Mars your ruling planet forms an extremely flowing aspect to Pluto on the 1st. Use the mighty Martian force to take command of employees and propel them into successfully completing difficult tasks.

The Full Moon on the 5th may test your expertise in leading others. Do not shirk from any managerial responsibilities, no matter how unpleasant they may seem at the time.  Waves of over emotionalism may seem to overcome you. However, stand at the helm and navigate through the choppy waters with a calm demeanor.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and abundance enters Scorpio on the 10th. His passage for many months to come will bring with it possibilities of tremendous financial rewards for Rams. Benefits can be reaped especially through business or marriage partnership undertakings. Those married may find their mate earning more money during the year or reaping bonuses. It will be easier for you to acquire money through loans, extended credit, or for a mortgage. If you have been experiencing tax difficulties, then positive ways to work through them can be found.

When Venus enters Libra on the 14th, unattached Rams become more prone in wanting to commit in love relationships. Suddenly the grass doesn’t seem as appealing out there as where you are. You will want someone to mirror your intense feelings of wanting to build a life together. A new business partnership can appear on the horizon. Aries may find their clientele growing in surprising leaps and bounds.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and gives you the uncanny ability to read between the lines of what people are saying. Use this sharpened intuitive adeptness wisely in making business decisions. Those involved in research projects may experience major breakthroughs.

The New Moon on the 19th shows that your greatest successes can come through working with others, as opposed to acting as a lone wolf. Your skills at negotiating tricky deals and getting others to agree to your terms will be heightened. If you’ve toyed with the idea of going public on some matter, now is the time to set it all into motion.


Mars enters Libra on the 22nd and you become aggressive in acquiring more clients. The challenge with Mar’s transit is to keep your cool while promoting yourself. Otherwise you risk coming across as being too pushy and domineering. While working with others, play nice and let them have their say.   



The vibrations from the Full Moon on the 5th may hurl you into unpleasant memories and possibly people from your distant past. Don’t take this as a punishment from the cosmos. Instead use the reminiscences in a constructive manner. Face all past hurts and release yourself from their psychic and acquired subconscious bondage.

On the 10th, Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and super abundance enters your opposite sign Scorpio. Expect your social life to start to skyrocket. In the months to come, many opportunities should appear were you can rub elbows with and benefit from those up in a higher social rung. Prominent or wealthy people can become your allies or clients. Unmarried Bulls can meet or marry their soul mate. Those in committed relationships will see their beloved advance greatly in life.  Dangling legal issues can be resolved with a satisfactory conclusion.

With your ruling planet Venus entering Libra on the 14th, you are encouraged to take a more liberal creative approach towards work. A generous gesture or a kind word of encouragement to a fellow employee will gain you a staunch supporter to protect your back in the future. Others at work will be impressed with your sense of professionalism and grace under tremendous pressure with deadlines.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th.  It’s best now to find out how others feel and what they want before you proceed in endeavors. You’ll keep peace and make everyone happy if you do. Also, some advice and insight from others can prove to be invaluable. Their input can be the difference between success and failure.

Dissatisfied with your present employment? If so, the New Moon on the 19th is an excellent time to start looking for a new job. Your talents and abilities will be much desired by more appreciative employers. Contact hungry headhunters and be prepared for an onslaught of interviews. Bulls content where they are, but who want to implement changes with procedures or schedules, can now charge full steam ahead with their launch.

On the 22nd, Mars enters Libra and you become like the Energizer Bunny at work. The more you do, the more revitalized you get. Take care not to burn your batteries out in the pursuit to get impossible workloads accomplished. Also try to remember that not all fellow employees will share in your rabid enthusiasm. 



The energies from the Full Moon on the 5th may have you reviewing your aspirations for the future. This is a good time to do some mental feng shui.  Discard what goals and dreams are not important to you anymore and concentrate on what is pertinent.  Also try sharing your ambitions with close friends. You may be happily surprised to find out that some of them may have the means to help you reach your targets.

Jupiter, the planet who bestows tremendous good fortune, will be entering Scorpio on the 10th. As a result, you should find your job skills will be in great demand. Potential employers will be offering you more money and better benefits for your talents. More travel may be required by your job.  Self-employed Twins may expand their workforce and find the very best applicants for positions. Those involved in the care or breeding of pets should experience a hefty increase with business.

With Venus entering Libra on the 14th, single Twins will have a hard time deciding which suitor to pick from.  They should be lining up at your door. Those who are already attached, should find their beloved quite ardent with their displays of affection. Those wanting to conceive may have their dream realized.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters the intense sign Scorpio on the 17th.  Your thinking will be extremely fine-tuned and precise. Things which could get past you before, will not be able to now.  Your ideas will be welcomed on the job and may even save the company a bundle of money.

