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Monthly Astrological Forecast : October 2023                                                     

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When Mercury enters Libra on the 4th, you can masterly wheel and deal with the best of them. Impasses stalling negotiations can be virtually shattered by your superb skills. Where matters of the heart are concerned, you can soothe over differences with your beloved.

Venus, the love planet, enters Virgo on the 8th. As tempted as you may be, put the brakes on falling impulsively into a sizzling hot romance. You’ll be spared a lot of heartache by being uncharacteristically cautious. Don’t waste your energies on affairs, which will have a short life span.

Mighty Pluto turns direct on the 10th and his energy will start to course through your being. Transformative changes can now be launched with your career. Public approval will be forthcoming. You will be imbued with a greater passion to achieve success and obtain a greater position of power.

Your ruling planet fiery Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th. He will turn up the heat when handling differences concerning joint or shared investments and monies. Best to try to stay cool or your partner will see you as being too bossy and a control freak.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th inspires unattached Rams to start a quest to find the right partner to share their life with. Attaining a true sense of harmony and balance in close personal relationships will take on a greater sense of urgency.

With Mercury entering Scorpio on the 22nd, you may find others revealing very intimate aspects about themselves to you. Best to act as a sounding board and listen, but refrain from passing judgement or voicing opinions.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th is report card time with finances. If you’ve been very good sticking to a budget, rewards will be forthcoming. If you haven’t, you may be shocked by forgotten charges placed on your credit accounts. Time to get your finances in working order or face unpleasant consequences.


Mercury enters Libra on the 4th and an opportunity may present itself, where you can enhance your work skills. Your mind is ripe to absorb new techniques and to readily apply them to the projects at hand. His transit is excellent for improving communications between yourself and co-workers. However, don’t let idle chit-chat get in the way with completing assignments.

Cupid’s arrow may entice you to become involved in a new romance when Venus enters Virgo on the 8th. Bulls already involved with someone, will become more demonstrative of their feelings. It will be easier now to express love and your innermost feelings.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th and an overpowering desire to travel and expand your consciousness takes hold. You may intensely feel the past months’ shackles of confinement quite acutely. If you can’t physically follow your dreams and journey to lands which hold a strong psychic pull, at least start to plan them for the future.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th and unattached Bulls will become more aggressive in going after love. Those who are in a committed relationship will be seeking ways to renew the fires of passion with their beloved.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th focuses attention on how well you have or haven’t been taking care of your health. If your work environment has become toxic for you on a personal, emotional, or physical level, you may decide to seek other employment.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 22nd. He’ll help you get your ideas across in a crystal-clear way to the masses. Concentrating your energies on public relations should greatly increase your clientele base.

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 28th shines a bright spotlight on your leadership abilities. Others will be seeking your advice and guidance. A whole new life path may be revealed to you. Now is not the time to hesitate, but to boldly venture forward in the direction of your dreams.



Your ruler Mercury enters Libra on the 4th. Taking a course or reading extensively on financial speculation techniques may help you land a bundle in the market. You’ll experience a greater sense of ease in communications and can readily get your brilliant ideas across to others.

Venus enters Virgo on the 8th and helps to lighten up some of the dispositions of family members. She’ll also help you become more diplomatic in dealings with relatives and help you to motivate them in a gentler manner. Hosting a family reunion can do a lot to increase loving bonds and happy memories.

The Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, turns direct on the 10th. Things which he might have dredged up during his months long retrograde, can now be dealt with calmly. Power struggles which might have been encountered over joint finances, taxes, or insurance matters can also be resolved in your favor.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th and turns you into a great ball of fire at work. You’ll be ready, willing, and eager to start new projects although maybe not so good at seeing them all the way through. Employees and co-workers may not be willing to lend assistance, if you try to steamroller them into finishing what you started.

Your creative essence can be awakened by the lights of the Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th. Take some chances and experiment with different forms of artistic expression.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd and he’ll help you clear up all the pesky details and paperwork you’ve accumulated. Organize your work schedule in an improved order which functions to fit your time and needs.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th may have some potent issues or people from the distant past resurface. Without being consciously aware of it, over time, some of them may have become roadblocks impeding your progress. Use the eclipse’s powerful energies to clean up the cobwebs in your memories and subconscious.



