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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a natal chart?

A natal chart is a map of the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets for a specific location on Earth at a specific moment of time. They are charted against the background of the ecliptic, or zodiac. Also important are the four angles of the ecliptic defined by the degrees ascending over the horizon, culminating at the meridian, and their opposites, since these form the basis for the division of the chart into a sub zodiac of twelve houses.It is a picture of the solar system from the viewpoint of the individual and depicts his unique outlook on life.


What’s the difference between a computer’s generated report and your personal Natal Chart Analysis?

Individuality is never repeated. Even the most sophisticated computer cannot give a completely adequate chart interpretation. A machine can analyze but it cannot synthesize the many separate factors in any meaningful way. It may give norms and averages of aspects, but it can’t account for the potentialities of human nature. It’s the potentialities, rather than the actualities, which make us human. Computers are excellent tools for doing the math in erecting a chart. However, it takes a human being to understand the problems and aspirations peculiar to a human being’s soul.


Why is the birth time so important?  

Four minutes plus or minus from your birth time will give you a different chart by one degree. Now, that may not sound like much but when you’re working with forecasting it can change your events by a year. When working with relocation, it can be a difference of 300 miles.


How can I find out what time I was born?

Check your Birth Record. It is a legal document and different from the Birth Certificate. Sometimes it will be on a Birth Certificate, but legally it must be recorded on the Birth Record. Also baby books and family Bibles can have the time recorded. I’ve had clients phone hospitals too and request the info. You can also go to and request the LONG FORM.


I can’t move out of state, so how can the Travel Relocation Analysis be of benefit to me?

The Travel Relocation Analysis isn’t just for people who want to move to another state or country!  In the 1970’s I had a client, Marilyn, who had me do it and she almost fell on the floor laughing when I told her that her best career spot was in Japan.  Marilyn was divorced with two little children and couldn’t move, let alone to the orient. After she got control of herself, I suggested that she apply to companies who had their headquarters in Japan. Well, she did and started a job at $10,000.00 more.  In the 1970’s this was like almost doubling your income.


If you want to find the best local to vacation, the chart is invaluable too. I’ve had clients try places they never would have before the analysis and wind up going there every year or bought timeshares because they loved it so much.


Clients, who write and can’t get published, use it to find the cities to send their manuscripts to and succeed in getting published.   It’s also great for investments. Not just real estate, though that’s included, but also stocks. Why buy stock if the company’s headquarters falls on a line that’s not good for you financially? You won’t make money on it, or as much as one who’s headquarters falls on a prosperity line!


Many parents have had it done to determine where their kids should go to college.


Is a Natal Chart Analysis good to do for a child? What are the benefits if they’re too young?

You’re never too old or too young to have a chart done! Many clients over the years have had me do charts for their children right after they’re born. Why? So they can have a better understanding of their child as a Person from the beginning. How many of us have been pressured by a parent to major in a study, pursue a career, or get involved in activities that had no interest for us? Did you know that most people don’t go into the original field that they majored in professionally in college? Wouldn’t it have been easier, if an astrologer told them as a child, or their parents, what career would offer professional, personal, and financial fulfillment at an early age?


Besides advising on future career possibilities, the chart can help the parent with their child’s personal problems. Years ago I advised a client, Gerri, to take her failing daughter out of a strict religious school. It was too restraining for her Leo temperament. I advised Gerri to put her in a public one. Her daughter stopped rebelling at home and loved school for the first time. She is now going for her Masters in Forensic Science.


Another client was told her granddaughter was learning disabled. The chart said the opposite. The girl’s chart said she was quite brilliant. I suggested the teacher was the problem, not the student. She was changed to another class, at the client’s insistence and the girl, now an adult, is a schoolteacher.


Can the Love & Relationship Chart help repair my troubled relationship?

Yes, Astrology can come to the rescue. All relationships at one time or another encounter some rocky times. That’s what life is all about. The beauty of having this service done is that now you can understand WHY there maybe difficulties. They could all be due to a transiting astrological aspect. If that’s the case then you’ll know how long to expect some turbulence and when it will be over.


Troubles could also be due to you both having difficulties interpreting each other’s actions or responses. This happens a lot after the initial stardust settles in love. We realize then Prince or Princess Charming is human, not the stuff of our childhood dreams. After the analysis, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you each need in a relationship, what you’re like together, and you can decide if it’s right for you.


Would I have to travel far for my Solar Return Relocation?

It depends on what the chart looks like for that year. Each year the chart is totally different. I do try to keep my clients, if possible in the United States. However, sometimes it is necessary for the best chart to go out of the country. Just 300 miles alone, would only change the chart by about 1 degree. Many of my clients plan their yearly vacation by the locale picked. The overwhelming majority who’ve done it once, travel every year after.

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