The New Moon on the 19th awakens in Geminis their creative essence.  Your imagination will be ablaze now with inspired ideas wanting to be born. New love affairs are favored and sought. Attached Twins spice up their relationship. Those with children get involved with many new fun-filled projects with them.

Mars enters Libra on the 22nd and you’re more willing to gamble and take chances. Being able to express your feelings and creativity takes on an added sense of importance. You become gutsier and go after fearlessly what you want in your heart of hearts.



On the 5th, the Full Moon’s rays will have a big impact on your career.  Nothing that you do ow will escape the notice of others. On the job, step up and be the calm voice of reason under pressure. Higher management will appreciate your sterling leadership abilities in a new light. Those who are self-employed should be seeking out any and all ways of promoting their wares and services as the very best.

With Jupiter entering Scorpio on the 10th, expect your love life to take a dramatic turn for the better. Crabs will become one of the most desired dishes on the menu. The zodiac’s darling planet of Good Luck should also smile upon you with matters pertaining to speculation. Those with children, may find them receiving awards or special acknowledgements. Artists and those involved in the performing arts may get their much-desired big break to achieve fame.

When Venus enters Libra on the 14th, you can become overly sensitive to others’ responses to you. Try not to over examine every response by your lover and blow it out of proportion.  Additional funds can be reaped by starting a business run in your home.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and the light bulb of creative ideas gets turned on in your mind. The ingenious solutions you come up with now should be readily shared with others. They will be very appreciative of your insights into helping them solves problems.

The New Moon on the 19th brings in opportunities to mend fences with family member, who you may not have been seeing eye-to-eye with over things. They will be more willing to lay aside differences and make peace. Crabs can do exceptionally well in the buying or selling of real estate and properties.

Mars enters Libra on the 22nd and some old angers which have been festering may come to the surface. Best to release them and not let them boil over. Home improvement undertakings can be tackled successfully. Make time to be involved with family members in activities at home. They will welcome being able to spend more quality time with you.



The Full Moon on the 5th will make many Leos hungry for adventure. To satisfy your cravings, why not fly off for a much-needed vacation in an exotic locale? If your heart says yes, but your wallet says no, then at least try for an extended weekend getaway to an unusual place.

With the planet of Unlimited Expansion, Jupiter, entering Scorpio on the 10th, you may have your family grow either through births or marriage. The proverbial “black sheep” in the fold may surprise everyone by taking a turn towards redeeming themselves. Expect the value of your home to increase dramatically during the coming year. The urge to have a bigger home will be strong. Money put into expanding your existing home will be returned with a profit in the future, when you sell.

Venus enters Libra on the 14th and makes you quite eloquent and winsome in speech and writing. Others will be swayed by the way you present your ideas and viewpoints. Leos will command center stage when doing presentations or in trying to land difficult accounts. You’ll have the key to your lover’s heart by saying and writing the words they need to hear.

With Mercury entering Scorpio on the 17th, your memory will be running on high octane. You will be able to communicate more easily with family members. An interest in your family’s origins and ancestral background may be awakened.

The New Moon on the 19th fills you with a lot of restless energy, both mentally and physically. Try plunging yourself into a new study and taking some day trips to work off the energy. Time spent with siblings or people in your immediate community will be greatly enjoyed by all and build closer bonds.

On the 22nd, Mars enters Libra making Lions too quick to roar over even the smallest of slights. Be cautious not to turn heated discussions into nasty arguments. Let others have their say but voice your difference of opinion in a soft but firm purr. Then they will be eating out of your paw.



The Full Moon’s rays on the 5th may extend your fall cleaning to not only items owned, but also the inner you. Discard any long held on to personal resentments or anger issues. The inner transformation will wind up benefiting your outer self. You may be called upon to pay up on a debt owed now. It may not be a financial one, but a personal favor.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on the 10th and sharpens your mental and communication abilities almost a thousand-fold. You’ll get brainstorms of ideas on how to jazz up your business website and other forms of social media. Developing them can bring in a big influx of new accounts and clients. Jupiter will expand and bring good luck to you via your communication skills. Also, Virgos with siblings can find one or more of them experiencing a tremendous turn of good fortune in the coming year.

Venus enters Libra on the 14th making it much easier for Virgos to get their hands on needed cash. By socializing more, you will meet and encounter others who can give desirable business leads.

It’s always difficult for Virgos not to get roped into volunteering to help others. Thankfully Mercury steps into Scorpio on the 17th and helps you successfully manage all the multi-tasking duties you’re involved in. However, do try to maintain a sense of focus and not get pulled into even more than you can handle.

The New Moon’s rays on the 19th will propel you into investigating unique ways to increase your finances. Ideas will be brimming on starting either a new business on the side or expanding into a new area for an existing one. Investments will come under more scrutiny. What hasn’t been bringing in enough of a return will be scrapped and a new fiscal direction taken.

