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Monthly Astrological Forecast : January 2017


Rams are seldom shy with revealing how they feel. However, Venus‘s entrance into Pisces on the 3rd may compel you to keep your innermost feelings under lock and key. Strong elements of secrecy could be brought into an affair. Mercury going direct on the 8th presents you with an opportunity to correct a snafu at work before management becomes aware of it. On the 12th, Mercury’s passage into Capricorn totally focuses your attention on career goals. Others will be impressed with how you speak and see you as the authority on work procedures. Share your innovative concepts with your boss. The Full Moon on the 12th reveals a better balance must be established in your life with career and home. Ignoring one at the cost of the other, can come at a high price. Your ruler Mars squares Saturn on the 19th. Some roadblocks may cause delays but not cancellations of your desires, if you keep cool. The New Moon on the 27th opens your mind to new vistas to conquer. On the 28th, Mars enters Aries and you’re all systems go. Immense amounts of energy will surge through your being. New projects started now will be blessed with unlimited success.



With Venus entering Pisces on the 3rd, unattached Bulls should solicit friends to set them up. A potential lover can also be met at professional networking functions too. Self-employed Bulls can also receive many business and client referrals from close associates. Mercury going direct on the 8th can help bring in much needed funds and financial backing. Entering Capricorn on the 12th, Mercury helps sharpen the minds of those attending school. Your ability to communicate your ideas will be clear and concise in written reports and papers.  This is an excellent time to sign up for advanced courses for either career or personal enrichment. The Full Moon on the 12th may render you too emotional in speech. Temper your responses and try not to jump to conclusions over what someone says or does.  The New Moon on the 27th opens up brand new career opportunities. Original business plans activated now should prove to be extraordinarily successful.  Mars entering Aries on the 28th reveals you may need some private time to recoup from your fast pace. Best to work on projects now more behind the scenes to bring them to perfection.



You’ll easily blow others away with you charm when Venus enters Pisces on the 3rd. Upper management will be impressed with how you graciously navigate thru seemingly rough PR situations. Twins professionally involved in the arts and theater can experience a desired big break. Your ruler Mercury finally goes direct on the 8th. Life seems to settle down somewhat with the chaos dissipating. Differences experienced between yourself and others aired out now, will strengthen your bonds. Mercury entering Capricorn on the 12th makes you want to transform and eliminate any acquired destructive habits. Going over your taxes with an astute accountant may reveal some tax loopholes you’ve been missing out on. The Full Moon on the 12th can leave you open to unscrupulous people trying to take financial advantage of you thru an investment or loan. The New Moon on the 27th brings in opportunities to further your education. Courses taken at this time will prove to be easier to not only pass, but to get an outstanding grade. Trips taken under the New Moon can turn out to be exceptionally stimulating and life affirming. Mars entering Aries on the 28th pushes you to stop dreaming about goals and to physically pursue them. Friends may prove to be very invaluable in helping with the quest of fulfilling your hopes, wishes, and dreams.



With Venus entering Pisces on the 3rd both your words and writing will reap favorable responses from the public. Crabs desiring to get work published should be submitting their masterpieces under her benevolent rays. Those who are business owners will benefit from advertising their wares to the hilt. Mercury going direct on the 8th promises to calm down strained work relationships with fellow employees. When he enters Capricorn on the 12th the emphasis on communications shifts to your close personal relationships. It’s easier now for all parties involved to make compromises and create win-win solutions. The Full Moon on the 12th may have others testing and questioning your leadership abilities. This is not the time to crawl into your shell but to stand your ground. The New Moon on the 27th can produce some unique profitable joint financial investments. Mars enters Aries on the 28th and you become ambition personified. Your take charge, self-directed spirit will be an excellent example to the minions and favorably noticed by supervisors.