When Mercury enters Libra on the 4th, try getting out of your famous shell a little. You’ll find close ties can be immeasurably strengthened if you share your deep emotions and feelings with them. Revealing your soft side will be for your benefit.

With Venus entering Virgo on the 8th, you should start to experience a greater sense of harmony with neighbors and siblings. If you need their assistance with things, just ask. They will be more than happy to be of help under her vibes. Crabs wishing to sell their car can get top offers.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th. As the planet of regeneration, he will empower you to breathe new life into close relationships and partnerships. Not being hindered by the retrograde, Pluto can now go full force and bring endings but also beginnings to intimate involvements.

When Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th, you will be propelled to emerge from your shell and become a bit of a thrill seeker. Expressing your creative talents will take on an intensity. Get actively involved with doing things and not sitting by the sidelines. Crabs, who participate in athletic competition and sports, should excel.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th will fill you with an unrelenting urge to make major changes to your living arrangements. You may be torn between moving or doing a drastic makeover to your place. Startling facts can come to light about your ancestry or family’s history.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd and he gets your creative juices flowing. Others will be impressed with your imaginative ideas. Being spontaneous with what you have to say will reap you the greatest applause.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th can bring a much-needed overhaul with friends. It’s never easy for Crabs to let go. However, the ones who have been acting as deadweights and hangers-on should be severed. Time to make way for new people, who share your interests to enter your life.



On the 4th, Mercury transits into Libra making you a wiz at multi-tasking. Some last-minute trips or phone communications may be necessary to finalize important deals. Logic and reason will prevail in your approach to making crucial decisions.

On the 8th, Venus enters Virgo and showers you with financial blessings. Leo artists can demand and get top dollar for their work. Your immense skills will be in demand by a public willing to pay. Luxury items and decorations gathering dust in the attic can bring in a substantial reward.

The ultimate power planet Pluto turns direct on the 10th. He’ll help to reinstate your position of authority at work. If you have been experiencing challenges or underhanded tactics from co-workers or underlings, they will start to fall by the wayside. You will be all charged up  and ready for any and all contenders.

Combustible Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th and there is increased activity with home and family members. Try to steer clear of all emotionally charged issues with them to maintain peace. Offer to help with their home improvements to gain extra brownie points.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th might bring with it more activity with siblings or members of your local community. An intense desire to expand your communication skills can propel you into taking a course in public speaking or a foreign language.

With Mercury transiting into Scorpio on the 22nd, you’ll be able to study and feel inspired to write the best while home. Communications with family will be very lively with everyone wanting to get their opinion in.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th shines her bright light on your position at work. You will be seen in a very complimentary light by management. Besides praise, a promotion may be in store for you. Self-employed Lions will be getting some first-rate PR from the media.



With your ruling planet Mercury entering Libra on the 4th, you will see finances through the eyes of practicality. You’ll look for the best buy when making purchases and can even wrangle a better deal if need be. Money spent on educational matters will be well spent.

Lovely Venus enters your sign on the 8th and has others lured to you like flies to honey. Your desirability potential will be off the charts. Accept all invitations to be out and about and meeting people. Love will be in the air all around you.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th. Be bold and open to experience the metamorphosis he will offer you with your hidden creative talents. Virgos with children may find they are transforming into the people you have wanted them to become.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th, and your mind will be bombarded with new innovative ideas. Try writing some of them down or their brilliant solutions will be lost. The multitude of errands on your to-do list might tempt you to ignore red lights and speed limits when driving. If you do, it could result in either a ticket or an accident.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th might present you with a wake-up call to become more mindful of your finances. Reassess not only your sources of income through work but also your return on investments. Make a thorough evaluation of your current job skills. If they’re keeping you from achieving a higher salary, rectify it by furthering your education.

Your ruling planet Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd. He’ll reveal needed useful information for which you’ve been searching. Papers being prepared for school will become easier to complete.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th may fill you with a strong determination to make a dramatic return to school. Even those with a degree will not be immune to the Eclipse’s rays. You’ll be fully resolved to pursue greater academic achievements.