Mars enters Libra on the 22nd and can prove to be a double-edged sword for Virgos. On one hand, you will be utterly fearless in the pursuit of accumulating wealth. You will be extremely willing to make sacrifices and work hard for money. On the other hand, you will be pulled by an almost overwhelming urge to spend it on be ticket items.



Attempt to keep the emotional energies from the Full Moon on the 5th from tipping your Libran scales off balance. Your partners may tend to be very vocal in complaints or criticisms on how you have been treating them. Be as fair as possible and try to see things from their prospective. Unless mutually beneficial terms can be reached, the tie will be broken.

The zodiac’s darling of Abundance and Good Luck, Jupiter, will start to dance through Scorpio on the 10th.  As a result, Libras may feel like it’s raining money. Expansive new ways of improving your finances will come your way. Bonuses, raises, and pay increases can pour over you. However, while the moola will be very free flowing, so will the urge to splurge recklessly.

Venus, your ruling planet enters Libra on the 14th.  Charm will ooze out of your every pore. Others will find your allure too mesmerizing to resist. Unattached Libras will be pursued by many ardent admirers.  Use Mercury’s exceptional analytical abilities when he enters Scorpio on the 17th to go over with a fine tooth comb your finances.  You can discover ways to save on expenses and drastically lower your overhead.

The New Moon on the 19th in Libra places a bright lunar spotlight on you. Without even trying, you will become the center of attention. Others will see you as someone who is very up and coming. As a result, they will want to open doors of opportunity for you.

The Warrior Planet Mars enters Libra on the 22nd. Your fuse may be a little short with its transit. Guard against flying off the handle. Settle all disputes quickly and with as much grace as possible. Use Mars’ tremendous surges of energy to blaze a new pathway towards desired dreams. You will be more self-confident and assertive. Utilized in a balanced way, your road to success will be assured.



A depleting habit, which you’ve been swearing to end, may be conquered using the lunar rays of the 5th’s Full Moon. You will be infused with unrelenting determination to right the wrongs of your health regime. An unwarranted criticism of your work performance may be the sign needed to start looking for other employment.

You’ll feel like Santa Claus has come to town early, when Jupiter enters your sign on the 10th. The official Good Luck Planet of the zodiac will be blessing Scorpios with tremendous good fortune and abundance. Your leadership skills will be acknowledged. Use them to forge a new expansive life’s path. Things seen as obstacles will now be used as stepping stones.

Venus enters Libra on the 14th and makes you even more secretive than usual with affairs of the heart. Best to keep your intentions private and not to reveal your hand. Keep all secrets shared with you from your lover to yourself. Revealing even one could be seen as a total betrayal and terminate the relationship.

Mercury enters your sign on the 17th and makes you even more direct and concise in all communications. You’ll want to cut through the chase and not have to deal with unnecessary platitudes to get your ideas across to others. Mercury’s transit through Scorpio should also make you appear more youthful and full of vigor.

The New Moon on the 19th signals a time when working behind the scenes will bring you the greatest rewards. You can get more accomplished by toiling alone. Plus, there may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, offering to help, but really looking to undermine your efforts.

Mars entering Libra on the 22nd brings immense help on any research projects you may be involved in. Your sleep patterns may fluctuate from bordering on insomnia some nights, to being out like a log in minutes when hitting the pillow. The dream state can be unusually active. Try conveying to your subconscious suggestions before nodding off, to give you dreams on how to help solve current problems.



The Full Moon on the 5th awakens the desire within you to kick up your hooves and gallop into having more fun in life. The past month found you toiling away at completing one goal after another. Now with the ending of Summer and the beginning of Fall, you want to start to enjoy the harvest of your accomplishments. Invitations to events should be abundant. Those, who are artists and performers, will find audiences appreciative of their talents.

Your ruling planet Jupiter will enter Scorpio on the 10th. He will be lending stronger spiritual support to you. At times when others would throw in the towel, Sagittarians will be able to tap effortlessly into their inner faith, and turn the situation around and be successful. The Good Luck planet of the zodiac will bestow prophetic dreams and enhanced psychic abilities. By following your visions, you should be able to manifest your aspirations into reality.

When Venus enters Libra on the 14th, you will want your lover to share in your many interests. If unattached, get the word out to close associates that you’re in the market for a new romance. Joining clubs and humanitarian causes can also gleam some potential love candidates.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and presents a challenge to outspoken Sagittarius to try to keep their opinions to themselves. Be as discreet as possible with discussing your private affairs. The best answers to pressing concerns will be found by going within yourself, not in seeking council from others.

The New Moon on the 19th brings benefits through actively networking and broadening your personal and professional ties. Contacts established now will help you in unexpected ways in the near future.

