Monthly Astrological Forecast : June 2017   


Your ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on the 4th. He may propel you into having to take charge of mismanaged family matters. Exercise extreme diplomacy with relatives. Otherwise you will be accused of being too bossy and they will fail to follow your lead.

On the 6th Venus enters Taurus and other’s purse strings open up magically for you. Ask for the long over-due raise now. Self-employed Rams can raise prices and fees without suffering negative consequences. Venus will also help to stabilize your love life during the month.

Jupiter goes direct on the 9th and helps to iron out any difficulties which may have developed in close personal relationships or with business partners. Unattached Rams will have the best luck the next couple of months for getting engaged or married.

The Full Moon on the 9th brings with it an opportunity to settle a hanging legal dispute. Her rays will fill you with a more adventurous spirit, which will make you eager to travel internationally and experience more of life. Those wishing to get their literary works published should be submitting them.

The New Moon on the 23rd plunges you into the world of home improvement. Tackle all the repairs you’ve been promising to do for months. Those on the quest for a new home may land the place of their dreams. Plan a family outing or throw an outdoor party to unite all your relatives and extended family together. Mars trines Neptune on the 26th. Listen to your psychic sixth sense and follow all hunches. They will lead to success.


Others may not be prepared for you becoming so uncharacteristically assertive in speech, when Mars enters Cancer on the 4th. Channel some of this verbal aggression into being more passionate in work presentations. Management will be blown away and you’ll be a giant step closer to a big promotion.

After your ruler Venus enters Taurus on the 6th, single Bulls may be changing their unattached relationship status on Facebook.  Others will be magically drawn to your winning ways. Those already in an established relationship, can find a renewed commitment of shared love between the two of you. The Full Moon on the 9th can help those seeking additional funds or extended credit. This is also a good time to purge yourself of negative people and situations, which may be holding you back.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and you are deluged with tremendous new job offers. Bulls desiring to hire new employees will get the crème of the employment crop to pick from.

The Sun and Saturn are in conflict on the 15th. Best to hold off on any expensive purchases or to make any changes with your investments.  If you’ve been guilty of not spending much time with your siblings, the New Moon on the 23rd presents opportunities for you to reconnect with them. Getting more involved in neighborhood or community affairs can bring in many future rewards.


When Mars enter Cancer on the 4th, you will be fully focusing all your attention on increasing your financial worth. Zapped with just the right amount of Martian aggression, you will succeed at all costs to become more fiscally solvent. Taking the right calculated risks now can reap superb rewards.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and you will find yourself possibly becoming shy or more reserved, where matters of the heart are concerned. A strong over powering attraction could develop on your part towards another. However, it may be difficult for you to interpret what their true intentions are towards you.

The Full Moon on the 9th reveals that you can accomplish more by compromise and negotiation with both business and romantic partners, than demanding to have your way. Showing them you value their opinions will lead to stronger ties and mutual respect.

Jupiter reverses his backward movement of the past couple of months and goes direct on the 9th.  Creative projects which you gave birth to will now receive their proper recognition. Investments which may not have taken off as hoped may now start to soar.  Your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer on the 21st. Your inborn communication talents can help to land you a big account, bonus or a raise.

If you’ve wanted to start a new business on the side, the New Moon on the 23rd, can propel you to finally do it. Extra work or ways to increase your income should also appear.


When Mars enters Cancer on the 4th, there will be no retreating into your famous shell. Others will be taken aback by your sudden burning no-holds-barred, bare ambition to succeed at all costs. His passage into your sign signifies the start of a new two year cycle of growth for Crabs. It’s of utmost importance that you put into motion all that’s been sitting on the shelf waiting to be actualized.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and presents opportunities for you to expand upon your social circle of friends. Reconnect with pals whom you’ve been too busy to fit into your busy schedule.

The rays from the Full Moon on the 9th can render co-workers touchy and ultra-sensitive over any and all criticism. Handle them with kid gloves or pay the consequences. If you’re shopping for a new employee, wait until the New Moon or you may hire the wrong person out of misplaced sympathy.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and you will experience a much desired sense of greater harmony in your home life with family members. All real estate transactions should almost magically fall into place, even if they have been experiencing delays or setbacks. The New Moon on the 23rd shines an immense spotlight on Crabs. Without lifting a finger, you will become the center of attention. New paths will appear now, leading to a more potent direction for your life to take.


With Mars entering Cancer on the 4th, you may find you will get more accomplished by working independently on your own. Others may just hold you back or cause delays, if you try to rely upon their assistance. Follow your gut instincts and you won’t be proven wrong. Lions professionally involved in the arts will be basking in applause, when Venus enters Taurus on the 6th. The public will be highly receptive to your creativity and will be begging for more and willing to pay more for it too.  A hot romance can be ignited by meeting a potential love interest thru your career.

