Monthly Astrological Forecast : August 2017   


The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th may force you to take stock of your very hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future. By analyzing them, you can determine which goals are truly pertinent. You may find you’ve outgrown some of them and they should be discarded. By honestly reviewing them, you can establish and plan successful new courses of action. A friend may also call upon you to help bail them out of a serious situation.

Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th and causes some major mishaps and problems at the workplace. New procedures or systems started at work now are doomed to chaos and eventual failure. Best to put their launch off until next month, when Mercury turns direct. If you’ve been planning on hiring someone to perform services, put them on hold too. Otherwise the work will be poorly done.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st will make you hunger for greater recognition of your creative talents. Rams who are professionally in any facet of the entertainment industry or artistic fields will become super charged for success at all costs. Failure will no longer be an accepted option.  Brazenly sell your talents as the best and the public will pay big time.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th and self-confidence in your personal and spiritual beliefs is reinstated. If you have any pending legal matters, the right course of action and legal advice will appear.

Venus enters Leo on the 26th helping Rams with children establish more loving bonds with them. Unattached Aries can take a gamble with their heart and become a winner in love. Those in an established relationship will be inspired to spice-up things with dramatic touches.


Your career status will be up for review due to the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th. If your performance has been top notch, expect to proceed to the next rung on the corporate ladder. If it’s been below par, a fall from grace may be waiting in the wings. The eclipse energies may also unleash a strong desire on your part to break free from your position and look for greener pastures in another company.

With Mercury going into a retro tailspin on the 12th, you may start to second guess your usually superb artistic and creative talents. Instead of falling into this trap, try to rework and jazz-up past creations. Bulls with children may feel like the lines of communication with them got totally disconnected.


An old love from the long ago past may resurface back into your life. Situations have changed dramatically for you both. But it’s still best to take it slow and easy before passing a final judgement. Brand new love affairs, however, have a poor chance at success.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st forces lazy Bulls to finally perform the DIY projects your home has been desperately in need of. The seeds of making a move to another locale may start to take a firm root in your mind. Family members may have a lot of dramatic situations for you to sort through for them and help them straighten out.

Saturn goes direct on the 25th and some financial restrictions are finally lifted. Joint monies, taxes, and insurance policies can now be reviewed and handled with less static.  Venus enters Leo on the 26th and smiles upon Bulls wanting to buy or sell property. If you’re looking to rent or lease, extremely attractive terms can be negotiated easily. Your fabulous taste will be rewarded if purchasing items or furnishings for your home.  



Your philosophical and spiritual beliefs may be deepened by the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th. Travel to shrines, exotic mystical centers or holy sites can bring an answer to your prayers. Your thirst to expand your knowledge can lead you to register for courses. Twins seeking a publisher for their work can find the right one.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th and turns your life into a state of confusion and mix-ups. Forgotten family and childhood issues buried long ago in the past can resurface now. Use the retro energy to clean-up their cobwebs. Home repairs which you foolishly have ignored can turn into major projects. Getting across your inner feelings with family members will be almost impossible.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st highlights increased activities with siblings, neighbors, and people in your local community. A nervous restlessness may overtake you to get out and be in a constant state of movement. New ways to communicate and sell your wares and ideas via the web should be explored.

Saturn the cosmic taskmaster turns direct on the 25th. Efforts you have been doing to improve close relationships will finally start to bear fruit. For those who are married, renewing your vows can strengthen your mutual commitment.

Venus entering Leo on the 26th inspires you with the right words to say in all difficult situations. Your ability to negotiation deals, will have others practically eating out of your hands.  Both written and verbally given presentations will impress top management.



With the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th, keep your hard shell up for protection. Otherwise you may be seen as too much of a soft touch. Others can put emotional pressure on you to bail them out of financial difficulties of their own making.  If you succumb to their pleas, then see it as a gift and not a loan -- because repayment will be doubtful.

Take your car to the mechanic and have it checked out for any potential problems before Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th. Travel plans will all be up in the air and go thru many revisions. Getting your thoughts and ideas across to others will become a challenge. Promises either made by you or given to you from others, may not be able to be kept.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st shines a bight spotlight on how you handle your finances. While an overwhelming urge may be to take a big gamble on an investment, betting low could prove the safest course. You could still come out a winner but not broke, if it doesn’t all pan out. New ways of earning money thru a unique side business can start to dance in your mind. Exploring the possibilities may lead to a dynamic upturn to your financial situation.

If you’ve fallen off of the wagon and into bad health habits, Saturn turning direct on the 25th will get you back on it.  Saturn won’t tolerate excuses from you for not hitting the gym and eating a sensible diet. Follow his patient lead and your health should quickly improve in leaps and bounds.