You’ll be purring when your partner receives either a hefty pay increase or bonus when Venus starts her transit in Pisces on the 3rd. Lions should also try their own luck by buying some lottery tickets. Mercury goes direct on the 8th and a lover may resurface from your distant past. If the flow of your immense gifts of creativity have been blocked, Mercury’s forward movement will now open up the floodgates. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 12th and your attention shifts to immediate work concerns. Look for opportunities to improve and increase your job skills. Management will be impressed with your dedication and interest in performing better. The Full Moon on the 12th strengthens and enhances your intuitive abilities. However, you may become a little too sensitive to others’ negative energies and need to spend some quality time alone. The New Moon on the 27th can breathe new romantic life into an old relationship. Those who are unattached will now be on the hunt for a potential partner. Mars enters Aries on the 28th and infuses a restless urge to travel to a foreign local. You’ll have an abundance of energy to tackle even the most strenuous of sightseeing schedules.



The desire for a committed bond will dominate with Venus’s entry into Pisces on the 3rd. Unattached Virgos will be interested in only those candidates promising to be steadfast with their affection and their agreement to make the relationship permanent. Favorable businesses alliances can also be formed. Your ruler Mercury goes direct on the 8th. Difficulties that you may have experienced either with your home or family members may start to clear up now. On the 12th Mercury enters Capricorn and those with children will find the lines of communication are free and open. Suddenly they want to talk about what’s going on in their lives and value your opinion on those things. A flurry of creative ideas for projects will rain upon you. The Full Moon on the 12th can cause a shake-up with either a group you belong to or with a close friend. It may be time to make the decision if you want to break off or air out the petty grievances and stay friends.  The New Moon on the 27th may bring in an exciting new job offer for those seeking employment. If you’ve been contemplating starting a new health regime or diet, the New Moon will help you stick to it. Mars enters Aries on the 28th spicing up the sex life for those who find it has become very ho-hum. Joint finances, taxes, and insurance matters may benefit by giving them a complete review.



Your winning ways at work will be appreciated by fellow employees with Venus’s transit into Pisces on the 3rd.  Any qualms they have with management, you’ll be able to resolve in a diplomatic way before it explodes into a revolt. Single Librans might meet a potential lover thru work or thru someone you work with. Mercury goes direct on the 8th. Blockages experienced trying to find the right words to express yourself since the 4th, should be lifted.  On the 12th Mercury enters Capricorn and home improvement ideas start to dance thru your head. An increased amount of office work may have to be taken home for completion. The Full Moon on the 12th shines a bright light on your career. If you’ve kept your nose to the grindstone the past month, a big promotion may be in the wings. If you’ve slacked off on your responsibilities, then a negative review might be your reward. Libras with children will find themselves involved in many fun activities with them due to the New Moon on the 27th. More entertaining and socializing are in the wings. Mars enters Aries on the 28th. Try not to be provoked into entering into arguments with your marriage or business partner. Clearing the air over certain issues can be good, but not if it’s approached in a mean spirit.



If the New Year finds you unattached, you won’t remain that way for long because Venus comes to the rescue on the 3rd by entering Pisces. Suddenly your sex appeal is off the charts and a swarm of suitors will be battling to win your heart. Mercury goes direct on the 8th. Those who went hog wild with their credit cards during the Holidays will be forced to adhere to a strict no-frills budget. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 12th and affords you opportunities to catch up on neglected communications. A sense of mental restlessness may prevail making it somewhat harder to focus and not scatter your mental forces. The Full Moon on the 12th presents an ingenious way to settle any pending legal issues. Those attending school can finish papers and receive a high grade in the process. If self-employed, spare no expense in advertising your business. The light of the New Moon on the 27th guides those seeking to move to the home of their dreams. For those not seeking to move, a professional Feng Shui consultation may be the needed magic touch to achieve an enhanced flow of energy in your home. Mars enters Aries on the 28th making it more of a challenge to resolve differences with co-workers diplomatically. Try rechanneling frustrations with them by tackling major work projects alone. The less reliance placed on them will help you to achieve sanity and success.



