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Monthly Astrological Forecast : March 2024

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When Mercury enters your sign on the 9th, you will become very articulate in speech. Others will be impressed with your ability to clearly and decisively make fast, but correct decisions. Being mentally charged up, you’ll be more outgoing and quicker to initiate conversations with all you come into contact with.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th tempts you into divulging exceptionally intimate matters about yourself or others. Best to keep your business to yourself. Even those who you trust can spill the beans on your private affairs. Confidence broken now can never be fully restored.

You may feel less like flitting around like a social butterfly, when Venus enters Pisces on the 11th.  Instead, you will desire to go more within and establish deeper more meaningful ties. Rams in love have a tremendous opportunity to form a more profound relationship with their significant other.

When Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, you may need to step back from all the socializing you have been doing in order to recoup your energies. His transit may bring an awareness that you have been spreading yourself too thin in the pursuit of helping others. Taking a rest will be good for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign Libra on the 25th, may expose some of the cracks which are present in close partnerships and relationships. If you use the rays correctly, you can mend them successfully. If you feel the ships sinking and it’s not salvageable, you can bail out.



When Mercury enters Aries on the 9th, you may need time to be alone with your thoughts. Plans can become easily scattered, if shared prematurely with others. They need additional time to be expertly polished. You would do best keeping your opinions to yourself. Otherwise, they might be taken out of context by unscrupulous people.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th emphasizes relations with friends. Use her illuminating lunar light to expand upon your social and professional contacts. Don’t turn down invitations to network. Make sure you can honor all commitments before volunteering to help others in any way. Otherwise, hurt feelings can result and friendships broken.

When your ruler Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th, she’ll render you the peacemaker in group settings. You’ll be the one who can help two friends patch up their differences. With team projects, you will have the right words to get all participants to work together with harmony and camaraderie.

With Mars entering Pisces on the 22nd, you may come across as being too bossy or argumentative with friends. Tone down your overwhelming desire to steer others into following your way of thinking and seeing things. Everyone has a right to their opinion, even if you know it’s stupid.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th brings unexpected changes to the workplace. Positions may be shifted around, and duties switched. If you’ve wanted to hire some new people, best to put it off at this time.



With your ruling planet Mercury entering Aries on the 9th, you may want to discuss personal important goals with buddies. The feedback and advice they can render now, may prove to be invaluable. Friendships can be strengthened by your ability to be sincerely interested in their ideas.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th brings much activity to your position at work. A new project with many intricacies may be placed under your command. Much diligence will be required to bring it into fruition. Concentrate all your energy on completing it efficiently and a future promotion may be yours.

When Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th, you become increasingly more aware of your social position at work. She’ll give you the extra polish to shine brightly when giving presentations or handling prospective job interviews. Others will not question your status as an authority.

Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd, and you can come across as being too aggressive at work, if you’re not careful. Tone down the impulse to order others around. If you don’t, management will not entrust you with a promotion. Instead, use Mars’s fiery rays to begin a new dynamic project and knock the socks off of them in the process.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th will ignite a fire with your creative abilities. Twins involved professionally in any of the arts, will experience a renaissance with their talents. There will be much praise and positive reviews for your new creations.



When Mercury enters Aries on the 9th, your communicational skills will be finely polished. Others will see you coming across with authority and command, when you speak. Management will be impressed and may even implement your suggestions.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th makes you restless with the mundane elements of your life. Your soul will desire a greater sense of freedom of expression and expansion to breathe. Don’t make commitments, which you cannot honor to others. Though your intentions may be good, you may get carried away with making impossible to fulfill promises.

When Venus enters Pisces on the 11th, you may be called upon at work to travel extensively.  You will be able to soothe long distance accounts, who have felt neglected by your company. Cancers who are teachers, should find their students are appreciative of their work and more than eager to learn.

Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd and instills an overwhelming desire for more adventure in your life. The everyday routine will seem too ho-hum. Crabs will be propelled to seek distant waters for excitement. Trips offering mental stimulation as well as physical activity, will bring you the greatest happiness.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th can shake things up where your home is concerned. You may start to seriously contemplate moving from where you’re living or desire to make radical changes to the home. Some unhappy childhood memories may start to resurface and have to be dealt with.



