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The Solar Return for each individual is a sacred annual event occurring each year when the Sun returns to the precise degree and minute of birth. This happens at only one specific moment each year and affords you the opportunity to readjust your destiny for the following twelve-month period.


How can someone go about re-adjusting his or her destiny? Well, the Solar Return Chart is calculated for where you ARE on your birthday, NOT for where you were born. By going to specific locations you can adjust the Solar Return and Natal (within the chart) angles and cusps, orienting the planets into different houses. The zodiac degrees and aspects of the planets remain the same, but because of the different planetary placements different areas of the life are emphasized. Example- a client wants to move forward in career but has Pluto forming a stress aspect to the house that rules career. This aspect would afford them little hope of doing well professionally in the coming year. By going to another locale, eliminating the Pluto stress and placing the Sun in the career house, they should do extremely well career wise!


So, by going to specific locales you essentially pick your chart for the coming year. Countless clients have reported astounding results in their lives and as a result, relocate every year. In fact, most clients after doing it once would not think of NOT relocating.


While many astrologers forecast using the Solar Return Chart, literally only a handful in the world specialize in Solar Return Relocation. Out of this small group, even fewer have Judith’s fine-tuned thirty years experience with relocating clients for this yearly event. With the hundreds of individuals who have relocated for their return, she has gleaned astounding results for them in their personal, financial, and business lives. Also, for over twelve years the legendary astrologer, Al H. Morrison taught her many of his unpublished methods and collaborated with Judith to help refine them.  In May 1992, she was the only American invited to lecture at the International Annual Conference of Astrologers held in Dublin, Ireland. They requested her to present her intensive work on relocation for the Solar Return.


If you want to experience dramatic results for the twelve-month period following your birthday, then this service will afford you the “new birth” that you are seeking. The Solar Return Relocation will advise you where to go for your return, which is a period of time surrounding your birthday. You must stay in the locale for the 24-hour period prior to the exact time of the return and an additional 24-hour period after the exact time. This usually requires a 3-day stay in the locale.


Solar Return Relocation Consultation US $233 (MP3 File sent electronically).

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