Monthly Astrological Forecast : September 2017   


The naughty little trickster planet of the zodiac Mercury finally turns direct on the 5th. His retrograde the past couple of weeks may have had you experience one glitch after another in working on creative projects. Now you should find smoother sailing in utilizing your original and imaginative abilities. Also others will have a greater appreciation for your creative talents.

With your ruling planet Mars entering Virgo on the 5th, you are totally propelled into tackling any and all difficult tasks at work.  You will be able to get things organized and up and running with amazing speed and efficiency. Do take care though in your haste to succeed that you don’t step on other’s toes in the process. Co-workers may see you as being too overbearing and dictatorial.

The Full Moon on the 6th may render you overly emotional and prone to reviewing painful past memories. Best to use the lunar energies in a more positive way by doing unselfish acts for those in need.

If you’ve been putting off starting a new fitness regime, there are no more excuses when Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th. He’ll help you stay on track with getting yourself together both physically and mentally.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and you become less impulsive with matters of the heart and handling your finances. Your romantic choices will be based more on logic than passion. If the object of your desires doesn’t appear to be worthy of your affections, you’ll cut your losses and search for greener pastures. Expensive purchases and large investments will be judged on their true investment value.

The New Moon on the 20th makes you restless with your job. If you feel there isn’t much of a future where you are, get your resume out to a good headhunter. Rams who may have been mulling over getting a pet can get their perfect furry match. Why not look into adopting or fostering one from the Texas hurricane?

Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th and care should be taken with discussing or sharing any private info with others. What you say at this time may not be kept in confidence by others.


With Mercury turning direct on the 5th difficulties you may have been experiencing with home and family should be ending. The lines of communication with relatives will be open. You should all start to see things better eye to eye. Also, plans which you may have drawn up for the home like improvements, additions, or decorating may all start to fall into place in a more cohesive way.

The planet of boundless energy, Mars enters Virgo on the 5th. Suddenly you’re zapped with bolts of high octane creativity. Use his tremendous forces of vitality to the utmost in utilizing your inborn creative essence in all that you do. You’ll be more passionate now about life, love, and your dreams. Your normally cautious nature may be swept aside. You’ll be more eager to gamble and take chances.

The Full Moon on the 6th has you contemplating intensely your future and plans made on how to achieve goals.  While it may be good to review them, don’t throw them all out due to some delays or detours. You may desire now to become involved in humanitarian causes. Why not look into participating in Harvey relief efforts?

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and your thoughts turn to wanting to have more fun. Since Bulls are renowned for their impeccable artistic talents, you should seek greater expression of them. This is an excellent time to showcase or sell your works. Teaching others how to tap into their artistic abilities can prove both profitable and personally rewarding too.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and you become emboldened in expressing your romantic feelings. “Nothing ventured is nothing gained “now. Unattached Bulls will find themselves ardently pursued by many suitors. Those with children will find much better and improved relationships with them.

The New Moon on the 20th can bring in an exciting romantic new lover. They will add a fresh element of exhilaration into your day-to-day existence. As a result, you can let down your guard and be more playful than ever before. Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th and promises made to or accepted from friends or associations should be avoided.



You will feel like your silver tongue has been restored on the 5th, when your ruling planet Mercury turns direct. Communications may have been increasing difficult for the past couple of weeks when he was retrograde. Being able to concentrate might also have been problematic, as well as trying to stay focused on objectives.

It will become a challenge to keep peace with family members, when Mars enters Virgo on the 5th. Others can be quite adamant on having things their way. If you speak up, you may be accused of being too bossy or wanting to rule the roost. Try to use any pent-up energy, which can result from this, into home improvement projects or needed chores.

If you’ve been striving very hard on projects at work, success and a possible promotion may come your way.  The Full Moon on the 6th lights up your career and accomplishments for upper management to see. Self-employed Twins should be promoting their talents and seeking as much publicity as they can acquire. Others will desire to use your services or purchase your goods.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and the floodgates of your emotions open up. Others become more aware of your deep inner feelings. Forgotten childhood memories can now readily resurface. An interest may develop into researching your family tree and ancestral roots.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and you want to glam-up your home. Inspirational ideas dance thru your head on how to redecorate and remodel your place into a one of a kind showroom. Parties or social events hosted at your home should be a tremendous success. Money can be earned working at your house or thru a home-based business.

