Monthly Astrological Forecast : July 2017   


On the 2nd your ruling planet Mars forms a fiery opposition to Pluto.  Entertaining in the home or hosting family get-togethers now could hold the possibility of erupting into flaring tempers or accidents.  Venus alights into Gemini on the 4th and she endows you with the gift of eloquence in speech and writing. Your powers of persuasion will be unlimited with getting others to open both their hearts and their wallets. Love can be found for unattached Rams online or in taking short trips.

The Full Moon on the 9th shines a revealing light on power plays surrounding you at work. If you keep your emotions in check and handle the situations in an aboveboard manner, you’ll be the one to be declared the victor. After the dust settles you might even receive a promotion as a prize.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th making you quite bold and aggressive in matters of the heart. Your lover will be amazed at your new found passion. You’ll be filled with an overwhelming desire and unstoppable energy to start new exciting creative projects. If you have children, plan action oriented events with them. They are going to have a lot of excess energy now, which will be need to have burned up in fun ways.

The New Moon on the 23rd can help unattached Rams find a new love. If you are in a committed relationship, the embers of love can be rekindled into a blazing fire. Those seeking to get pregnant may be blessed by the lunar rays.  


Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd and it’s imperative for you to keep your temper in check while driving. Unless you want to get a ticket, avoid the temptation to speed or run red lights.  Your ruling planet Venus enters the sign of unlimited ideas, Gemini on the 4th. She will grace you with some money making brainstorms. Implementing just one of them can help boost you into a higher financial bracket. Where matters of the heart are concerned, relationships which offer a strong sense of security will be the most appealing. Impulse spending must be kept in check or you’ll wind up being in debt up to the eyeballs.

The Full Moon on the 9th may attract situations where your deep personal beliefs are tested or challenged by others. Since Pluto is involved in the mix, use it as an opportunity to evaluate your basic philosophies on life. You may be engulfed in a craving to travel internationally or pursue a totally new course of study.

When Mars enters Leo on the 20th you will be investing tremendous energy on home and family. Roll up your sleeves and bravely tackle all the DIY projects which you have been putting off. Following your gut instinct now too, will not steer you wrong in making important personal decisions. Your famous Taurus cool, no-nonsense approach may be called upon to settle family disagreements.

The New Moon on the 23rd presents excellent opportunities for buying and selling real estate. If you want to sell, get your home on the market and be confident in receiving the asking price. If looking to buy, an attractive offer will appear but will require swift action to land it. Hosting a party or outdoor celebration will be a tremendous social success.


With Mars and Pluto clashing on the 2nd, avoid making any major investment moves or expensive purchases. They will not be based on a sense of logic, but on a feeling of compulsion. Also keep an eye on your possessions. Don’t trust in the goodness of humanity and leave your car unlocked or have your pocketbook carelessly thrown in a cart as you shop.

Venus enters your sign on the 4th and your attraction potential will be amplified a hundred fold. Others will be magnetically drawn to the love rays emitting around your aura. Unattached Twins may attract the love of their dreams. Those in a relationship, will have their beloved around their little finger.

The Full Moon on the 9th may present a wake-up call to get your credit cards and debt in order. Since Pluto is thrown into the mix, avoid clashes over shared resources with partners. Even though they may claim to be correct with the way they want things handled, they are wrong. Disagreeing with them now will only result in an unpleasant standoff. Stay aboveboard with all insurance and tax matters. Being “creative” at this time, can result in future legal difficulties, even though someone may prompt you to do it.

With Mars entering Leo on the 22nd, you will be energized with a bombardment of new ideas. The key to successfully use this Martian dynamism is to pick a few ideas and run with them. Otherwise you can wind up getting totally scattered and accomplishing nothing. Others will pay for your communication skills. They will find them refreshingly to the point.

The New Moon on the 23rd has others mesmerized by your speech and writing. However, your greatest success can be achieved by sharing ideas with others. Their input and feedback can prove invaluable in getting the message across. Social media contacts should be expanded upon. Interactions with new sources at this time can prove invaluable for both your professional and personal life.


There may be an eruption with a close relationship, when Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd. They have been doing a slow simmer for quite some time, but it has escaped your notice. Avoid a showdown or face the possibility of being shown the door.

With Venus entering Gemini on the 4th, it is in your best interests to become as discreet as possible about all romantic attractions and entanglements. Things said at this time came be taken totally out of context, boomerang, and discourage a secret admirer.  Someone from your soul’s distant past, may resurface hoping to reignite the flame of lost love.

The Full Moon on the 9th zaps you with an “all or nothing at all” sort of attitude with matters of the heart. Unless you see potential with a relationship progressing to a firm future commitment, you will not be interested in anything they have to offer. Business partners may behave very erratically under these lunar rays. Clients can make unreasonable demands.

