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Mars Retrograde

You will notice a pronounced change in your life whenever Mars goes retrograde. This astrological occurrence only happens roughly every two years and two months. Whenever Mars goes into a seemingly backward spin, it may seem like your life is following suit too!


Mars is essentially not a happy warrior when he is forced to go retrograde. It’s against all his basic principles. He demands action, adventure, and assertiveness. He’s happiest being a pioneer, conquering new worlds, and always leading in a forward direction. Now he’s being asked to sit back, reflect before taking action, and go over things. Patience is not in his vocabulary.


Because of this seemingly displaced energy, you may find yourself and others becoming increasingly antagonistic and combative. You may feel that people in general are more belligerent in speech and action. Try to avoid initiating aggressive behavior or responses. If you don’t the results may boomerang. The best rule to follow now is “Whoever fires the first shot is often the loser”.


This is not the time for overexertion either. Injuries and stress from overestimating your strength or going to extremes is quite common during this period. Also this can be a very accident-prone time. Do take care rushing around, handling sharp instruments and guns, and with fires.


Also Mars retro is not auspicious for starting or beginning important new projects. Best not to start a new job or quit a current one. You might be too inclined to act upon impulse and hit unforeseen hazards.


Energy, which is normally expressed in an outward fashion, is now being forced to redirect inwards. To use this time in a positive manner, try to re-define what you REALLY want in life. Ask yourself if you have been following the correct course to achieve it. If not, then this is the perfect time to plan a new direction, or go after a different goal, but don’t set it into motion yet. You must wait until Mars goes direct.


Machinery, heavy equipment and technological apparatus may suffer breakdowns. It’s best, if this happens, to get them repaired as quickly as possible. Otherwise they can suffer further difficulties which will go into more expenses. It’s also not advisable to purchase a new automobile or any other piece of heavy machinery during this time.


Due to the political and military climate being tense now, markets can prove to be extremely volatile. The ones most prone to reversals are precious metals and cattle.


Mars also rules sexuality. This is one of the worst times to get married or to start a passionate affair. What works you up to a fiery fervor when Mars is retro will turn to ice when he goes direct. Also you maybe so consumed with passion that you forget to practice safe sex or use birth control.


This not an auspicious period to have surgery performed. Best to put off all elective surgery. Business transactions can run amuck quickly too. Complications as well can occur with construction, building, and engineering projects.


Since Mars rules sports expect a rash of sports-related injuries in the news. However many sports records can be broken at this time. The apparent underdog in many competitive events can become an outstanding champion.


Try to use the Mars retrograde period in a constructive way. When the god of war goes direct you can then boldly go forth and make changes. Use the retrograde period to reprogram, regroup, and plan.


Retrograde     December 06,2024      06:33 PM      6 Leo 10

Direct         February 23,2025      09:00 PM     17 Cancer 00


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