Monthly Astrological Forecast : December 2017   


Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st. Tremendous opportunities will be in your grasp for both love and expansive business opportunities. To make the most of her passage, become actively involved in cultural, educational, or religious activities. Unattached Rams will be attracted to the exotic and different. Try jetting to a foreign locale or dining in unique restaurants, to find romance.

The Full Moon on the 3rd may find you shuffling appointments around due to a busy schedule. Just trying to juggle so many obligations can leave you a bit mentally scattered. Siblings and neighbors can prove to be emotionally challenging to deal with due to their demands.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd and will not turn direct until the 22nd.  Positive prospects or big breaks, which you have been promised, will seem to be suddenly   withheld.  They will materialize and come to fruition. However, not until Mercury turns direct. Legal actions should be put on hold until after the 22nd.

Your ruling planet fiery Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th. He will turn up the heat when handling differences concerning joint or shared investments and monies. Best to try to stay cool or your partner will see you as being too bossy and a control freak.

The New Moon on the 18th makes you hungry to expand your mind thru study and travel. Why not fulfill both desires by taking an educational enrichment cruise? The Lunar rays will make you more adventurous and willing to gamble by taking chances. Literary Rams should be sending their finished works to potential publishers.

The Lord of Karma, Saturn, will enter Capricorn on the 19th and he will be judging your career performance and reputation for over the next two years. If you’ve worked very hard and played by the rules, you can achieve a pinnacle in professional achievement. A promotion, elevation in status, and public recognition will be yours. Along with the accolades will be increased responsibilities and a renewed ambition for greatness. If on the other hand, you’ve been pretty much a slacker, you can experience a fall from grace resulting in a loss in power or unemployment. Best to keep your nose affixed to the grindstone and concentrate on achieving your ambitions.



Your ruling planet Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st and will grace you with financial boosts. Both business and marriage partners will find themselves in better monetary straights and wanting to share their good fortune with you. Luck may be found in purchasing a winning lottery ticket. Your lover will want to establish more intimate bonds with you on a personal and sexual nature.

The Full Moon on the 3rd has you throwing caution to the winds when buying Christmas gifts. Instead of scouting out the best sales, you’ll rush to grab overpriced purchases. A little research can save you a bundle.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will be doing his backward spin until the 22nd. During this time refrain from taking out any loans, refinance, or applying for or signing a mortgage. Otherwise, it will be difficult, if not impossible to pay off in the future. This is not the best time to open the doors to a new business. Secrets can come to light at this time, which would have been better if kept hidden.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and unattached Bulls will become more aggressive in going after love. Those who are in a committed relationship, will be seeking ways to renew the fires of passion in it. The New Moon on the 18th may have a past love try to come back into your life.  It will be up to you, if you want to renew the tie or cut the cord. Old debts both of a personal and financial nature can be paid off now.

Lord of Karma, Saturn, will enter Capricorn on the 19th. He will be traveling thru the sector of your chart which rules Religion, Philosophy, the Higher Mind, Travel, and Education for well over the next two years.  His challenge here to you will be to clean-up these areas. Take a serious look at what education you need to succeed in your career and start taking the appropriate courses. Failure to do so may result in either being downsized or passed over for a promotion. Those taking courses may not get the easiest professors or schedules.


Work travel may increase and the goals set for the trips not easily met. There may be an increase with problems on long distance trips. Always do your research before hand on restrictions, regulations, and travel times. Expect Murphy’s Law to be in effect.



With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st, your thoughts center on more on your significant other and ways to renew and revitalize the relationship. By being more adaptable and going along more with their desires, you can strengthen your bond. Unattached Twins can meet their potential mate amidst all the holiday celebrations.

The Full Moon’s rays on the 3rd shines a bright spotlight on you. Without even seeking it, you will be the center of attention.