On the 22nd, Mars will enter Libra and you become involved in a flurry of group activities. In team work situations, your first instinct may be to grab hold of the reins and take the lead. However, the others may see this as bossiness. Instead, listen to their suggestions and feedback and gently take the lead.



The Full Moon in Aries on the 5th may rile up family members. They can become incredibly vocal in their complaints about the lack of time you have been spending with them. While taking care of business is a top priority for Goats, you have to learn to balance professional and personal areas of life better.

The Good Luck planet, Jupiter, will be entering Scorpio on the 10th. During his almost yearlong transit here, you will have increased opportunities to broaden your base of friends. New ties, which are established, should prove to be faithful and loyal to a fault.  A strong spirit of generosity will flow between yourself and friends. They will validate their intentions by opening many new doors of opportunities for you. Advice from close associates can be invaluable and untainted with any trace of envy on their part.

With Venus entering Libra on the 14th, it’s almost impossible for you to be seen in a bad light at work. You will have to right word to get others to bend to your authority. People of importance and prominence will be drawn to your services. Self-employed Goats should have their photo in all advertisements to draw more business.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and you’re hit with a barrage of innovative and unusual ideas to solve problems and effectively complete complicated projects. Associates at this time will be more than willing to share their ideas. Together you can finish things seen as previously hopeless tasks.

The New Moon on the 19th has you setting higher work quotas to achieve further career advancement. Starting either a new job or a new work project is favored under these lunar rays. Keep yourself open to changes and go with the flow.

Mars entering Libra on the 22nd fills Goats with extreme ambition. You will work even more tirelessly now under his burning rays to get to the top. Becoming recognized for your many accomplishments is a primary objective. Have you been wishing to free yourself from the shackles of working for others? If so, Mars will give you the guts to strike out in an independent direction.



The Full Moon on the 5th may make your siblings or neighbors very temperamental. They will also demand instant assistance in messes they helped to create. Getting your ideas across to others may pose challenges. You may be too entangled emotionally to be as coherent as you would like to be.

Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck, will enter Scorpio on the 10th.  In the ensuing months ahead, Water Bearers will be zooming up the corporate ladder. Long dreamed of recognition and prominence in your field will be yours. Many honors, awards, and promotions will be given to Aquarians. If you see marriage as a big step up in status, then you might also be getting hitched to someone of great renown.

Venus entering Libra on the 14th makes others enchanted by your writing and public speaking style. In matters of the heart, the foreign or exotic lover will light your fire. A long-distance trip taken now can turn into an unexpected romantic rendezvous. Self-employed Aquarians can receive awesome PR.

Mercury entering Scorpio on the 17th may get you somewhat bogged down at work with an onslaught of communications. Try to be diligent and stay on top of it all. You will be immediately held accountable for all you say and do.

The New Moon on the 19th generates a strong yearning within to expand both your mind and soul. Consider broadening your education by taking a course or two on some unique off the wall subjects. Also, enlarge your spiritual essence by exploring new philosophies and religious writings.

Mars heats up your life by entering Libra on the 22nd. An adventurous attitude takes control. It propels you into shaking off old, outworn concepts and beliefs. Take care not to be confrontational in discussions with associates who do not share similar leanings. Try to amend any situation which can potentially lead to a legal dispute.



The Full Moon’s rays on the 5th may have Pisces trying to escape gloomy waters by going wild with their credit cards. Take care not to trade one predicament by creating an even worse one. The temptation to spend big will be very prominent now.

Jupiter, your co-ruling planet, enters Scorpio on the 10th. The coming year will bring fantastic opportunities for travel and education. Your mind becomes more optimistic and others will be highly attracted to your forward thinking. Self-employed Fish will find dealing with foreigners and those of diverse backgrounds will help expand their businesses. Pisceans who write will have a multitude of offers to publish their works. Legal issues can be resolved favorably. Those with cranky in-laws may find you can all get along swimmingly.

Venus enters Libra on the 14th and you demand greater intimacy and intensity from your lover. The Goddess of Love will sprinkle you with unstoppable sex appeal. So, if your beloved isn’t up to giving you what you crave emotionally, cast your net into better waters.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th and a lot of detailed communications will ensue. Try to keep your responses as much to the point as possible and avoid going off into tangents.

The New Moon on the 19th should help to stimulate finances in a positive way. “Checks in the mail” will finally be delivered by the postman. Your business or marriage partner may have some fresh insightful ideas on how to increase cash flow.

Mars entering Libra on the 22nd may make you a little too quick to rush to judgement on your partner’s actions. Best to count to a hundred, then accumulate all the facts. Otherwise a lot of hurt feeling can ensue. Don’t make unsound decisions with taxes. Being too “creative” may land you in hot water.

Monthly Astrological Forecast : October 2017   

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