The Full Moon on the 9th makes you desire more passion from your beloved. Roaring at them won’t be necessary. Instead attempt some gentle purring. It will make them realize what they have been missing.  Lions with children will find them clamoring for more of your time and attention. Plan some fun filled summer outings and peace will be restored.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and promises made to you from siblings will finally be fulfilled. Short trips taken now can bring unexpected good luck. Self-employed Leo’s will reap bushels of new business by starting an aggressive advertising campaign.

The New Moon on the 23rd forces you to clean up some of the cobwebs of negative memories from the past, which might have accumulated in your subconscious. Some people with whom you have karmic ties might reappear. It will be your decision now to cut the tie or strengthen it.


You will adopt a “now or never” attitude concerning the pursuit of your innermost dreams, when Mars enters Cancer on the 4th. Becoming single minded with your goals will bring them into fruition. Seek the aid of friends. They can be instrumental in helping you achieve what you desire.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and an overwhelming desire to experience an expansion of your horizons will take hold. Everyday routines will become too much of a grind to tolerate. The best cure for your restlessness will be a trip to an exotic foreign country. Venus will help you land the best package deals. Virgos in a committed relationship can find the trip turns into a dream like second honeymoon. Those who are single can find true love.

The Full Moon on the 9th brings matters concerning your living situation to a head. If you’ve been on the fence about staying or moving, you may be pushed into making a definite decision. Family members may have some unexpected emergencies that you will be expected to help them with.

Jupiter stops his backward movement on the 9th and turns direct. You’ll find your finances may start to do a complete 180 degree turn for the better. Funds promised or tied-up for months will now start to flow to you and not away from you. The New Moon on the 23rd brings a multitude of invitations from friends to help you get out and socialize more. Joining a club, group, or organization now can bring many future benefits on both personal and professional levels.



Mars will help you blaze a path towards achieving the heights in your career, when he enters Cancer on the 4th. Your accomplishments will be acknowledged, without you having to call attention to them. Librans who have been yearning to become self-employed should do so now. Those who already own a business should be expanding it.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and you will be demanding more intensity and greater intimacy in your love relationship. If you find you current amour cannot give it to you, then it may be time to break free and find someone who will. Financial differences, which might have popped-up between you and a business or marriage partner, can be resolved with everyone in agreement.

The Full Moon on the 9th imbues you with the right amount of confidence and poise to pull off difficult sales presentations. Others will be charmed by not only what you have to say, but how you say it. However, your natural tendency to weigh and measure your words and replies before opening your mouth will be sorely tested in personal conversations.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and you finally feel the marvelous effects of his good luck in your sign. You should start to experience the best luck you’ve had in about 12 years. Waste no time in going after all you want in life. Jupiter was the king of the ancient gods and he’ll be throwing thunderbolts of good luck in your direction.

Librans seeking publicity for their services or businesses will get it from the New Moon on the 23rd.  An opportunity to greatly advance your career may appear. It will be up to you though to grab hold of it and follow all the leads through.


Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Cancer on the 4th. He may make you a little too verbally opinionated for your own good. If you’re not cautious, you will come across as intolerant and narrow-minded. Others may avoid your company as a result. Stay away from writing scathing comments on social media sites too, or you may be banned from them.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and you seek more stability and commitment from close relationships. If your mate has been feeling ignored due to your busy schedule, plan some together time to reconnect. If you’ve been on the lookout for the right candidate to become your business partner, the hunt may be over. The perfect contender will appear who fits exactly what you’ve been searching for.

You’re usually known for your savvy with bargaining and getting the best deals, when it comes to purchasing big ticket items. However, the Full Moon on the 9th may have you throwing caution to wind and spending recklessly without forethought. Steer clear of rash investments too.

Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and your psychic sixth sense becomes finely tuned. Pay attention and listen to the dreams you have when sleeping. They can be quite prophetic and bestow excellent otherworldly counsel.

The New Moon on the 23rd can bring with it an exciting opportunity to travel abroad. Don’t look for excuses on why you can’t. Instead concentrate on why you can. Then make it happen. If you’ve been contemplating on furthering your education, get your applications in the mail.