The New Moon on the 20th allows you to tap into a reservoir of deep personal strength welling up within yourself. Improvements can be made with not only with your physical home, but also relationships with family and relatives. Opportunities to bury the hatchet with others should be taken.


With Mercury doing his backward spin the past couple of weeks, your finances might have been doing a downward spiral. On the 5th he turns direct and sanity is restored to your investments and earnings. If you’ve been in limbo waiting for payments, they should start to arrive.


Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and fortifies you with immense powers with communication. Follow through swiftly with all correspondence and set up important meetings. Presentations given at this time will be able to sway even the most stubborn adversary. Your mind will be very curious and open to advanced studies and new ways of looking at things.

The Full Moon on the 6th can bring a pending legal issue up to be resolved. It can be settled successfully, if you proceed in a logical way and not an emotional one. The lunar rays will lure you out of your famous shell and fill you with a strong desire for adventure. A trip to an exotic shore can be the answer to your innermost fantasies.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 16th and you become more assertive in speech and freely give your opinions. Saying what is on your mind within polite bounds, can clear the air and misunderstandings with others. You will be like a sponge with learning. So if you have been delaying studying a preconceived difficult course, sign-up for it now and go to the head of the class.

On the 19th Venus enters Virgo and things said and promises made by your lover take on increased importance. You will have the right words to say and write at this time. Unattached Virgos can meet their dream match thru dating sites or thru local community events.

Crabs are notorious for taking their time before making a decision. However, the New Moon on the 20th helps you make quick but intelligent judgments on which courses to follow. Those with siblings may find themselves more involved in their lives.


With Mercury retrograde for the past couple of weeks, you may have felt your charisma and daring had dimmed. As a result, you may have suffered an unusual lack of self-confidence and second guessing your actions.  However when he goes direct on the 5th, you will start to get back to being your normal spontaneous self. You can now step back into taking commanding leadership roles.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and the overwhelming desire to increase financial holdings takes control. You will be driven to earn more money and be aggressive and bold in its acquisition. A second job may be offered or other ingenious ways to earn extra income can appear. Money can be made thru creative pursuits you’ve just seen as hobbies. Impulse buying will be high too. So take care not to blow all your hard earned profits.

The rays of the Full Moon on the 6th challenges you to bring about a transformation with your life. Let go of all unnecessary objects and even people, who have been imposing restrictions upon your growth. It might elicit pain doing this. However freeing yourself of the shackles of these limitations, is necessary for all future progress.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and your great gifts of communication can come into play in increasing your income. If you’ve been long overdue for a raise, speak-up now. Lions involved in sales should find they surpass their quotas. Contact accounts over looked by others as impossible to land.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and makes it easier for you to earn money. Others find they can negotiate exceeding well with you. All parties walk away a winner with deals. Therefore they will recommend your services to others and want to repeat business in the future.

The New Moon on the 20th brings in new undreamed of financial opportunities. Taking a gamble now by following your intuition can result in a large commission or bonus.

Mars opposes Neptune on the 24th and caution should be used in all financial transactions. A strong element of deception is present.


With your ruling planet Mercury turning direct on the 5th, your life will start to flow in a much more harmonious way. New concepts for work, which surfaced during his retrograde spin, can now be taken off the backburner. They might need some spiffing-up and minor adjustments. So some additional work may be required before they are effectively implemented.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and gives you a cosmic vitamin shot. No longer willing to stand in the sidelines, you will boldly assert yourself. Immense amounts of energy will surge thru your very being. Others will be highly impressed with your new found sense of daring and adventurous spirit. Do guard against displaying a short temper or a tendency to get into unnecessary arguments. Concentrate more on taking charge of yourself and not being bossy or pushy with others.

The Full Moon on the 6th shines a bright light on all relationship issues. Try not to be uncharacteristically overly sensitive and blow things out of context. By staying calm, you both can sort things out and revive your bond.

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and the cat will no longer have your tongue. Speak up for what you want. Virgos usually put others first and themselves second or even third. However, your needs and wants are justified and should be freely aired now. You will also cast aside your normal tendency to be shy and strike up conversations easily with strangers and new people who you meet.

Venus enters Vigo on the 19th and has others attracted to you like flies to honey. Your attraction potential will be off the charts. Accept all invitations to be out and about and meeting people. Love will be in the air all around you.