With Mercury entering Aries on the 9th, your mind becomes like a sponge and readily absorbs knowledge. If you have been putting off taking a course, because you think it’s too difficult, sign up for it now. You’ll find it won’t pose the imagined struggle. Your soul will also hunger to broaden its understanding of transcendental concepts. Attending workshops or seminars on spiritual and mystical beliefs can open up a new pathway to your Higher Self.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th motivates you to review joint financial holdings, taxes, pension investments, and insurance policies. Going over them with a fine-tooth comb, may be tedious and time consuming. However, it can wind up saving you money.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and the longing which you’ve had to reach a deeper level of intimacy with your partner, can be fulfilled. You’re seeking a transformative experience through love and will not settle for anything less.

Fiery Mars transits into Pisces on the 22nd. Try not to get bossy where joint monies are concerned. Don’t blow your top, if you find your partner has been running the finances to the ground by overspending. Stay calm and mutually work out a new plan for fiscal responsibility.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th shines a spotlight on your siblings or neighbors. You may find they need your assistance very unexpectedly. Extending a helping hand now or well thought out advice can help them immensely and will not be forgotten.



Your ruling planet Mercury enters fiery Aries on the 9th. As a result, you will want to discuss things normally considered taboo before. Concerns about the very intimate aspects of your sexual relationship, can be aired out in a healthy manner with your partner.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th puts unattached Virgos on a quest to find a lover who will complete and complement their individual energies. Making it a priority can get desired results. A new business partner can appear, who will have the needed know how and funds to get your company to the top.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and blesses unattached Virgos with an abundance of opportunities to find their perfect match. Business clients will become more generous by either signing up for more services or by giving you big tips for work done.

Warrior Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd and heats up partnerships. Keep the flame on low, so things don’t over boil. They may be prone to being uncharacteristically hot tempered now. Mars will help you be more energized in acquiring new clients.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th is judgement time with finances. If you’ve been very good sticking to a budget, rewards will be forthcoming. If you haven’t, you may be shocked by forgotten charges placed on your credit accounts. Time to get your finances in working order.



Mercury enters Aries on the 9th, and you’ll find you share a greater mental simpatico with your partner than imagined. Since you’re both on the same cerebral wavelength, important ideas and joint projects can be bounced around.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th brings sudden and unexpected changes with your job. Try to go with the flow and not set up any blockages. In the long run things will turn around in your favor, if you do. Management will see you as the person who always keeps things well balanced, no matter what is thrown at them.

Your ruling planet Venus enters Pisces on the 11th and helps to sharpen your fine eye for details on the job. Those little extra touches you add to spiff up projects can mean the difference between it being just okay or being truly fantastic.

Mars also enters Pisces on the 22nd and heats up the workplace. There’ll be increased pressure to finish projects faster. Take care though that you don’t make mistakes by racing to meet deadlines. You may have to extinguish some temper tantrums from co-workers.

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 25th shines a bright spotlight on your leadership abilities. Others will be seeking your advice and guidance. A whole new life path may be revealed to you.



With Mercury entering Aries on the 9th a beneficial opportunity will be presented to increase or perfect your working skills. Taking advantage of it, can help you rise to the top. You’ll be more mentally tuned in to paying attention to intricate details with new systems.


The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th for Scorpios with children indicates that they may require extra hands on attention and discipline. You may become more involved in scrutinizing their current studies at school. Unattached Scorpios find romance in completely unexpected ways and through unusual encounters.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and turns you into a super charged love magnet. Your intense creative talents are acknowledged as superior. Those whose opinions can make or break your aspirations; give you rave reviews.

Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd and Scorpio athletes can excel in their sport. Those with children should plan action-oriented activities to tame their restlessness. Mars will have you sending out alluring sexy vibes, without even realizing it.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th has some potent issues from the past resurface. Some of them have become over time roadblocks impeding your progress. Use the eclipse’s powerful energies to clean up the cobwebs in your memories and subconscious.