Venus enters Leo on the 26th and stability in a relationship tends to outweigh any other qualities a potential love interest could offer. Do be careful of not over spending especially on unnecessary luxury items. Your lover may tend to be exceptionally generous with gifts.


The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th makes it impossible to mask your feelings and emotions from others. However, sometimes letting your guard down can be a good move. Use this energy to draw closer to those you truly care for by expressing your affection for them freely. The rewards you reap by doing so will be greatly worth it.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th and brings some chaos to your finances in the process. Prepare to hear refrains like “The check is in the mail.” Try to have clients and vendors either pay up front or in cash for goods and services. Avoid making your own money mistakes during the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th. Go over the amounts on all receipts received for purchases and checks you write.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st will be in the sign Leo and render it extremely important for you. The cosmic energies should open up a brand new direction for your life path during the next couple of months. Only by being bold, and fearlessly following your heart and intuition, will you achieve success.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th and the floodgates of creativity are unleashed within you. Your distinctive concepts and creations are now readily accepted by an adoring audience. Use Saturn’s energy to remain focused and continue to produce more works.  Venus enters Leo on the 26th making you the cat’s meow. Others will instantly fall under your spell. Without lifting a paw, others will gladly do your bidding.


The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th can bring with it, many changes and shifts with your job’s work schedule and duties. Just try to go with the cosmic flow and don’t make waves. Fellow employees may seem very touchy now and the slightest remark can set them off.

Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th, messing up the best laid plans. Don’t give in to the trap Mercury may set of having you second guess yourself and question your very self-confidence. Since Mercury is turning retrograde in your sign Virgo, this retro will have a bigger impact for you than the usual ones. There may be some difficulty in expressing yourself clearly to others. On the plus side, Mercury retro in Virgo is an aspect of second chances for those in your sign.

With the Solar Eclipse on the 21st, you have to play your cards close to the chest for the next couple of months. Work behind the scenes on projects and be private about what you’re doing. Don’t allow others to force you into showing your cards too soon. When the time is ripe, you’ll know. Then you will be declared the winner.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th and presents opportunities for you to get things better organized and fixed with your home. Family members become more receptive to your common sense solutions and your approach to their life’s dramas.

Venus enters Leo on the 26th and may make you attracted to the wrong type of candidate for your heart. Those who are burdened down with excessive problems or too needy should be avoided. They will not magically turn their lives around and you will be totally drained by the time the affair ends. Instead look for love with someone who can offer you a strong soul connection.



Because of the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th, Librans with children may find it exasperating in any attempts at communication with them.  The Moon’s rays will tend to make their kids overly emotional and dramatic. Also, matters of the heart will be highlighted. It’s best not to rush into beginning or ending a love affair. Keep your Scales in balance and weigh and measure all the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th and issues, people, and memories from the past all seethe up for you to deal with. Use the time constructively to cleanup forgotten events which have been holding you back subconsciously. Your dreams may take on an added dimension to help guide you to future attainments.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st presents tremendous opportunities through networking and becoming involved in clubs or groups. People who you meet may tend to be more flamboyant or sort of offbeat in ways -- different from your usual set of friends. However, they can help you see life in a new more vibrant light. A world full of greater possibilities ever imagined.

Saturn turning direct on the 25th helps you become more mentally disciplined in speech and writing. You will not be as quick to jump to wild conclusions without clear facts presented. Venus enters Leo on the 26th and unattached Librans should finally let their friends fix them up. If their candidate doesn’t meet your expectations, they may have a friend who does. Librans in a relationship should find a greater sense of mental rapport with their beloved.


Unexpected quandaries may develop on the home front due to the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th.  Tread lightly because family members will tend to be thin skinned. While your advice will be right on the mark, they may be too emotional to accept common sense solutions.

On the 12th Mercury reverses his spin and starts to retrograde. As tempting as it might be, don’t get involved with spreading petty gossip. Your witty remarks will come back to bite you. Instead use the retrograde in a positive way and look-up old friends on FaceBook and reestablish ties with them. Comrades, who you normally count on, may not be able to come to your aid. They haven’t deserted you. It’s just that they have too many problems of their own now to handle.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st fills you with an unquenchable thirst for greater recognition with career. Set new goals and plans to accomplish this aim. If you have hit the glass ceiling where you are, look for new employment elsewhere. Self-employed Scorpions should boldly seek out ways to gain a stronger professional presence.

Saturn turns direct on the 25th and he demands you start to become more level-headed with handling your finances. Make Saturn happy by shopping for sales before buying and cutting coupons. He will reward you if you behave with saving money. Venus enters Leo on the 26th and especially smiles upon Scorpions professionally involved in the beauty or artistic fields. Management will find your style at work very professional in handling difficult situations with others. Don’t be shy in pointing out the great items in your own plus-side column and in asking for a raise or promotion.


