Monthly Astrological Forecast : May 2017 



With Venus in your sign the whole month, you will be a virtual love magnet. Only the most hard of hearts will not be smitten by your charms.  When Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, you’ll start to feel like your true decisive self again. His retrograde movement had made you prone to second guessing and questioning important decisions in your life. Now however, you’ll feel like your head is screwed on straight and can confidently charge in the right direction. 

The Full Moon on the 10th challenges you to renounce and let go of both physical objects and people which have been holding you back. Those looking for additional funds for their businesses should achieve positive results. Your ruler Mars forms a flowing trine to Jupiter on the 12th. This will fill you with a tremendous burst of energy and overflowing good luck. New projects started now should meet with tremendous success.

On the 16th Mercury will enter Taurus. His passage will make you both savvy but yet practical in handling your personal finances. Taking a common sense approach in monetary concerns will yield the greatest results. The New Moon on the 25th is fortunate for increasing business by expanding your social media presence. If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog, get to it and watch the sales magically come in.  Take care if traveling on the 29th. Mars will oppose Saturn and many delays may be experienced.



Venus will continue to transit Aries throughout the month of May. She can help you pick up on the subtle nuances of your lover’s feelings. An increased psychic connection can also be readily experienced between the two of you.

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd and your sense of mental self-confidence is slowly restored. If you’ve felt like your mind was in a fog, the mist will start to dissipate. Your dreams now can give you valuable insights into important decisions.

The Full Moon on the 10th compels you to reexamine your close relationships. Some compromises might be required on both your part and theirs to fix or strengthen your tie. Bulls seeking a professional business partner can be pleasantly surprised by getting the right candidate.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. Others will be highly receptive and impressed with your innovative ideas. The key to success in communications will be to keep yourself open and flexible to new concepts. Speak-up and let your voice be heard.  Venus opposes Jupiter on the 19th. You can get beat-up in negotiations or overestimate returns on investments.  Steer clear of purchasing big ticket items.

If you’ve wanted to start either a new business or job, the New Moon on the 25th is the time to do it. Golden opportunities should abound. You’ll also be bursting with ideas on how to increase your investment portfolio.

Do guard against loaning funds on the 29th. Mars opposes Saturn and it may never be paid back in full, if at all.



With your ruler Mercury turning direct on the 3rd, you’ll finally be free to actively pursue bringing your hopes, wishes, and dreams into fruition. An explosion of innovate ideas will be popping off in your head. Just thoroughly developing one or two of them maybe the key to achieving success.

Venus will be in Aries for the entire month of May. Therefore unattached Twins seeking love should ask their friends to fix them up. Also getting involved in group activities like clubs and organizations, can reap some romantic contenders for your heart.  The Full Moon on the 10th heats up the emotional temperature at the workplace. Take care not to over react to criticism, even if it is unwarranted. Likewise, if you must comment on someone’s job performance, do so with kid gloves or pay the consequences.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th and your greatest success can come from either planning or working behind the scenes. While your intuitive ideas can be quite brilliant, it’s not the time yet to reveal them to others.

You might be tempted to be extremely extravagant with both your heart and pocketbook on the 19th, when Venus opposes Jupiter. The New Moon on the 25th can give birth to a sparkling and exciting new you. A bright spotlight will be shinning on Twins, highlighting favorable attention from all. Throw out all worn tired attitudes and look and adopt a fresh new appearance both physically and emotionally.

Avoid proposing any comprises or trying to formulate any contractual agreements on the 29th with others.  Mars will oppose Saturn and they will not be willing to budge or make fair deals with you.



May should prove to be auspicious for your reputation and status. Venus will be in Aries the entire month, making upper management see you as the golden one on the job.  Self-employed Crabs should seek publicity and advertise to the hilt and increase their business in the process.

If you felt the wires have been crossed at work when communicating with superiors, those feelings will end on the 3rd. Mercury then will stop his retrograde movement and start to follow a direct path.  What you have to say now, will take on great value for the powers that be.  The Full Moon on the 10th illuminates your love life. Single Crabs will be the tastiest dish on the menu. Those who are in a committed relationship can experience the heights of romantic ecstasy.

When Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th you should seek feedback from friends and associates on important projects which you are working on. Their insights will not only be extremely helpful, but will aid in their correct reformulation.

If you’re planning on putting in a bid for a home or property, don’t do it on the 19th. Venus opposes Jupiter and you will pay much more than necessary to purchase it. Steer clear of buying home goods now too. They can be gotten for a song, if you wait.  The New Moon on the 25th makes you want to retreat into your shell. Use this time in a positive way by tapping into your phenomenal intuitive abilities and regrouping. A day by the shore or a lake will get your batteries charged-up.

Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th and you may have to deal with temperamental or defiant employees and workers. Best not to draw a line in the sand now. They can be dealt with at a more opportune time in the future.



Major difficulties you may have been encountering with travel or long distance communications should start to clear up when Mercury goes direct on the 3rd.  Leo students may find subjects too grueling to readily comprehend, now are less of a struggle to grasp.   The light of the Full Moon on the 10th turns some family members hypersensitive.  Great care must be taken in dealing with their emotional demands. Leo’s who are house shopping may find the home of their dreams. Those who are selling theirs, may get a terrific offer.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th and the public will be clamoring to for your services, goods, and ideas. Influential life changing career contacts can be gleamed by rubbing elbows with very prominent people.  Pack your bags and hop on a flight to an exotic locale, if you’re on the prowl for romance. Venus will be in Aries the entire month and love can be discovered on distant shores.

The New Moon on the 25th brings with it some excellent opportunities for networking. Friends should be playing an important part in helping you achieve your dreams.  Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th. Lions with children may experience tremendous resistance from them to listen to anything you have to say. Avoid expensive ventures concerning entertaining and speculation.



Your path will follow a smoother course when your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd.  His retrograde motion for the past couple of weeks may have brought in a lot of detours and false starts and stops. Now the wheels will be spinning correctly.  The Full Moon on the 10th has you more involved with your siblings or neighbors. Appointments may have to be changed and then changed again, so stay flexible. A good deal can be had for those contemplating buying a new car. However, emotions will run high with the purchase. Reign in an overwhelming desire to include every unnecessary extra with it.

With Venus in Aries the entire month of May, your sex appeal should be off the charts. Lady Luck can smile upon you too with the lottery. She’ll help you too, if you need backers to help finance a business or home loan.  You may be bitten by the travel bug on the 16th when Mercury enters Taurus. Reduced vacation packages can be found which will eliminate your guilt over spending too much. If you’ve been toying with the idea of signing up for some courses, go ahead. Mercury will help you get the best instructors and you’ll ace the studies.

The New Moon on the 25th can help materialize a long overdue advancement or promotion at work. If you’re thoroughly discontent with the place, you’ll find many more deserving companies clamoring for your skills.  Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th and tempers can unexpectedly flare-up at both the workplace and at home. Keep your cool and don’t add gasoline to the fire by arguing back.



When Mercury goes finally direct on the 3rd, a much desired state of equilibrium should be restored in your life.  When he was retrograde, you may have found communications with close personal relationships have suffered. Now you’ll both be on the same wavelength.  The Full Moon on the 10th may make you throw caution to the wind with wild expenditures. Reign in your desires to go hog wild with your credit card.

Your ruling planet Venus will be transiting Aries for the entire month of May. Unattached Libras will be the most sought after sign and many will be smitten by your charms. Libras in established relationships should find their beloved drawing even closer to them. If you’ve been in the market to either get a new attorney, PR person, or accountant, her transit here will bring in the right person to represent your name and interests.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th and induces you to intensely contemplate your financial situation. Investigate getting better rates on your insurance policies and loans.  Look into acquiring the services of a recommended financial planner to set you on the right monetary path.  The New Moon on the 25th can bring in an exciting chance to travel to a distant and exotic locale. All the pieces come into play with getting the best deal and time off from your busy schedule.


Legal matters may take a turn for the better now with unexpected news favorable for you.  Be extremely pre-cautious with what you say, write or agree to on the 29th. Mars will oppose Saturn and if you not guarded, you can get yourself in a lot of hot water.



Feeling like you’ve been working in the Tower Of Babel when trying to communicate with employees? On the 3rd the free flow of communications will be restored, when Mercury turns direct.  The Full Moon on the 10th has you clamoring for attention. Speak-up if you haven’t been getting the proper respect due for all your personal sacrifices and hard work. However, keep your Scorpion stinger curbed. Otherwise, you’ll come across as being petty and immature in voicing them.

Venus will be in Aries the entire month of May. To instill a greater sense of camaraderie among fellow employees, plan a special outing or other social event with them. Creating a bonding experience will help everyone work less competitively for just themselves and more as a team. If you’re shopping for new employment with better pay, Venus should reward you with a multitude of superb offers.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. Air differences out with your sweetie. Calm discussions can now lead to settling what was before seemingly unresolved issues. You will also find that business partners have some brilliant ideas which will be very profitable for the company.  The New Moon on the 25th can reveal a new lucrative strategy to take with your investments. Go over thoroughly your retirement portfolio, current tax structure, insurance plans, and all group investments for greater returns and savings.  Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th. Avoid all financial decisions or actions and purchasing expensive items.



