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Natal Chart Interpretation: 90-Minute US $233 (MP3 File sent electronically)


Click here to fill out and submit required Astrology Form

Please first submit your payment in the SHOP, then fill out and submit the Astrology Form. Your chart cannot be started without submitting both payment and the required form. This form can also be located under the SERVICES tab.

Astrology: Natal Chart Interpretation

  • Your 90-minute recorded chart will unlock the hidden energies within you and add insight in the world around you. It can keep you from repeatedly hitting the brick wall that’s been keeping you from your goals. If you’ve ever felt that your real potential in love, business, work, investing, and all the other important areas of your life are untapped, you owe it to yourself to have Judith Auora Ryan interpret your chart.  


    90-Minute Natal Chart Interpretation  
    (MP3 File sent electronically)  All major credit cards accepted

    Click here to fill out and submit required Astrology Form.

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