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“ moving for my Solar chart you have turned me from a loser to a winner.” - Sheila B., Ireland


“In 1991 I was concerned that a visit to an astrologer would result in dire predictions for my future.  In total contrast, my life has improved significantly since seeing Judith Ryan for the first time.  I have Judith map out my astrological chart for the year every year.  Her solar return charts have also allowed me to visit places I would likely have never seen.  Best of all, you learn when the time is favorable to set plans in motion.” - Steve M., South Brunswick, NJ


“I have known Judith for over 16 years.  I first went to Judith in NJ at a time when I needed direction in my life.  It was a very emotional time where nothing seemed to make sense.  After a few readings things began to make sense and I could see things more clearly.  Over the years she has introduced me to Feng Shui bringing harmony and balance into my home.  Over the last six years Judith has outlined my "solar return".  This tells me the best location to be at on my birthday and prepares me for the year to come.  I feel that through her astrological guidance and intuitive skills I have become a better and stronger person and for that I am grateful.” - Elisabeth S., Florida


“I’ve known Judith over 20 years and have enlisted her services several times when I was in crisis or needed very sound advice. Judith is amazingly intuitive with an ability to ‘see’ situations and opportunities that are coming into your life.  I have found her to be ‘dead on’ in many instances. I would highly recommend a reading from Judith if you need some good, sound advice. She gives it to you straight, and always leaves you feeling hopeful.” - Kathleen D., Red Bank, NJ


“Judith Ryan’s expertise is amazing to behold.  She is a true professional with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge.” 

- Kikki B., NJ


“Thank you very much for speaking to us last Monday. Our group found Feng Shui and the information you gave us very interesting. It is a subject with which most of us are unfamiliar. The members really found what you had to say fascinating, and we appreciated your time.” - Jessica Bieri Kunze, National Association of Professional Organizers

“I want to tell you how much we enjoyed, and definitely appreciated, your Feng Shui presentation to our Women’s Club on November 21. I believe the great Q & A session that followed your presentation definitely emphasized our gratitude. The women of Greenbrier Woodlands thank you for giving us insight into Feng Shui and I'm sure I can safely say, that many of us would love to learn more.” - Mary S. Dworetzky, Committee Member, Greenbrier Woodlands Women’s Club

“Thank you very much for making our party at American Express a tremendous success! Our employees are still talking about the insightful card readings and helpful advice that you gave them.” - Julia Wong, American Express


“Ever since our paths crossed nearly 5 years ago, I have been truly amazed and comforted to have steered my way through all the traumatic life changes I have experienced with your clairvoyance and insight guiding me forward. No one except myself could know what you see in my life when you read the cards, and I can’t express how much strength and peace I feel after every reading. You are truly gifted, Judith, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.” - Alicja, Morristown, NJ


“I met Judith several years ago when she came to my home for a Feng Shui consultation.  She provided me with an in-depth consultation which has brought proven results.  Her ability to see things I didn’t see and to have me make these important changes has made a world of difference in my life.  Judith also has given me many readings throughout the years that I’ve known her.  Her readings were/are always concise, accurate and full of useful information and insight.  She has more than proven herself in many areas and I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and family.  They all loved her as well.  For as long as Judith will continue to provide her services, I will be a loyal customer.” - Donna, Wayne, NJ

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