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“It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”  

  Donald Reagan, formerly Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff


Where on earth should you be to attain success in love, career, finances, and personal fulfillment? Through astrological analysis of your Astro-Carto-Graphy, and Local Space Maps have the world at your fingertips! Evaluate possible relocation or trips to a more positive place where a planet of your choice is favorably accented on the maps. Clients have used this service rewardingly in many areas of their lives, not just for a move. They have successfully chosen where to send their children to college to attain educational excellence and used it in making not only real estate purchases but also stock investments by locating a company’s headquarters on money lines.


Besides Judith having 30 years experience in this field, she has traveled to over 45 countries. So, you’re not just getting an analysis from an astrologer who has book knowledge on the planetary lines. You’re also getting the expertise from an astrologer who’s been personally on each of her lines and can explain from first hand experience what it’s like.


The Travel & Relocation Analysis Charts comes with a complete set of maps for the United States of America, South America, Europe, and the World. The taped session will explain what each line means and how it affects you personally on the locales. If there is a specific city or country that you are planning a move to, please email the info and Judith will gladly spend extra time researching the locale for you.


90-Minute Travel & Relocation Consultation - includes Maps US $233 (MP3 File sent electronically)

* The astrology charts require a form be completed with the necessary information.   

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Gift Certificates available!

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