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Monthly Astrological Forecast : July 2024

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With Neptune turning retrograde on the 2nd, do avoid drinking and drugs. You’ll be ultra-sensitive on many psychic levels. Your dreams can take on an extreme intensity of depth and reveal hidden aspects of your inner being.

Mercury, the planet in charge of communications, enters the creative sign Leo on the 2nd. He’ll help you to give full expression of your feelings to others. They will develop closer bonds with you as a result. New avenues for speculation will capture your interest. Doing some extra research on them may reap a hefty profit.

With the New Moon in Cancer on the 5th, a lot of your emotional energy will be intensely focused on home and family relationships. Planning an informal outdoor get-together with relatives can build closer ties with them. If you’re seeking a quick sale on your home, the Lunar rays will attract the right buyers to your doorstep.

When Venus enters Leo on the 11th, she brings to Aries bountiful blessings for true love and romance. You’ll be on the top of everyone’s guest list. Don’t turn done any invitations to mingle and meet people. Social get togethers will afford you many opportunities for love and advancement.

Your ruling planet Mars blasts into Gemini on the 20th. You’ll be over brimming with fantastic new ideas and wanting to share them with others. Aries in sales should score big with landing whopping accounts. Avoid getting into heated discussions because they can turn instantly into fiery arguments.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st shines a revealing light on power plays surrounding you at work. If you keep your emotions in check and handle situations in an aboveboard manner, you’ll be the one to be declared the victor. After the dust settles you might even receive a promotion as a prize.

No more excuses will be allowed to put off tasks when Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th. He’ll help you roll up your sleeves and take care of business in a practical and no-nonsense manner. Both physical and mental projects can be tackled with gusto.


When Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd, you may begin to feel a sense of alienation and disconnection with some of your friends and close associates. There may also be present a sense of deception or a hidden agenda with some hands extended in friendship. Be careful with joining groups or clubs. Their true platform may be veiled to your naïve eyes.

On the 2nd, Mercury enters Leo. He’ll open the lines of communication between yourself and family members. This is an excellent time for everyone concerned to get deep seated resentments off their chests. Voicing your opinions on how to run things less chaotically will be met with greater reception.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th may act as a stimulating catalyst to your mind. New and exciting thoughts and ideas start to race thru it. An impromptu presentation or sales pitch can land you a prestigious new account. Unplanned short trips can hold unexpected opportunities.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Leo on the 11th. Home will be where your heart is with her transit. If you’re shopping for a new home or apartment or selling property, she will shower good luck upon you. Want to spiff-up your place with new furnishings? Venus will help you get the best buys for all your decorating needs. She will endow you with not only creative but impeccable taste with interior design.

Fiery Mars transits into Gemini on the 20th. He ignites a fire under you to make more money. If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business on the side, get moving. Go over your investment portfolios and see if they should be tweaked for more substantial rewards.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st may attract situations where your deep personal beliefs are tested or challenged by others. Since Pluto is involved in the mix, use it as an opportunity to evaluate your basic philosophies on life. You may be engulfed in a craving to travel internationally or pursue a totally new course of study.

With Mercury’s passage into Virgo on the 25th, your creative ideas will win a standing ovation. Don’t keep your ingenious thoughts to yourself. They can prove to be quite inspirational to others.


When Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd, you will have a deeper sensitivity on following your correct career path. Duties which you have been avoiding must be faced and completed.

On the 2nd Mercury starts his passage thru Leo. Refrain from jumping to conclusions or making snap decisions. It’s more favorable for you to gather as much info as possible before making commitments.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th generates an unexpected opportunity to radically increase your income. Your work skills are in high demand. So, don’t be shy in asking for more money for them.

With Venus entering Leo on the 11th, you will be graced with the ability to get others to practically eat out of your hand. Ask for what you want and be prepared to receive it almost magically. Stalled contracts can be successfully renegotiated now and be more favorable for you. Twins with online businesses should see a healthy jump in profits.