Your ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will continue going backward until the 22nd. You may find others as being uncompromising and difficult to maneuver around. Differences of opinions become more blatant. Clients can become erratic with their appointments. Either cancelling last minute or showing up at the wrong time or even day.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th turning you into a great ball of fire at work. You’ll be ready, willing, and eager to start new projects. Though maybe not so good at seeing them all the way thru. Employees and co-workers may see you as the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, if you try to steamroller them into finishing what you started.

The New Moon on the 18th gives you the right panache to work extremely well with others. By doing so, they will become receptive to your needs and be of even greater help and assistance.  Spending quality time with your partner can reap many happy memories.

The zodiac’s Ring Pass Not, Saturn, will enter Capricorn on the 19th and require you to heed by his rules for over the next two years. Transiting thru your sector ruling joint finances, insurance, business affairs, and taxes, he will demand you get these areas in order. Go over all insurance policies with a fine-tooth comb to make sure all your needs are covered. Sit down with your financial advisor and go over the strategy you have been following. It may need to be updated or a better course followed. Do not try to be “creative” when filing taxes. Saturn isn’t called the Lord of Karma for nothing. Joint finances can become an issue. Take nothing for granted with partnership money, be it business or marriage. If embarking upon a new business partnership, have legal documents drawn up designating not only the handling and disbursements of finances, but also who does what work duties.



When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st, co-workers will be taken aback by your sense of generosity of spirit. It will inspire even the hardest of hearts at the work place to approach their jobs with a greater sense of harmony and goodwill. Your job performance and can-do attitude will be highly appreciated.

The Full Moon on the 3rd can stir up some unpleasant memories. To avoid falling prey to them, keep busy by volunteering to help those in need. In giving to others, we receive tenfold back. Plus, you can heal the wounds of the past. Your dreams can take on potent spiritual dimensions reveling a new path to follow.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd. He will be causing havoc on the job for you, until he turns direct on the 22nd. Projects may have to be either redone or tossed out after their completion. Expect delays in receiving communications. Schedules will be almost impossible to keep. Don’t start a new diet now because it will be doomed to failure.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and you experience incredible surges of creative energy in ways to celebrate the holidays. Crabs with children should involve them in making presents, homemade decorations and baking goodies. Your social calendar should be fully booked for the month.

The New Moon on the 18th finds you doing a review of your current job. If it doesn’t pass the test, start to get your resume out. With the country’s flourishing economy, you will be flooded with generous offers.


Saturn, the Lord of Karma, in astrology will enter Capricorn on the 19th. For well over the next two years, he will be transiting your area ruling both business and marriage partnerships, legal matters, people who represent you, and clientele. Those wishing to embark upon either a business or marriage partnership under these rays are advised to do so in a somber manner. Because if either is entered in upon lightly, it will be difficult, if not almost impossible to break from. Take care and do a thorough background check on who you hire as a PR person, accountant, or lawyer.  Legal proceedings begun under his rays tend to drag on and on. Single Crabs will become more concerned, when seeking a mate, to look for someone who offers stability and security.



Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st puts you on everyone’s invite list for holiday parties. Your only problem maybe in deciding who’s to attend and who’s to decline. Lions with children may find that some gentle purring will be more effective in getting them to listen, than a loud roar. The Full Moon on the 3rd has you emotionally focused on the future. What seemed as a sure course in the past, may now be seen as not your ideal destination. Things can change over time and refocusing priorities and goals can lead to undreamed of success in the future.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will be causing havoc in your pursuit of creative self-expression until he turns direct on the 22nd.  Leos practically live for applause and adoration from others. However, you may feel a drying up of your creative abilities and lack of inspiration due to Mercury’s backward motion. Unattached Lions should wait until Mercury turns direct to start any new love affair. Otherwise it will be doomed to failure.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and there is increased activity with home and family members. Try to steer clear of all emotionally charged issues with them to maintain peace. Offer to help with the setting up of decorations to gain extra brownie points.

