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Monthly Astrological Forecast : March 2017   



If you’ve been contemplating having either cosmic surgery or a beauty make-over better put it on hold. With Venus turning retrograde on the 4th, you’ll wind up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, if you do. With her reversal in motion, you may also become lazy, stubborn, and excessively self-indulgent. Your ruler Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and ignites a blazing fire within to increase your wealth. You’ll become extremely more resourceful in achieving greater prosperity thru investments and starting new money making projects. Try to curb an equally strong desire though to showoff and carelessly spend all you accumulate. The Full Moon on the 12th can give you the needed boost to finish challenging work assignments successfully. If you’ve felt unappreciated on the job, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer for your services. The Sun conjunct Venus on the 25th promises a day full of romance. The New Moon on the 27th places you in the spotlight. Others will be drawn to your magnetic presence.



Your life may feel somewhat like it’s spinning backwards, when your ruler Venus turns retrograde on the 4th. Use this energy constructively by reviewing ways you overlooked to make money. See it as a second chance to right some missed mistakes in your personal life too. Relationships may take on a very strong karmic note. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and a bright new path and direction opens up. His cosmic vitamin shot will make you want to stampede towards success.  Inflamed by his burning rays, you can achieve your greatest desires thru sheer will and determination. Take care though that you don’t trample others in the process. The Full Moon on the 12th finds you receiving applause for all your creative efforts. Bulls involved in artistic fields may receive long over-due recognition. Mercury conjunct Venus on the 18th is a day of shared intimate secrets with your lover. The New Moon on the 27th endows you with potent intuitive abilities. Issues and people from your past may resurface and be brought to a sense of inner resolution and understanding.



If you’ve been contemplating looking up old buddies from the past, do it when Venus goes retrograde on the 4th. It will be easier at this time to reconnect or even plan a reunion celebration.  Friendships will   come under the microscope at this time. If you’ve been too busy to help others, you may find out that now, they’re too busy to be of any help to you.  Organizations which you’ve belonged to may not share your goals any longer.  Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and your best work can be accomplished by working diligently behind the scenes. Go over all loose ends on projects in private. Seek your own council. Others will point you to the wrong direction. The Full Moon on the 12th highlights a lot of drama with family relationships. Sudden decisions may have to be made regarding real estate transactions. Repairs you’ve put off may demand emergency attention. Your ruler Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 18th and gives you a day of romance. The New Moon on the 27th has you over brimming with innovative ideas on how to turn your dreams into reality. A fresh approach to networking can be the answer to stimulating your sales goals beyond your wildest expectations. On the 29th Mercury trines Saturn and you can sort out complicated matters with your significant other or business partner.



When Venus goes retrograde on the 4th your reputation at work may be under attack. Unscrupulous sharks may try to encircle you and entice management to question your decisions. Don’t fall for their bait. Keep your job performance above board at all times. Self-employed Crabs should delay all public interviews until she goes direct next month. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and caution should be exerted with revealing intimacies about your personal life and political beliefs on social media. They can be used against you in the future when applying for a job or hold up a promotion. When involved in teamwork situations, stifle the desire to take control and run roughshod over everyone. The Full Moon on the 12th helps you express your ideas and opinions with greater clarity and purpose. Starting a blog now can be the needed ingredient to stimulate sales. Mercury conjunct Venus on the 18th gives you the right words to achieve success. The New Moon on the 27th fills you with positive new career goals. What you saw as an unattainable position, may now be within your reach.



There may be an immense pull for you to travel to places which you visited in the past, when Venus goes retrograde on the 4th. The urge to delve into past studies either of an academic or spiritual nature will be strong too. New legal matters should not be instigated now but put on hold until she goes direct in April. Otherwise they will not be met with success in the courts. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th filling you with ambitious determination to succeed at all costs. However, try not to step on your supervisor’s toes in the scurry to be noticed. Self-employed Lions can plan excellent campaigns for their business to be launched in the spring. The Full Moon on the 12th brings to light your excessive spending habits. Radical changes must be made now to insure your fiscal wellbeing. Your ruler the Sun conjuncts Venus on the 25th bringing much awaited good news from a distance. The New Moon on the 27th makes you want to reconnect with your inner being. Those wanting financial assistance for school, should apply. There may be additional funds available from other sources, if you take the time to investigate.



With Venus going retrograde on the 4th issues may arise concerning joint finances. Their proper management may be disputed between you and your business or marriage partner.  Also, special care should be made with filing all taxes. Being too “creative” with claimed expenses and income can get you into a lot of hot water with the IRS. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and an inner sense of restlessness takes hold. You desire expansion both physically and mentally. Why not combine both by going on an educational learning cruise to enlarge your horizons?  Constantly giving time and attention to others, catches up to you with the Full Moon on the 12th. Take time to focus on your personal life’s direction and self for a change. Map out what you truly want to accomplish, become, and do. Your ruler Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 18th and the lines of communication concerning matters of the heart are open. Financial windfalls are possible too. The New Moon on the 27th is a great time to apply for a needed loan, refinancing, or a mortgage. If they were denied before, a new avenue presents itself. You can rise like the Phoenix under these rays and bring about a total transformation of your life in all its departments.