Mars enters Leo on the 22nd and your biggest passion is acquiring wealth. The Warrior Planet will fire you up with immense amounts of stamina to fight off any competitors in the marketplace. Talents and skills can be finely tuned and expanded upon to achieve maximum success. Do guard against binge impulse buying.  The New Moon on the 23rd may bless you with a sudden windfall or an unanticipated bonus. Investments can prove to be very lucrative. However, be sure to carefully weigh the amount of the risk with the reward. A lottery ticket or two purchased now, might prove to be a big winner.


Tempers may be ready to explode at the workplace on the 2nd, when Mars opposes Pluto. Avoid all confrontations. A power play may be in the works with employees and it will only hurt your position to get involved in the middle of it.  Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and ignites sparks of passion between you and someone you have always seen just as a close buddy.  Unbeknownst to you, for a long time, they have been carrying a torch for you.  Attached Lions with this transit can establish a closer bond with their beloved by sharing and developing more mutual interests together.

If you feel your talents are not being fully utilized or appreciated on the job, the Full Moon on the 9th may make you antsy to call it quits. Best to keep your cool. Schedule having a heart to heart with management to clear the air before making any major decisions. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Mars enters your sign on the 20th and ushers in a whole new two year cycle of exciting new beginnings and opportunities. The energy of the Martian rays will infuse you to achieve dominance in all new endeavors. This is the time for you to shine like the true star which you are.  The New Moon in Leo on the 22nd places you where you desire to be- the center of attention. Without even lifting a paw, others gravitate towards you. Be bold and creative with your self-image. You will be setting the fashion. Let others copy or follow your style.


Confrontations can abound on the 2nd, when Mars opposes Pluto. Virgos with children may experience fiery outbursts from them and a total resistance to following set family rules. Avoid getting into any arguments with your lover. Quarrels instigated at this time can lead to splits which cannot be mended.

Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and upper-management is totally wowed by your job performance in handling difficult situations and people. This can result in a big promotion and a substantial raise. Self-employed Virgos should do a big promotional campaign blitz to stimulate sales. Those involved in the arts and beauty fields experience a tremendous surge in business. Clients with “names” and prestige will seek out your services.

The Full Moon on the 9th shines a bright light on your creative talents. Dust off forgotten or put to the side projects. Use your imaginative gifts to bring them to life. Take time off from your busy schedule to attend some of the many social gatherings which you will be invited to.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th and memories, people, and situations from your past may wind up resurfacing. How you handle them will have a strong impact on your future and soul’s growth. You will do your best work now behind the scenes. Follow your own inner voice and try not to be distracted by the chatter of others.

The New Moon on the 23rd strengthens your intuitive abilities. Listening to your dreams and following their advice, will serve you well. Things which have been hidden from you about people and situations, may come to light from startling ways or unusual sources.



Mars opposes Pluto on the 2nd and can set off a chain of dynamics with family members. Avoid getting into any heated arguments or discussions with them. Things won’t get resolved with this celestial conflict going on in the heavens. Sudden plumbing or sewerage breakdowns may develop too.

When Venus enters Gemini on the 4th, you will be bitten by the travel bug. Great deals and packages can be gotten for a song. Single Libras traveling under these potent romantic Venusian rays, may meet their Twin Flame. Those who are attached, can experience the extraordinary second honeymoon of their dreams. Those unable to travel now, should at least try going to exotic cafes or restaurants. The foreign will attract romance back into your life.

The Full Moon on the 9th is favorable for all real estate transactions. If you have wanted to do some refurbishing or adding on to your home, take the plunge and get better than expected results. Family reunions can turn out to be emotional, but packed with powerful healing energies at the same time.


Mars enters Leo on the 20th and friends will actively come to your aid in achieving your hopes, wishes, and dreams. In the past, you have always been there for them. Now they are ready to step in for you. All you have to do is ask. Attend networking functions to increase your professional presence. People who you meet now will be future allies.

The New Moon on the 23rd brings with it opportunities for you to significantly increase your social circle of friends with quality people. They will prove to be more doers than dreamers. Your ability to instill inspiration in others, will make them fast but loyal friends.


With your two ruling planets Mars and Pluto, opposing one another on the 2nd, you may feel virtually at war within yourself. Do not resort to taking frustrations out on the world by driving erratically or trying to be a law unto yourself.  Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and you desire a greater body and soul connection with your lover. You are willing to make a total transformation for them. However, you expect the same deep commitment and sacrifices from them in return. A large financial windfall can be bestowed. Also, your business or marriage partner will receive a pleasing increase with their finances.

The Full Moon on the 9th indicates you will profit the most from sharing your ideas with others. They will not only find them correct, but will follow them. Increasing your web and social media presence now, will help you attain greater professional heights and add to your reputation as an authority in your field.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th and makes you perform an accurate assessment of your career goals. If you find your current job position is unable to get you where you want to be professionally, it may be time to contact a headhunter. If you’ve wanted to be self-employed, use the sparks ignited by Mar’s burning ambition, to bring it into reality.