Mars blazes into your sign on the 20th. He’ll give you a burst of superhuman energy, where you have the courage and strength to accomplish the seemingly impossible. However, guard against becoming too pushy and demanding instant action from others.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st may present a wake-up call to get your credit cards and debts in order. Avoid clashes and potential explosive confrontations over shared resources with partners. Even though they may claim to be correct with the way they want things handled, they are wrong. Disagreeing with them now will only result in an unpleasant standoff. Stay aboveboard with all insurance and tax matters. Being “creative” at this time, can result in future legal difficulties, even though someone may prompt you to do it.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th. His passage will sharpen your powers of recall and help you retrieve even obscure facts from your memory bank. You can communicate in both a rational and personable way to others.



Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd and will help you see alternate higher educational goals. Cancer wordsmiths are able to focus once again with their writing projects. Trips embarked on as a spiritual pilgrimage hold the promise of total renewal of the soul. However, at the same time, try not to get caught up in overestimating yourself in these areas and be through in getting the facts before you proceed.

Mercury entering Leo on the 2nd will endow you with some very brilliant and almost off the wall ideas on how to increase your income and savings. A big investment tip out the blue from an extremely unlikely source could wind up generating sizeable profits for you.

The New Moon in your sign on the 5th motivates you to make some major changes with your appearance and image. A new hairdo or “look” can shake you out of the rut you may have descended into the past year. Others will be blown away by the new you.

When Venus enters Leo on the 11th, you may feel like it’s raining money. The heavens open up and many financial opportunities start to come your way to both increase income and savings. Your love relationship starts to take on a much-desired degree of stability.

Mars transits into Gemini on the 20th and he may try to tempt you into submitting proposals too early. Best to work on projects alone. Too many cooks can spoil the brew. Also, indiscreetly discussing them with someone, who turns out to be unscrupulous, can get them stolen.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st zaps you with an “all or nothing at all” sort of attitude with matters of the heart. Unless you see potential with a relationship progressing to a firm future commitment, you will not be interested in anything they have to offer. Business partners may behave very erratically under these lunar rays. Clients can make unreasonable demands.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th and as a result, you may become too quick to jump to conclusions. Get all the facts before you voice your opinions or make impulsive decisions.


Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. He will help lift some of the fog that has covered joint investments and financial holdings. Seeing things a little bit more clearly, you can make better judgements with confusing monetary dealings. Your partner’s financial situation may tend to resolve itself somewhat.

Mercury, the planet ruling communications enters your sign on the 2nd. Now is the time to shine using the powerful speaking skills, which will be fully at your command. You’ll have a lot to say, and people will be eager to hear more.

With the New Moon in Cancer on the 5th, it’s best to keep your private business to yourself. Otherwise, an indiscreet moment bearing too much of your soul’s secrets, can be used against you by an unscrupulous person in the future.

You’ll be the cat’s meow when Venus enters Leo on the 11th. Without lifting a paw, others will rush to fulfill your every wish. You’ll attract love and romance wherever you go. Unattached Lions will have their pick of desirable suitors.

Mars enters Gemini on the 20th and friends come knocking on your door for help. Being magnanimous, you instantly jump-in to help. Your strong managerial skills will also be called upon to sort out group projects, which others are too overwhelmed by.

If you feel your talents are not being fully utilized or appreciated on the job, the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st may make you antsy to call it quits. Best to keep your cool. Schedule having a heart to heart with management to clear the air before making any major decisions. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

When Mercury starts his passage thru Virgo on the 25th, your head will be screwed on tight and able to make logical financial decisions. Review your expenditures and investments to achieve greater fiscal growth. Even little tweaks with incidentals and savings can lead to sound future rewards.



Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd and will help to dissipate some of the fog which has been concealing problems in your relationship. Some buried resentments can come to light from your partner. Those seeking joint counseling will greatly benefit from starting it.

Your ruler Mercury transits into Leo on the 2nd. With his passage exercise greater caution in speech. Things said may be easily misconstrued by the wrong party. Be forthright in what you have to say but temper it with a double dose of discretion.

Use the New Moon in Cancer’s energies on the 5th to do an extensive heartfelt review of your very hopes, wishes, and dreams. This can propel you on a new and brighter life direction. Close associates can prove to offer invaluable insight on how to attain your aspirations.

Venus enters Leo on the 11th and makes you extremely private where matters of the heart are concerned. There may be strong elements of secrecy involved with affairs. Guard against trying to become someone’s “savior” by getting involved with them. They won’t be saved and will wind up draining the life out of you as their thanks.

