Monthly Astrological Forecast : November 2017   


Your true feelings of self-worth may be tested by the Full Moon on the 4th.  A strong temptation to over compensate for any personal feelings of inadequacies may overcome you. If left unchecked, it can result in trying to impress others by blatantly trying to influence them with your possessions in tasteless ways. Throwing around money will not win friends or make them like you better. It will only accomplish the opposite and leave you broke in the process.

When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th, you’ll only want to see “the big picture.”  You’ll be bursting with extremely expansive ideas. Rams attending school will be greatly motivated to create well received written reports and papers. Enthusiasm over your spiritual and religious beliefs can significantly inspire and sway others with their thinking.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 7th, your sex appeal goes off the charts. Without even trying, others will find you tremendously sexy. If unattached, you won’t stay that way for long. Those with a partner will find them more generous with money and affection than usual. Closer emotional and physical bonds can be established with your beloved. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th , a big win in the lottery could be a possibility too.

The New Moon on the 18th brings in the chance to enter into a new business partnership. Try using the Lunar rays to forge constructive changes with joint finances. Investigating new tax plans, retirement accounts, and stock investments can turn out to be very profitable. Money which has been owed to you, will finally be paid.

Your ruling planet Mars forms a nasty stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th.  Steer clear of power struggles and arguments. If you fall prey to them, it will cost you dearly.  Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. Your thoughts now will start to focus more on the present and not be caught up in the past. Dreams will also take on a more positive vibe and offer intuitive healing insights.



The Full Moon on the 4th makes it impossible for you to hide your inner feelings and emotions. They’ll be up front for all to see. While it may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, it can prove to be a blessing in disguise. Bulls have a tendency to mask personal emotions and just “carry on.” As a result, others can take undue advantage of your inner strength. Letting others know how you feel can be revitalizing.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th. You will now be endowed with the ability to really dig deep and find answers to questions which have eluded you in the past. Bulls involved in research work will become almost obsessive in their determination to solve problems. Without having your partner blow a gasket, you can now calmly discuss setting up a workable budget plan.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th. All your attention now will be focused on establishing more harmony in both love and business partnerships. The Planet of Love will unlock even the hardest of hearts for you. Others will be swept away by your winning ways without you even trying. New clients will be flocking to Bulls. Longstanding clientele will be sending you many unsolicited referrals. Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 13th is an especially lucky day for romance.

The New Moon on the 18th helps you to renegotiate more favorable previously agreed upon terms. Others will be more willing to offer support to help you in your endeavors. Use the Lunar energies to build strong bridges with important allies.

Mars squares Pluto on the 19th and you may find yourself under a tremendous amount of pressure with work deadlines. Do not let things escalate to the point of blowing your cool.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd and you can now clearly see who your real friends are. As the Neptunian fog slowly starts to lift somewhat, the path on how to reach goals is revealed.



The Full Moon on the 4th may cause you to withdraw within yourself and want to spend more time alone. It’s not that you’ll become uncharacteristically anti-social. It’s more an overpowering desire to recuperate and replenish your inner soul. If the lunation is used constructively, you can get in touch with your feelings and emotions without static from others.

Mercury entering Sagittarius on the 5th helps you to decipher correctly opposing views. Getting things out in the open by freely discussing them will clear the air of hurt feelings and many misconceptions. Your famous wit can be cast aside now and replaced with a sincere desire to diplomatically smooth things over.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 7th, you become quite practical minded with matters of the heart. If your current love interest doesn’t compute to having much of a future, you’ll give them their walking papers. Work that you perform will be infused with a more creative flair. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th, your diplomatic skills in handling testy situations will be noticed in a positive way by management.

The New Moon on the 18th brings with it some fantastic new job opportunities. If you’ve wanted to spread your wings and reach for a higher position, then talk to management about a promotion. If you have hit the glass ceiling, it’s time to find another job where you can fly to greater heights.

With Mars forming a square to Pluto on the 19th, caution should be exerted with risky speculative ventures. Someone may try to push you into taking a gamble which will profit them but leave you with a loss.  Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. You will start to regain your footing where career goals are realistically concerned.


The Full Moon on the 4th can dramatically shakeup your long-term cherished goals for success. You may question if all the sacrifices involved are really worth it or if it’s even what you truly want. This is not the time to be reviewing them. Any judgment you make will be too emotionally based. Put off the review until the Lunar energies have abated. You may be overly influenced at this time by situations of other people or their advice to make a rational decision based on your needs and desires.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you are caught up in a whirlwind of communications at the workplace. Handling the fury in an efficient manner will put you in the good graces with upper management. Your ideas will take on a greater sense of worth and value to co-workers. Ask for additional training to learn new skills.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 7th, you emerge from your protective shell to share your creative essence with others. They will be very appreciative so your artistic touch and suggestions. Crabs with children will create many happy memories by sharing lots of fun filled activities with them. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th and passion fills the air.