Don’t get covered with the dust from others stampeding to get ahead of you on the job. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th will reveal that additional education or skills are needed to beat them all in the marathon to be first. Neighbors or tenants may have problems which they will expect you to solve. Siblings can be experiencing a lot of self-inflicted drama in their lives. Avoid getting pulled into it all.

When Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th, you may become confused with your career goals. Put off all thoughts of making drastic changes with your job. If you wait until next month, when Mercury goes direct, you’ll be thinking clearer and more realistically. Archers seeking publicity may get it, but it may not be what you wanted.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings in opportunities to travel and learn at the same time. A dream sabbatical prospect should be explored because you could land it very easily. If you applied for a position before but lost out to someone else, reapply now. Chances are good it’s either opened up again or the company has an even better spot tailor-made for your skills.

Saturn turning direct in Sagittarius on the 25th gives you chances to get your act together. He will demand you act more mature and responsible. However, Saturn will reward your efforts in the future, if you do.

Venus entering Leo on the 26th is auspicious for those who have finished manuscripts. Publishers should be clamoring for you to write more. Presentations and talks given under the vibes of Venus will grace you with an appreciative audience. For Archers looking for love, try a trip to an exotic locale. Those who are married should go on a second honeymoon to rekindle the flames of passion.



The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th can bring subconscious financial fears to the surface. Vanquish them by investigating more lucrative ways for your savings to grow. Ideas for a side business, which you’ve kept at abeyance, should be fully explored. One of them can reap oodles of extra cash.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th and plays total havoc with any and all travel plans. It would better to delay trips until next month, when he turns direct. If that’s not an option, then double check all your reservations, tickets, and insure your luggage. Writing projects will demand to be edited and then edited again.

Searching for a business partner with special qualifications, qualities, and cash? The Solar Eclipse on the 21st may bring in the perfect candidate fitting all your needs. Close romantic relationships now will go thru a renaissance -- banishing the bland from your intimate encounters.

Your ruling planet Saturn finally turns direct on the 25th and you start to feel like your old self again. Things will start to fall into their proper place.  Trying to refinance, get a mortgage, or a bank loan?  With Venus entering Leo on the 26th, needed credit should be readily extended to you with great terms. The spouses of married Capricorns may receive hefty bonuses or raises from their jobs. Both romantic and business partners will be generous with giving gifts or spending lavishly on you.


Your usual calm, cool, airy exterior will be blown away by the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th. The lunar rays will make it almost impossible for you to hide your emotions from others. However, go with the flow and don’t try to fight it. Sometimes it can be good for associates to see your softer side.

Impish Mercury decides to go retrograde on the 12th and throws a monkey wrench into obtaining additional funds. Steer clear of shopping for new loans for yourself or for a business. Better terms can be obtained next month when he goes direct. Investing in a new business will not meet with future success. It’s best to sit tight on all partnership decisions concerning joint monies or positions.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st fills you with an overwhelming desire to obtain a sense of being "completed" in a relationship. If your current lover doesn’t fit the bill, you will start to shop elsewhere. Unattached Aquarians will be on the hunt for a soul to soul commitment.

Saturn turning direct on the 25th will give you the courage to eliminate associates from your sphere who have proven to be false friends the past couple of months. Saturn will reward you after the clean-up with people who are worthy to be called a friend.

Venus enters Leo on the 26th and offers golden opportunities for unattached Aquarians to meet their potential life mate. Those who are married will discover their spouse eager to work on making the connection between them stronger. Business partners will now be more receptive to your ideas.


Beware of letting others take unfair advantage of your kind heart. The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th will have you over-brimming with empathy for the world. Unscrupulous people can run you ragged with their problems and pleas for help.

Use the energy of Mercury turning retrograde on the 12th to appraise your current love relationship. If they don’t measure up to your needs, a split may be the best course to take. However, wait until next month when Mercury goes direct. Then cast your net in more loving waters. Unattached Fish may have a lover from the past resurface in their life.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st unexpectedly brings in fantastic unsolicited job offers. Your will find your skills are in high demand and companies will be willing to pay richly for them. Fellow co-workers are more agreeable now to perform as a team. Saturn turning direct on the 25th helps you feel more grounded and confident at work. Management may entrust you with far greater responsibilities than ever before. You may have to wait for the raise, but it will be well worth it.

Venus enters Leo on the 26th and unhooked Fish can find a potential love interest by meeting someone at work or at a fix-up by a co-worker. Gyms or other health related activities may prove to be good fishing grounds too. If you’ve felt a sense of heaviness on the job, some Feng Shui fixes can get the energy flowing in a more positive direction.

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