The New Moon on the 18th may find you reconnecting with an old flame. Things, situations, and people from your past may start to resurface in your life. They can offer valuable insights into how to approach current affairs. Some venture tried in the past, may be given a second chance to succeed.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will be entering Capricorn on the 19th and transiting it for well over the next two years. Going thru your area ruling work and service, he will be judging your past performance on the job and relationships with fellow employees. You’ll pass the test and proceed to a higher position, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and work harder than ever before. Since Saturn is never a free ride, he will want you to sacrifice and work long hours. Abide by his terms and you’ll be the winner. This area also rules health. So, get on that diet, work out at the gym, and cleanup your lifestyle.



Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st compels you to outdo yourself this year with the Christmas decorations. True to your Virgo vibes of seeking total perfection with all tasks, you’ll have every nook and cranny tastefully bedecked. After all the sprucing-up, host a holiday party for all to admire your hard work.

The Full Moon on the 3rd may require you to make some unexpected adjustments at work. It will be noticed in a positive way by upper management and a promotion may soon follow.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and reigns mayhem with home affairs. He’ll turn direct on the 22nd and then peace will be restored. During his retro spin, there may be sudden adjustments to be made with the home and family plans. Try to stay flexible and go with all unexpected ups and downs.


Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and your mind will be bombarded with new innovative ideas. Try writing some of them down or their brilliant solutions will be lost. The multitude of errands on your to-do list might tempt you to ignore red lights and speed limits when driving. If you do, it could result in either a ticket or an accident.

The New Moon on the 18th finds you reconnecting with family members. Fulfilling your inner needs now takes on a greater sense of importance. Reminiscing over childhood memories with loved ones will bring great joy.

Saturn, who’s also known as The Lord of Karma will be entering Capricorn on the 19th. His passage thru this sign will be for well over 2 years and have a profound impact on your life. Saturn requires us all to cleanup whatever area of the chart he is transiting thru. If you do, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work. If you don’t, you’ll experience trials and tribulations. He will go thru your area ruling your creations.


Virgos with children will find they will have their hands full with having to take on increased responsibilities with them. Time to lay down the law and make them follow it. Your “creations” of the mind, meaning your sense of inspiration may feel like it dries up when you need it. Don’t be overly critical of what you create. This area rules love affairs too. Saturn will get ONLY out of your life what is not worthy to be in your life. Practice more discrimination with qualities in picking a lover. If you go by Saturn’s rules, you will find happiness.



Your ruling planet Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st. Having a lover who doesn’t beat around the bush, but says what they mean, will become more important. You need someone now who gets your ideas. Those seeking romance can find it close to home.

The Full Moon on the 3rd fills you with restless adventurous energy. You’ll be more willing to take chances and try exotic, new things. Sudden news will be received from long distance ties. Libras who write, will be inspired to finish their masterpieces.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will be creating quite a bit of mayhem until he goes direct on the 22nd. Messages and all forms of communication for you will run amuck. Don’t lose your cool, if someone doesn’t return your call. There’s a strong possible Mercury got it lost along the way. They may never have received it. Avoid signing all contracts. You won’t see the fine print.

Mars entering Scorpio on the 9th can turn you into the last of the bigtime spenders. Exert some restraint when making holiday purchases. Your Christmas bonus won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Turn the Martian energy into a positive force by developing new ways to increase your income. A side job or an extra gig can be yours for the asking.

The New Moon on the 18th brings with it a flurry of communications. There may be a lot of extra local trips to pick-up last-minute gifts or items. An opportunity can present itself for you to increase or learn a new skill. If there’s been some ill feelings between you and siblings or neighbors, bury the hatchet and make peace.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will enter Capricorn on the 19th and transit thru this sign for well over the next two years. He will hit the midnight point of your chart. It will usher in a period of endings but also exciting beginnings. You can now embark upon a whole new path to success. However, it will require dedication and sacrifice. Saturn is never a free ride. Issues may surface with your relationships with some family members. You may be asked by Saturn to cut unworthy ties or strengthen ones who are sincerely interested in your welfare. If you’ve put off doing necessary home improvements, your house will demand repairs. Not the best time to be purchasing a new home or signing a new lease.