Mercury enters fellow fire sign Aries on the 9th and causes others to greatly enjoy your animated conversations. Your speaking ability will take on an engaging entertaining flare. Archers involved in the theatrical arts should expand their talents by taking greater risks in performance.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th lends strong emphasis on home affairs. Try extending an olive branch to disgruntled family members. Part of their grievance with you may be the lack of time you spend with them. An easy way to fix the problem could be working more at home and less in the office or including some of them on your excursions.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and to everyone’s surprise, turns you into a domestic goddess. You’ll embark on projects to turn your home into a showplace of beauty and harmony. With all the creative inspiration flooding your being, you’ll have the perfect ideas to showcase your artistic talents.


Fiery Mars also enters Pisces on the 22nd and tempers may flare with loved ones. Redirect his immense energy into tackling DIY projects at home. Take care though not to rush and get in an accident.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th can bring a much-needed overhaul with friends. The ones who have been acting as deadweights or weasels, will be severed. New people, who share your interests and genuinely want the best for you, will start to enter your life.



Intimate discussions with family members can be fruitful, when Mercury enters Aries on the 9th. You will not have to suppress your emotional concerns over touchy subjects with them. Instead get them out in the open. A good airing can be beneficial for all involved.


The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th presents some important turning point decisions. Follow your first gut reaction and stick to it. Your intuition will not steer you wrong. You’ll also know how to diplomatically present your views to others, who may hold differing opinions.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and you receive sizzling texts from your lover. What they may have difficulty in saying in person, they can readily write to you. Goats with online businesses will find their sales soaring into new heights.

With Mars entering Pisces on the 22nd, you should avoid the temptation to get into arguments with siblings or neighbors. If you do, they won’t be soon to forgive or forget. Many short trips, texts, or phone calls may be required to accomplish seemingly simple tasks.


The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th illuminates your position at work. You will be seen in a very complimentary light by management. Besides praise, a promotion may be in store for you. Self-employed Goats will be getting some first-rate PR by the media.



As Mercury starts his transit through Aries on the 9th, you will become more flexible with your thinking processes. Seeing the other person’s point of view, will be absolutely necessary in making important decisions for all group and teamwork activities. You’ll become a master of multi-tasking to the amazement of all.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th infuses you with a strong yearning to increase your financial worth and make more money.  Reexamine all the ideas which you had in the past and didn’t act on. Some of them may have seemed crazy at the time but could work in today’s market. One of them may hold the key to abundance.

Venus transits into Pisces on the 11th and offers social invitations, where you can meet powerful business allies. Rubbing elbows with the right contacts can helpful in furthering your financial ambitions.

Fiery Mars enters Pisces on the 22nd and he acts as a strong catalyst to focus intense attention on your current financial situation. It will be up to you if money comes or goes. Both the desire to work harder to accumulate more will be present, as well as the desire to blow it all away. Try to shop for sales and avoid impulse buying.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th may make you determined to make a dramatic return to school. Even those with a degree will not be immune to the Eclipse’s rays. You’ll be fully resolved to pursue greater academic achievements.



Mercury enters Aries on the 9th and makes you very practical minded with finances. By analyzing your expenditures, you can come up with some easy ways to save money. By bargaining, you can achieve substantial discounts on items and services too.

The New Moon in Pisces on the 10th bestows rays of shining light to help you navigate to refreshing waters teeming with new life. She will require that you rely and trust more on your inner senses and sensitive perceptions in charting the course. Be bold in setting sail and follow your heart’s yearnings.

Romantic Venus transits into your sign on the 11th and she sprinkles you with love dust. Others will be magically drawn to you and your winning style. Unhooked Fish will have many chances of finding true love.

Mars enters your sign on the 22nd. You’ll have so much drive coursing through your body that you’ll feel like the Energizer Bunny. Guard against letting his scorching rays turn you into a hot head over slights. Use it instead to fire you up to accomplish difficult feats.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 25th brings unexpected decisions to be made concerning joint funds, taxes, and retirement funds. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed into doing things you don’t feel comfortable with.

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