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Beginning March 6, 2019 through July 7, 2025

Be prepared to start having your existence radically transformed when Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, 2019. He has rightly earned his title of “The Great Awakener.”  He’s the Zodiac’s revolutionary bad boy, whose sworn mission is to overthrow establishment’s order. Like lightning, which he rules, he will illuminate or burn to a crisp with scant regard for the havoc he may cause. He does not want to reform whatever he touches; he wants to totally transform it.       


Out of all the zodiac’s planets, he is the most eccentric. Uranus is considered unusual because the planet is tipped on its side. As a result, he rotates sideways and “rolls” around the Sun rather than "spinning" like the other planets do. His poles actually point towards the Sun. He truly deserves to rule all that is original, unconventional, weird, and strange in astrology.

On March 6, 2019, he revolutionizes all that the sign of Taurus rules and holds dear until July 7, 2025. Then briefly he steps into Gemini and retrogrades back into Taurus for one last attempt to alter all things ruled by Taurus on November 8, 2025 through April 26, 2026.

Since he hasn’t visited Taurus in 84 years, he’s just itching to start shaking up all that Taurus governs. He only gets roughly seven years in each sign, so he will quickly instigate as many startling and sweeping changes as possible.

In order to figure out exactly what havoc he may wreak during the coming years, an introduction to the culprit and a reveal of his past actions in the sign Taurus are in order.

Uranus was the first of the sky gods of ancient mythology. He was born from the primal mother Gaia, and she was born from the state called Chaos. Gaia personified Earth and matter. Uranus personified the sky and became her consort. Uranus was more of an abstraction force like thought, not composed of matter. When he had children with Gaia, they were all monstrous. In fact so hideous, like the Cyclops, Uranus shoved them back into her womb. Since she was Earth, they wound up in the bowels of Hades, imprisoned and never to see the light of day.

This is symbolic of how Uranus will spawn "creations" of thoughts, concepts, and ideas, give life to them, and then in a brutal way reject them and let others, like mother Gaia, mourn the consequences, clean up the mess, or pay the price.

His last child with Gaia was Saturn. Finally wising up to Uranus’s lack of fatherly love, Gaia bore Saturn and hid him. When Saturn was grown, he grabbed a sickle and castrated Uranus. Saturn rules form and responsibility. His energies put an end to Uranus’s ability to “create” and not take responsibility for his “children” or ideas. From then on, Uranus saw Saturn’s attributes of law and order as things to destroy.

The myth of Uranus reveals a great deal of the energies he is capable of unleashing during his transits. Basically, he is totally caught up in ideas, but not their outcome or how it will affect others. He is devoid of all feeling, and desires change for change’s sake. In his cool and totally impersonal way, Uranus unleashes forces more potent than any previously known to man.

British astronomer William Herschel discovered the planet by accident in 1781. Hence, he is the planet of surprises and the totally unexpected. Uranus’s arrival upon the world scene ushered in both the American and French revolutions. The American Revolution gave birth to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The French Revolution spawned a blood bath with the guillotine for the nobility.

His past transits in Taurus were:  July 6, 1850 to September 4, 1850; April 15, 1851 to May 31, 1858; and January 4, 1859 to March 11, 1859; June 7, 1934 to October 10, 1934; March 28, 1935 to August 7, 1941; and October 6, 1941 to May 14, 1942.

Taurus rules earth and the resources of minerals with it. The discovery of gold in Australia in 1851 ushered in the swift development of that continent. Taurus also rules money and trade. The United States entered an extremely profitable era of trade with Japan in 1853, when Commodore Perry negotiated a treaty to open Japan to our ships. Ruling possessions, Taurus was challenged to eliminate slavery.  In 1854 the Republican Party was formed to abolish slavery. Taurus’s symbol of course is the bull. In 1857, the Great Cattle Disease spread throughout Europe. Uranus is the planet ruling inventors. His passage through Taurus brought forth the sewing machine, the bicycle, and rotary motion washing machine. Steel was now made more inexpensively by Henry Bessemer's process. This allowed the start of vast industrial expansion. Also, the processes for making tungsten-steel and aluminum were discovered.

The last passage of Uranus in Taurus occurred in the 20th century. Radar was invented, as well as the ball point pen, the electronic computer, polyethylene, jet engines, launching of the V-2 rocket, and the use of penicillin appeared on the scene. Artificial insemination in cattle was initiated in 1940, having a profound effect on reproduction for humans and animals alike.