Venus’s transit into Pisces on the 3rd will make you feel unusually more content staying home than in going out. Harmonious family relationships will be at a high. Sagittarians can achieve a great profit from either buying or selling property. Mercury goes direct on the 8th and the constant setbacks laid in your path become a thing of the past. He enters Capricorn on the 12th zapping you with a multitude of brilliant ideas on how to not only manage finances better, but how to increase your investments too. Unique money making ventures can be ironed out. The Full Moon on the 12th forces you to analyze what should stay in your life and what needs to be terminated. Shared partnership money may come up for review. Might be best to put the brakes on extravagant, ill-conceived spending desired by your business or marriage partner for at least the time being. The New Moon on the 27th propels you into participating in activities with siblings or neighbors. If there’s something you’ve had the backburner wanting to study, now may be the time to pursue it. Mars enters Aries on the 28th. Unattached Sagittarians should get their bow and arrow out for a successful hunt to find true love. Others will find your sparkle simply irresistible.



Unattached Goats don’t have to go far and wide to find love in January. Venus’s entrance into Pisces on the 3rd reveals your best catches can be made at locale cafes and hang-outs. If you’re in search of a new job, her rays will help you compose a compelling resume, which should bring in a multitude of positive offers. Mercury goes direct on the 8th eliminating any problems you may have experienced since the 4th with sleeping soundly or obsessing too much over the past. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 12th and you surprise others with your uncharacteristic gift of gab. Without having to resort to Botox, you’ll look more youthful. The Full Moon on the 12th shines a bright light on relationship issues. Both business and romantic partners can be overly touchy and sensitive. Handle them with kid gloves and be prepared to listen to their complaints. The New Moon on the 27th can bring with it some unique money making opportunities your way. An extra side job could be in the wings which could prove in time to be very lucrative. Mars entrance into Aries on the 28th and propels you into a home improvement frenzy. The hot rays of Mars might also heat up tempers on the home front with family members.



You’ll be in the flow with money when Venus enters Pisces on the 3rd. Self-employed Aquarians should experience a tremendous upsurge with business and accounts past due will be paying up.  Try to save some of the extra funds though for a rainy day. Mercury goes direct on the 8th and it should help clear the air with a friendship or group you belong to. You’ll have to re-examine if the ties are worth the price. On the 12th Mercury enters Capricorn. You now have to make some vital decisions where your path is concerned. Best to seek your own council and not rely on the input from others, which may be unintentionally colored by their own personal past decisions. The Full Moon on the 12th has your job performance under scrutiny. If there’s a joint project needing to be completed, you may have to take up the major portion of the load and finish it yourself. The New Moon on the 27th gets you noticed in a positive way. Others are attracted to your sparkling positive vibes. Mars entering Aries on the 28th drives you to pursue new and revolutionary ideas. However, be cautious in not being too outspoken for your own good.



On the 3rd Venus enters Pisces. Unattached Fish will be flooded with a multitude of love stricken suitors. Your charm will captivate many hearts without even trying. Mercury goes direct on the 8th and matters with career which were in a virtual tailspin will clear up. Now you can start to see clearly how to attain professional goals. On the 12th, Mercury enters Capricorn and you’re lauded for you out of the box innovative ideas. Friends and group activities take up more of your time, but you’re more than happy to be included in their plans. Some novel input you give a close associate can help them make a groundbreaking change in their life. The Full Moon on the 12th has you bursting with creative inspiration begging to be implemented. Fish with children may have their hands full dealing with a lot of excess drama from them. The New Moon on the 27th awakens your strong sense of intuition. Sudden revelations from the psychic realms can actually turn out to be the best guide. Mars enter Aries on the 28th and focuses your time and attention on acquiring more money and improving your finances. Money will be coming in but it can go out as quickly, if you don’t curb impulse buying.