the bush, but says what they mean, will become more important. You need someone now who gets your ideas. Those seeking romance can find it close to home.

On the 30th, Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, turns direct. Monies which were promised but held up should start to be released. Many benefits should flow your way with joint finances, loan approvals, tax rebates, and with legal settlements. If married, your spouse may receive a bonus or pay raise.


Mercury enters Capricorn on the 1st, and you become uncharacteristically chatty. Many local trips may be spent either visiting others or doing a lot of hectic holiday shopping.

The Love Planet Venus enters your sign on the 4th. Without having to do a single thing, others will be magically drawn to you. Unattached Scorpios will have their pick of new lovers to choose from.

Neptune turns direct on the 6th, and now you have a better handle on your talents and creative abilities. Scorpios involved in the arts and entertainment fields will be able to tune into their craft effortlessly. Allow yourself to flow with the inspired rhythm generated by Neptune.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th further increases positive financial possibilities for you. Set up not only specific fiscal goals, but also workable plans on how to reach them. If you have been toying with starting a small business venture on the side, get moving. Extra work on the side offers can materialize and prove to be quite lucrative.

Naughty Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th. Give old castoff ideas a second chance. They’ll actually lead to success, not new ideas. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, no matter how good your intentions are.

Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th presents an ingenious way to settle any pending legal issues. Those attending school can finish papers and receive a high grade in the process. If self-employed, spare no expense in advertising your business.

With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th, others will be extremely generous to you both monetarily and with acts of kindness. This is an excellent time to turn social encounters into money making opportunities.

Jupiter turns direct on the 30th and helps to iron out any difficulties which may have developed with close personal relationships or business partners during his retrograde. They will finally fulfill promises made to you. Unattached Scorpions will have the best luck in establishing a lasting commitment.


Mercury entering Capricorn on the 1st can be a fiscal blessing for Archers. He’ll help you be more financially prudent when purchasing holiday gifts. You’ll also be more interested in the usefulness of the gifts for the recipient.

Venus enters intense Scorpio on the 4th, and a secret admirer may confess their long suppressed deep simmering attraction to you. Keep all confidences shared by your lover under lock and key.

When Neptune turns direct on the 6th, the mist starts to lift over family and home concerns. Intuitive insights will be revealed on how to navigate through important decisions concerning them. You may have been too overwhelmed with waves of misplaced emotions to handle them effectively during his retrograde. Also, you can form a clearer assessment of important work or needed repairs to your home.


The New Moon in your sign on the 12th promises to deliver the opportunity to start upon a new life’s path. Progress towards the fulfilment of your dreams and bring them into reality. Confidence will be saturating every pore of your being. Others will acknowledge your role as a born leader.

Try to collect all monies due you before Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th. Otherwise, payments might be delayed for a long time. Since your perceptiveness in financial matters won’t be the best, avoid large purchases and investments. Maybe best to finish all holiday shopping before the retro.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th forces you to analyze what should stay in your life and what needs to be terminated. Shared partnership money may come up for review. Might be best to put the brakes on extravagant, ill-conceived spending desired by your business or marriage partner for at least the time being.

You’ll become the Sun in your lover’s universe when Venus enters your sign on the 29th. They will just want to gravitate around you. Others will be magically drawn to your sunny, outgoing personality. Unattached Archers will have their pick of potential lovers.

Your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct on the 30th, and you are deluged with tremendous new job offers with better pay and benefits. Archers looking to hire new employees will have the top candidates to pick from. Health matters take a dramatic turn for the better.


Mercury, the planet which rules communications, enters your sign on the 1st. He’ll help you speak up more and be less cautious with giving opinions. Others will be surprised but at the same time attracted to your ready candor.

Fun times can be had with friends when Venus enters Scorpio on the 4th. Buddies will seek out your companionship and invite you to share in group holiday gatherings. Unattached Goats may meet the love of their life through a close friend.

When Neptune turns direct on the 6th, you may find trusting your intuition will serve you better than heeding your logical mind. Your gut feelings should not steer you wrong. You can effortlessly inspire others without even attempting to through your speech or writing.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th brings out your remarkable abilities to be truly empathic. While it is good to help others, do try to make some time for yourself. Re-charging your physical and spiritual selves should be on the top on your list. Your dreams will take on an added spiritual direction. They will impart important messages for renewal.