The New Moon on the 23rd brings with it a change for the better in status. Recognition for your outstanding accomplishments will finally be forthcoming. It will also require new additional responsibilities.  However, it will place you in a stronger administrative role, where you will be calling the shots.



The clash between Mars and Pluto on the 2nd can cause you to go on a spending binge. Compulsive expensive purchases or investments now can lead to future debt, which may be hard for you to pay off. Disagreements with your partner’s spending habits should not be aired out now.

Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and unattached Sags looking to get hitched, may meet their life’s mate. Do not turn down any introductions from friends or associates. One of them may turn out to be the lucky candidate for your heart. Potential new business partnerships should be pursued. Influential and wealthy clients will be seeking your services.

The Full Moon’s bright light on the 9th illuminates the path to financial successes. Luck will be on your side in fateful ways to expand your income and bank account. A calculated risk may reap much rewards.

Less advanced souls may call you irresponsible, when Mars enters Leo on the 20th, and you announce plans to travel again. However, listen to your inner voice. Traveling to a distant land and exotic locale will be the only cure for your unquenchable thirst and hunger for adventure.  Business presentations given under these Martian rays will render your audiences totally captivated by your total grasp of the product or subject matter. 

The New Moon on the 23rd brings academic opportunities. Archers desiring to further their education, should be applying to institutions and schools. Writings and scripts submitted to editors will be accepted for publication.


With Mars forming an inharmonious opposition to Pluto on the 2nd, others may place roadblocks on your path. Do avoid any disagreements because they can turn confrontational in the blink of an eye.

When Venus enters Gemini on the 4th, you will become increasingly sensitive to the atmosphere at your workplace. By performing some well thought out Feng Shui touches, the improved energy flow will instill greater harmony with all. If you have been contemplating making some changes with office procedures, workers will be receptive and less likely to complain about implementing them. Little touches which are infused in your performance will be noticed and appreciated by management.

The Full Moon on the 9th renders you overly emotional and insecure with even the smallest of slights. Stay true to yourself at this time. If you listen to others’ advice, they may make you doubt the soundness of your correct decisions.

With Mars entering Leo on the 20th, it is an excellent time to roll up your sleeves and tackle a full review of all your insurance policies. You may find some are lacking proper coverage or you are paying for unnecessary services.  Auditing retirement accounts, shared joint accounts, and tax schedules may also prove money saving.  Contact credit card companies to land lower rates.

The rays of the New Moon on the 23rd helps you receive monies which have been due but held back.  A new strategy, drawn up with your business partner and put into motion, will prove to be extraordinarily successful and financially lucrative.


On the 2nd Mars opposes Pluto and care should be taken with what you eat when out. Make sure of the freshness of food, especially fare served at outdoor celebrations and goodies purchased from street vendors.  If you’re involved in competitive sports, try not to overdue it in the hot sun.

Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and you’ll be on everybody’s invite list for summer celebrations. Unattached Aquarians will flutter around with the wings of a butterfly, captivating many hearts along the way. Others will be fascinated and drawn to your creative innovative ideas.

The Full Moon on the 9th endows you with superb psychic and intuitive insights. Listen to your nighttime dreams. It will seem like they are giving you potent advice from other realms.  People and situations from your past, from this lifetime or maybe others, may resurface.

Mars enters Leo on the 22nd   Concentrate his immense energy on working to strengthen both business and romantic partnerships. You best work now will not be accomplished alone, but with someone else by your side. If you have been experiencing some static in a close relationship, you can actively work towards resolving disputes or misunderstandings with the crossed wires of communications.

The New Moon on the 23rd presents a golden opportunity for single Aquarians to meet the right person to settle down with.  Those in a committed relationship will be concentrating on spicing up their bond.  New clients with big bank accounts will seek out your business and services.


Fish with children should try to avoid getting into any power clashes with them on the 2nd, when Mars opposes Pluto. Matters of the heart with lovers, may not flow smoothly either. They will not be on the same page as you, so don’t push matters.  Venus enters Gemini on the 4th and unattached Pisces can find love in their own backyard. Those who are house hunting can find the place of their dreams and priced well within your desired spending budget.  Much of the month will be spent mending fences with relatives and instilling closer bonds with family.

Plunging into networking activities with the Full Moon on the 9th can land you an immense catch of new clients and accounts. The lunar rays will also call upon you to give help to a friend who might be in emotional straits.

With Mars entering Leo on the 20th, you will find yourself swamped with extra work and duties on the job. The Martian rays will give you almost super human strength to get all accomplished.  If you have grown restless with your present place of employment, it might be the time to start to actively look for something new.

The New Moon on the 23rd makes you do a thorough evaluation of your current health regime.  If there are changes to be made with diet or exercise, make them now.  You’ll tend to be more disciplined and will stick to a healthier lifestyle.  If you’re in the market for a new pet, the lunar rays can match you with the perfect loving pet adoption.


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