With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st, others will be extremely generous with their holiday gifts to you. Santa may also deliver an unexpectedly large Christmas bonus too. The Full Moon on the 3rd may have your business or marriage partner wanting to break the bank with reckless holiday spending. Try to rope them in a little, or you’ll be stuck with immense debt. A friend may approach you about loaning them money. If you do, it may be a long time before it’s paid off, if ever.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd. He’ll be causing all sorts of upsets financially for you until he goes direct on the 22nd. Keep all receipts for Christmas gifts because a lot of them may wind up being returned for various reasons. Presents purchased on line may not be delivered before the holiday or get lost in the mail. Payments due from clients or accounts will “be in the mail” and delayed.

Your co-ruling planet Mars enters your sign on the 9th.  You will become more aggressive and determined to go fearlessly after all you desire. Mars will give you a cosmic energy shot to withstand all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

The New Moon on the 18th brings with it opportunities to increase your income and financial investments. This is a good time to take down from the shelf some moneymaking ideas from the past. It may not have been the right time when you first conceived of them to act. However, the time could be ripe now.

The Lord of Karma, Saturn, will enter Capricorn on the 19th and transit thru this sign for well over the next two years. Saturn requires us to clean-up areas of our life and get them in working order. Communications of all forms will take on a greater sense of scrutiny for Scorpios. Extreme caution is needed in signing contracts and formulating agreements. Those made will prove to be binding, even into the future and unbreakable.


Brush up on your communication skills. Maybe look into taking a class on how to do successful presentations or public speaking. Siblings can have problems, which you can get involved in. Neighbors or condo associations can have unrealistic complaints. Be extremely careful in writing emails and tweets.



You’ll be shinning as bright as the star on top of the Christmas tree, when Venus enters your sign on the 1st. Others will be magically drawn to your sunny outgoing personality. Unattached Archers will have their pick of potential lovers.

The Full Moon on the 3rd turns some of the spotlight on your business or marriage partner. Best to let them lap up the attention doled out by others. You’ll find a more even flow of communication and feelings between yourself and your significant other. It can result in some favorable compromises.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd. He’ll be causing quite a bit of mischief in your personal affairs until when he goes direct on the 22nd. It may be difficult for you with his retro spin to make up your mind about things. If you’ve thought about making some radical change with your appearance, put it off. To do so now can make you wind up looking like a cartoon character.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th. Others can be a drain by dumping their personal problems on you.  Try to find some alone time to recoup your energies. Volunteering to do some charity work though, can uplift your spirits.

The New Moon on the 18th opens up opportunities for a pathway to a new and exciting direction. You will be filled with tremendous optimism and unshakeable self-confidence.  Get your famous bow and arrow out and shoot for the stars.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, will leave Sagittarius on the 19th and enter Capricorn. For over the past two and a half years, he has set delays and tests in your path. Now you are finally free. However, he will be entering your sector ruling your Money, Possessions, and Values. Since he is the great taskmaster of the zodiac, you will be required to get your finances in order. Those who follow by his rules of frugality will be rewarded with a fat bank account. Those who don’t and spend like there is no tomorrow? They will be overwhelmed with debt. You can come into a ton of money now, but blow it all over night. Things you thought were valuable, may turn out to be worthless. Objects seen as of little value can turn out to be priceless treasures.