The roadblocks you may have been experiencing with creative projects should start to dissipate when Mercury turns direct on the 3rd. Archers with children should also find an improved flow in communicating with them.  The Full Moon on the 10th brings to the surface many deep buried feelings and memories from the past. Don’t get stuck in a time warp. The past is the past and impossible to change. Instead use the energy constructively to review and eliminate from your consciousness any self-limiting or hurtful remembrances.

Venus will be transiting Aries for the entire month of May. If you’re hunting for love, cast your bow and arrow aside. The key to catch a desired lover is to let them catch you. The less you do, the more they will want you. Sagittarians professionally involved in entertainment fields and other arts, can get their longed for recognition.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th and you’re acknowledged as the idea person at work.  A sudden brainstorm which you present to management can get you the long overdue promotion you’ve been pining for. Use Mercury’s transit to enhance your skills on the job. Implement new procedures to improve your position.  The New Moon on the 25th will focus attention on both your personal and business relationships. Much energy is invested now in drawing closer to your beloved and making your bond stronger. Business partners can be more compliant and clients can send you many personal referrals.  Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th. Keep your temper in check and avoid being drawn into disputes.



Misunderstandings with family members should start to clear up on the 3rd. Mercury will turn direct then making it easier for all to communicate their heartfelt thoughts.  Who your real friends are may be revealed by the Full Moon on the 10th. Those who are in your corner will be there to offer unsolicited support to help you achieve your goals. Likewise, it can offer a golden opportunity for you to help someone in need.  Venus will be transiting Aries for the entire month of May. Goats desiring to make a huge profit by selling their home or property should have it on the market. Those seeking to buy can successfully negotiate purchasing their dream home for a song. Improvements made to your residence now will greatly increase its’ future worth.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. Your thinking will become more creative and less likely to want to be confined to the mundane. Do try to harness some of the innovate ideas streaming in. Channel some of it by making successful speculation picks.  The New Moon on the 25th has you hitting the gym and starting a new health regime. Unlike unsuccessful attempts in the past, this one you’ll stick with and achieve the wanted results. Those seeking a new job will be rewarded with the right offers. Mars opposes your ruling planet Saturn on the 29th. Take care how you handle resistance. This is not the time to push back but to go with the flow.



You may have felt like a scatter brain the past couple of weeks with Mercury retrograde. However, when he goes direct on the 3rd, your superior mental abilities will be reinstated and running full force.

The Full Moon on the 10th brings powerful changes to your career. If you’ve been working hard for a promotion, it may be offered now. Those seeking greener pastures and a new job will be amazed by a generous offer for employment. If you are self-employed, promote yourself to the hilt. This is not the time to be reticent about your superior skills. Blow your own horn about them.  Venus will be in Aries for the entire month of May. You will be gifted with the ability to sell almost anyone your ideas or wares. Aquarians in sales should see their commissions skyrocket. Contracts can be successfully negotiated shamelessly in your favor.  Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th.  If you’ve toyed with the idea of setting up a home office, do it. The tax advantages can prove lucrative. Family discussions can lead to a greater sense of unity and prove to be healing.

The New Moon on the 25th brings with it an exciting admirer. Accept all invitations out. See them as golden opportunities to meet your dream lover.  Those who are in a serious relationship will be concentrating on spicing up their love life.

Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th. Steer clear of arguing with your beloved or the romance will end dramatically.



With Mercury going retrograde the past couple of weeks, there may have been too much confusion in making important financial decisions. On the 3rd he will go direct and the correct facts will be presented for you. Proceed confidently and achieve greater monetary rewards as a result of your caution and restraint.  The Full Moon on the 10th may have a legal issue popup. Handle it as quickly as possible to defer more entanglements. Married Fishes may find their in-laws very hyper sensitive at this time because they’ve felt ignored. Try soothing things over by planning more family time with them.

Venus will be transiting Aries the entire month of May. She will endow you with an enhanced sense of financial security. Many money making opportunities can wash up on the shores of your life. Even though your income should be blessed, do try saving some for a rainy day.  Mercury enters Taurus on the 16th. You’ll not only be seeing things in a more practical way, but have the ability to convince others to follow your lead. Reviewing contracts and proposals thoroughly can land you an unexpected better deal. Short trips are favored now, plus spending more time with siblings and neighbors.

The New Moon on the 25th inspires you to plunge into the many DIY projects you’ve put off doing for months. Family members may generously help with the work, if asked. Afterwards plan a lavish get together for all to celebrate. Fishes wanting to sell their homes, should put it on the market now.  Mars opposes Saturn on the 29th. If you’ve been overly absorbed in career demands and oblivious to family members, they will strongly voice their feelings. Try to put out the Martian flames of anger by promising to spend more time with them. 

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