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Do you really know the one you love? Is the magnetic chemistry you both share a fleeting emotion or a permanent flame? Is there a way you can keep the romantic embers burning over the course of years? For the answers to these and other vital questions about your relationship, the Love and Relationship Chart can provide you with the answers.


The Love and Relationship Chart compares the charts of both you and your special someone. Also both your charts are compiled together to form a third chart. Then all of your data is analyzed to unlock the mysteries behind the basis of not only why the two of you are together, but also how to enrich your shared bond.


Love is not a destination. Once the two of you find yourselves in love, happiness is not automatically yours forever. Love is a road that one travels with another thru the years and on the journey detours, roadblocks, and some difficulties in just understanding each other may be encountered. Knowing if you’re with the right traveling companion and how to comprehend the complexities of their personality can make the trip more enjoyable.


The Love and Relationship Chart offers an intimate analysis of both your emotional and sexual needs together. It points out the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and gives astrological advise on how to channel these energies toward an enrichment for your shared love.


When you order the Love and Relationship Chart, you will receive a 90-minute recording personally analyzed by Judith.


90-Minute Love and Relationship Consultation   US $233 (MP3 File sent electronically)


* The astrology charts require a form be completed with the necessary information.    

Click here to complete the astrology form.


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