Mars enters Cancer on the 4th and stirs up matters concerning joint investments and accounts. There could be some disagreements arising between you and your business or marriage partner as a result. Best not to let the fire of Mars turn the discussions into fiery arguments. Do take bold steps together but temper it with a solid strategy. Reviewing your current taxes and insurance policies can save you a lot of money.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and dramatically changes the whole atmosphere at work. Others are more willing to lend a helping hand to one another. Planning an employee outing now could solidify their feelings of comradeship for many months to come. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pet, Venus will help you find the perfect new loving addition for your life.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th may make you so extremely emotional, that it’s impossible for you to hide your feelings from others. While there’s nothing wrong in showing your soft side, too much outward sentiment can be interpreted as weakness in leadership roles. 


Your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct on the 9th and suddenly, your whole life seems like it’s spinning in the right direction. Delays placed in your path the past couple of months will disappear. Promises made to you from friends will start to be kept.

The New Moon on the 23rd can revitalize your investments. New opportunities appear which can help you reap many future rewards. Start and implement a new savings plan. If you’ve wanted to incorporate your business, get moving. To symbolically make way for new opportunities, let go of some useless or outworn things to make way for the new.


With Mars entering Cancer on the 4th the road to a harmonious relationship may be fraught with a lot of bumps along the way. Misunderstandings can easily develop if you turn into an old Goat and refuse to compromise at every bend in the path. Use the fiery Martian rays instead to build bridges of compromise.

With Venus entering Taurus on the 6th, your popularity will be off the charts. You’ll be attracting new ardent admirers like flies to honey. Goats involved in the arts will receive praise plus pay for their creative endeavors. Those with kids will find their bonds together strengthening with an increased rapport developing.

The Full Moon on the 9th can bring in some strong dreams and almost visionary premonitions. You will be able to pick up on people’s nuances very easily. Secrets can be shared and revealed to you. Take care though that you keep what is given in private not away to others.

Jupiter stops his retrograde movement and turns direct on the 9th.  Promises made to you about your career begin to materialize. Those wishing for a new job should have a multitude of fantastic offers. Self-employed Goats can experience an immense expansion with their business.  The New Moon on the 23 will evaluate your relationships. If they pass, they will be strengthened. If they fail, then it will cause breaks. A surge of new clientele can be expected for those involved or sales or self-employed.


When Mars enters Cancer on the 4th, you will be incredibly driven to succeed at all tasks you are performing on the job. It will seem the more work you do, the more energized you get from it. However, that may not be the same case for fellow employees. Try to use some tact in dealing with their laziness and lack of enthusiasm to get them motivated. Otherwise disputes can easily erupt.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and an opportunity may present itself where you can earn extra money thru a home-based business. Relations with family members should prove to be very loving and supportive. Unattached Aquarians can find love close to home. Maybe your family has proven to be bad match makers in the past, but give them another chance. A fix-up from one of them could turn out to become the love of your life.

The Full Moon on the 9th can highlight a period of activity and change with friends. People from your past may unexpectedly reappear. Friends may also call upon you for assistance in some crises they have in their life. Be there for them and they’ll be in your corner in the future.

Jupiter stops his retrograde movement on the 9th. As a result, travel plans which had been delayed, can now be taken off hold. He’ll reward you for your patience by getting you the best package deals. Writers should submit their masterpieces to publishers. Those seeking to pursue higher education should be applying to schools and grants.

The New Moon’s rays on the 23rd make you do a brutal appraisal of your current job situation. If it’s lacking opportunities for future advancement, it may be time to contact some headhunters. You will find your skills are in much demand by companies who will appreciate them more.


Mars enters Cancer on the 4th. His passionate vibes will heat up the waters you are swimming in and turn you into an attraction magnet. Your distinctive sense of creativity will be infused into all that you do. Being on everyone’s invite list, you may have trouble picking which ones to attend.

Venus enters Taurus on the 6th and you have the right words to say at the right time. Others will be impressed by your diplomatic skills and ability to get opposing forces to agree. Fishes with online businesses should experience a huge surge in profits and new customers. Benefits and help can come from siblings and neighbors.

The Full Moon on the 9th places you in the limelight. All your hard work and efforts on the job should finally receive their correct praise. Self-employed Fish should find their businesses taking off. Shamelessly seek ways to promote yourself and your company. The public will be your oyster.

Your co-ruling planet Jupiter stops his retrograde motion and turns direct on the 9th. Monies which were promised but held up should start to be released. Many benefits should flow your way with joint finances, tax rebates, and any legal settlements. If married, your spouse may get a substantial raise or bonus.

The New Moon on the 23rd takes you swimming to waters of pleasurable experiences. The mundane will be too passé for you to tolerate. Your creativity and vision will demand to be explored and expanded upon. Follow your heart and it will lead you to the desired shores of love.  

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