Mars blazes into Gemini on the 20th and transforms you into a dynamo at work. Succeeding professionally will be your utmost focus in the weeks to come. However, try not to step on toes in your race up the corporate ladder.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st shines a bright light on your creative talents. Dust off forgotten or put to the side projects. Use your imaginative gifts to bring them to life. Take time off from your busy schedule to attend some of the many social gatherings which you will be invited to.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign on the 25th. He’ll make you exceedingly mentally sharp with the ability to focus like a laser beam on important projects. Never one to dodge duties, you’ll live up to your Virgo reputation of being the hardest working sign in the zodiac.


Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. Some of its foggy mist, which has been covering issues concerning your work, will start to dissipate. You can see a little bit clearer now fellow employees’ true feeling of you. Work, which you have lazily been putting off, now demands instant completion. A better and more accurate medical diagnosis can be found for health concerns.

Mercury transits into Leo on the 2nd. Expect your friends to give you the honest inside track as to if you’re approaching career goals correctly. In case you’re not, they’ll gladly point out some useful tips to get you in the right direction.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th causes your work to be noticed in a big way. The only question is, will it be for the good or for the bad? If you’ve been diligently laboring, it will be rewarded with a major step-up. If you haven’t, then you may find yourself on the carpet trying to explain why to management.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Leo on the 11th and accelerates your social life in the process. Friends will be inviting you to many exciting gatherings. In the process of expanding your social network, you may also meet the love of your life.

Mars transits into Gemini on the 20th and you can become too opinionated for your own good. Best to steer clear of discussions over cherished principles. They can quickly turn into heated arguments.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st is favorable for all real estate transactions. If you have wanted to do some refurbishing or adding to your home, take the plunge and get better than expected results. Family reunions can turn out to be emotional but packed with powerful healing energies at the same time.

With Mercury entering Virgo on the 25th, the best council you can get is your own. Your intuition will be strong and better equipped to fret out answers than seeking them from others.


Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. Some of the confusion surrounding a love affair may clear up considerably. If you’ve been too sacrificial, you will not feel obliged to continue being taken advantage of. Single Scorpios may encounter their soul mate under his retrograde motion. Those involved in the arts and theatre will experience a renaissance with their creations and performances.

Mercury entering Leo on the 2nd helps you appear to be a big shot at work. Whatever you have to say, will come across with authority. Management will be blown away by your innovative suggestions. As a result, others may seek your advice on getting a better handle on their projects.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th signals a possibly profound change in your basic philosophy about life and spiritual matters. Important decisions will have to be made about higher education. Scorpio educators may start to review the way they approach teaching and dealing with the system in a whole new manner.

Venus enters Leo on the 11th and promises to get you noticed by management in all the right ways. You’ll shine with professional polish in soothing any disruptions between subordinates. Self-employed Scorpios should go on a splashy PR blitz to increase sales.

When your co-ruling planet Mars enters Gemini on the 20th, you may become too quick to go hog wild with your credit card. Try not to rack-up debt from impulse buying. Use his energies instead to formulate a battle plan on ways to save money.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st indicates you will profit the most from sharing your ideas with others. They will not only find them correct but will follow them. Increasing your web and social media presence now will help you attain greater professional heights and add to your reputation as an authority in your field.

Mercury transits into Virgo on the 25th. Use his passage to review your hopes, wishes and innermost dreams for the future. You can’t get to the right place, unless you know precisely where it is you want to go.



Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. His backward motion lightens some of the ongoing sacrifices you have had to make for family. As Neptune’s mists recede somewhat, several startling family secrets will be uncovered.

Mercury’s transit into Leo on the 2nd makes you hungry to increase your knowledge about the world. Broaden your horizons by signing up for a class or two at the local community college. Your mind will readily soak up new concepts and ideas.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th is the time for Archers to shop around for better mortgage or refinance rates. Institutions will be more inclined to be flexible with granting loans and credit. Disputes involving partnership finances can find an amicable solution.

Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on the 11th and the travel bug bites Sags. Great package deals can be readily found to unique, exotic locales. Under foreign skies, Archers can find their heart’s desire. Those who are already hitched can rediscover the flames of passion with their beloved on a second honeymoon.