With your ruling planet Venus going retrograde on the 4th, you may feel like your Scales are totally out of balance. Getting them to realign and bring a sense of needed equilibrium will be necessary to keep sanity and harmony in your life. Your gift for soothing over difficulties and misunderstandings in relationships won’t be readily at your fingertips. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and your extravagant spending may cause clashes with your partner over who controls the purse strings. The Full Moon on the 12th may have people and issues from your past resurface. Best to face them squarely and cut the karmic tie that binds you to them. Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 18th and your popularity experiences a needed boost. On the 25th the Sun conjuncts Venus and others effortlessly are bewitched by your charms. The New Moon on the 27th makes you decide if it’s worth all the effort to restore peace in a close relationship or not.  More promising opportunities for romance with less stress are appearing in the horizon.



When Venus goes retrograde on the 4th, be prepared to have your hard work overlooked. Your co-workers will try to leave you in their dust, as they scramble to shine. This is also not the time to seek a new job or to hire new employees. If you’ve been planning on hiring someone to perform any type of service for you, best to put it off. They’ll do a sloppy job and you won’t get a refund. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and you may be required to work with a partner. Best to establish who is in charge of what in the beginning or tempers can flare. Single Scorpios will become more aggressive now in seeking out a lasting romantic relationship. The Full Moon on the 12th has your trusted comrades coming to your rescue. Friendship ties are strengthened. Mercury squares your ruler Pluto on the 23rd. Best to keep your stinger in check and abstain from cutting remarks, even if you feel they’re well deserved. The New Moon on the 27th makes you realize you have to clean up your act and start a new health regime. If you’ve been contemplating adopting a pet, now is the perfect time to visit rescue organizations. Taking in a needy dog who needs love, will get you out exercising it and meeting new people.



An old lover from your past knocks on the door to your heart, when Venus turns retrograde on the 4th. If you open the door, you may be pleasantly surprised. You both have deep feelings of mutual love for each other and the flames of passion can easily be rekindled.  Sagittarians with children may find them to be quite a handful. Extra time will have to be found to help them with their projects. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and you focus 110% of your energy into work projects and activities. Try not to come across to fellow employees as being too bossy in your rush to get things completed. The Full Moon on the 12th shines her light on your professional accomplishments. Management rewards your excellence by giving you a rave review and a possible promotion. Self-employed Archers should promote themselves and their business to the max.  Mercury opposes your ruler Jupiter on the 24th and you should not promise more than you can realistically deliver. The New Moon on the 27th brings creative ideas where speculation is concerned. An unusual and bold move with the markets now, could reap great rewards in the future. Invitations to a variety of social affairs should not be turned down. Jupiter squares Pluto on the 30th and you have a clear vision of how to increase profits. It may appear too risky to others, but persevere and you’ll prove them all wrong.



 All Goats who are planning on buying their dream home, should put it on hold. Venus goes retrograde on the 4th and will be in a backward spin until April 15th. Any real estate purchased under this can turn into your worst nightmare before the ink is dry on the mortgage. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and you become emboldened in the pursuit of love. Take some risks now with your heart. The gamble may turn you into a winner. The Full Moon on the 12th can help those with any pending legal matters get them a favorable settlement. Students involved with writing reports or term papers, can expect a high grade, if they’re submitted now. The Sun squares your ruler Saturn on the 17th. Don’t get carried away with excessive partying on St. Patrick’s Day. Your reputation can be harmed badly as a result. The New Moon on the 27th is excellent for listing your home on the market. If you want to refinance, good deals can be attained.



When Venus goes retrograde on the 4th and you may feel like you brilliant mind has gone on a holiday. Best now to take old concepts and ideas off the shelf and rework them. Signing important contracts and papers should be avoided. You may be either too impatient or just plain lazy, to check the facts before signing on the dotted line. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and there can be a lot of unrest due to his fiery rays with family members. You may have to grab the reins of power to instill peace. Try channeling your excess energy into long overdue needed home repairs. The Full Moon on the 12th is a good time to seek any needed loans. Your marriage or business partner can be more aggressive professionally and wind up increasing your joint finances. Mercury conjuncts your ruler Uranus on the 26th.  An innovative idea of yours saves the day. The New Moon on the 27th has you restless for change. Short trips can be the necessary prescription to clear your mind.  There can also be more interaction with siblings.


Don’t fall prey to binge spending when Venus goes retrograde on the 4th. You’ll only windup sinking into a murky pool of debt, if you seek to escape feelings of inadequacy or loneliness by busting the bank. Instead use her energy to thoroughly review your finances and set up a realistic budget. Mars enters Taurus on the 9th and others will pay big for your services. Fish involved in sales can break all existing sales records. Do take care though when driving. Keep your eyes on the road, don’t speed. And ignore the cell phone calls. The Full Moon on the 12th brings your partner’s deep emotions to the surface. Now you both can experience a free flow in healing communication. Single Fish will find that the waters are full of ardent admirers.  On the 17th the Sun squares Saturn. Best to delay asking for favors from management. Sun conjunct Venus on the 25th can bring a bonus or surprise gift. The New Moon on the 27th showers you with opportunities to increase your income.