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Your Winning High And Low Lunar Cycle


For many decades I have instructed my clients and students on following their personal High and Low Lunar Cycle. It’s never failed to work for any of them!


My late mentor, Charles Jayne, who has the illustrious title as “The father of modern technical astrology” firmly believed in the validity of the Cycles. In fact I’ve always followed his tradition with it by including a copy with each of my client’s forecast.


It may appear simple at first, maybe even a little too simple to have any true validity in the complex mathematical world of the professional astrologer. However, follow it. You’ll find it does work quite magically.


In a period of a little over 27 days the Moon passes thru your Sun sign. During this time you are at the peak of your Lunar Cycle. When the Moon passes thru the sign which is opposite your Sun sign you are at the bottom of your cycle.


The two heavenly “lights” in astrology are the Sun and the Moon. The Sun rules your consciousness and the Moon your subconscious.  Imagine an enormous cosmic spotlight shinning on you during your “highs.” You’re the star and can easily seize center stage. So let the world know it’s been missing something - you! Meet people, socialize, network and confidently make major moves and decisions. The “Force” will be with you. Physically and mentally you are at peak performance and your interests are being served and enhanced.


Have a problem? Ask for help. Seek favors and assistance from those in authority. Others will step-in offering their support. Want to sell something? Be it big or small expect a greater response to advertising during your Highs. Want a new job? Schedule interviews at this fortunate time.


Conversely you’re the unnoticed stagehand and not the star when the Moon by transit is in the sign opposite your natal Sun sign. You will be in your Lunar Low then. At this time the two luminaries are in a state of conflict. Sun, conscious vs. Moon, subconscious are ready to duke it out. Emotional impulses can run rampant and interfere with otherwise good judgement. Take care not to get involved in ego confrontations now. During this time the other person’s needs are in the limelight, not yours. It’s your time to be of service, not to be served.


If you seek a favor from someone you may wind up having to do one for them instead. Your needs are secondary to theirs. The spotlight is shining on your adversary. Negotiations favor the other party.


To determine the sign the Moon should be in transit for your High and Low Cycle, check the list below.


LUNAR HIGH <-----------------------> LUNAR LOW


If Your Sun Sign is: <---------------> Your Low will be:


Aries <------------------------------------> Libra

Taurus <---------------------------------> Scorpio

Gemini <---------------------------------> Sagittarius

Cancer <---------------------------------> Capricorn

Leo <--------------------------------------> Aquarius

Virgo <------------------------------------> Pisces

Libra <------------------------------------> Aries

Scorpio  <-------------------------------> Taurus

Sagittarius <----------------------------> Gemini

Capricorn  <----------------------------> Cancer

Aquarius  <-----------------------------> Leo

Pisces <----------------------------------> Virgo


If you want to see what sign the Moon is in each day to follow your personal High and Low Cycle, go to the section on my site for The Void of Course Moon.

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