Mars enters Gemini on the 20th and gives you the guts lacking before, to go after big business contracts. Do guard against ego conflicts with your partner. If any develop, try to settle them quickly. Small squabbles can ignite big uncontained fires.

The Full Moon in Capricorn’s bright lights on the 21st illuminates the path to financial successes. Luck will be on your side in fateful ways to expand your income and bank account. A calculated risk may reap many rewards.

Sagittarians are famously known for their unbridled sense of candor. However, when Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th, keep it in check on the job. What you say and how you say it will be scrutinized by management.



Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd and some of the mist covering your logical mind will start to slowly dissipate. You will be able to trust your intuition once again. You will find the right inspired words to turn someone’s life around in a better direction.

Mercury entering Leo on the 2nd fine tunes your negotiation skills with handling money matters. Flashes of intuitive insights can help you get a better grasp on increasing business. Some extra strategic planning with professional decisions may be in order.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th brings with it the chance to renew and revitalize your partnership. The extra time and attention spent on tending to your significant other’s needs will be greatly appreciated.

With Venus entering Leo on the 11th, you are infused with tremendous self-confidence. Without realizing it, this will be interrupted as being a real sexual turn-on to the opposite sex.

Mars enters Gemini on the 20th and turns you into even more of a workaholic. Subdue your enthusiasm on the job a little. Otherwise, co-workers may feel intimidated by it. They can become resentful and resist any needed changes or extra work you may require from them.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 21st renders you overly emotional and insecure with even the smallest of slights. Stay true to yourself at this time. If you listen to others’ advice, they may make you doubt the soundness of your correct decisions.

On the 25th Mercury enters Virgo, and your best educational experience might be had by going on a long-distance trip to a foreign land. You’ll learn volumes about others by experiencing different cultures firsthand.



Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. As a result, some of the confusion concerning your finances may start to be lifted. You may be inspired with a creative way to make money. It may be visionary, but it can eventually pay off. Following your intuition can lead to wealth.

Mercury enters Leo on the 2nd, and you can get worrisome issues out in the open with your partner. They’ll be relived you’re being frank with them. Decisions should be reached mutually for all concerned to be happy.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th is great for starting new procedures or projects at the workplace. You’ll have the ability readily at your disposal to inspire fellow employees.

When Venus enters Leo on the 11th, your popularity soars. The contacts you make at this time can help you tremendously in business. Clients will be sending you many referrals. Unattached Aquarians seeking love should find it without even having to try.

With Mars’s entrance into Gemini on the 20th, you decide it’s time to have some fun. You’ll radiate a strong sexual vibe to prospective lovers, without even being aware of it. Your creativity will be at a peak demanding expression.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st endows you with superb psychic and intuitive insights. Listen to your nighttime dreams. It will seem like they are giving you potent advice from other realms. People and situations from your past, from this lifetime or maybe others, may resurface.

Mercury entering Virgo on the 25th will help fine tune your inborn intuitive abilities. You’ll be able to effortlessly translate the subtle nuances of others in conversations with them.



Your ruling planet Neptune turns retrograde on the 2nd. If your insecurities have been keeping you in a sea of uncertainty, you will start to swim towards clearer waters. A path, which you might have missed, will open up again.

Mercury entering Leo on the 2nd makes you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Detail work which seemed to be too tiresome to even start before, can now be attacked with vigor. Take advantage of co-workers and subordinates all wanting to lend a hand to help one another with projects.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 5th brings the promise of love to unhooked Fish. A suitor overbrimming with charm and romance can swim into your life. Pisces with children will experience a greater closeness and playful times with them.

Venus enters Leo on the 11th and job seeking Fish can hook an attractive offer. Relations with co-workers tend to flow very smoothly. Raise the vibes in your office dramatically by performing some feng shui corrections.

When Mars enters Gemini on the 20th, you’ll be all fired up to get your home in order. Repair projects can be taken off the shelf and finally done. Take care though in dealing with family members. They might not share your unbridled enthusiasm for working on the home and resent having to pitch in with the work.

Plunging into networking activities with the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st can land you an immense catch of new clients and accounts. The lunar rays will also call upon you to give help to a friend who might be in emotional straights.

Beware of trying to go it alone with making important decisions when Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th. Bouncing off ideas with your partner is the best course to take. Their council can prove to be invaluable.

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