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Venus Retrograde

Better fasten your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride on the road to romance and money!

When Venus, the planet of love, beauty and financial security goes retrograde, the journey to maintaining balance in these areas will not be an easy one. Many roadblocks and detours will present themselves. Indecisiveness will rule in matters of the heart and the pocketbook.

Relationships of all kinds will be under a great deal of stress during this period. Personal, professional and business associations will be questioned. Existing differences can now be blown out of proportion. Their conflicting views now may become intolerable and the straw to break the camel’s back.


Venus will present you with a test on what you truly value in a relationship. The true worth of people and things will be placed under a magnifying glass. All imperfections will become readily apparent. What you thought was cute before can be seen as intolerable now.


Feelings of being unloved or unappreciated can rear their ugly head. If you become jealous, overly demanding or too sensitive you can hurt your relationship beyond repair. Whatever your beloved does, it just may not be enough to satisfy your insatiable emotional needs.


If you call it quits during a retrograde Venus you will be the one to cry later. Divorce proceedings instigated now will be to your financial regret in the future. Best not to make monetary settlements with divorces either, unless you want to be taken to the cleaners and back.


This is one of the worst times to get married. Nuptials performed under a retrograde Venus usually wind up in the divorce court. At the very least, the marriage can just turn loveless in a quick amount of time. Also there can be a strong possibility of financial stress throughout the marriage.


Many can have stars in their eyes over affairs begun with Venus retrograde. However the planet of love will have the final say. When she goes direct, the sparkle will vanish as quickly as it appeared.


However it can prove to be an auspicious time to hear from a past lover. Romantic feelings and increased sentimentality can rekindle the flames of passion. At the very least, you’ll get to see the true strengths and weaknesses of what was. If you have been holding on to illusions over the relationship, now you can cut the final string from the past. Freed, you can finally move forward to a new love, without holding on to old baggage or memories.


Besides questioning if you’ve invested in the right lover, you question your business partners or associates. This is one of the worst times for investing or beginning a new business partnership. Expectations concerning you partner’s abilities, finances, or promises can all be totally blown out of proportion. Things concerning the new venture hold the strong possibility of being over-valued or enormously inflated. When Venus goes direct, the balloon will burst, and the business will fail.


If you want to renegotiate a mortgage, bank loan, or contract, go with Venus’s blessings. She’ll be happy to get you the best deal and make all involved feel more than satisfied.


Do not file a new lawsuit under these rays. Court cases involving lawsuit or dispute settlements, which have started prior to Venus retrograde, may experience slow downs. The parties involved will find it impossible to negotiate any terms or agreements to the other party’s liking. Mediation settlements should also be put on the back burner until Venus goes direct.


Financial markets can prove to be particularly changeable during this period. This is true of the Federal Reserve Board policy, which affects all interest rate vehicles. Unpredictable and rough waters lie ahead for all financial markets. Monetary trends are known to reverse during this period. Currencies, stocks and T-Bonds will be on a roller coaster ride. Prices of copper, sugar and stocks, especially cosmetics, will be highly erratic.


Financial plans will need to be re-calculated and put on the drawing board. Changes in income can shoot way up, or plunge way down. It may do one or the other, or both, all during the retrograde phase.


Since Venus is the planet of beauty, avoid all elective cosmetic surgery. Otherwise you may wind up looking like the before and not the after. Stifle the urge for a perm, new hair color or style. You might be horrified at the results or experience hair damage. A cosmetic makeover can prove to be disastrous too. Just stay with the tried and true with all your beauty routines.


Luxury purchases and interior design decisions are not smiled upon either by Venus when she is retrograde. Remember, what attracts you when she is retrograde may repulse you when she is direct. Purchases having to do with home furnishings, clothing, and jewelry might be made with excitement, but end eventually in disappointment.

Venus does not go retrograde in 2024.  

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