With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st, unattached Goats may find those with a multitude of problems knocking at the door to your heart. Don’t get sucked into any hard luck stories with your affections or your wallet. If you have an overwhelming desire to get involved with the needy, adopt a pet.  The Full Moon on the 3rd will have co-workers quite overly emotional. It will present a challenge to reel them in and get them to concentrate on the work at hand.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 3rd and will be doing his backward spin until the 22nd. His retro motion may cause memories from the past to resurface, which are better forgotten. Important decisions are left solely on your shoulders. Discussing them with others can cause only more confusion. Use his energies in a positive way by meditating and getting closer to your true spiritual essence.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th. Dust off your hopes, wishes, and dreams and review which ones are still worth pursuing. The ones that aren’t should be replaced with loftier goals. A lot of new and colorful people will be entering your life. Their friendships will help you see life in new expanded ways.

The New Moon on the 18th has others sharing intimate secrets with you. Guard their confidences. However, don’t give your secrets away to them in return. You may be required to put the finishing touches on important projects by yourself or behind the scenes.

Your ruling planet Saturn will be entering your sign on the 19th. For well over the next two years, the Lord of Karma, will be requiring you to really get your life path in order. Though he may seem strict, following his rules will lead you to great victories. There will be placed on your shoulders increased responsibilities and you’ll be forced to rely on your own decisions. If you’ve been neglectful with taking proper care of your physical body, Saturn will teach you the joys of proper nutrition and exercise. You may become more self-reflective and less self-confident. Saturn will make you more serious minded and less optimistic at times. You may find yourself dressing in more somber colors and styles.



With Venus entering Sagittarius on the 1st, it’s a good time to take your friends up on their offers to fix you up. Though there may be some misses, all you need is to meet the right one. Attached Aquarians can develop a stronger friendship bond with their beloved.

The Full Moon on the 3rd can fill-up the calendar with fun filled activities with your children. The Lunar rays makes it almost next to impossible to buckle down and get any work done. You’ll be too inclined to party the day and night away.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will be doing his backward spin until the 22nd.  During his retro, you may experience many mix-ups and cancellations of appointments with friends. Getting together with them to celebrate the holidays may be difficult, if not impossible.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and you become extremely ambitious and power-hungry with your career. Your work will be noticed now. However, make sure it’s for the right reasons. If you’ve wanted to start your own business, use the Martian energy to propel you into action.

The New Moon on the 18th brings many opportunities to network and acquire many new and positive leads for work and business. The contacts you make now can build into important deals in the future.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, enters Capricorn on the 19th and will have a strong impact on your life for over the next two years. He will be traveling thru your sector which rules the ending of a cycle. But the endings you experience will be in preparation for brand new cycles of self-expression. You may find yourself seeking more solitude and having to go deeply inward to find answers. Some people who you had implicit trust in, may be revealed to have been “secret enemies” all along. Matters of who to trust, may become more of an issue. You will learn thru Saturn’s patient lessons to trust in God more.



When Venus enters Sagittarius on the 1st, you will be seen by high-ups on the job as a peacemaker. Your abilities to gently guide others to calmer waters will be called upon. If you’ve wanted to acquire an excellent mentor, go fishing for one now.

The Full Moon may cause some restless waters at the home front. Family members will be very hyper-sensitive and demand more of your time in holiday celebrations and less time with work projects.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 3rd and will continue his backward spin until the 22nd. You may lack a sense of focus on the job and get things thoroughly mixed-up. Be prepared for set backs and having to redo projects last minute. Those seeking new employment or a change in position should put it on hold. Starting a new job now, would be under very inauspicious rays.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and fills you with a bold adventurous spirit. Suddenly the tried and true all seem too mundane. You want to experience exciting new things. Steer clear of instigating legal actions or making settlements out of court.

The New Moon on the 18th is excellent for starting a new procedure or program on the job. Successful ideas will be bombarding your mind, begging to be put into action.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, enters Capricorn on the 19th. He will be transiting through this sign for well over the next two years. He will reveal to you, though it may be painful at times, who your friends really are. Saturn will get out who doesn’t deserve to be in your circle and replace them with the right people. You will find yourself connecting more with older or more conservative types of individuals. They may be of great help to you in giving direction on how to achieve your future goals.   

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