Unattached and fishing for love? The New Moon on the 18th helps you land the perfect catch, without having to put out much bait. Crabs who are already involved, find their lover exceptionally responsive to their every desire. Those involved in the arts professionally will receive much praise from their growing list of admirers.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th. A family situation can heat-up and cause a rift with your partner, if left to get out of hand. Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. You may have been experiencing some confusion over matters at a distance for many months. Some of the fog will start to lift and you’ll have a clearer perspective about the situation.


The Full Moon on the 4th brings in an opportunity for you to grab at the brass ring of success.  Your every movement will be noticed by management now. However, it will be your decision if it’s positive or negative by your actions. Self-employed Lions should seek dynamic ways to gain free publicity for their business.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and bestows you with the gift of being able to totally captivate an audience. Your colorful ways of being able to express concepts can be put to good use in swaying others to your way of thinking. A new approach will spring up to help you be more successful in speculating in the market.

When Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th, it will become important to have a lover who will truly understand the inner you. Candidates for your affections who are superficial with their feelings or emotions should be avoided. Sentimental memories of past loves flood your being. Home is where the heart is now and you’re happiest entertaining in your place as opposed to going out. Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 13th is an excellent day to throw a successful party.

The New Moon on the 18th brings with it fantastic opportunities for real estate deals--both buying and selling are highly favored.  Investments made in property now, will not be regretted in the future. Those contemplating doing fix-ups to their place will be greatly pleased with the results.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th. Take care with how you handle a problematic employee or stressful situations with your work. There are power plays going on which you have to deal with in a diplomatic way.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd and some of the confusion will start to lift on how to deal with joint finances and tax matters.



The Full Moon on the 4th fills you with an overpowering sense of boredom with the daily aspects of your life. An unquenchable thirst for excitement and adventure will get you to explore both mental and physical avenues for expansion. An impromptu trip at this time to an out of the ordinary place may be the right remedy. If time constraints keep you from jetting off, then look into signing up for an unusual course at school.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you are flooded with childhood memories. Delving into them more fully will help you unlock and release the painful ones. They may have been subconsciously holding you back in certain areas of life. Your job may have you working more at home.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and opens the lines of communication up between you and your beloved. Unattached Virgos will have the right words to say or write to win over the object of their affections. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th and the best places to find a new lover is locally. Attend neighborhood events or hangouts for the greatest success.

The New Moon on the 18th puts you in a frenzy with communications going back and forth. If you’ve been contemplating designing a new website, get moving on it. Social media outlets will prove to be an excellent way to boost sales and income. Virgos with siblings will become more involved with their lives.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th. Avoid speculating no matter how good the deal sounds. Virgos with children may have some discipline problems with them over who’s in charge.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd and both business and romantic partnerships can start to be seen in a clearer light. It’s important for you to start asking yourself if they’re good for you.



The Full Moon on the 4th will call attention to the aspects of your life which need to be desperately transformed. Use her energies in a positive way and instigating the changes will not prove to be very difficult. Questions concerning taxes and joint funds will rear their ugly head. By getting a handle on the correct management of them now, you will save yourself a lot of future concerns.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you’re filled with ideas galore. Try to narrow down only working on the ones most doable. Otherwise, the sudden influx can make you too scattered--then nothing will wind up being accomplished.

With Venus arriving in Scorpio on the 7th, you should be blessed with a multitude of new moneymaking opportunities. Try to take advantage of as many as possible. Others will gladly open doors to help you reach new financial heights. With matters of the heart, you will demand greater displays of stability from your partner. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th and extra money will find its way to you.

The New Moon on the 18th further increases positive financial possibilities for you. Set up not only specific fiscal goals, but also workable plans on how to reach them. If you have been toying with starting a small business venture on the side, get moving!  Extra work on these side ventures can materialize and prove to be quite lucrative.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th and stirs up trouble in paradise. Avoid trying to change family members minds on personal subjects. They will not budge and it will only cause more resentment.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd and you will become more grounded with following a good health regime. If there was some confusion with which path to follow, that should clear up.


To optimize the Full Moon’s energy the best on the 4th, realize that things always aren’t about you. Let your business or romantic partner have their time to bask in the spotlight. Be supportive of their goals and accomplishments-- it should win you a lot of brownie points.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you should try to focus most of your mental energy on finances. By thoroughly analyzing your expenditures, you may actually be able to cut quite a few corners. In the process of shaving unnecessary costs, you may save an accumulated bundle in the long run.

The planet of Love enters your sign on the 7th. Your very presence will be an overpowering magnet to the object of your desires. Others will find you extremely charming and your ways very winning. Scorpios who want to reconnect with an old love, should try fanning the flames on the 13th. Venus will conjunct Jupiter then. It will be difficult for anyone to say no to you.

The New Moon on the 18th is in your Sun sign--propelling you to start upon a new life’s path. Confidence will be saturating every pore of your being. Others will acknowledge your role as a leader.