The New Moon on the 20th ushers in an exciting phase of new beginnings. Make the changes which you have been pondering over for months. Exciting opportunities will appear. Taking advantage of them can alter your life’s direction for the better.

Guard against deceit and underhandedness on the 24th when Mars opposes Neptune. Don’t fall for any sob stories.


On the 5th the trickster planet Mercury stops his retrograde and starts going in direct motion. Peace, order, and balance will be reestablished in your life. Problems which may have arisen with friends or groups due to communication mix-ups, can be ironed out. Plans can be made and actually kept to meet up with pals without last minute cancellations.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and it’s best to plan on tackling projects by yourself. It might seem nice to have others pitching in to help. However, in the long run they will be just holding you back and causing unnecessary delays and revisions. You know what has to be done and how to do it. Getting others involved may evoke arguments and disagreements over the implementation of projects.

The Full Moon on the 6th may have co-workers overly sensitive with anything you say or do on the job. Best not to be critical with their performance or they’ll report you to HR.  The job itself may start to get to you and reveal it’s time to look for a place more appreciative of your talents.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and stimulates your imagination. Keep your ideas to yourself or someone else will profit from them. Communicating new concepts and ideas fluently to others can be more challenging. Best to delay important presentations or requests until the 29th, when Mercury enters Libra.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and renders you more shy than usual. Don’t be drawn to a candidate for your heart who has a bucketful of problems. Instead look for someone who freely helps others. Get involved in relief efforts, like for the Texas hurricane victims. There you might meet a future lover who is generous in spirit, instead of looking to benefit from your generosity.

The New Moon on the 20th should enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities. Your sleep may be full of many almost prophetic dreams. Following their advice can lead to future successes. Do be careful to keep your visions to yourself, if they are to materialize. Venus opposes Neptune on the 29th. Do not disclose or share with others anything trusted to you by another in confidence.


If you have been experiencing setbacks with career goals, they should start to almost magically end when Mercury turns direct on the 5th. The minor faux pas committed with upper management will also be forgiven and forgotten. They will start to see you again as more than perfectly competent for your position.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and you are literally consumed with the attainment of your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future. Complacency will fall by the wayside and you will become active in bringing them into fruition. You can step into an agreed upon role as team leader and effectively help all achieve success.

The Full Moon on the 6th spices up your love life. Single Scorpions will find they are pursued by many ardent admirers. You’ll be less inclined to want to work but want to party and socialize instead. Those with children will find they can be very dramatic in trying to get their way.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and friends can be of great help to you with projects. One or two might even offer a more inventive way on solving pressing problems. Let your imagination soar. Thinking out of the box will get you the best results.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and you can experience some interesting turn-arounds with matters of the heart. A close friendship may evolve unexpectedly into a torrid romance. Also, someone who you have never been attracted to before, may suddenly start to make your heart aflutter.

The New Moon on the 20th is a fortunate time to seek ways of enlarging your circle of friends. Close ties established under the lunar rays will prove to be strong allies in the future. There will be a mutually beneficial flow between you and them.

Your ruling planet Pluto turns direct on the 28th. You should start to feel more like you are in control of your destiny and less a victim of it.


You may have felt there were too many restraints being placed upon you the past couple of weeks with Mercury retrograde. It may have been like hitting one brick wall after another. However, when Mercury goes direct on the 5th, you should find the obstacles falling by the wayside. Your stellar communication talents with both writing and speaking will also be reinstated.

Get out your famous bow and arrow when Mars enters Virgo on the 5th. While others at work will settle for the Moon as their target, you will shoot for the stars. In the process you’ll wind up outdistancing all competitors. Mars will imbue you with the tenacity and strength to achieve greatness in your career.

The Full Moon on the 6th may force you to settle some misunderstandings which might have developed unknowingly with relatives. Due to a heavy workload demanding your attention, they might have felt overlooked. Try to soothe their ruffled feathers by planning some family time with impromptu get-togethers.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and you are involved in a flurry of communications. Your mind will be double quick in having the right response or answer on the job. Management will be greatly impressed by your ability to multi-task more efficiency than anyone else on the payroll. Others will see you as the authority in your department.

 Your public image will get the highest mark, when Venus enters Virgo on the 19th. Self-employed Sags should seek as much publicity as they can get. A full out promotional campaign for your goods and services will render tremendous financial rewards. Those seeking a mentor to help them navigate thru the corporate world, will be taken under the wing by the perfect advisor.