Since Taurus rules land, there were many heated disputes over boundaries and land. In Spain, civil war broke out and the “Axis” was formed between Germany and Italy. Russia forced collectivization of farms on its citizens, which resulted in millions starving to death. Hitler’s forces marched into Austria in 1938.  Czechoslovakia and Poland fell and WWII began.

Taurus rules money, banking, and possessions. Franklin Roosevelt instigated the Banking Act and Social Security was born. Rationing went into effect with the war. People bartered goods and services instead of using cash or used government issued “coupons” to make purchases.

Uranus loves to disrupt and transform everything he touches. First of all, his passage through Taurus will shock the entire global economy to its core and bring about its total transformation. Currency as we know it will be replaced or devalued before his transit through Taurus is over. We may become a “cashless” society, relying upon things like crypto currency to conduct all transactions. A worldwide banking revolution is not too wild to imagine under his radical vibes either. The way we conduct banking before his emergence into Taurus will be nothing like the way it will be done when he leaves the sign.

Expect some of the biggest banking houses and financial concerns to crumble from Uranus’s lightning bolt zaps. Enormous fortunes will be lost, but new ones arise from the ashes. Wild price swings with currency and fantastic bubbles of supposed monetary opportunities will appear and disappear almost overnight. Uranus loves to zoom up to a dizzying peak and then at a high-speed crash.

The masses may rise up against banks and their greedy way of handling monies. Presently, the Fed keeps raising interest rates. This in turn has given banks the excuse to raise interest rates on loans, mortgages, and credit card charges. However, they have not followed suit by raising the interest earned by depositors’ savings accounts and CDs. In reality, you’re being fleeced because what you are charged to borrow is totally out of whack with what you invest and deposit in the banks. In 2020–2021, the fat cats may experience the anger of Uranus by experiencing the masses turning against them and their system of handling their savings. A massive run on banks is possible if the government doesn’t pass legislation to treat depositors fairly prior to this time.  

Social Security, which was born under Uranus in Taurus, may not be able to survive the jolts. If it does, it too will be totally morphed into a new entity. Many reversals with pensions, investments, savings accounts, and the stock market will become the daily norm. The way we procure mortgages and loans will be altered.

Territorial issues between nations will arise. Expect the heated arguments over illegal immigration to reach a fever pitch throughout the world. The consequences of "open borders" can start to manifest with riots and looting throughout cities by the uninvited guests demanding more entitlements. They may want to have self-rule within their host’s country and want to live only by their laws.

Since Taurus rules one’s possessions, Uranus will rudely awaken us to the fact that we don’t have ownership of things we took for granted we did. Case in point is the furor over Facebook and Google. People have happily used their services, blindly not wanting to question how they were making a profit. The recent uproar over finding out they sell information on peoples’ lives to the highest bidder has not even reached the climax point yet. When Uranus gets going in Taurus, anger will reach a pitch over privacy concerns and ownership rights.

Because Taurus rules buildings and homes, expect Uranus to be a busy boy with the roof over your head. Materials used in construction may deem to be flawed. This can render many of them inhabitable. Extremely unique styles of homes and buildings may come into vogue. Many may be composed of materials not used in a mass way now or with completely new building materials undreamed of before for this purpose.

There’s nothing subtle about Uranus. He just loves to totally knock the wind out of you with his startling revelations. Unless immediate steps are taken to repair and replace the United States power grid, expect to experience startling power outages on massive levels. Uranus rules electricity and he won't tolerate us treating his gifts so badly.

Startling exposés on genetic modifications using embryos to create human and animal hybrids may horrify the world. The vast majority of world-wide scientific research in this field is kept tightly under wraps from the public.  However, Uranus just loves to rip the veil of secrecy off of things. The mixing of species with the animal and vegetable kingdoms may also start to have some drastic consequences for our health and the birth of incurable diseases.

Novel ways to earn a living and to invest money will sprout up. Being an entrepreneur and starting up your own company will become fashionable. People will take greater risks to gain their financial independence. Making purchases via the internet will be the norm as opposed to physically shopping in stores.

Spas and massage businesses should flourish, though they will change dramatically by incorporating new cutting-edge healing modes. Since Taurus loves gardens and the outdoors, expect the gardening industry to skyrocket. People will invest heavily in planting and growing their own food, even if it’s in little planters in their apartments. Uranus is the exotic and unusual. So uncommon vegetation, plants, and flowers will adorn people's gardens.

Uranus will drive many to impulse shop. Whatever is new and gimmicky will make others have to have it. Yes, we will be in for a wild, roller-coaster ride with Uranus’s transit through Taurus. Buckle up and be prepared to go with his flow.

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