Your two ruling planets Mars and Pluto clash on the 19th.  Be cautious of everything you say and write. They can be totally taken out of context and used by a devious person against you.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. The fog you’ve been experiencing for months will start to dissipate somewhat. Creative projects will take on the right vibe and flow from your being.


The Full Moon on the 4th can find you under a tremendous amount to pressure to finish work projects. On top of it all, you may have to deal with overly touchy fellow employees. Do attempt to be understanding with their unwarranted bellyaching. Revealing your true feelings will only cause a big rift.

With Mercury entering your sign on the 5th, others will be immediately taken aback by your astounding intellectual capabilities. You will amaze others by your easy grasp of concepts and ideas. Your strong desire to connect with others mentally will lead to many new friendships and important contacts.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and makes it next to impossible to keep yourself grounded where matters of love are concerned. You may want to escape into a fantasy world and not believe the clear facts. On the 13th, Venus will conjunct Jupiter. A totally unselfish act on your part will reap much happiness.

The New Moon on the 18th brings out your remarkable abilities to be truly empathic. While it is good to help others, do try to make some time for yourself. Recharging your physical and spiritual selves should be on the top of your list.  Your dreams will take on an added spiritual direction. They will impart important messages for renewal.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th.  Avoid any and all financial entanglements. Undo pressure may be placed on you with regards to money matters or spending.

Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. Some of the mist surrounding family and home matters will very slowly start to lift.


The rays of the Full Moon on the 4th may have you uncharacteristically throwing work and deadlines to the side. Feeling overburdened with work pressure, you may just want to go out and kick up your hooves a little. Your creative juices will start to flow by just getting away from projects for a while.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and others may want to share dirty laundry they have on associates with you. Listen intently, but do not make any judgments or comments -- otherwise it may boomerang! You’ll be the one blamed for being mean spirited and a gossip.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and you may find yourself putting your friends before your lover. Instead of throwing your beloved aside to spend time with comrades, offer to include them in the fun. Unattached Goats can find group activities can be the best way to meet a potential new love interest. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th and a friendship can morph into a hot romance.

The New Moon on the 18th finds you examining ways to bring your innermost dreams into a state of reality. Not only future goals should be reviewed now, but also the ways and means on how to attain them. Try to set aside some quality time too to rekindle old friendships and personal ties.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th. Do beware of intense power plays surrounding your career. Set-ups are in the air and you must tread lightly around them.

After many months of being retrograde, Neptune is finally turning direct. Your thinking should become more grounded now and less spaced out.


A sense of harmony may be difficult to find at home, due to the Full Moon on the 4th. Family members may be overly touchy and need a great deal of TLC. Try using the lunar energy in a positive way. Listen to their complaints and concerns. Then you can present logical solutions to them. By doing so, you will tide over their delicate feelings.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you’re inundated with some brilliant ideas. This is the time to let your imagination go a little wild and unleashed. Some of your ideas may at first appear quirky. However, you will find the greatest success in solving problems, comes by thinking out of the box. Examine new formats and ways to get your message across via social media and the internet.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and makes you the golden person on the job. Upper management is bowled over by your presentations and performance.  Build upon excellent contacts made now with influential people. When Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th, ask for a promotion or raise.

The New Moon on the 18th starts you on a new path towards achieving long cherished career goals. Those who have been searching for a new job should hit the pavement. A flurry of impressive offers can be your reward. Those not seeking new employment, but want an advancement, should figure out a new strategy for obtaining it.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th. Be cautious with all long-distance communications and pending legal matters. Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. The fog you’ve been under for months concerning financial matters should start to slowly lift up.


The Full Moon on the 4th finds you inundated with an onrush of communications -- all of which must be handled speedily and each as a top priority. Though there is pressure to process them as fast as possible, you must take time to check if they are correct. Neighbors and siblings at this time also will be making demands upon your limited time.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and you’ll be like a sponge soaking up new techniques on the job. Upper management will ask for your input and evaluation of other employees’ job performances. Your inborn ability to successfully multi-task will be put to the test. High marks will result for your accomplishments.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th and heats up the phone lines with passionate calls from a lover at a distance. Unhooked Fish will find the best catch by taking a trip.  Married Pisces may discover helpful and loving ties growing between yourself and in-laws. Social affairs with them now can build upon the relationship in positive ways. On the 13th, Venus conjuncts Jupiter and promises romantic encounters.

The New Moon on the 18th stimulates a strong desire within you to break free from common everyday routines. A long-distance trip would be an excellent remedy for the doldrums. Combining it with a spiritual retreat or seminar will bring you the great rewards.

Mars forms a stress aspect to Pluto on the 19th and can bring in choppy waters for Pisces where finances are concerned. Neither a lender or a borrower be.

Your ruling planet Neptune turns direct on the 22nd. For months you may have felt like a fish out of water. Slowly you will start to get more in sync with your real self.

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