The New Moon on the 20th helps you make a spectacular impression on upper management. They will see you as a candidate for a big promotion with a hefty pay raise included. You can seamlessly step into a greater leadership role. Those Archers who are seeking greener pastures with a new job, will find their talents in enormous demand by other companies.


Attempts made during the past couple of weeks to acquire additional credit may have met with failure. However, Mercury going direct on the 5th may turn all of that around. Furthermore, the stalemate between you and your partner over reaching agreements on joint financial matters, should start to dissolve.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th filling you with an overwhelming craving for excitement. Thinking big will be the key to being successful. Take care not to come across as overly opinionated. Pushing or arguing with others about your beliefs will prove to be a super turn off.  Not everyone will share your passion for debate and just see you as someone to avoid. Take care with the handling of legal matters. Do not let them drag out or turn into nasty disputes.

The Full Moon on the 6th may make you too emotional in speech and writing to get your points across in an effective manner. Wait with responding to texts, emails, and phone calls until you have a better control over your feelings. Otherwise you may damage an important relationship.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep your mind focused on mundane matters. Your thoughts are more centered on traveling or exploring exotic locales. Also appointments made for this time may have to go thru many revisions.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and single Goats can meet their dream lover on a trip. If it would break the bank to fly off to another locale now, try going to foreign restaurants or ethnic fairs. Those from different cultures will be intensely drawn to you. Married Goats should plan a romantic second honeymoon to get the fires of passion burning brightly again.

The New Moon on the 20th is an excellent time return to school and launch delayed academic pursuits. You’ll have increased mental stamina to aid in hitting the school books in earnest. Goats who have wanted to teach should apply for positions or schedule their own workshops or seminars and instruct others. Mars opposes Neptune on the 24th so avoid signing any contracts. You will not see the deceptive small print.



If the lines of communication between you and your partner have been down the past couple of weeks, blame it on Mercury retrograde. On the 5th he will start spinning direct and the connection will be restored. Also petty disputes can be resolved with all wanting to bury the hatchet.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and you are filled with an intense desire to transform various aspects of your physical and mental approach to life. The changes which are incorporated now can lead to a more productive and satisfying existence. Joint financial matters now can be tackled with gusto. Your partner will be more willing to take needed financial risks.

The Full Moon on the 6th presents opportunities to settle financial disputes in an affable manner. A past gamble with an investment may pay big dividends now. Do not make large purchases or investments. They will be based too much on your emotions and not your common sense.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and you feel like you have x-ray vision like Superman. Other’s true motives are readily apparent and stripped bare. Those involved in research projects should do exceedingly well and get the desired results.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th and you demand intense soul to soul commitment from your lover. Unattached Aquarians will be attracted to those who emit an air of provocative mystery. Those with partners will find that they are more generous with spending money on you.

The New Moon on the 20th brings in monies owed to you. The lunar lights are also excellent for applying for additional credit, refinancing, or obtaining a mortgage.  Jupiter opposes your ruling planet Uranus on the 28th. You will rebel from any and all restraints place upon you.


You may have encountered many stumbling blocks in trying to get your work completed successfully for the past couple of weeks. Blame it on Mercury retrograde running rampant and messing up communications too with fellow employees. He is turning direct on the 5th and peace and harmony should be fully restored on the work scene.

Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and some ego clashes may ensue with both business and romantic partners. Best not to stir the pot and bring up past transgressions they may have committed. Try instead to use Mar’s immense energy to work on resolving differences and trying to instill harmony. Partners can also be of tremendous help on projects which you are working on. Going it alone will not be as easy as having someone knowledgeable by your side helping.

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th makes it almost impossible for you to hide your emotions. A big lunar spotlight will be turned on you and the subsequent attention can be daunting. Praise will be forthcoming though for Fish who have worked hard and they should bask in the applause.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th and there is an even give and take with partners on projects which you are sharing. They actually have some excellent ideas to add to the mix.  Those involved in PR work may land some very influential clients to represent.

Venus enters Virgo on the 19th. If you have been seeking a new business partner, one with the right amount of capital and talents will appear. Unattached Fish will be setting out the right bait to land a great romantic catch. Those who are in a committed relationship will find their mate generous with love and attention.

The New Moon on the 20th brings in a multitude of opportunities to socialize more. Contacts made at this time can help further your career ambitions.

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