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Solar and Lunar Eclipses 

Since ancient times, it has been believed things of a very “fated” nature can happen surrounding the arrival of an eclipse. As a result they have earned the reputation of sometimes being like the Hand of God. Though some of my clients have claimed eclipses to be more like the Finger of God.


While I’m not advocating to hide under a bed until it passes; there are some tips which if followed, should help you not only navigate thru the cosmic storm but come out ahead.


It’s an extremely emotional time starting 10 days and until all Solar and Lunar eclipses. Emotions run rampant for just about everyone. So don’t follow the herd. This is NOT the time for irrational confrontations or to making your demands known. You can lose out big time, if you do.


Whatever your normal pattern is, stick with it. No, you don’t have to become neurotic, but don’t stray from your usual way of doing things. A good example is: you drive to work a certain way every day. It’s prior to an eclipse and you decide to go another route. You get a flat tire. Your cell phone doesn’t work, so you can’t call for help. To top it off, cars splash mud all over you. The eclipse has struck! You strayed from the normal.


Let’s say you take the normal way and you still get a flat tire. However, a limo pulls over, the driver gets out, fixes your tire, and the occupant in the car offers you an executive position in his company. You stayed with the normal and got a blessing.


So if you buy lottery tickets every day at the corner grocery store, don’t stop buying them. You could be a big winner. However, don’t fly off to Vegas because you feel lucky.


Good things can and do occur surrounding eclipses. The key is though, you can’t go out and seek them. Follow your regular path.


Things started prior to eclipses rarely succeed. Unless you want to eventually windup in divorce court, it is ill advised to get married under these rays. Prince Charles and Princess Di did. Not the best time either to make major purchases or investments. Want to start a new job? Wait until after the eclipse.


Events on a mass karmic level enfold now. So long distance travel is not advisable. All airplanes don’t crash now, but your hotel booking could get messed-up or your luggage could get lost or stolen.


It may seem like most of planet earth’s inhabitants are totally irrational. Agreements made now are seldom kept. Decisions made are usually wrong or the long term results not calculated correctly.


Let the cosmic storm rage around you but keep a cool head. You’ll be grateful you did in the long run.

2024 ECLIPSE DATES (all times in US Eastern Time Zone)

(convert times and dates to your personal time zone) 

Lunar    March 25        03:00 AM         5 Libra  07

Solar    April 08        02:21 PM        19 Aries  24

Lunar    September 17    10:34 PM        25 Pisces 41

Solar    October 02      02:49 PM        10 Libra  04

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