With Mercury entering your sign on the 4th, your mind will become razor sharp. Others will be greatly impressed with your mental abilities. You’ll be able to articulate your personal feelings and intimate impressions with tremendous clarity and vision. Keep your bags packed for an unexpected trip or two.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 8th and renders you more shy than usual. Don’t be drawn to a candidate for your heart who has a bucketful of problems. Instead look for someone who freely helps others. Get involved in relief efforts for those less fortunate or helping in a local animal rescue group. There you might meet a future lover who is generous in spirit, instead of looking to benefit from your generosity in unscrupulous ways.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th. He’ll fill you with the fortitude and guts to correctly deal with existing conflicts involving family members or real estate matters. Use his powers of x-ray vision to see through any and all manipulative tactics utilized against you.

Mars entering Scorpio on the 12th can turn you into the last of the bigtime spenders. Exert some restraint when making purchases. Don’t let the extra cash coming in burn a hole in your pocket. Turn the Martian energy into a positive force by developing new ways to increase your income. A side job or an extra gig can be yours for the asking.

Your presence will wield a powerful impression upon people in the upcoming months due to the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 14th. You may be sought out for your even-handed leadership capabilities. The spotlight will be directed on your actions.

Mercury enters shrewd Scorpio on the 22nd and turns your mind to thoughts on how to improve your business. Transactions go through smoothly due to your focus on keeping all communications clear cut and precise.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th brings unexpected decisions to be made concerning joint funds, taxes, and retirement funds. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into doing things you don’t feel comfortable with.



Mercury transits into Libra on the 4th and increases your inborn abilities to psychologically figure someone out in the blink of your eagle eye. Their true motivations will be laid bare. However, keep your judgements about them to yourself. Now is not the time to show your cards. Play them close to the chest and be the winner.

Venus enters Virgo on the 8th and you can experience some interesting turnarounds with matters of the heart. A close friendship may evolve unexpectedly into a torrid romance. Also, someone who you have never been attracted to before may suddenly start to make your heart go aflutter.

Your co-ruling planet Pluto finally ends his retrograde spin and turns direct on the 10th. You’ll feel like you’re running on all cylinders. He infuses you with the power to sway others to your way of thinking. If you’ve encountered problems in relationships with siblings or neighbors, you can now get to the real root of what’s been disturbing them.

Your co-ruling planet Mars enters your sign on the 12th. You will become more aggressive and determined to go fearlessly after all you desire. Mars will give you a cosmic energy shot to withstand any obstacles that may appear.

The Solar Eclipse is in Libra on the 14th.  You’ll find the best answers to pressing problems by delving deeply into your spiritual essence. As your guide, listen to potent dreams and revealing intuitive feelings, which you will be having. They will serve you well.

Mercury enters your sign on the 22nd. He’ll make you mentally active and inquisitive. You’ll be able to easily disarm others into giving you needed information.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th may expose some of the cracks which are present in close partnerships. If you use the rays correctly, you can mend them successfully. If you feel it’s not worth the bother, you can end it all.



With Mercury transiting into Libra on the 4th, allow your ideas to be free and not constricted to conventional thought or ways. Thinking out of the box and letting your imagination run wild will give you the best course to follow.

Your public image will get the highest mark when Venus enters Virgo on the 8th. Self-employed Sags should seek as much publicity as they can get. A full promotional campaign for your goods and services will render tremendous financial rewards. Those seeking a mentor to help them navigate through the corporate world will be taken under the wing by the perfect advisor.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th and he may test your ability to handle large sums of money coming in or going out. Decisions concerning monies with partners may have karmic or dharmic undertones to them. If you are “creative” with taxes, the government will not share your vision. Best to pay all that is legally due.

Aggressive Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th.  Others can be a drain by dumping their personal problems on you. Try to find alone time to recoup your energies. Volunteering to do charity work though can uplift your spirits.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th beckons Archers to prioritize all pertinent goals. Unless you know what to aim for, you can’t hit the target with your famous bow and arrow. Friends can play an important role in making a dream come true for you.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd and sharpens your tremendous inborn intuitive abilities. Your dreams will seem to transport you to other dimensions. Others will readily open up to you about their hidden fears and phobias.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th can bring with it many changes and shifts with your job’s work schedule and duties. Just try to go with the cosmic flow and don’t make waves. Fellow employees may seem very touchy now and the slightest remark can set them off.