The trickster planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th. Refrain from making any drastic changes with your physical appearance or mannerisms. It won’t go over successfully. Feeling being out of sync and that others aren’t listening to you can be magnified under these rays.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th shines a bright light on relationship issues. Both business and romantic partners can be overly touchy and sensitive. Handle them with kid gloves and be prepared to listen to their complaints.

With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th, unattached Goats may find those with a multitude of problems knocking at the door to your heart. Don’t get sucked into any hard luck stories with your affections or your wallet. If you have an overwhelming desire to get involved with the needy, adopt a pet.

Jupiter reverses his backward movement of the past couple of months and turns direct on the 30th. Creative projects which you gave birth to will now be received with the proper recognition they deserve. Investments which may not have taken off as hoped, may now start to soar.


Mercury transits into practical Capricorn on the 1st. He’ll fine-tune your intuitive gifts. You’ll be better able to see where people are really coming from and be able to act accordingly.

Venus transits into passionate Scorpio on the 4th and helps you generate a truly sparkling public persona. Others will be captivated by how you present yourself and want to promote your services. Management will be more willing to acquiesce to your suggestions concerning work.

The Neptunian mist colored with deception and confusion will start to recede somewhat when he turns direct on the 6th. He’s had you under his spell, clouding your vision concerning financial affairs. With eyes opened now, you can spot potential con artists who are seeking to prey upon your generous wallet. Use his forward motion to explore highly creative and artistic ways to increase your income and investments.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th finds you examining ways to bring your innermost dreams into a state of reality. Not only future goals should be reviewed now, but also the ways and means on how to attain them. Try to set aside some quality time too to rekindle old friendships and personal ties.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th making you susceptible to unwarranted feelings of deep guilt and obligation. As a result, you can easily turn into a patsy to others demands. Situations and people best forgotten from your past may resurface.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th has your job performance under scrutiny. If there’s a joint project needing to be completed, you may have to take up the major portion of the load and finish it yourself.

With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 29th, it’s a good time to take your friends up on their offers to fix you up. Though there may be some misses, all you need is to meet the right one. Attached Aquarians can develop a stronger friendship bond with their beloved.

Benevolent Jupiter turns direct on the 30th and his auspicious rays will shine upon your homelife and family relationships. A greater sense of peace and harmony will be instilled. All real estate transactions should almost magically fall into place. Any setbacks and delays should start to dissolve.


Mercury transits into Capricorn on the 1st. You feel a greater need to review your inner hopes, wishes, and dreams, and make sure you’re on the right path to obtain them. Friends can play an important role in helping you make correct decisions.

Venus transits into Scorpio on the 4th. Keep your bags packed. There may be more business-related trips as a result. Unhooked Fish seeking love may find it in the classroom or on a trip.

Your ruling planet Neptune turns direct on the 6th. He will require you to find a balance between compassion and common sense. Otherwise, you can find yourself being taken to the cleaners and back either emotionally, financially, or both. Follow you gut instincts, and you’ll be on the right path. Your psychic feelers will relay the correct info and help to navigate through the Neptunian Sea.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th starts you on a new path towards achieving long cherished career goals. Those who have been searching for a new job should hit the pavement. A flurry of impressive offers can be your reward. Those not seeking new employment, but want an advancement, should figure out a new strategy for obtaining it.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th. As a result, you may feel that close friends don’t get you or your ideas. Don’t rock the boat by throwing them overboard. It’s just Mercury causing a temporary squall. Acquaintances from your past can resurface and old bonds can be renewed.

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th has you bursting with creative inspiration begging to be implemented. Fish with children may have their hands full dealing with a lot of excess drama from them.

When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th, you will be seen by higher-ups on the job as a peacemaker. Your abilities to gently guide others to calmer waters will be called upon. If you’ve wanted to acquire an excellent mentor, go fishing for one now.

Jupiter turns direct on the 30th and promises made to you by siblings and neighbors may finally be fulfilled. Short trips can bring good luck in unexpected ways. Self-employed Fish will reap bushels of new business by starting an aggressive advertising campaign. Those involved in sales will surpass all previous quotas.

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