Mercury transits into Libra on the 4th and you’ll be required to make quick but flawless decisions on the job. You’ll be caught up in a flurry of correspondence and an unexpected trip may pop up. Take advantage of Mercury’s passage by seeking advice from a wise mentor.

Venus enters Virgo on the 8th and single Goats can meet their dream lover on a trip. If it breaks the bank to fly off to another locale now, try going to foreign restaurants or ethnic fairs. Those from different cultures will be intensely drawn to you. Married Goats should plan a romantic second honeymoon to get the fires of passion burning brightly again.

Powerful Pluto stops his backward spin on the 10th and turns direct. You are now able to do a total overhaul of your self-image and release your personal potential to the world.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th. Dust off your hopes, wishes, and dreams and review which ones are still worth pursuing. The ones that aren’t should be replaced with loftier goals. A lot of new and colorful people will be entering your life. Their friendships will help you see life in new expanded ways.

Surprising events can ensue after the Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th. Use them as a catalyst to propel you into achieving greater heights with career.  Changes may be in the air with management. If you’ve worked exceedingly hard, you may be given more authority.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd and fills your brain with a multitude of innovative ideas. Thinking out of the box will bring the greatest rewards. Friends may require your input on how to handle some of their pressing problems.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th will ignite a fire with your creative abilities. Goats involved professionally in any of the arts will experience a renaissance with their talents. There will be much praise and positive reviews for your new creations.


Aquarian wordsmiths should submit their works for publishing, with Mercury’s transit into Libra on the 4TH. He’ll also fill students with a deep desire to study. Subjects which were once dreaded will be easier to comprehend than ever expected.

With Venus entering Virgo on the 8th, you demand intense soul to soul commitment from your lover. Unattached Aquarians will be attracted to those who emit an air of provocative mystery. Those with partners will find that they are more generous with spending money on you.

Pluto turns direct on the 10th. During his long retrograde, he may have revealed some acquired behaviors of yours are very self-limiting. Now that you have a much clearer perspective of them, he will imbue you with strength to renounce them.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th and you become extremely ambitious and power-hungry with your career. Your work will be noticed now. However, make sure it’s for the right reasons. If you’ve wanted to start your own business, use the Martian energy to propel you into action.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th will make you crave broadening your knowledge of life. You can satisfy this hunger through traveling or furthering your education in a classroom. Those with a vision to share, may decide to teach or publish their beliefs.

When Mercury enters Scorpio on the 22nd, he will cause a flurry of activity with communications at work. Be careful with not only what you say, but also how you say it. Things meant to be taken in jest can be blown out of proportion or misconstrued to mean the opposite of what was intended.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th can shake things up where your home is concerned. You may start to seriously contemplate moving from where you’re living or desire to make radical changes to the home. Childhood memories may start to resurface and must be dealt with.



With Mercury transiting into Libra on the 4TH, you may be required to go on some short business trips in order to get things truly resolved in a satisfactory manner. The approach you take to problem solving will become deeper and more thought provoking. You’ll want to get to the bottom of what is causing any glitches and will leave no stone unturned in the quest.

With Venus entering Virgo on the 8th, a new dream business partner may appear.  They will have the right mix of capital and talents, which you need. Unattached Fish will be setting out the right bait to land a great romantic catch. Those who are in a committed relationship will find their mate generous with both love and attention.

Pluto stops his backward spin and turns direct on the 10th. You’ve learned who your true friends are when he was retrograde. Now you can release to the oceans of life those who are unworthy of the title.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th and fills you with a bold adventurous spirit. Suddenly the tried and true all seem too mundane. You want to experience exciting new things. Steer clear of instigating legal actions or making settlements out of court.

The Solar Eclipse in Libra on the 14th sets you on course to bring stronger bonds of shared intimacy to a close relationship. Also, better management of shared resources will be up for discussion.

Mercury transits into Scorpio on the 22nd, making your mind adaptable to innovative ideas and concepts. What might have been difficult to grasp mentally before, will now be easily absorbed.

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th shines a spotlight on your siblings or neighbors. You may find they need your assistance very unexpectedly. Extending a helping hand now or giving well thought out advice can help them immensely and not be forgotten.

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